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Adams State 2011Adams State 2012Adams State 2013Adams State 2014Adams State 2015Adams State 2016Adams State 2017Adelphi 2011Adelphi 2012Adelphi 2013Adelphi 2014Adelphi 2015Adelphi 2016Adelphi 2017AlabamaHuntsville 2016AlabamaHuntsville 2017AldersonBroaddus 2013AldersonBroaddus 2014Alderson Broaddus 2015Alderson Broaddus 2016Alderson Broaddus 2017Aquinas 2012Aquinas 2013Aquinas 2014Aquinas 2015Aquinas 2016Aquinas 2017Asbury 2015Asbury 2016Asbury 2017Assumption 2011Assumption 2012Assumption 2013Assumption 2014Assumption 2015Assumption 2016Assumption 2017Ave Maria 2015Ave Maria 2016Ave Maria 2017Barton 2017Belmont Abbey 2011Belmont Abbey 2012Belmont Abbey 2013Belmont Abbey 2014Belmont Abbey 2015Belmont Abbey 2016Belmont Abbey 2017Benedictine KS 2016Benedictine KS 2017Bentley 2011Bentley 2012Bentley 2013Bentley 2014Bentley 2015Bentley 2016Bentley 2017Bloomsburg 2011Bloomsburg 2012Bloomsburg 2013Bloomsburg 2014Bloomsburg 2015Bloomsburg 2016Bloomsburg 2017Brevard 2014Brevard 2015Brevard 2016Brevard 2017Bridgeport 2011Bridgeport 2012Bridgeport 2013Bridgeport 2014Bridgeport 2015Bridgeport 2016Bridgeport 2017Caldwell 2014Caldwell 2015Caldwell 2016Caldwell 2017Catawba 2012Catawba 2013Catawba 2014Catawba 2015Catawba 2016Catawba 2017Charleston 2016Charleston 2017Chestnut Hill 2011Chestnut Hill 2012Chestnut Hill 2013Chestnut Hill 2014Chestnut Hill 2015Chestnut Hill 2016Chestnut Hill 2017Chowan 2013Chowan 2014Chowan 2015Chowan 2016Chowan 2017Clarke 2016Clarke 2017Cleary 2017Coker 2014Coker 2015Coker 2016Coker 2017Colorado Mesa 2012Colorado Mesa 2013Colorado Mesa 2014Colorado Mesa 2015Colorado Mesa 2016Colorado Mesa 2017Columbia SC 2014Columbia SC 2015Columbia SC 2016Columbia SC 2017ConcordiaAnn Arbor 2017ConcordiaSt. Paul 2017Converse 2011Converse 2012Converse 2013Converse 2014Converse 2015Converse 2016Converse 2017CSUPueblo 2015CSUPueblo 2016CSUPueblo 2017Cumberlands 2016Cumberlands 2017C.W. Post 2011C.W. Post 2012Davenport 2011Davenport 2012Davenport 2013Davenport 2014Davenport 2015Davenport 2016Davenport 2017Davis & Elkins 2016Davis & Elkins 2017Dominican 2011Dominican 2012Dominican 2013Dominican 2014Dominican 2015Dominican 2016Dominican 2017Dowling 2011Dowling 2012Dowling 2013Dowling 2014Dowling 2015Dowling 2016East Stroudsburg 2011East Stroudsburg 2012East Stroudsburg 2013East Stroudsburg 2014East Stroudsburg 2015East Stroudsburg 2016East Stroudsburg 2017Edinboro 2011Edinboro 2012Edinboro 2013Edinboro 2014Edinboro 2015Edinboro 2016Edinboro 2017Emmanuel GA 2013Emmanuel GA 2014Emmanuel GA 2015Emmanuel GA 2016Emmanuel GA 2017Erskine 2011Erskine 2012Erskine 2013Erskine 2014Erskine 2015Erskine 2016Erskine 2017Felician 