The FanLax Computer Rankings only include teams that have played at least one game and, in many cases, have submitted Game Schedules and Scores to us. If you want to add a team to our Rankings, please let us know.

1/1A. C. Flora (SC)START302
2/23A. C. Flora (SC) Beaufort (SC)26 328
2/26A. C. Flora (SC) Wade Hampton (SC)26 354
2/28A. C. Flora (SC) Eastside, SC (SC)28 381
3/4A. C. Flora (SC) Blythewood (SC)27 409
3/14A. C. Flora (SC) Porter-Gaud School (SC)(4)404
A. C. Flora (SC)CURRENT404
1/1Academic Magnet (SC)START292
2/18Academic Magnet (SC) May River (SC)(2)290
2/21Academic Magnet (SC) Porter-Gaud School (SC)(2)288
2/22Academic Magnet (SC) James Island (SC)25 313
3/8Academic Magnet (SC) Ashley Hall (SC)(3)310
3/9Academic Magnet (SC) Bluffton (SC)(2)308
Academic Magnet (SC)CURRENT308
1/1Agoura (CA)START363
2/26Agoura (CA) Glendale (CA)(3)360
Agoura (CA)CURRENT360
1/1Allatoona (GA)START343
2/11Allatoona (GA) River Ridge (GA)29 372
2/13Allatoona (GA) Fellowship Christian (GA)(4)368
Allatoona (GA)CURRENT368
1/1Alpharetta (GA)START338
2/28Alpharetta (GA) Milton (GA)(0)338
3/9Alpharetta (GA) Oviedo (FL)36 374
Alpharetta (GA)CURRENT374
1/1American Heritage (FL)START640
2/21American Heritage (FL) Boca Raton (FL)34 674
2/23American Heritage (FL) Lake Highland Prep (FL)72 746
2/28American Heritage (FL) St. Andrew’s (FL)25 771
3/1American Heritage (FL) IMG Academy (FL)36 807
3/18American Heritage (FL) McDonogh School (MD)(1)806
American Heritage (FL)CURRENT806
1/1American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)START960
2/19American Heritage/Plant’n (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)(29)931
2/21American Heritage/Plant’n (FL) Pine Crest (FL)(65)866
American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)CURRENT866
1/1Apex (NC)START353
3/12Apex (NC) Apex Friendship (NC)32 385
3/14Apex (NC) Garner Magnet (NC)26 411
1/1Apex Friendship (NC)START290
3/12Apex Friendship (NC) Apex (NC)(1)289
3/14Apex Friendship (NC) Holly Springs (NC)32 320
Apex Friendship (NC)CURRENT320
1/1Apopka (FL)START276
3/12Apopka (FL) Oviedo (FL)36 312
Apopka (FL)CURRENT312
1/1Archbishop Spalding (MD)START630
3/12Archbishop Spalding (MD) The Woodlands (TX)39 669
3/14Archbishop Spalding (MD) McDonogh School (MD)(1)669
3/14Archbishop Spalding (MD) McDonogh School (MD)(1)668
Archbishop Spalding (MD)CURRENT668
1/1Ardrey Kell (NC)START352
3/4Ardrey Kell (NC) Marvin Ridge (NC)38 390
3/11Ardrey Kell (NC) Nation Ford (SC)37 427
3/14Ardrey Kell (NC) Weddington (NC)(3)424
Ardrey Kell (NC)CURRENT424
1/1Arlington Club, TN (TN)START265
2/17Arlington Club, TN (TN) Southlake Carroll (TX)(1)264
Arlington Club, TN (TN)CURRENT264
1/1Ashley (NC)START329
3/8Ashley (NC) E.A. Laney (NC)31 360
3/11Ashley (NC) J.H. Rose (NC)28 388
3/12Ashley (NC) South Brunswick (NC)25 413
Ashley (NC)CURRENT413
1/1Ashley Hall (SC)START315
2/22Ashley Hall (SC) Oceanside Collegiate (SC)(2)312
3/8Ashley Hall (SC) Academic Magnet (SC)28 341
3/12Ashley Hall (SC) Porter-Gaud School (SC)(2)338
Ashley Hall (SC)CURRENT338
1/1Athens Drive (NC)START279
3/8Athens Drive (NC) Heritage (NC)28 307
3/12Athens Drive (NC) Panther Creek (NC)(2)305
3/13Athens Drive (NC) Wake Forest (NC)(2)303
Athens Drive (NC)CURRENT303
1/1Atlantic (FL)START277
2/26Atlantic (FL) Seminole Ridge (FL)(2)275
2/28Atlantic (FL) Wellington (FL)(2)273
Atlantic (FL)CURRENT273
1/1Atlantic Coast (FL)START303
2/21Atlantic Coast (FL) Pedro Menendez (FL)33 336
2/28Atlantic Coast (FL) Episcopal School (FL)(2)334
Atlantic Coast (FL)CURRENT334
1/1Auburn (AL)START353
2/8Auburn (AL) Columbus (GA)29 381
2/10Auburn (AL) Oak Mountain (AL)(4)378
2/17Auburn (AL) Hoover (AL)28 406
Auburn (AL)CURRENT406
1/1Bartlett (TN)START260
2/16Bartlett (TN) Southlake Carroll (TX)(1)259
2/21Bartlett (TN) Hutchison School (TN)(1)258
Bartlett (TN)CURRENT258
1/1Bartram Trail (FL)START540
2/19Bartram Trail (FL) Fletcher (FL)33 573
2/23Bartram Trail (FL) Kell (GA)40 612
2/26Bartram Trail (FL) Episcopal School (FL)37 649
2/27Bartram Trail (FL) Mandarin (FL)29 679
3/1Bartram Trail (FL) Olympia (FL)50 728
3/8Bartram Trail (FL) Pope (GA)36 764
3/9Bartram Trail (FL) Vero Beach (FL)(23)741
3/12Bartram Trail (FL) Oak Hall (FL)36 777
Bartram Trail (FL)CURRENT777
1/1Beaufort (SC)START263
2/23Beaufort (SC) A. C. Flora (SC)(2)262
2/27Beaufort (SC) May River (SC)(2)260
3/9Beaufort (SC) Irmo (SC)(2)258
3/14Beaufort (SC) James Island (SC)(3)255
Beaufort (SC)CURRENT255
1/1Bella Vista (CA)START300
2/26Bella Vista (CA) Oak Ridge (CA)(3)297
Bella Vista (CA)CURRENT297
1/1Benjamin School (FL)START368
2/19Benjamin School (FL) Palm Beach Gardens (FL)30 397
2/28Benjamin School (FL) St. Edward’s (FL)25 423
3/4Benjamin School (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(3)420
3/8Benjamin School (FL) Pine Crest (FL)53 473
3/9Benjamin School (FL) IMG Academy (FL)36 509
Benjamin School (FL)CURRENT509
1/1Bishop England (SC)START346
2/21Bishop England (SC) James Island (SC)25 371
2/23Bishop England (SC) Riverside (SC)29 399
3/1Bishop England (SC) J.L. Mann Academy (SC)32 432
3/2Bishop England (SC) Carolina Forest (SC)30 462
3/9Bishop England (SC) Blythewood (SC)27 489
Bishop England (SC)CURRENT489
1/1Bishop Ireton (DC)START910
4/12Bishop Ireton (DC) McDonogh School (MD)0 910
Bishop Ireton (DC)CURRENT910
1/1Bishop Lynch (TX)START260
3/2Bishop Lynch (TX) Southlake Carroll (TX)(1)259
Bishop Lynch (TX)CURRENT259
1/1Bishop McNamara (MD)START316
