via press release by Erica Johnson

Only seven months after playing its first game, the Florida Polytechnic University Men’s Lacrosse team has been accepted into the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) and the group’s SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference (SELC).

Now that Florida Poly is in the MCLA and SELC, it will play against teams from institutions such as the University of Florida, The Citadel, University of South Florida, and the University of Mississippi.

“I am so excited – this is huge for the school,” said senior business analytics major Jacob Rogers, the team’s captain and founder. “This definitely legitimizes our team.”

This accomplishment means that now every game the Florida Poly Men’s Lacrosse team plays will be recorded by the MCLA, its full rooster will be listed, and every time one of its players does something remarkable or scores a certain number of points, they will be added to the leader board and ranked nationally.

Derek Lower, Florida Poly’s assistant director of campus recreation, said Rogers was instrumental in securing the University’s membership in the MCLA.

“This really, truly was led by Jacob Rogers and a couple of other captains and shows what Florida Poly can do with lacrosse,” Lower said. “They conveyed how the team would be important to the conference and showcased how the conference can benefit with us being involved.”

“One of the great things that happened this year is the fact that we have so many returning guys from last season,” Rogers said of the 23-member team. “A lot of freshmen are seeing the level that everyone else is playing on, so they’re elevating their game and working out extra hard in their free time.”

Lower said the lacrosse team’s achievement is emblematic of Florida Poly’s dedication to overall student success.

“This showcases that we are getting a lot more opportunities for our students and supporting them outside the classroom while furthering the University’s mission,” he said. “We are working to produce leaders inside and outside of the classroom.”

MCLA membership also shows off Florida Poly’s growing presence in the world beyond STEM.

“We are supporting our determined students in pursuing their passions,” Lower said. “This shows that anything a student wants to start, they can start here and take it to the next level.”

Dr. Ben Matthew Corpus, vice provost for admissions and financial aid at the University, said teams like lacrosse are attracting talented, STEM-focused student athletes.

“We are recruiting high school seniors and transfers who play lacrosse for the fall 2022 academic year to fill some spots, and hope the word gets out to those who have both an interest in being a STEM game changer and playing lacrosse in college as well,” Corpus said.

Students interested in joining lacrosse can submit an interest form.

Lydia Guzmán
Director of Communications