StringKing, a small sporting goods and apparel manufacturer based in Los Angeles, has pivoted to supply millions of protective face masks and other PPE for general use by hospital systems, essential personnel, and the general public. They are currently producing more than 7.5 million 3-ply disposable face masks, 3.5 million protective gowns, and 450,000 reusable cloth face masks just a few weeks after beginning their transition. This week their daily output will reach up to 300,000 3-Layer Face Masks, 70,000 protective gowns, and 50,000 Cloth Face Masks. In addition, they will be donating face masks to those in need, including hospice workers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and first responders. More information about StringKing face masks can be found at

StringKing’s core business is typically making men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks. When the current quarantine meant the cancellation of the entire spring lacrosse season, they went to work figuring out how to keep people employed despite the circumstances. In a matter of days, they completely shifted their entire manufacturing and supply chains to make PPE. Instead of lacrosse sticks, they began supplying 3-layer disposable masks. Instead of custom-fit clothes, their L.A. factory started making washable fabric masks. They are currently increasing production to more than 20,000 units per day with the help of local sewing operators and facilities. To keep up with demand, StringKing has directly employed about 50 garment workers and indirectly employed an additional 50. They are producing masks at about 10 local facilities where they are installing more than 50 mask-specific sewing machines, adding about 200 more employees to the effort who previously had little or no work during the shutdown.

StringKing has also enacted strict quality control to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all their PPE products. Raw materials are tested before production, and face masks are subject to daily filtration and breathability tests by both the manufacturing facility and a trusted in-house quality control team. Dedicated teams oversee all production to ensure the quality and validity of every product.

StringKing has been based in Los Angeles since 2012 making lacrosse sticks, baseball and softball bats, hockey sticks, and custom-fit apparel. Their mission is to promote confidence, community, and well-being with quality and affordable products.

All StringKing products, including PPE like face masks, are available at