has a Fantasy Lacrosse League.  This is our 19th season. To put this in perspective, the first player drafted in our first fantasy season was… Mikey Powell.  Yes, we’re old. Yes, we’re pathetic. So what?

That aside, at the mid-season of the 2022 NCAA D1 Men’s Season, this is our Mid-Season 2022 All-FanLax Fantasy Lacrosse Teams (below). Listed next to each player is the relevant player’s Fantasy Team. Join the discussion.

  First Team  
A Chris Gray SR UNC NJLaxx11
A Connor Shellenberger JR UVA Typical Lax Dad
A Brendan Nichtern SR Army PA Talk
M Sam Handley SR Penn HipandKneeDoc
M Jack Hannah SR Denver PA Talk
M Alex Trippi SR Georgetown ChopSticks
D Maryland D CalLaxDad
  Second Team  
A Matt Brandau SR Yale UK Lax
A Tucker Dordevic JR Syracuse GCCLaxster67
A Logan Wisnauskas SR Maryland DU-Fan
M Brendan Curry SR Syracuse GCCLaxster67
M Patrick Skalniak JR Navy ohmilax34
M Garrett Degnon M SR JHU UK Lax
D Army D Matnum PI

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