3/12Bishop McNamara (MD) Sidwell Friends (DC)(1)315
Bishop McNamara (MD)CURRENT315
1/1Bishop Moore (FL)START374
2/20Bishop Moore (FL) Lassiter (GA)36 410
2/23Bishop Moore (FL) IMG Academy (FL)36 447
Bishop Moore (FL)CURRENT447
1/1Blessed Trinity (GA)START528
2/12Blessed Trinity (GA) Wesleyan School (GA)37 565
3/8Blessed Trinity (GA) West Forsyth (GA)0 565
3/13Blessed Trinity (GA) John’s Creek (GA)41 605
Blessed Trinity (GA)CURRENT605
1/1Bluffton (SC)START309
2/25Bluffton (SC) Savannah Christian (GA)25 334
2/27Bluffton (SC) Hilton Head (SC)29 364
3/4Bluffton (SC) Richmond Hill (GA)26 389
3/9Bluffton (SC) Academic Magnet (SC)28 418
Bluffton (SC)CURRENT418
1/1Blythewood (SC)START282
2/22Blythewood (SC) Dutch Fork (SC)(3)280
3/1Blythewood (SC) Clover (SC)(2)278
3/4Blythewood (SC) A. C. Flora (SC)(2)276
3/8Blythewood (SC) Ridge View (SC)25 301
3/9Blythewood (SC) Bishop England (SC)(1)300
3/11Blythewood (SC) River Bluff (SC)25 325
3/14Blythewood (SC) Lexington, SC (SC)(3)322
Blythewood (SC)CURRENT322
1/1Boca Raton (FL)START349
2/18Boca Raton (FL) Calvary Christian Academy (FL)30 379
2/19Boca Raton (FL) Wellington (FL)29 408
2/21Boca Raton (FL) American Heritage (FL)(0)407
2/25Boca Raton (FL) St. John Paul II (FL)(4)403
3/11Boca Raton (FL) St. Andrew’s (FL)25 428
3/12Boca Raton (FL) King’s Academy (FL)31 459
Boca Raton (FL)CURRENT459
1/1Boiling Springs (SC)START295
2/19Boiling Springs (SC) Riverside (SC)(3)292
2/20Boiling Springs (SC) T. L. Hanna (SC)25 317
2/22Boiling Springs (SC) Spartanburg (SC)(3)314
2/26Boiling Springs (SC) Greenville, SC (SC)(2)312
2/27Boiling Springs (SC) Dorman (SC)30 342
2/28Boiling Springs (SC) Woodmont (SC)(3)339
3/13Boiling Springs (SC) St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)25 364
Boiling Springs (SC)CURRENT364
1/1Boone (FL)START337
2/20Boone (FL) Winter Park (FL)(2)335
3/11Boone (FL) Lake Highland Prep (FL)(0)335
Boone (FL)CURRENT335
1/1Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (IN)START298
3/9Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (IN) Sidwell Friends (DC)(1)296
Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (IN)CURRENT296
1/1Briarcrest (TN)START303
2/17Briarcrest (TN) Southlake Carroll (TX)(2)301
Briarcrest (TN)CURRENT301
1/1Bridge LC (TX)START260
2/10Bridge LC (TX) Southlake Girls (TX)(2)258
Bridge LC (TX)CURRENT258
1/1Broad Run (VA)START335
3/14Broad Run (VA) Dominion (VA)(1)334
Broad Run (VA)CURRENT334
1/1Brookwood (GA)START331
2/13Brookwood (GA) North Gwinnett (GA)(2)329
Brookwood (GA)CURRENT329
1/1Broughton (NC)START356
2/26Broughton (NC) Middle Creek (NC)(2)354
3/4Broughton (NC) Cary (NC)26 379
3/12Broughton (NC) Enloe (NC)27 406
Broughton (NC)CURRENT406
1/1Bryn Mawr (MD)START603
3/12Bryn Mawr (MD) Hill Academy (CAN)(30)573
3/14Bryn Mawr (MD) Gerstell Academy (MD)37 610
3/29Bryn Mawr (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 610
Bryn Mawr (MD)CURRENT610
1/1Buford (GA)START293
2/14Buford (GA) North Oconee (GA)29 322
3/14Buford (GA) Greater Atlanta (GA)35 357
Buford (GA)CURRENT357
1/1Bullis School (MD)START362
3/12Bullis School (MD) Glenelg Country School (MD)(0)362
Bullis School (MD)CURRENT362
1/1Byrnes (SC)START285
2/27Byrnes (SC) Clover (SC)(2)283
3/8Byrnes (SC) St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)25 308
3/13Byrnes (SC) Nation Ford (SC)(2)306
Byrnes (SC)CURRENT306
1/1Calvary Christian Academy (FL)START310
2/12Calvary Christian Academy (FL) Cooper City (FL)(2)308
2/18Calvary Christian Academy (FL) Boca Raton (FL)(2)306
2/25Calvary Christian Academy (FL) Stoneman Douglas (FL)(1)304
3/4Calvary Christian Academy (FL) Pine Crest (FL)(0)304
Calvary Christian Academy (FL)CURRENT304
1/1Cambridge (GA)START374
2/13Cambridge (GA) Kell (GA)40 414
2/14Cambridge (GA) John’s Creek (GA)(4)410
2/28Cambridge (GA) Dunwoody (GA)33 442
3/9Cambridge (GA) North Atlanta (GA)40 482
3/12Cambridge (GA) West Forsyth (GA)(14)467
3/14Cambridge (GA) North Gwinnett (GA)41 508
Cambridge (GA)CURRENT508
1/1Campbell (GA)START312
2/13Campbell (GA) North Cobb (GA)(2)310
Campbell (GA)CURRENT310
1/1Cape Fear (NC)START287
3/14Cape Fear (NC) Terry Sanford (NC)(2)285
Cape Fear (NC)CURRENT285
1/1Cape Fear Academy (NC)START287
3/12Cape Fear Academy (NC) New Hanover (NC)(2)285
Cape Fear Academy (NC)CURRENT285
1/1Cardinal Gibbons (FL)START352
2/22Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Western (FL)26 377
2/25Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Spanish River (FL)36 414
3/1Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Cypress Bay (FL)(4)410
3/2Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Jupiter (FL)(4)405
3/11Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Cooper City (FL)(3)403
Cardinal Gibbons (FL)CURRENT403
1/1Cardinal Gibbons (NC)START476
3/8Cardinal Gibbons (NC) Weddington (NC)(3)472
3/9Cardinal Gibbons (NC) Hockaday SG (TX)35 507
3/15Cardinal Gibbons (NC) Vero Beach (FL)63 570
Cardinal Gibbons (NC)CURRENT570
1/1Cardinal Newman (FL)START369
2/21Cardinal Newman (FL) Oxbridge Academy (FL)35 403
2/22Cardinal Newman (FL) St. Edward’s (FL)25 429
2/25Cardinal Newman (FL) Suncoast Community (FL)33 461
2/27Cardinal Newman (FL) Seminole Ridge (FL)34 495
3/1Cardinal Newman (FL) Martin County (FL)35 531
3/4Cardinal Newman (FL) Benjamin School (FL)42 572
3/8Cardinal Newman (FL) University HS (FL)26 598
3/11Cardinal Newman (FL) St. John Paul II (FL)34 633
Cardinal Newman (FL)CURRENT633
