FanLax’s InsiderRoll made a list of the Top Incoming Freshmen according to IL in 2012 and then graded the players based on which players were among the top 25 seniors in college as a barometer, which players outperformed their ranking relative to the others. This is what the list looks like and… Others disagreed.

1. Case Matheis A Darien (Conn.) Duke – BUST
2. Bobby Duvnjak D Manhasset (N.Y.) Harvard – BUST
3. Will McNamara M Haverford (Pa.) Virginia – BUST
4. Devin Dwyer A Garden City (N.Y.) Harvard – BUST
5. James Pannell A Smithtown West (N.Y.) Virginia – Hit
6. Pat Kelly A Calvert Hall (Md.) North Carolina – BUST
7. Spencer Parks M St. Paul’s (Md.) North Carolina – BUST
8. Dan Marino G Garden City (N.Y.) Virginia – BUST
9. Bradlee Lord A Conestoga (Pa.) Maryland – BUST
10. Deemer Class M Loyola Blakefield (Md.) Duke – BOOM
11. Evan Connell D Calvert Hall (Md.) North Carolina – BUST
12. Mikey Morris A Salisbury School (Conn.) Johns Hopkins – BUST
13. Steve Pontrello M St. Augustine (N.J.) North Carolina – Hit
14. Tanner Scales D Regis Jesuit (Colo.) Virginia – Hit
15. Ryan Palasek D Rocky Point (N.Y.) Syracuse – Hit
16. Miles Thomas D Conestoga (Pa.) Drexel – BUST
17. Henry West M Darien (Conn.) Cornell – BUST
18. Jake Froccaro M Port Washington (N.Y.) Princeton – BOOM
19. Jamie Ikeda D Conestoga (Pa.) Duke – BUST
20. Michael Tagliaferri M San Ramon Valley (Calif.) North Carolina – Hit
21. Connor Reed M Gonzaga (D.C.) Johns Hopkins- Hit
22. Ian Ardrey A Deerfield (Mass.) Harvard – BUST
23. Sammy Davis M Governor’s Academy (Mass.) Penn State – BUST
24. Kieran Burke G St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) North Carolina – Hit
25. Sam Llinares A Hauppauge (N.Y.) Hofstra – Hit
26. Robby Haus D Gilman (Md.) Ohio State – BUST
27. Walker Kirby D Lawrenceville (N.J.) Harvard – BUST
28. Zach Powers D Upper Arlington (Ohio) North Carolina – BUST
29. Luke Aaron G Deerfield (Mass.) Duke – BUST
30. Ryan Brown A Calvert Hall (Md.) Johns Hopkins – BOOM
31. Gordie Koerber A Gilman (Md.) Denver – BUST
32. Tim Stackpole D St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) Army – Hit
33. Brent Armstrong M St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (Va.) North Carolina – BUST
34. Tommy Forsberg M John Glenn-Elwood (N.Y.) Maryland – BUST
35. Ryan Lehman D Garnet Valley (Pa.) Maryland – BUST
36. Jake Matthai M Gilman (Md.) North Carolina – Hit
37. Tony Britton D Darien (Conn.) Cornell – BUST
38. Nick Doktor A Irondequoit (N.Y.) Penn – Hit
39. Will Ryan G Avon Old Farms (Conn.) Johns Hopkins – BUST
40. Connor Frisina A Conestoga (Pa.) Delaware – BUST
42. Tom Moore A West Islip (N.Y.) Denver – BUST
43. Alex Joyce G Landon (Md.) Georgetown – BUST
44. Brendan Gaughan A La Costa Canyon (Calif.) Michigan – BUST
45. Sam Rohr M Haverford (Pa.) Penn – BUST
46. Zach Wood M Metea Valley (Ill.) Virginia – BUST
47. Charlie Schnider M Landon (Md.) Ohio State – BUST
48. Kelton Black M Calvert Hall (Md.) Johns Hopkins – BUST
