Due to the Corona Virus, the 2020 lacrosse season has been turned upside down.  This is the current status of college and high school lacrosse as we understand it.  We will keep you updated as we learn more and look forward to discussing whatever college and high school lacrosse games that we have in 2020.

NCAA Men and Women: D1, D2, and D3

Some conferences and teams have cancelled their 2020 season.  Others have suspended their season.  Who will play and when is currently unknown.  And if/when teams do play games, there will not be an NCAA Tournament.

NJCAA Men and Women

Some teams have cancelled and/or suspended their 2020 season.  Whether games will be played in 2020 is TBD.


The MCLA has canceled the 2020 MCLA National Championships and temporarily suspended competition starting at the conclusion of games on Tuesday, March 17.


The status of the WCLA is currently unknown.  An educated guess would suggest that the status is similar to the MCLA.

NAIA Men and Women

The NAIA has cancelled and/or postponed numerous games.  And it is unclear whether the games that were not cancelled or postponed will be played.

HS Boys and Girls

Currently, there are games.  Numerous schools will be shutting down in the coming days and weeks.  While the schools are closed, the vast majority of teams will not be playing.  When school restarts, it is unclear what the status of the lacrosse teams will be.