1/1Carlsbad (CA)START352
3/9Carlsbad (CA) Glendale (CA)(2)350
Carlsbad (CA)CURRENT350
1/1Carolina Forest (SC)START303
2/25Carolina Forest (SC) Socastee (SC)28 331
2/27Carolina Forest (SC) Wando (SC)(2)329
3/2Carolina Forest (SC) Bishop England (SC)(2)326
3/11Carolina Forest (SC) James Island (SC)25 352
Carolina Forest (SC)CURRENT352
1/1Carrboro (NC)START297
3/8Carrboro (NC) Riverside (NC)(2)295
3/12Carrboro (NC) Wakefield (NC)(3)292
3/14Carrboro (NC) Heritage (NC)(3)289
Carrboro (NC)CURRENT289
1/1Carrollton (GA)START328
2/14Carrollton (GA) Columbus (GA)29 357
Carrollton (GA)CURRENT357
1/1Cary (NC)START260
3/4Cary (NC) Broughton (NC)(1)259
3/11Cary (NC) Riverside (NC)(2)257
3/13Cary (NC) Holly Springs (NC)(2)255
1/1Cary Academy (NC)START260
3/14Cary Academy (NC) Riverside (NC)30 290
Cary Academy (NC)CURRENT290
1/1Casa Grande (CA)START292
3/2Casa Grande (CA) Tamalpais (CA)(2)290
Casa Grande (CA)CURRENT290
1/1Centennial (GA)START508
2/11Centennial (GA) Newnan (GA)33 541
3/8Centennial (GA) Olympia (FL)50 591
3/12Centennial (GA) Northview (GA)26 617
Centennial (GA)CURRENT617
1/1Century (MD)START724
5/2Century (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 724
Century (MD)CURRENT724
1/1Chamblee (GA)START260
2/12Chamblee (GA) Decatur (GA)(1)259
Chamblee (GA)CURRENT259
1/1Chapel Hill (NC)START346
3/12Chapel Hill (NC) Northwood (NC)26 371
Chapel Hill (NC)CURRENT371
1/1Chapin (SC)START313
2/25Chapin (SC) Evans (GA)26 339
2/26Chapin (SC) Riverside (SC)29 368
2/27Chapin (SC) Spring Valley (SC)28 396
3/8Chapin (SC) Spartanburg (SC)28 424
3/13Chapin (SC) Dutch Fork (SC)27 451
Chapin (SC)CURRENT451
1/1Charlotte Catholic (NC)START367
3/8Charlotte Catholic (NC) East Chapel Hill (NC)34 402
3/9Charlotte Catholic (NC) Hockaday SG (TX)35 437
3/14Charlotte Catholic (NC) Lake Norman (NC)36 473
Charlotte Catholic (NC)CURRENT473
1/1Charlotte Country Day (NC)START431
3/1Charlotte Country Day (NC) Kell (GA)(4)427
3/2Charlotte Country Day (NC) Westminster School (GA)(13)414
3/8Charlotte Country Day (NC) Walton (GA)(0)413
3/9Charlotte Country Day (NC) Kentucky Country Day (KY)36 450
3/12Charlotte Country Day (NC) Marvin Ridge (NC)(4)445
Charlotte Country Day (NC)CURRENT445
1/1Charlotte Latin (NC)START497
2/27Charlotte Latin (NC) Lake Norman (NC)36 533
3/8Charlotte Latin (NC) Kentucky Country Day (KY)36 569
3/9Charlotte Latin (NC) Walton (GA)63 632
3/12Charlotte Latin (NC) Weddington (NC)(19)613
Charlotte Latin (NC)CURRENT613
1/1Chattahoochee (GA)START376
3/13Chattahoochee (GA) Marist (GA)26 402
Chattahoochee (GA)CURRENT402
1/1Christ Church Episcopal (SC)START330
2/26Christ Church Episcopal (SC) Eastside, SC (SC)28 358
2/27Christ Church Episcopal (SC) Spartanburg (SC)28 386
Christ Church Episcopal (SC)CURRENT386
1/1Clover (SC)START306
2/25Clover (SC) Dorman (SC)30 336
2/27Clover (SC) Byrnes (SC)28 364
3/1Clover (SC) Blythewood (SC)27 391
3/12Clover (SC) Spartanburg (SC)28 419
Clover (SC)CURRENT419
1/1Collegiate (KY)START346
3/8Collegiate (KY) Eastern (KY)(2)344
Collegiate (KY)CURRENT344
1/1Columbus (GA)START291
2/8Columbus (GA) Auburn (AL)(2)289
2/14Columbus (GA) Carrollton (GA)(2)287
Columbus (GA)CURRENT287
1/1Concordia Prep (MD)START310
3/12Concordia Prep (MD) FCA (MD)(2)308
Concordia Prep (MD)CURRENT308
1/1Cooper City (FL)START343
2/12Cooper City (FL) Calvary Christian Academy (FL)30 373
3/11Cooper City (FL) Cardinal Gibbons (FL)34 408
Cooper City (FL)CURRENT408
1/1Coppell (TX)START366
2/6Coppell (TX) Southlake Carroll (TX)(3)363
2/27Coppell (TX) Episcopal, Dallas (TX)(3)361
Coppell (TX)CURRENT361
1/1Coral Reef (FL)START308
2/21Coral Reef (FL) Ransom Everglades (FL)(1)307
Coral Reef (FL)CURRENT307
1/1Creekview (GA)START365
2/15Creekview (GA) Union Grove (GA)34 398
Creekview (GA)CURRENT398
1/1Cuthbertson (NC)START309
3/12Cuthbertson (NC) Sun Valley (NC)26 335
3/13Cuthbertson (NC) Porter Ridge (NC)26 361
Cuthbertson (NC)CURRENT361
1/1Cypress Bay (FL)START332
3/1Cypress Bay (FL) Cardinal Gibbons (FL)34 366
Cypress Bay (FL)CURRENT366
1/1Cypress Creek (FL)START304
3/8Cypress Creek (FL) Lake Highland Prep (FL)(0)303
Cypress Creek (FL)CURRENT303
1/1D.H. Conley Club (NC)START260
2/27D.H. Conley Club (NC) White Oak (NC)26 286
3/4D.H. Conley Club (NC) J.H. Rose (NC)(3)283
3/8D.H. Conley Club (NC) Jacksonville (NC)(2)281
3/11D.H. Conley Club (NC) New Bern (NC)(2)279
D.H. Conley Club (NC)CURRENT279
1/1Dalton (GA)START260
2/13Dalton (GA) River Ridge (GA)(2)258
Dalton (GA)CURRENT258
1/1Davidson Day School (NC)START262
3/13Davidson Day School (NC) Southlake Christian (NC)(2)260
Davidson Day School (NC)CURRENT260
1/1David W. Butler (NC)START260
2/28David W. Butler (NC) South Mecklenburg (NC)29 289
3/8David W. Butler (NC) Providence Day (NC)27 316
David W. Butler (NC)CURRENT316
1/1Davie (NC)START260
3/11Davie (NC) North Davidson (NC)26 286
3/13Davie (NC) Mooresville (NC)26 312
Davie (NC)CURRENT312
1/1Decatur (GA)START346
2/8Decatur (GA) North Forsyth (GA)35 381
2/12Decatur (GA) Chamblee (GA)26 406
2/14Decatur (GA) Lovett (GA)(4)402
Decatur (GA)CURRENT402
1/1Dominion (VA)START368
3/12Dominion (VA) Freedom, South Riding (VA)36 404
3/14Dominion (VA) Broad Run (VA)33 438
Dominion (VA)CURRENT438
1/1Dorman (SC)START305
2/25Dorman (SC) Clover (SC)(2)302
2/27Dorman (SC) Boiling Springs (SC)(3)299
Dorman (SC)CURRENT299
1/1Druid Hills (GA)START283
2/13Druid Hills (GA) North Springs (GA)(2)281
Druid Hills (GA)CURRENT281
1/1Duluth (GA)START339
