36 Teams will play in the 2019 NCAA D3 Men National Championship Tournament. 27 teams will qualify by winning their Conference Championship. The other 9 teams will be selected as At-Large Selections by the D3 Committee.

The League Championships are played this week until, for most, May 4th and, for some, May 5th.  The invited teams will be announced on May 5th and the first games will be played on May 7th.  In other words, a lot of good lacrosse is about to be played soon.

The League Champions that will qualify for the tournament will be obvious.  The remaining 9 At-Large teams though, for obvious reasons, substantially less obvious, will be best found by watching for upsets.  For example, if Middlebury wins the NESCAC Championship, they will need to beat Tufts and the winner of Amherst-Williams.  These will be two relatively large upsets.  And, as a consequence, besides Middlebury qualifying for the NCAA National Championship Tournament, the odds are excellent that Tufts and Amherst will take 2 of the 9 At-Large spots.  So as the League Championships start this week, look for upsets, specifically, for highly ranked teams not winning their League Championship.

At the time, these wins were the Biggest Upsets: 

3StevensonChristopher Newport4/3
6NicholsRoger Williams4/24
7Johnson and Wales (RI)Saint Joseph’s (ME)4/23
8SpringfieldCoast Guard4/17