MLL Draft is May 4th and to be eligible for the 2020 MLL Collegiate Draft, you MUST have been listed as a Senior on a collegiate roster during the 2020 season.

National Collegiate Athletic Association
Per NCAA Bylaws — Exception—Sports Other Than Basketball and Football. An enrolled student-athlete in a sport other than basketball or football may enter a professional league’s draft one time during his or her collegiate career without jeopardizing his or her eligibility in the applicable sport, provided the student-athlete is not drafted and within 72 hours following the draft he or she declares his or her intention to resume participation in intercollegiate athletics. The student-athlete’s declaration of intent shall be in writing to the institution’s director of athletics. The criteria outlined in this Bylaw will need to be met by the student-athlete in order to maintain eligibility.

You may discuss your future plans and interests with MLL teams. An individual who retains an agent shall lose amateur status (Per NCAA bylaws).

Coaches will be able to provide you with information related the Standard Player Contract.  

By submitting this form, you are declaring yourself medically fit for professional field lacrosse and eligible for the 2020 MLL season. If you are found medically unfit due to a known medical precondition you will not be draft eligible until the 2021 season. 

If you are not selected in the 2020 Collegiate Draft, you will be entered into the MLL Player Pool and remain eligible to be claimed under MLL policies at any time throughout the League season. If you are claimed from the Player Pool you will then be notified by that Team. You will not be required to sign a League Contract until you are added to a roster.