2/12Duluth (GA) North Oconee (GA)(3)336
Duluth (GA)CURRENT336
1/1Dunwoody (GA)START329
2/28Dunwoody (GA) Cambridge (GA)(2)327
Dunwoody (GA)CURRENT327
1/1Durham Academy (NC)START341
3/8Durham Academy (NC) Hockaday SG (TX)(2)338
3/9Durham Academy (NC) R.J. Reynolds (NC)26 364
Durham Academy (NC)CURRENT364
1/1Dutch Fork (SC)START279
2/19Dutch Fork (SC) Ridge View (SC)25 304
2/22Dutch Fork (SC) Blythewood (SC)27 331
2/25Dutch Fork (SC) Hillcrest, SC (SC)(3)328
2/27Dutch Fork (SC) Oceanside Collegiate (SC)(3)324
3/4Dutch Fork (SC) Ridge View (SC)25 349
3/13Dutch Fork (SC) Chapin (SC)(2)347
Dutch Fork (SC)CURRENT347
1/1E.A. Laney (NC)START313
3/8E.A. Laney (NC) Ashley (NC)(2)311
3/12E.A. Laney (NC) Topsail (NC)(2)309
3/13E.A. Laney (NC) New Bern (NC)34 343
E.A. Laney (NC)CURRENT343
1/1Eagle’s Landing (GA)START260
2/11Eagle’s Landing (GA) Henry County (GA)(2)258
Eagle’s Landing (GA)CURRENT258
1/1East Chapel Hill (NC)START316
3/4East Chapel Hill (NC) R.J. Reynolds (NC)26 341
3/8East Chapel Hill (NC) Charlotte Catholic (NC)(2)339
3/12East Chapel Hill (NC) Rolesville (NC)28 367
3/14East Chapel Hill (NC) Jordan (NC)28 396
East Chapel Hill (NC)CURRENT396
1/1East Coweta (GA)START275
2/13East Coweta (GA) McEachern (GA)27 302
East Coweta (GA)CURRENT302
1/1Eastern (KY)START357
3/8Eastern (KY) Collegiate (KY)34 391
Eastern (KY)CURRENT391
1/1East Forsyth (NC)START290
3/14East Forsyth (NC) Page (NC)30 320
East Forsyth (NC)CURRENT320
1/1East Paulding (GA)START269
2/15East Paulding (GA) North Cobb (GA)33 302
East Paulding (GA)CURRENT302
1/1East Ridge (FL)START329
2/19East Ridge (FL) Evans (FL)26 355
2/21East Ridge (FL) South Lake (FL)26 381
2/25East Ridge (FL) Lake Mary Prep (FL)31 411
2/26East Ridge (FL) Ocoee (FL)31 443
2/28East Ridge (FL) Windermere HS (FL)26 469
East Ridge (FL)CURRENT469
1/1East River (FL)START315
3/13East River (FL) Lake Highland Prep (FL)(0)314
East River (FL)CURRENT314
1/1Eastside, SC (SC)START283
2/26Eastside, SC (SC) Christ Church Episcopal (SC)(1)282
2/28Eastside, SC (SC) A. C. Flora (SC)(2)280
3/12Eastside, SC (SC) Nation Ford (SC)(2)278
Eastside, SC (SC)CURRENT278
1/1Enloe (NC)START273
3/12Enloe (NC) Broughton (NC)(1)272
3/13Enloe (NC) Rolesville (NC)(2)270
Enloe (NC)CURRENT270
1/1Episcopal, Dallas (TX)START366
2/27Episcopal, Dallas (TX) Coppell (TX)36 402
3/1Episcopal, Dallas (TX) Southlake Girls (TX)28 430
Episcopal, Dallas (TX)CURRENT430
1/1Episcopal School (FL)START339
2/26Episcopal School (FL) Bartram Trail (FL)(0)339
2/28Episcopal School (FL) Atlantic Coast (FL)33 372
Episcopal School (FL)CURRENT372
1/1Etowah (GA)START364
2/13Etowah (GA) North Atlanta (GA)(3)361
2/14Etowah (GA) North Forsyth (GA)(4)358
Etowah (GA)CURRENT358
1/1Evans (FL)START262
2/19Evans (FL) East Ridge (FL)(1)261
Evans (FL)CURRENT261
1/1Evans (GA)START262
2/25Evans (GA) Chapin (SC)(1)261
Evans (GA)CURRENT261
3/12FCA (MD) Concordia Prep (MD)31 386
1/1Fellowship Christian (GA)START260
2/13Fellowship Christian (GA) Allatoona (GA)37 297
Fellowship Christian (GA)CURRENT297
1/1Fletcher (FL)START326
2/19Fletcher (FL) Bartram Trail (FL)(0)326
Fletcher (FL)CURRENT326
1/1Forsyth Central (GA)START292
2/14Forsyth Central (GA) King’s Ridge Christian (GA)26 318
Forsyth Central (GA)CURRENT318
1/1Forsyth Country Day (NC)START272
3/12Forsyth Country Day (NC) Greensboro Day School (NC)(2)270
Forsyth Country Day (NC)CURRENT270
1/1Fort Mill (SC)START336
2/27Fort Mill (SC) J.L. Mann Academy (SC)(3)332
3/11Fort Mill (SC) Providence Day (NC)27 360
Fort Mill (SC)CURRENT360
1/1Freedom, South Riding (VA)START361
3/12Freedom, South Riding (VA) Dominion (VA)(3)359
Freedom, South Riding (VA)CURRENT359
1/1Frisco (TX)START330
2/28Frisco (TX) Southlake Carroll (TX)38 368
Frisco (TX)CURRENT368
1/1Fuquay-Varina (NC)START260
3/14Fuquay-Varina (NC) Middle Creek (NC)(1)259
Fuquay-Varina (NC)CURRENT259
1/1Gainesville (FL)START339
2/25Gainesville (FL) Pedro Menendez (FL)(3)336
Gainesville (FL)CURRENT336
1/1Garner Magnet (NC)START263
3/12Garner Magnet (NC) Holly Springs (NC)(2)261
3/14Garner Magnet (NC) Apex (NC)(1)260
Garner Magnet (NC)CURRENT260
1/1Garrison Forest (MD)START648
3/28Garrison Forest (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 648
Garrison Forest (MD)CURRENT648
1/1George Mason (VA)START365
3/14George Mason (VA) Sidwell Friends (DC)(3)362
George Mason (VA)CURRENT362
1/1Georgetown Visitation (DC)START950
3/11Georgetown Visitation (DC) Hill Academy (CAN)32 982
Georgetown Visitation (DC)CURRENT982
1/1Gerstell Academy (MD)START374
3/12Gerstell Academy (MD) John Carroll (MD)(4)370
3/14Gerstell Academy (MD) Bryn Mawr (MD)(0)370
4/17Gerstell Academy (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 370
Gerstell Academy (MD)CURRENT370
1/1Glendale (CA)START364
2/26Glendale (CA) Agoura (CA)36 400
2/28Glendale (CA) Marlborough (CA)26 425
3/2Glendale (CA) Newbury Park (CA)32 457
3/2Glendale (CA) Palisades Charter (CA)34 492
3/2Glendale (CA) Yorba Linda (CA)34 526
3/9Glendale (CA) Carlsbad (CA)35 561
3/9Glendale (CA) Woodbridge (CA)26 586
Glendale (CA)CURRENT586
1/1Glenelg Country School (MD)START880
3/12Glenelg Country School (MD) Bullis School (MD)36 916
3/14Glenelg Country School (MD) John Carroll (MD)30 946
4/23Glenelg Country School (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 946
Glenelg Country School (MD)CURRENT946
1/1Glenn (NC)START262
3/8Glenn (NC) St. Stephens (NC)(2)261
3/11Glenn (NC) Southwest Guilford (NC)(2)259
