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Re: Cornell 2020
Post by VeryRustyRed » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:48 am

I attended the scrimmage on Sunday and am pleased to report that the boys looked good, especially for a Fall scrimmage with lots of underclassmen getting PT. I think we have a lot of positive things to look forward to.

I had the final score at Cornell 14 Maryland 11

1st Q: MD 4 Cornell 2 2nd Q: Cornell 6 MD 2 3rd Q: Cornell 4 MD 3 4th Q: Cornell 2 MD 2

I have no idea of whether any of Maryland’s starters did not play. I don’t recall seeing #1 (Jesse Bernhardt)
For Cornell, Salvatore did not dress as did a few non-starters. The only non-starter of note not to dress to Petrakis.

The game started with what I thought might be “same old..same old” against a top team with top FOGOS. Raz lost the first 3 or 4 and Maryland quickly went up by 3 on an EMO (post fast break) and two x-dodges. But the boys steadied and got back into things thanks to Ierlan (easily could have been 6 or 7 to 2 at the end of the 1st) and better overall play at the x. Cornell then really gained momentum and scored…perhaps 8 of the next 10 or 11 goals.

I definitely think Cornell has more team speed across the board (attack-mids-close) than in some time. A few thoughts by unit:

Attack – Teat-Piatelli-Coyle: Coyle played the 1st and Long the 2nd. My guess is they will split time throughout the season with Coyle starting…unless one of the two clearly separates. Regardless, both are quick, can distribute & dodge, and are high IQ players. Both looked very comfortable. ‘Like to see both of them fill out. Piatelli has become the go-to-guy; they moved him around more than I recall trying to give him different looks and hopefully isolate.

1st Mids – Fletcher-Donville-Telesco: I really like having 2 north/south dodgers with size…and who dodge left and right. They compliment Donville who will occasionally wing or dodge horizontally.

2nd Mids – Licciardi-Lombardi-Wolf: love Liccardi’s energy (hopefully with a bit more discipline than at times last year). IMO Lombardi can be special. Don’t be confused by his height – he is a wide body who plays much bigger. Showed some of the swagger I saw from him in HS. He must string his stick to provide a tremendous amount of “whip.” He’ll never be accused of shooting high-to-high. He had one beauty today. Wolf is a left dominant middie with good size whose game reminds me of Ward’s last season. Scored off of nice dodge to the middle yesterday. Other: Blake did not see PT until the 4th Q – I believe he may be recovering from an injury. Regardless, he’s an o-mid and not a ss.

D Mids – No Salvatore today, but Bartolotto looks really improved over the start of last season – quicker and more confident. Theodore Batson backed him up and played as a regular F/O wing. Very active kid.

Shorties – Bardwell-Duggan-Buczek. Bardwell and Duggan are the first rotation. Buczek to follow. Surprisingly, no other shorties played until the 4th quarter when Garret Ruff played. I focused on him – certainly held his own.

Close D – Doria-Fields-Adler: The surprise is Adler who despite his height looks like a very active, feisty kid with quick feet. All three looked they belong, but need experience/cohesiveness. So who in the group guards a Sowers/Ament type? Got me. Perhaps Adler. Karey got 2nd half PT

Goal – Ierlan played the 1st half and a few minutes of the 3rd Q. Then Bullen into the 4th followed by Henderer. Ierlan was on top of his game, Bullen looked okay, though he had to settle in.
FOGO – Raz played the 1st, Graham most of the 2nd, split draws in the 3rd, Tria only took a few in the 4th. But – there were 6 FOGOS warming up before the game, not including Petrakis. That’s a sea change. I can see Graham, with more experience, especially post-clamp, contributing far more than last season.

KEY issues:
– As I wrote earlier, if the FOGOS can win 50% (or a bit more), “we may be in the money.” Our offense is REALLY good. And the defense will then have less exposure.
– ‘Really thin at short stick. Look out if someone goes down.
– Only thing missing from the offense is a long-range shooter who can bring it (there is no one like..most recently, a Dowiak or Buczek).
Goals that I recall:
Piatelli -3, Teat -3, Lombardi – 2, Henry Follows – 2, Donville – 1, Wolf – 1, Long – 1, Coyle 1

Re: Cornell 2020
Post by Velvet.Fog » Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:03 pm

Great summary by VRR. Very consistent with my observations. I will attempt to add to his summery.

