Preseason All-Americans (and Rankings) is always a strange business. But these D-men are particularly strange. To quote HopFan16 within the D1 Men All-American thread

“Fake is a good player but it seems like he’s still coasting by off his reputation from his freshman season. He really struggled in 2019, was better last season but not 1st team quality, IMO. I’d have gone with Gibson Smith of Georgetown, Koby Smith of Towson, Pat Kennedy of Villanova, Marcus Hudgins of Army, or maybe Anthony Tangredi of Lehigh. I’d go with any of those guys over ND’s Cohen as well. So some questions about their defensive selections but the rest looks ok to me. The notion of *preseason* All-Americans was always a little bit strange to me—especially this year, coming off a lost 2020 season.”