3/13Glenn (NC) High Point Central (NC)(3)256
3/14Glenn (NC) St. Stephens (NC)(2)254
Glenn (NC)CURRENT254
1/1Golden Gate (FL)START311
2/12Golden Gate (FL) Palmetto Ridge (FL)32 343
Golden Gate (FL)CURRENT343
1/1Grady (GA)START338
2/14Grady (GA) St. Pius X (GA)26 364
Grady (GA)CURRENT364
1/1Grayson (GA)START339
2/12Grayson (GA) John’s Creek (GA)(2)337
Grayson (GA)CURRENT337
1/1Greater Atlanta (GA)START322
2/14Greater Atlanta (GA) Whitewater (GA)32 354
3/14Greater Atlanta (GA) Buford (GA)(2)352
Greater Atlanta (GA)CURRENT352
1/1Green Hope (NC)START307
3/11Green Hope (NC) Heritage (NC)28 335
3/12Green Hope (NC) Pinecrest (NC)(2)333
Green Hope (NC)CURRENT333
1/1Greensboro Day School (NC)START295
3/12Greensboro Day School (NC) Forsyth Country Day (NC)27 322
Greensboro Day School (NC)CURRENT322
1/1Greenville, SC (SC)START299
2/20Greenville, SC (SC) J.L. Mann Academy (SC)(2)297
2/26Greenville, SC (SC) Boiling Springs (SC)28 325
3/12Greenville, SC (SC) Woodmont (SC)29 354
3/14Greenville, SC (SC) St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)25 379
Greenville, SC (SC)CURRENT379
1/1Grimsley (NC)START266
2/27Grimsley (NC) Southeast Guilford (NC)(2)264
3/12Grimsley (NC) High Point Central (NC)26 290
Grimsley (NC)CURRENT290
1/1H.B. Plant (FL)START260
2/25H.B. Plant (FL) IMG Academy (FL)(1)259
3/9H.B. Plant (FL) Paul VI (VA)(1)258
H.B. Plant (FL)CURRENT258
1/1Hagerty (FL)START357
2/23Hagerty (FL) Lassiter (GA)(2)354
2/23Hagerty (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)(0)354
Hagerty (FL)CURRENT354
1/1Harpeth Hall (TN)START332
3/8Harpeth Hall (TN) Sacred Heart Academy (KY)26 358
Harpeth Hall (TN)CURRENT358
1/1Harrison (GA)START370
2/12Harrison (GA) Roswell (GA)(3)367
2/14Harrison (GA) North Paulding (GA)35 402
Harrison (GA)CURRENT402
1/1Henry County (GA)START261
2/11Henry County (GA) Eagle’s Landing (GA)26 287
2/13Henry County (GA) Locust Grove (GA)26 313
2/15Henry County (GA) Stockbridge (GA)25 338
Henry County (GA)CURRENT338
1/1Heritage (NC)START288
3/8Heritage (NC) Athens Drive (NC)(3)285
3/11Heritage (NC) Green Hope (NC)(2)283
3/12Heritage (NC) Wake Forest (NC)(2)281
3/14Heritage (NC) Carrboro (NC)29 310
Heritage (NC)CURRENT310
1/1Hickory (NC)START310
3/11Hickory (NC) Hough (NC)(2)307
3/13Hickory (NC) South Iredell (NC)25 333
Hickory (NC)CURRENT333
1/1Highland School (VA)START363
3/15Highland School (VA) Trinity Christian, VA (VA)29 392
Highland School (VA)CURRENT392
1/1High Point Central (NC)START263
2/27High Point Central (NC) Page (NC)(2)262
3/8High Point Central (NC) Southwest Guilford (NC)(2)260
3/12High Point Central (NC) Grimsley (NC)(2)258
3/13High Point Central (NC) Glenn (NC)25 283
3/14High Point Central (NC) Northwest Guilford (NC)(2)281
High Point Central (NC)CURRENT281
1/1Hill Academy (CAN)START260
3/9Hill Academy (CAN) Maryvale Prep (MD)0 260
3/11Hill Academy (CAN) Georgetown Visitation (DC)(0)260
3/12Hill Academy (CAN) Bryn Mawr (MD)61 321
Hill Academy (CAN)CURRENT321
1/1Hillcrest, SC (SC)START284
2/25Hillcrest, SC (SC) Dutch Fork (SC)27 311
Hillcrest, SC (SC)CURRENT311
1/1Hillgrove (GA)START351
2/15Hillgrove (GA) Holy Innocents’ (GA)34 386
Hillgrove (GA)CURRENT386
1/1Hilton Head (SC)START297
2/25Hilton Head (SC) May River (SC)32 329
2/27Hilton Head (SC) Bluffton (SC)(2)327
3/11Hilton Head (SC) Wando (SC)(2)324
Hilton Head (SC)CURRENT324
1/1Hinsdale Central (IL)START684
3/11Hinsdale Central (IL) Naperville North (IL)34 718
Hinsdale Central (IL)CURRENT718
1/1Hockaday SG (TX)START354
3/8Hockaday SG (TX) Durham Academy (NC)36 390
3/9Hockaday SG (TX) Cardinal Gibbons (NC)(2)389
3/9Hockaday SG (TX) Charlotte Catholic (NC)(3)386
Hockaday SG (TX)CURRENT386
1/1Hoggard (NC)START343
3/2Hoggard (NC) Myers Park (NC)(2)341
3/8Hoggard (NC) New Hanover (NC)31 372
3/12Hoggard (NC) West Brunswick (NC)29 401
Hoggard (NC)CURRENT401
1/1Holly Springs (NC)START293
3/12Holly Springs (NC) Garner Magnet (NC)26 319
3/13Holly Springs (NC) Cary (NC)26 345
3/14Holly Springs (NC) Apex Friendship (NC)(3)341
Holly Springs (NC)CURRENT341
1/1Holton-Arms School (MD)START870
3/12Holton-Arms School (MD) Paul VI (VA)36 906
3/14Holton-Arms School (MD) St. John’s College (DC)26 932
Holton-Arms School (MD)CURRENT932
1/1Holy Innocents’ (GA)START343
2/15Holy Innocents’ (GA) Hillgrove (GA)(2)341
Holy Innocents’ (GA)CURRENT341
1/1Hoover (AL)START287
2/17Hoover (AL) Auburn (AL)(2)285
Hoover (AL)CURRENT285
1/1Hough (NC)START293
2/28Hough (NC) Southlake Christian (NC)28 322
3/11Hough (NC) Hickory (NC)33 355
Hough (NC)CURRENT355
1/1Hutchison School (TN)START374
2/21Hutchison School (TN) Bartlett (TN)26 400
2/27Hutchison School (TN) Lausanne Collegiate (TN)28 428
2/28Hutchison School (TN) St. Agnes Acad, TN (TN)26 454
Hutchison School (TN)CURRENT454
5/3IAAM (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 10
5/6IAAM (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 10
5/8IAAM (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 10
5/11IAAM (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 10
1/1IMG Academy (FL)START370
2/21IMG Academy (FL) Lassiter (GA)36 407
2/23IMG Academy (FL) Bishop Moore (FL)(3)404
2/25IMG Academy (FL) H.B. Plant (FL)26 430
3/1IMG Academy (FL) American Heritage (FL)(0)429
3/9IMG Academy (FL) Benjamin School (FL)(4)425
3/16IMG Academy (FL) McDonogh School (MD)(0)425
IMG Academy (FL)CURRENT425
1/1Independence (NC)START264
2/28Independence (NC) Porter Ridge (NC)26 290
3/11Independence (NC) Sun Valley (NC)(3)288