2016Felician 2017Findlay 2013Findlay 2014Findlay 2015Findlay 2016Findlay 2017Florida Southern 2012Florida Southern 2013Florida Southern 2014Florida Southern 2015Florida Southern 2016Florida Southern 2017Florida Tech 2015Florida Tech 2016Florida Tech 2017Fort Lewis 2011Fort Lewis 2012Fort Lewis 2013Fort Lewis 2014Fort Lewis 2015Fort Lewis 2016Fort Lewis 2017Franklin Pierce 2011Franklin Pierce 2012Franklin Pierce 2013Franklin Pierce 2014Franklin Pierce 2015Franklin Pierce 2016Franklin Pierce 2017Gannon 2011Gannon 2012Gannon 2013Gannon 2014Gannon 2015Gannon 2016Gannon 2017Georgetown KY 2014Georgetown KY 2015Georgetown KY 2016Georgetown KY 2017Georgian Court 2011Georgian Court 2012Georgian Court 2013Georgian Court 2014Georgian Court 2015Georgian Court 2016Georgian Court 2017Grand Valley State 2012Grand Valley State 2013Grand Valley State 2014Grand Valley State 2015Grand Valley State 2016Grand Valley State 2017Holy Family 2011Holy Family 2012Holy Family 2013Holy Family 2014Holy Family 2015Holy Family 2016Holy Family 2017Indiana PA 2011Indiana PA 2012Indiana PA 2013Indiana PA 2014Indiana PA 2015Indiana PA 2016Indiana PA 2017Indianapolis 2016Indianapolis 2017Indiana Tech 2011Indiana Tech 2012Indiana Tech 2013Indiana Tech 2014Indiana Tech 2015Indiana Tech 2016Indiana Tech 2017Johnson & Wales CO 2016Johnson & Wales CO 2017Keiser 2017Kutztown 2011Kutztown 2012Kutztown 2013Kutztown 2014Kutztown 2015Kutztown 2016Kutztown 2017Lake Erie 2011Lake Erie 2012Lake Erie 2013Lake Erie 2014Lake Erie 2015Lake Erie 2016Lake Erie 2017Lawrence Tech 2014Lawrence Tech 2015Lawrence Tech 2016Lawrence Tech 2017Lee 2017LeesMcRae 2011LeesMcRae 2012LeesMcRae 2013LeesMcRae 2014LeesMcRae 2015LeesMcRae 2016LeesMcRae 2017Le Moyne 2011Le Moyne 2012Le Moyne 2013Le Moyne 2014Le Moyne 2015Le Moyne 2016Le Moyne 2017LenoirRhyne 2011LenoirRhyne 2012LenoirRhyne 2013LenoirRhyne 2014LenoirRhyne 2015LenoirRhyne 2016LenoirRhyne 2017Limestone 2011Limestone 2012Limestone 2013Limestone 2014Limestone 2015Limestone 2016Limestone 2017Lincoln Memorial 2015Lincoln Memorial 2016Lincoln Memorial 2017Lindenwood 2012Lindenwood 2013Lindenwood 2014Lindenwood 2015Lindenwood 2016Lindenwood 2017LIU Post 2013LIU Post 2014LIU Post 2015LIU Post 2016LIU Post 2017Lock Haven 2011Lock Haven 2012Lock Haven 2013Lock Haven 2014Lock Haven 2015Lock Haven 2016Lock Haven 2017Lourdes 2014Lourdes 2015Lourdes 2016Lourdes 2017Madonna 2017Marian 2017McKendree 2013McKendree 2014McKendree 2015McKendree 2016McKendree 2017Mercy 2011Mercy 2012Mercy 2013Mercy 2014Mercy 2015Mercy 2016Mercy 2017Mercyhurst 2011Mercyhurst 2012Mercyhurst 2013Mercyhurst 2014Mercyhurst 2015Mercyhurst 2016Mercyhurst 2017Merrimack 2011Merrimack 2012Merrimack 2013Merrimack 