49. Trevor Brosco M Shoreham-Wading River (N.Y.) Notre Dame – BUST
50. Max Randall D Duxbury (Mass.) Dartmouth – BUST
51. Patric Berkery M Garden City (N.Y.) Penn – BUST
52. Sean McDonagh A St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) Harvard – BUST
53. Zach Herreweyers A Hill Academy (Ont.) Loyola – Hit
54. Matt Sexton A Niskayuna (N.Y.) Penn State – BUST
55. Kylor Bellistri A Bullis (Md.) Brown – Hit
56. Matt Schultz A Smithtown West (N.Y.) Stony Brook – BUST
57. Warner Bailey D Haverford (Pa.) Georgetown – BUST
58. Conor Gately A Yorktown (N.Y.) Marquette – BOOM
59. Henry Blynn A Haverford (Pa.) Brown – BOOM
60. Matt Florence M Kent Denver (Colo.) Virginia – BUST
61. John Edmonds M Ward Melville (N.Y.) Cornell – Hit
62. Tyler Avallone G Mendham (N.J.) Syracuse – BUST
63. Jack Kelly G West Islip (N.Y.) Brown – BOOM
64. Eddie Morris D Malvern Prep (Pa.) Johns Hopkins – BUST
65. Bob Fahey D Bishop Guertin (N.H.) UMass – BUST
66. Matt Landis D Pelham (N.Y.) Notre Dame – BOOM
67. Matt O’Connor G Lawrenceville (N.J.) Princeton – BUST
68. Deke Burns A Jamesville DeWitt (N.Y.) Harvard – BUST
69. Tyler Brooke A Conestoga (Pa.) Maryland – BUST
70. Chris Mahoney D Shoreham-Wading River (N.Y.) Ohio State – Hit
71. Derek DeJoe M Fairport (N.Y.) Syracuse – Hit
72. Dickson Smith D Holderness (Mass.) Virginia – BUST
73. Tripp Telesco D Ridgewood (N.J.) Lehigh – Hit
74. Blaze Riorden G Fairport (N.Y.) Albany – BOOM
75. Tommy Labidini M Salisbury School (Conn.) Loyola – BUST
76. Danny Simonetti M Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.) Navy – BUST
77. Reilly Naton D Duxbury (Mass.) Yale – BUST
78. Luke Miller D Gonzaga (D.C.) Hobart – BUST
79. T.J. Neubauer M Loyola Blakefield (Md.) Fairfield – BUST
80. Sean Doyle A Torrey Pines (Calif.) Cornell – BUST
81. Bud Graham A Culver Academy (Ind.) Hobart – BUST
82. Paul Hellar A Duxbury (Mass.) Fairfield – BUST
83. Chris Panichelli D Bishop Shanahan (Pa.) Drexel – BUST
84. Ryan Matthews M Manhasset (N.Y.) Johns Hopkins – BUST
85. Sean Doyle A Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.) Bucknell – Hit
86. Mike Howard D Collegiate (Va.) Virginia – Hit
87. Brian Sherlock M St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) North Carolina – BUST
88. Ryan Ambler A Abington (Pa.) Princeton – BOOM
89. Matt Dunn D Loyola Blakefield (Md.) Maryland – BOOM
90. Sean Connors A Deerfield (Mass.) Princeton – BUST
91. Hank Brown M Landon (Md.) Drexel – BUST
92. Tim Barber M West Genesee (N.Y.) Marquette – BUST
93. Jordan Cunningham D Lovett School (Ga.) Denver – BUST
94. Justin Verratti D Salesianum (Del.) Loyola – BUST
95. Matt Graham M Chaminade (N.Y.) Michigan – BUST
96. Kyle Trolley M Culver Academy (Ind.) Notre Dame – BUST
97. Michael Bonacci A St. Mary’s (Md.) Yale – BUST
98. Rob Savage M Garden City (N.Y.) Penn – BUST
99. Greg Stamatov G Foxborough (Mass.) Villanova – BUST
100. T.J. Sanders A Millbrook (N.Y.) Penn State – Hit

Yeah 30% seems fair. Although that top 10 is brutal and this not a very star studded class.