3/14Independence (NC) South Mecklenburg (NC)(2)286
Independence (NC)CURRENT286
1/1Irmo (SC)START263
3/9Irmo (SC) Beaufort (SC)26 288
3/11Irmo (SC) Spring Valley (SC)(3)286
1/1J.H. Rose (NC)START260
3/4J.H. Rose (NC) D.H. Conley Club (NC)25 285
3/11J.H. Rose (NC) Ashley (NC)(1)284
J.H. Rose (NC)CURRENT284
1/1J.L. Mann Academy (SC)START331
2/20J.L. Mann Academy (SC) Greenville, SC (SC)33 364
2/27J.L. Mann Academy (SC) Fort Mill (SC)36 400
2/28J.L. Mann Academy (SC) T. L. Hanna (SC)25 425
3/1J.L. Mann Academy (SC) Bishop England (SC)(4)421
3/2J.L. Mann Academy (SC) Wando (SC)(4)417
J.L. Mann Academy (SC)CURRENT417
1/1Jack Britt (NC)START260
3/12Jack Britt (NC) Jordan (NC)(2)258
Jack Britt (NC)CURRENT258
1/1Jacksonville (NC)START314
3/8Jacksonville (NC) D.H. Conley Club (NC)25 339
3/13Jacksonville (NC) Northside (NC)(3)336
Jacksonville (NC)CURRENT336
1/1James Island (SC)START262
2/21James Island (SC) Bishop England (SC)(1)261
2/22James Island (SC) Academic Magnet (SC)(2)259
2/25James Island (SC) Wando (SC)(1)258
2/27James Island (SC) Porter-Gaud School (SC)(1)257
3/4James Island (SC) Socastee (SC)(2)255
3/11James Island (SC) Carolina Forest (SC)(2)253
3/14James Island (SC) Beaufort (SC)26 279
James Island (SC)CURRENT279
1/1Jensen Beach (FL)START362
2/26Jensen Beach (FL) St. Andrew’s (FL)25 387
Jensen Beach (FL)CURRENT387
1/1John Carroll (MD)START260
3/12John Carroll (MD) Gerstell Academy (MD)37 297
3/14John Carroll (MD) Glenelg Country School (MD)(0)297
4/11John Carroll (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 297
John Carroll (MD)CURRENT297
1/1John I. Leonard (FL)START260
2/22John I. Leonard (FL) Spanish River (FL)(1)259
John I. Leonard (FL)CURRENT259
1/1John’s Creek (GA)START375
2/12John’s Creek (GA) Grayson (GA)34 409
2/14John’s Creek (GA) Cambridge (GA)36 444
3/9John’s Creek (GA) Peachtree Ridge (GA)35 479
3/13John’s Creek (GA) Blessed Trinity (GA)(2)477
John’s Creek (GA)CURRENT477
1/1Jordan (NC)START260
3/12Jordan (NC) Jack Britt (NC)26 286
3/14Jordan (NC) East Chapel Hill (NC)(2)284
Jordan (NC)CURRENT284
1/1Jupiter (FL)START337
3/2Jupiter (FL) Cardinal Gibbons (FL)34 371
3/8Jupiter (FL) Western (FL)26 396
Jupiter (FL)CURRENT396
1/1Kell (GA)START403
2/13Kell (GA) Cambridge (GA)(4)398
2/21Kell (GA) Lake Highland Prep (FL)(0)398
2/23Kell (GA) Bartram Trail (FL)(2)396
3/1Kell (GA) Charlotte Country Day (NC)41 437
1/1Keller (TX)START361
2/20Keller (TX) Southlake Carroll (TX)(3)358
Keller (TX)CURRENT358
1/1Kennesaw Mountain (GA)START368
2/11Kennesaw Mountain (GA) North Gwinnett (GA)(3)365
2/13Kennesaw Mountain (GA) Marist (GA)26 391
Kennesaw Mountain (GA)CURRENT391
1/1Kentucky Country Day (KY)START366
3/8Kentucky Country Day (KY) Charlotte Latin (NC)(1)365
3/9Kentucky Country Day (KY) Charlotte Country Day (NC)(3)362
Kentucky Country Day (KY)CURRENT362
1/1King’s Academy (FL)START314
2/22King’s Academy (FL) Pine Crest (FL)(0)314
3/12King’s Academy (FL) Boca Raton (FL)(2)312
King’s Academy (FL)CURRENT312
1/1King’s Ridge Christian (GA)START260
2/14King’s Ridge Christian (GA) Forsyth Central (GA)(2)258
King’s Ridge Christian (GA)CURRENT258
1/1Kingwood (TX)START359
2/13Kingwood (TX) Lamar (TX)(3)356
Kingwood (TX)CURRENT356
1/1Kinkaid School (TX)START341
2/28Kinkaid School (TX) Memorial, Houston (TX)29 370
Kinkaid School (TX)CURRENT370
1/1Lake Brantley (FL)START367
3/4Lake Brantley (FL) Winter Park (FL)(3)364
Lake Brantley (FL)CURRENT364
1/1Lake Highland Prep (FL)START639
2/21Lake Highland Prep (FL) Kell (GA)40 679
2/23Lake Highland Prep (FL) American Heritage (FL)(5)674
3/1Lake Highland Prep (FL) Mill Creek (GA)45 719
3/2Lake Highland Prep (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)81 800
3/8Lake Highland Prep (FL) Cypress Creek (FL)30 831
3/11Lake Highland Prep (FL) Boone (FL)33 864
3/13Lake Highland Prep (FL) East River (FL)31 896
3/14Lake Highland Prep (FL) Lassiter (GA)36 932
Lake Highland Prep (FL)CURRENT932
1/1Lake Howell (FL)START307
2/27Lake Howell (FL) Winter Park (FL)(2)305
Lake Howell (FL)CURRENT305
1/1Lake Mary Prep (FL)START309
2/25Lake Mary Prep (FL) East Ridge (FL)(2)306
Lake Mary Prep (FL)CURRENT306
1/1Lake Norman (NC)START366
2/27Lake Norman (NC) Charlotte Latin (NC)(1)365
3/4Lake Norman (NC) South Iredell (NC)25 390
3/14Lake Norman (NC) Charlotte Catholic (NC)(3)388
Lake Norman (NC)CURRENT388
1/1Lake Norman Charter (NC)START290
3/4Lake Norman Charter (NC) Mooresville (NC)26 315
3/11Lake Norman Charter (NC) Providence (NC)(2)313
3/14Lake Norman Charter (NC) Providence Day (NC)(3)310
Lake Norman Charter (NC)CURRENT310
1/1Lakeside – Evans (GA)START260
3/11Lakeside – Evans (GA) Lexington, SC (SC)30 290
Lakeside – Evans (GA)CURRENT290
1/1Lamar (TX)START317
2/6Lamar (TX) Stratford, TX (TX)29 346
2/13Lamar (TX) Kingwood (TX)36 382
Lamar (TX)CURRENT382
1/1Lambert (GA)START365
3/8Lambert (GA) Oviedo (FL)(4)362
Lambert (GA)CURRENT362
1/1Lassiter (GA)START373
2/11Lassiter (GA) Mill Creek (GA)45 418
2/20Lassiter (GA) Bishop Moore (FL)(3)415
2/21Lassiter (GA) IMG Academy (FL)(4)411
2/23Lassiter (GA) Hagerty (FL)35 446
2/23Lassiter (GA) St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)(0)446
3/4Lassiter (GA) Sprayberry (GA)36 482
3/14Lassiter (GA) Lake Highland Prep (FL)(0)481
Lassiter (GA)CURRENT481
1/1Lausanne Collegiate (TN)START280
2/27Lausanne Collegiate (TN) Hutchison School (TN)(1)279
Lausanne Collegiate (TN)CURRENT279
1/1Leesville Road (NC)START288