2014Merrimack 2015Merrimack 2016Merrimack 2017Mesa State 2011Midland 2012Midland 2013Midland 2014Midland 2015Midland 2016Midland 2017Millersville 2011Millersville 2012Millersville 2013Millersville 2014Millersville 2015Millersville 2016Millersville 2017Missouri Valley 2016Missouri Valley 2017Mo. Baptist 2011Mo. Baptist 2012Mo. Baptist 2013Mo. Baptist 2014Mo. Baptist 2015Mo. Baptist 2016Mo. Baptist 2017Molloy 2011Molloy 2012Molloy 2013Molloy 2014Molloy 2015Molloy 2016Molloy 2017Montevallo 2016Montevallo 2017Montreat 2016Montreat 2017Mount Olive 2013Mount Olive 2014Mount Olive 2015Mount Olive 2016Mount Olive 2017Newberry 2012Newberry 2013Newberry 2014Newberry 2015Newberry 2016Newberry 2017New Haven 2011New Haven 2012New Haven 2013New Haven 2014New Haven 2015New Haven 2016New Haven 2017Northern Michigan 2017North Greenville 2015North Greenville 2016North Greenville 2017Notre Dame OH 2011Notre Dame OH 2012Notre Dame OH 2013Notre Dame OH 2014Notre Dame OH 2015Notre Dame OH 2016Notre Dame OH 2017Nyack 2013Nyack 2014Nyack 2015Nyack 2016Nyack 2017NYIT 2017Ohio Valley 2017Oklahoma Baptist 2013Oklahoma Baptist 2014Oklahoma Baptist 2015Oklahoma Baptist 2016Oklahoma Baptist 2017Ottawa 2016Ottawa 2017Pace 2015Pace 2016Pace 2017Pfeiffer 2011Pfeiffer 2012Pfeiffer 2013Pfeiffer 2014Pfeiffer 2015Pfeiffer 2016Pfeiffer 2017Philadelphia 2011Philadelphia 2012Philadelphia 2013Philadelphia 2014Philadelphia 2015Philadelphia 2016Philadelphia 2017Pikeville 2015Pikeville 2016Point 2015Point 2016Point 2017Post 2011Post 2012Post 2013Post 2014Post 2015Post 2016Post 2017Queens 2011Queens 2012Queens 2013Queens 2014Queens 2015Queens 2016Queens 2017Queens NY 2011Queens NY 2012Queens NY 2013Queens NY 2014Queens NY 2015Queens NY 2016Queens NY 2017Regis CO 2011Regis CO 2012Regis CO 2013Regis CO 2014Regis CO 2015Regis CO 2016Regis CO 2017Reinhardt 2011Reinhardt 2012Reinhardt 2013Reinhardt 2014Reinhardt 2015Reinhardt 2016Reinhardt 2017Robert Morris IL 2011Robert Morris IL 2012Robert Morris IL 2013Robert Morris IL 2014Robert Morris IL 2015Robert Morris IL 2016Roberts Wesleyan 2012Roberts Wesleyan 2013Roberts Wesleyan 2014Roberts Wesleyan 2015Roberts Wesleyan 2016Roberts Wesleyan 2017Rockhurst 2014Rockhurst 2015Rockhurst 2016Rockhurst 2017Rollins 2011Rollins 2012Rollins 2013Rollins 2014Rollins 2015Rollins 2016Rollins 2017Saint Anselm 2011Saint Anselm 2012Saint Anselm 2013Saint Anselm 2014Saint Anselm 2015Saint Anselm 2016Saint Anselm 2017Saint Leo 2012Saint Leo 2013Saint Leo 2014Saint Leo 2015Saint Leo 2016Saint Leo 2017Saint Mary KS 2015Saint Mary KS 2016Saint Mary KS 2017Saint Michael’s 2011Saint Michael’s 2012Saint Michael’s 2013Saint Michael’s 2014Saint Michael’s 2015Saint Michael’s 