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April 25

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Team = Team, Pts (N) = Points Normalized (to 5 games), Pts (W) = Wins Normalized (to 3 Games), Gs = Number of games the team has played, Ws = Number of wins the team has earned, BW = Best Win, SOS = Strength of Schedule.

FanLax Rankings

WCLA – Division 1 and 2

1D1 University of Pittsburgh1,4951313983815
2D1 San Diego State1,4711112983972
3D1 UCLA ‘A’1,4559129781,154
4D1 University of Michigan1,42113169611,088
5D1 Santa Clara1,38610159461,040
6D1 Cal Poly ‘A’1,3617139831,091
7D1 Brigham Young University1,35610118901,057
8D1 Northeastern University1,351910911794
9D1 University of Delaware1,346911890831
10D1 Virginia Tech1,29410128891,019
11D1 University of Virginia1,2877118901,062
12D1 Georgia1,2551218869901
13D1 Boston College1,252711911888
14D1 University of Colorado1,2396118571,189
15D1 University of North Carolina1,23059857836
16D1 University of Texas1,1831014847723
17D1 University of Utah1,181511857927
18D1 Duke University1,169411855942
19D1 University of Maryland1,15249889710
20D1 UC Berkeley1,08269662724
21D1 Miami of Ohio1,0561011689623
22D1 University Notre Dame1,034610689784
23D1 Colorado State University1,0144136151,005
24D1 University of Washington1,003811647495
25D1 Marquette University1,00058662551
26D1 Michigan State University9941117721730
27D1 Ohio State University984610689808
28D1 Towson University95926855829
29D1 Buffalo928610689697
30D1 University of Kentucky90369689651
31D1 University of Minnesota901613716702
32D1 Arizona State892510629796
33D1 UC Santa Barbara892411716921
34D1 James Madison University88518857850
35D1 Central Florida8831013591672
36D1 Oregon State University868813716578
37D1 University of Oregon864610575568
38D1 UC Davis846310629775
39D1 Doshisha University83811662662
40D1 University of Indiana830310662651
41D1 Georgia Tech822810576350
42D1 Florida819812591451
43D1 Florida State81579585405
44D1 Arizona81139578728
45D1 Texas A&M University789610576539
46D1 Alabama7881014591310
47D1 Saint Mary’s College788310647838
48D1 Grand Canyon760312646790
49D1 Northwestern University72226689721
50D1 Ohio University710410604695
51D1 USC646110577643
52D1 U San Diego63915596851
53D1 University of Connecticut57716449899
54D1 Clemson566614363673
55D1 Southern Methodist University55535201745
56D1 Syracuse University55214494716
57D1 University of Rhode Island54814534665
58D1 West Virginia University50229522811
59D1 University of Mass Amherst50015503799
60D1 Purdue University47617453710
61D1 South Florida448612203423
62D1 Kennesaw270410202450
63D1 Baylor University22325200549
64D1 University of Illinois22325200478
65D1 University of Cincinnati22216200623
66D1 Tennessee22228201506
67D1 Miami22229200541
68D1 Western Washington University22119200710
69D1 Auburn221210201548
70D1 Emory21828200342
71D1 West Chester University202020447
72D1 Duquesne University201070771
73D1 Tulane University200050549
74D1 FGCU197090460
75D1 University of Wisconsin1960100644
76D1 Ole Miss196080404
77D1 Louisiana State University194040725
78D1 Washington State University142070739
79D1 Indiana University10000530
80D1 Lady Boh’s10000597
81D1 Mississippi State10000591
82D1 Mississippi State University10000576
83D1 Penn State University10000847
84D1 University Tennessee Chattanoo10000571
85D1 UTC10000203
1D2 University of St. Thomas1,3661212882922
2D2 Utah State University1,35399899751
3D2 Loyola University Maryland1,3201011950917
4D2 US Naval Academy1,31979911805
5D2 Grand Valley State University1,2971112882894
6D2 University of Denver1,279710882624
7D2 Nevada Reno1,2741112864581
8D2 Oakland University1,2581013824794
9D2 University of North Texas1,25889880728
10D2 Texas Christian University1,23156880665
11D2 Salisbury University1,21479950715
12D2 University of New Hampshire1,19766798482
13D2 Iowa State University1,1931013824877
14D2 College of Saint Benedict1,1821012821493
15D2 Stanford1,17457899619
16D2 Central Michigan University1,171710807863
17D2 Illinois State University1,168810793578
18D2 University of Dayton1,16359809857
19D2 Air Force Academy1,161710898533
20D2 UW – La Crosse1,158912823650
21D2 Utah Valley University1,148710820701
22D2 UM – Duluth1,13058821841
23D2 Providence College1,12645810664
24D2 Lake Forest College1,09957793757