Great day on LI. Good turnout by fans with both teams representing well. I had final “official” tally at 15-12 in favor of COR. But “starters” played only approx 2.5 quarters on both sides. Pretty even game overall. UMD got off to fast start and led 5-2 after one. COR led 9-7 at half and 13-10 after Q3. I do not know how many MD starters were not dressed or played sparingly.

For “starter” portion (roughly 2.5 quarters) COR played 4 at attack (Teat, J Piatelli, Coyne, Long) 2 full lines of offensive mids (splitting time evenly) (Donville, Fletcher, Telesco as first line; Licciardi, Lombardi, Wolf as second line). Def starters Fields, Carey, Adler (Salvatore and Doria DNP). Stramanak 4th D man. Batson and Bartolotto primary LSMs. Bardwell, Duggan, Buczek ssdm. Blake got a run as well at one point I think as offensive mid. He did not have an opportunity to shine but looks very smooth. No Petrakis as he was in sweats. Raz and Graham took almost all of the draws during this portion.

Offense: after slow start, very good Q2 & Q3. Teat, Donville, Piatelli led charge. Teat was 4G 2A without even dodging much if at all. He rarely held the ball, favoring instead quick passes. Donville 1G 2A – very effective alley dodges, esp on shorties. Piatelli 3G – excellent all day. Did everything. Slightly new wrinkle: seemed to me he dodged almost exclusively from lower right wing all day. A la Teat but from other side. While he wandered to X a little, he did his damage from the right wing. Very effective. Got a shorty there once and patiently worked him until getting underneath him for doorstep goal. Coyle and Long then were mostly working from X. Neither dodged too much from there although Coyle got good look early on speed dodge from X that was saved. Coyle 1G – had a couple good looks early and potential assists that didn’t drop but looked good. Long was 1G 3A and looked good as well. Split time with Coyle. Had nice interception of clear at midfield that led to assist. Attack rode effectively all day and caused 3-4 opportunities that led to goals.

Other than JD, First mids were quiet. Nothing to be concerned with, just flow of game. Our first line will be a handful for opponents this year. I also think coaches maybe wanted to give second mids plenty of offensive looks. Second mids very effective. Lombardi 2G with one really strong dodge for goal. Ran thru hard check and finished with authority. Looked very comfortable. Wolf 1G had very strong dodge and lefty finish in traffic. Licciardi had no goals but consistently dodged from top of box and got great separation and caused slide and D rotation. He is super quick.

LSMs and ssdm were effective after a slow start. Bartolotto and Batson primarily at LSM. Bardwell, Duggan and Buczek At ssdm. All played solid straight up D and got ball off the ground and into transition effectively. There were maybe 3-4 MD goals that came against ssdms but MD has some big time mids that can exploit any ssdm matchup. Overall good play by this entire group.

Close D also started slowly but got footing and looked much better. MD had the ball on offense almost entire Q1 and pressured cage consistently. MD two man game was a problem early. Both from wings and X. Got a couple of early goals from excellent two man game. MD also had two impressive goals from X dodges in Q1. One was a nasty swim dodge v Adler. But Adler played pretty good in a tough position – all things considered. Chase was great early and as VRR pointed out he prevented MD from getting a much bigger lead. Adler, Fields, Karey handled most of first portion with Stramanak also on field. Bullen got good time and played well. Had some tough shots drop early when MD got excellent looks on him but he made quality saves on shots you would expect to be saved. Parker H last goalie to play and again looked good.

Raz and Graham handled face offs in first half and more than held their own. Hard to know who MD had out there but likely frosh Calderone for a few. Cornell wing play seemed much better also. Hopefully an area of improvement this year.

In later part of scrimmage, some other good looking players included Follows (2G), B Piatelli, Wirtheim (1A), Blake, Chabot, Ruff, Parker. There were certainly some others but just a little hard to process the many new players down the stretch. But good athleticism, defense and ball control all around.

That’s all. Again, want to be cautious not to draw too much from fall scrimmage and MD may have sat some key guys or eased off with Bernhardt and other big guns, but overall a competitive game involving two good teams. There was some camera crew getting up close shots so hopefully good video on or or other outlet soon. GBR!


You can read more including the discussions within the Cornell 2020 Thread.