Pretty darn good post (directly below) by 51percentcorn within the Johns Hopkins 2022 thread.

The nominal numbers are this:
Current roster: 56
Eligibilty Gone: 1
Incoming Class: 12
Incoming Transfers (So Far): 1
Potential Pool for 2022: 68

Break Down by Class – (Unable to really distinguish injured players except for a couple so I am ignoring that issue) Contributions measured by playing time – not necessarily a qualitative assessment of play

Seniors – 14
Significant Contributions: Reinson/DeSimone/Delaney/Lyne/Shure/Baskin/Keogh/Kirson
DNP or minor contributions: Fernandez/DiPietro/Shilling/Darby/Prouty/W. Narewski

Junior – 10
Significant Contributions: Mabbett/Zinn/McManus/Epstein/Lilly/M. Narewski/Degnon
DNP or Minor Contributions: Calnan/Hawley/Keneally

Sophomore – 15
Significant Contributions: Marcille/Angelus/Szuluk/Jaronski
Minor/Token Contributions: Ruddy/Rahm/Krampf
DNP: Glassmeyer/Handsor/Cohen/Fox/Burnett/Rodgers/Uphoff/Brunner

Freshmen – 16 (Kaden Brothers we hardly knew ye – I didn’t remember he disappeared from the roster)
Significant Contributions: Grimes/Martin/Dunn/McDermott/Peshko/Deans
Minor/Token Contributions: Smith/Raposo
DNP: Ladrido/Ince/Chauvette/Arteaga/Evans/Bauer/Tallino/Harkin

Incoming Class by Position – 12 :
2 LSMs: Bowler/Kaufman
2 D: Todaro/Whitaker
2 A: Wong/Charboneau
1 G: Webb
1 FO: Callahan
4 M: Hicks/Teachout/Phillips/Reen

Transfer – 1
G – Versfeld

Can’t have 68 – not everybody is going to want to stay but buckle up – it’s going to be a wild few months until late August/early September