3/8Leesville Road (NC) Sanderson (NC)(2)286
3/12Leesville Road (NC) Millbrook (NC)(2)284
Leesville Road (NC)CURRENT284
1/1Lexington, SC (SC)START274
2/25Lexington, SC (SC) River Bluff (SC)25 299
3/4Lexington, SC (SC) Spring Valley (SC)28 328
3/8Lexington, SC (SC) T. L. Hanna (SC)25 353
3/11Lexington, SC (SC) Lakeside – Evans (GA)(4)349
3/14Lexington, SC (SC) Blythewood (SC)27 377
Lexington, SC (SC)CURRENT377
1/1Lick-Wilmerding (CA)START260
2/26Lick-Wilmerding (CA) Tamalpais (CA)(1)259
Lick-Wilmerding (CA)CURRENT259
1/1Locust Grove (GA)START260
2/13Locust Grove (GA) Henry County (GA)(2)258
Locust Grove (GA)CURRENT258
1/1Lovett (GA)START351
2/14Lovett (GA) Decatur (GA)38 389
Lovett (GA)CURRENT389
1/1Luella (GA)START260
2/14Luella (GA) McIntosh (GA)(1)259
Luella (GA)CURRENT259
1/1Lyons Township (IL)START341
3/12Lyons Township (IL) Neuqua Valley (IL)(3)338
Lyons Township (IL)CURRENT338
1/1Madeira School (DC)START260
3/12Madeira School (DC) St. Maria Goretti (MD)26 286
3/14Madeira School (DC) Maret School (DC)0 286
Madeira School (DC)CURRENT286
1/1Mandarin (FL)START291
2/27Mandarin (FL) Bartram Trail (FL)(0)291
Mandarin (FL)CURRENT291
1/1Manhasset (NY)START1,000
4/6Manhasset (NY) McDonogh School (MD)0 1,000
Manhasset (NY)CURRENT1,000
1/1Maret School (DC)START313
3/14Maret School (DC) Madeira School (DC)0 313
Maret School (DC)CURRENT313
1/1Marist (GA)START260
2/13Marist (GA) Kennesaw Mountain (GA)(1)259
3/13Marist (GA) Chattahoochee (GA)(1)258
Marist (GA)CURRENT258
1/1Marlborough (CA)START260
2/28Marlborough (CA) Glendale (CA)(1)259
Marlborough (CA)CURRENT259
1/1Martin County (FL)START363
2/23Martin County (FL) Ransom Everglades (FL)(3)360
2/28Martin County (FL) St. John Paul II (FL)(4)357
3/1Martin County (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(2)354
Martin County (FL)CURRENT354
1/1Marvin Ridge (NC)START340
3/4Marvin Ridge (NC) Ardrey Kell (NC)(2)338
3/12Marvin Ridge (NC) Charlotte Country Day (NC)41 379
Marvin Ridge (NC)CURRENT379
1/1Maryvale Prep (MD)START469
3/9Maryvale Prep (MD) Hill Academy (CAN)0 469
3/15Maryvale Prep (MD) Severn School (MD)76 545
4/18Maryvale Prep (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 545
Maryvale Prep (MD)CURRENT545
1/1Mauldin (SC)START319
3/12Mauldin (SC) Wade Hampton (SC)26 345
Mauldin (SC)CURRENT345
1/1May River (SC)START293
2/18May River (SC) Academic Magnet (SC)28 321
2/25May River (SC) Hilton Head (SC)(3)318
2/27May River (SC) Beaufort (SC)26 343
May River (SC)CURRENT343
1/1McDonogh School (MD)START980
3/14McDonogh School (MD) Archbishop Spalding (MD)63 1,043
3/14McDonogh School (MD) Archbishop Spalding (MD)63 1,106
3/16McDonogh School (MD) IMG Academy (FL)36 1,142
3/18McDonogh School (MD) American Heritage (FL)71 1,213
3/26McDonogh School (MD) Mount de Sales (MD)59 1,273
3/28McDonogh School (MD) Garrison Forest (MD)0 1,273
3/29McDonogh School (MD) Bryn Mawr (MD)0 1,273
4/2McDonogh School (MD) Severn School (MD)0 1,273
4/4McDonogh School (MD) St. Paul’s SG (MD)0 1,273
4/6McDonogh School (MD) Manhasset (NY)0 1,273
4/9McDonogh School (MD) St. Mary’s (MD)0 1,273
4/11McDonogh School (MD) John Carroll (MD)0 1,273
4/12McDonogh School (MD) Bishop Ireton (DC)0 1,273
4/17McDonogh School (MD) Gerstell Academy (MD)0 1,273
4/18McDonogh School (MD) Maryvale Prep (MD)0 1,273
4/23McDonogh School (MD) Glenelg Country School (MD)0 1,273
4/25McDonogh School (MD) Notre Dame Prep (MD)0 1,273
4/30McDonogh School (MD) Roland Park Country (MD)0 1,273
5/2McDonogh School (MD) Century (MD)0 1,273
5/3McDonogh School (MD) IAAM (MD)0 1,273
5/6McDonogh School (MD) IAAM (MD)0 1,273
5/8McDonogh School (MD) IAAM (MD)0 1,273
5/11McDonogh School (MD) IAAM (MD)0 1,273
McDonogh School (MD)CURRENT1,273
1/1McEachern (GA)START276
2/13McEachern (GA) East Coweta (GA)(2)274
McEachern (GA)CURRENT274
1/1McIntosh (GA)START351
2/14McIntosh (GA) Luella (GA)26 377
McIntosh (GA)CURRENT377
1/1McKinney (TX)START260
2/13McKinney (TX) Southlake Carroll (TX)0 260
McKinney (TX)CURRENT260
1/1Memorial, Houston (TX)START297
2/12Memorial, Houston (TX) The Woodlands (TX)(2)295
2/28Memorial, Houston (TX) Kinkaid School (TX)(2)293
Memorial, Houston (TX)CURRENT293
1/1Miami Palmetto (FL)START302
2/28Miami Palmetto (FL) Ransom Everglades (FL)(1)301
3/12Miami Palmetto (FL) Ransom Everglades (FL)(1)299
Miami Palmetto (FL)CURRENT299
1/1Middle Creek (NC)START356
2/26Middle Creek (NC) Broughton (NC)38 394
3/11Middle Creek (NC) Terry Sanford (NC)29 423
3/14Middle Creek (NC) Fuquay-Varina (NC)26 449
3/15Middle Creek (NC) Myers Park (NC)(4)444
Middle Creek (NC)CURRENT444
1/1Millbrook (NC)START260
3/12Millbrook (NC) Leesville Road (NC)28 288
Millbrook (NC)CURRENT288
1/1Mill Creek (GA)START465
2/11Mill Creek (GA) Lassiter (GA)(14)451
3/1Mill Creek (GA) Lake Highland Prep (FL)(0)451
Mill Creek (GA)CURRENT451
1/1Milton (GA)START655
2/14Milton (GA) Walton (GA)63 718
2/22Milton (GA) Ponte Vedra (FL)57 775
2/28Milton (GA) Alpharetta (GA)37 813
Milton (GA)CURRENT813
1/1Mooresville (NC)START263
3/4Mooresville (NC) Lake Norman Charter (NC)(2)261
3/8Mooresville (NC) Watauga (NC)26 287
3/13Mooresville (NC) Davie (NC)(2)285
Mooresville (NC)CURRENT285
1/1Mount de Sales (MD)START519
3/13Mount de Sales (MD) Severn School (MD)76 595
3/26Mount de Sales (MD) McDonogh School (MD)(1)595
Mount de Sales (MD)CURRENT595
1/1Mt. Tabor (NC)START260
2/27Mt. Tabor (NC) West Forsyth (NC)(2)258
3/12Mt. Tabor (NC) R.J. Reynolds (NC)(3)256
Mt. Tabor (NC)CURRENT256
