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POY – Evan Wolf-Amherst (repeat, 4th 2x winner)
ROY – Jake Haase-Williams
COY – McCormack- Williams

1st Team
A Chlastawa (Jr)- Bates
A Murphy (Sr)- Tufts
A Wolf (Sr)- Amherst
M Hoffman (Jr)- Williams
M Solberg (Jr)- Amherst
M Treiber (Jr)- Tufts
D Brokemate (Sr)- Tufts
D Fantoni (Sr)- Bates
D Sullivan (So)- Amherst
FO Morgan (Sr)- Trinity
LSM Stewart (Jr)- Williams
SSM McAfee (Jr)- Amherst
G Bohan (Jr)- Wesleyan
G Layton (Sr)- Colby

2nd Team
A Connelly (Sr)- Tufts
A Jacoby (So)- Wesleyan
A Minicus (Jr)- Amherst
M Barker (Sr)- Wesleyan
M Knapton (Jr)- Bates
M Shanks (Jr)- Tufts
D Castro (Jr)- Amherst
D Malarchuk (Jr)- Wesleyan
D Savage (So)- Bowdoin
FO Helfrich (S)- Tufts
LSM Stockdale (Sr)- Tufts
SSM Penney (So)- Wesleyan
G Pollack (Jr)- Tufts

Tufts- 8
Amherst- 6
Wesleyan- 5
Darien, CT- 4
Bates- 3
Williams- 2
Bowdoin- 1
Colby- 1
Trinity- 1