The FanLax Forum Poll looks pretty good.  If you look at it like a human.  And you shouldn’t look at it like a human. At the very least, you should look at it like a cyborg.  Let me explain…

1 North Carolina
2 Maryland
3 Duke
4 Syracuse
5 Rutgers
6 Notre Dame
7 Denver
8 Army West Point
9 Virginia
10 Georgetown

The poll (above) looks good. The picks seem to make rational sense. But like most every good lie, the majority of the story is true… except the parts that are not.  There are three, so to speak, lies in the FanLax Forum Poll.

  1. Virginia is the #3 team in the nation… based on Ws and Ls in 2021. Relax. I get it. You’re human. It’s hard for you to leave your emotions out of this. But you have to try. And, for sure, you need to try harder than putting UVA at #9!?! In the simplest terms, UVA is better than your #3, Duke. Both UVA and Duke beat High Point as their third best win. But, while UVA’s top two wins are Army and Loyola, Duke’s top two wins are Denver and Richmond. Clearly, UVA’s wins are better. And, while UVA has two losses, these losses are to (your #4) Syracuse and #1 North Carolina. While these losses are a blemish on UVA’s resume, it’s not enough of a blemish to offset the disparity between UVA’s and Duke’s wins and to move them below Duke.
  2. Denver and Army need to be switched. Army’s wins are better, Denver’s loss is worse. Denver beat G’town (and St. Johns). Army beat SU (and BU). Army lost to UVA. (See above.) Denver lost to Duke (and UNC). Based on Ws and Ls in 2021, Army’s wins are better, Denver’s losses are worse.
  3. Lastly, Notre Dame is not a Top Ten team… based on their Ws and Ls in 2021. While Notre Dame is undefeated, their best wins are against Robert Morris, Cleveland State, and Marquette. These are not you’ve-proven-yourself-to-be-#6-in-the-nation wins. Let Notre Dame earn their Top Ten Ranking. In other words, remove Notre Dame and insert Loyola. Heck, insert Lehigh. At the very least, both of them earned it… in 2021.

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FanLax Computer
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