25D2 WPI1,09857789679
26D2 Indiana University at Pennsylv1,09077716739
27D2 Eastern Michigan University1,074410747873
28D2 College of the Holy Cross1,06446810789
29D2 Bowling Green University1,055714790778
30D2 CSU San Marcos1,048912817684
31D2 Loyola University of Chicago1,04857793476
32D2 Wheaton College1,04737747816
33D2 Merrimack University1,03746789656
34D2 UC San Diego1,03079693616
35D2 Wake Forest University1,02455744549
36D2 Xavier University1,020610807427
37D2 Taylor University980510807646
38D2 UC Irvine97979742606
39D2 Binghamton University97489678463
40D2 Grove City College96846716649
41D2 Temple University96348679770
42D2 University of Houston95634739645
43D2 Sam Houston State University95236732494
44D2 Cal Poly ‘B’94958742611
45D2 UNC – Wilmington94134744701
46D2 St. Edward’s91738739646
47D2 University of Vermont91345725495
48D2 Cornell University91056672476
49D2 UCLA B87323864786
50D2 UMass – Lowell86324789642
51D2 University of North Dakota850710644615
52D2 St. Olaf College84559608778
53D2 Coastal Carolina University83822745676
54D2 Chico State82648631650
55D2 Northern Arizona81837687749
56D2 Concordia College81046615380
57D2 Winona State University804511644577
58D2 North Carolina State80325565621
59D2 University of Toledo801311710727
60D2 Sacred Heart University79968586447
61D2 Texas State University79823724533
62D2 Hardin-Simmons University79727728674
63D2 Tarleton State79626739690
64D2 Georgetown University79645567662
65D2 UW – Eau Claire783410602729
66D2 Elon University77347565616
67D2 Carngnie Mellon77019715702
68D2 Boise State75747620735
69D2 Case Western Reserve Universit74816710797
70D2 Dartmouth College74714201677
71D2 Drexel University74538593653
72D2 Gonzaga University7411111491444
73D2 Rutgers University73727679844
74D2 College of New Jersey72724584321
75D2 Marist College72635569483
76D2 Depaul University72114650849
77D2 Portland State University713911481549
78D2 Western Michigan University697211668804
79D2 Stony Brook University68835551350
80D2 University of Pennsylvania67814584630
81D2 Pacific Lutheran University649711481524
82D2 Washington College64811593584
83D2 UMBC64617630734
84D2 Montana State University62546458484
85D2 George Washington University62025567592
86D2 George Mason University61226593633
87D2 East Carolina University61124565685
88D2 Central Connecticut State Univ61125576656
89D2 Appalachian State60115565600
90D2 University of Lynchburg600110567602
91D2 University of Portland59539480525
92D2 Tufts University56714553584
93D2 Fordham University55225201483
94D2 Central Washington University535310458461
95D2 CSU Long Beach533511367547
96D2 Le Moyne College52735201509
97D2 Concordia University50239397662
98D2 SUNY Cortland49925201492
99D2 Seattle University44317455565
100D2 UW – Oshkosh42839201545
101D2 University of Iowa40113386852
102D2 CSU Fullerton40128351557
103D2 UC Santa Cruz39813363428
104D2 Sonoma State39127351585
105D2 College of St. Ben’s39111201201
106D2 Carleton College38913201415
107D2 Gustavus Adolphus College38316201620
108D2 UNLV37618358606
109D2 Pepperdine26316201556
110D2 Colorado School of Mines22337201634
111D2 Fullerton College22213200373
112D2 Northern Kentucky University22215200605
113D2 Quinnipiac University22215200520
114D2 University of Maine22227200655
115D2 UW – Milwaukee22118200756
116D2 Ball State University221210200729
117D2 Univ. of Northern Colorado22115200646
118D2 Weber State22017200767
119D2 Biola22017200399
120D2 MSU – Mankato212210200501
121D2 Ithaca College20217200585
122D2 Cal State Northridge202000200
123D2 North Dakota State University202000670
124D2 St. Cloud State University202000381
125D2 New York University202010576
126D2 San Jose State202020650
127D2 UNC – Charlotte201020872
128D2 Bethel University2010301,155
129D2 University of Idaho201050687
130D2 Southern Oregon University201060587
131D2 Loyola Marymount201010200
132D2 UTSA200070698
133D2 Bates College200020504
134D2 Saint Anselm College200050707
135D2 MSU – Moorhead199060516
136D2 Saginaw Valley State Universit199070824
137D2 University of Albany199050566
138D2 UW – Whitewater198040394
139D2 Rose-Hulman Institute of Techn198070442
140D2 Lehigh University197020675
141D2 University of Wyoming196080675
142D2 High Point University192030628
143D2 Hofstra University192050517
144D2 Humboldt State10050628
143D2 TBD000753