2016Saint Michael’s 2017Savannah Art & Design 2011Savannah Art & Design 2012Savannah Art & Design 2013Savannah Art & Design 2014Savannah Art & Design 2015Savannah Art & Design 2016Savannah Art & Design 2017Seton Hill 2011Seton Hill 2012Seton Hill 2013Seton Hill 2014Seton Hill 2015Seton Hill 2016Seton Hill 2017Shepherd 2011Shepherd 2012Shepherd 2013Shepherd 2014Shepherd 2015Shepherd 2016Shepherd 2017Shippensburg 2011Shippensburg 2012Shippensburg 2013Shippensburg 2014Shippensburg 2015Shippensburg 2016Shippensburg 2017Shorter 2011Shorter 2012Shorter 2013Shorter 2014Shorter 2015Shorter 2016Shorter 2017Siena Heights 2012Siena Heights 2013Siena Heights 2014Siena Heights 2015Siena Heights 2016Siena Heights 2017Slippery Rock 2011Slippery Rock 2012Slippery Rock 2013Slippery Rock 2014Slippery Rock 2015Slippery Rock 2016Slippery Rock 2017S. New Hampshire 2011S. New Hampshire 2012S. New Hampshire 2013S. New Hampshire 2014S. New Hampshire 2015S. New Hampshire 2016S. New Hampshire 2017Southern Connecticut 2011Southern Connecticut 2012Southern Connecticut 2013Southern Connecticut 2014Southern Connecticut 2015Southern Connecticut 2016Southern Connecticut 2017St. Andrews 2011St. Andrews 2013St. Andrews 2014St. Andrews 2015St. Andrews 2016St. Andrews 2017Stonehill 2011Stonehill 2012Stonehill 2013Stonehill 2014Stonehill 2015Stonehill 2016Stonehill 2017St. Thomas Aquinas 2011St. Thomas Aquinas 2012St. Thomas Aquinas 2013St. Thomas Aquinas 2014St. Thomas Aquinas 2015St. Thomas Aquinas 2016St. Thomas Aquinas 2017Tampa 2014Tampa 2015Tampa 2016Tampa 2017Tennessee Wesleyan 2011Tennessee Wesleyan 2012Tennessee Wesleyan 2013Tennessee Wesleyan 2014Tennessee Wesleyan 2015Tennessee Wesleyan 2016Tennessee Wesleyan 2017Tiffin 2011Tiffin 2012Tiffin 2013Tiffin 2014Tiffin 2015Tiffin 2016Tiffin 2017TruettMcConnell 2015TruettMcConnell 2016TruettMcConnell 2017Tusculum 2015Tusculum 2016Tusculum 2017University of DC 2014University of DC 2015University of DC 2016University of DC 2017Urbana 2011Urbana 2012Urbana 2013Urbana 2014Urbana 2015Urbana 2016Ursuline 2014Ursuline 2015Ursuline 2016Ursuline 2017UVaWise 2015UVaWise 2016UVaWise 2017Walsh 2013Walsh 2014Walsh 2015Walsh 2016Walsh 2017West Chester 2011West Chester 2012West Chester 2013West Chester 2014West Chester 2015West Chester 2016West Chester 2017Westminster 2015Westminster 2016Westminster 2017Wheeling Jesuit 2012Wheeling Jesuit 2013Wheeling Jesuit 2014Wheeling Jesuit 2015Wheeling Jesuit 2016Wheeling Jesuit 2017Wilmington 2011Wilmington 2012Wilmington 2013Wilmington 2014Wilmington 2015Wilmington 2016Wilmington 2017Wingate 2014Wingate 2015Wingate 2016Wingate 2017Young Harris 2013Young Harris 2014Young Harris 2015Young Harris 2016Young Harris 2017