1/1Myers Park (NC)START356
3/2Myers Park (NC) Hoggard (NC)37 393
3/14Myers Park (NC) Providence (NC)33 425
3/15Myers Park (NC) Middle Creek (NC)39 464
Myers Park (NC)CURRENT464
1/1Naperville North (IL)START338
3/11Naperville North (IL) Hinsdale Central (IL)(0)337
Naperville North (IL)CURRENT337
1/1Nation Ford (SC)START340
2/26Nation Ford (SC) Woodmont (SC)29 369
3/11Nation Ford (SC) Ardrey Kell (NC)(3)366
3/12Nation Ford (SC) Eastside, SC (SC)28 394
3/13Nation Ford (SC) Byrnes (SC)28 422
Nation Ford (SC)CURRENT422
1/1Nease (FL)START343
3/11Nease (FL) Pedro Menendez (FL)33 375
Nease (FL)CURRENT375
1/1Neuqua Valley (IL)START305
3/12Neuqua Valley (IL) Lyons Township (IL)34 339
Neuqua Valley (IL)CURRENT339
1/1New Bern (NC)START343
3/8New Bern (NC) Topsail (NC)(2)341
3/11New Bern (NC) D.H. Conley Club (NC)25 366
3/13New Bern (NC) E.A. Laney (NC)(4)362
New Bern (NC)CURRENT362
1/1Newbury Park (CA)START321
3/2Newbury Park (CA) Glendale (CA)(1)319
Newbury Park (CA)CURRENT319
1/1New Hanover (NC)START288
3/8New Hanover (NC) Hoggard (NC)(2)286
3/11New Hanover (NC) South Brunswick (NC)25 311
3/12New Hanover (NC) Cape Fear Academy (NC)28 339
New Hanover (NC)CURRENT339
1/1Newnan (GA)START331
2/11Newnan (GA) Centennial (GA)(0)331
Newnan (GA)CURRENT331
1/1Norfolk Academy (VA)START364
3/8Norfolk Academy (VA) R.J. Reynolds (NC)26 390
3/9Norfolk Academy (VA) Weddington (NC)(2)388
Norfolk Academy (VA)CURRENT388
1/1North Atlanta (GA)START365
2/13North Atlanta (GA) Etowah (GA)36 401
2/15North Atlanta (GA) River Ridge (GA)29 430
3/9North Atlanta (GA) Cambridge (GA)(4)425
North Atlanta (GA)CURRENT425
1/1North Broward Prep (FL)START297
2/28North Broward Prep (FL) Stoneman Douglas (FL)(1)296
North Broward Prep (FL)CURRENT296
1/1North Cobb (GA)START298
2/13North Cobb (GA) Campbell (GA)31 329
2/15North Cobb (GA) East Paulding (GA)(3)325
North Cobb (GA)CURRENT325
1/1North Davidson (NC)START260
3/11North Davidson (NC) Davie (NC)(2)258
3/13North Davidson (NC) Southeast Guilford (NC)(2)256
North Davidson (NC)CURRENT256
1/1Northern Guilford (NC)START324
2/28Northern Guilford (NC) Western Guilford (NC)26 350
3/11Northern Guilford (NC) Western Guilford (NC)26 377
3/12Northern Guilford (NC) Southeast Guilford (NC)30 406
3/14Northern Guilford (NC) Ragsdale (NC)32 438
Northern Guilford (NC)CURRENT438
1/1North Forsyth (GA)START312
2/8North Forsyth (GA) Decatur (GA)(2)309
2/14North Forsyth (GA) Etowah (GA)36 345
North Forsyth (GA)CURRENT345
1/1North Gwinnett (GA)START375
2/11North Gwinnett (GA) Kennesaw Mountain (GA)39 414
2/13North Gwinnett (GA) Brookwood (GA)33 447
3/14North Gwinnett (GA) Cambridge (GA)(4)442
North Gwinnett (GA)CURRENT442
1/1North Myrtle Beach (SC)START260
3/11North Myrtle Beach (SC) West Brunswick (NC)(2)258
3/14North Myrtle Beach (SC) St. James HS, SC (SC)(3)256
North Myrtle Beach (SC)CURRENT256
1/1North Oconee (GA)START260
2/12North Oconee (GA) Duluth (GA)34 294
2/14North Oconee (GA) Buford (GA)(2)292
North Oconee (GA)CURRENT292
1/1North Paulding (GA)START350
2/14North Paulding (GA) Harrison (GA)(2)348
North Paulding (GA)CURRENT348
1/1Northside (NC)START260
3/8Northside (NC) White Oak (NC)26 286
3/13Northside (NC) Jacksonville (NC)34 319
Northside (NC)CURRENT319
1/1North Springs (GA)START288
2/13North Springs (GA) Druid Hills (GA)28 316
North Springs (GA)CURRENT316
1/1Northview (GA)START260
3/12Northview (GA) Centennial (GA)(0)260
Northview (GA)CURRENT260
1/1Northwest Guilford (NC)START297
3/8Northwest Guilford (NC) Page (NC)30 327
3/13Northwest Guilford (NC) R.J. Reynolds (NC)26 352
3/14Northwest Guilford (NC) High Point Central (NC)26 378
Northwest Guilford (NC)CURRENT378
1/1Northwood (NC)START260
3/12Northwood (NC) Chapel Hill (NC)(1)259
Northwood (NC)CURRENT259
1/1Notre Dame Prep (MD)START990
4/25Notre Dame Prep (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 990
Notre Dame Prep (MD)CURRENT990
1/1Novato (CA)START930
3/11Novato (CA) St. John’s, TX (TX)26 956
Novato (CA)CURRENT956
1/1Oak Hall (FL)START364
3/12Oak Hall (FL) Bartram Trail (FL)(0)364
Oak Hall (FL)CURRENT364
1/1Oak Mountain (AL)START260
2/10Oak Mountain (AL) Auburn (AL)38 298
Oak Mountain (AL)CURRENT298
1/1Oak Ridge (CA)START260
2/26Oak Ridge (CA) Bella Vista (CA)30 290
Oak Ridge (CA)CURRENT290
1/1Oakton (VA)START353
3/12Oakton (VA) W.T. Woodson (VA)(4)350
Oakton (VA)CURRENT350
1/1Oceanside Collegiate (SC)START287
2/22Oceanside Collegiate (SC) Ashley Hall (SC)31 318
2/23Oceanside Collegiate (SC) St. James HS, SC (SC)(3)315
2/27Oceanside Collegiate (SC) Dutch Fork (SC)27 342
3/2Oceanside Collegiate (SC) Savannah Christian (GA)25 368
3/9Oceanside Collegiate (SC) Socastee (SC)28 396
Oceanside Collegiate (SC)CURRENT396
1/1Ocoee (FL)START317
2/26Ocoee (FL) East Ridge (FL)(2)315
Ocoee (FL)CURRENT315
1/1Olympia (FL)START507
2/21Olympia (FL) Vero Beach (FL)(2)505
3/1Olympia (FL) Bartram Trail (FL)(4)501
3/8Olympia (FL) Centennial (GA)(4)498
Olympia (FL)CURRENT498
1/1Olympic Heights (FL)START288
3/1Olympic Heights (FL) Spanish River (FL)(2)286
Olympic Heights (FL)CURRENT286
1/1Oviedo (FL)START374
2/22Oviedo (FL) Winter Park (FL)40 414
3/8Oviedo (FL) Lambert (GA)36 450
3/9Oviedo (FL) Alpharetta (GA)(4)445
3/12Oviedo (FL) Apopka (FL)(13)432
Oviedo (FL)CURRENT432
1/1Oxbridge Academy (FL)START349
2/21Oxbridge Academy (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(2)347
2/26Oxbridge Academy (FL) Pine Crest (FL)(1)345
Oxbridge Academy (FL)CURRENT345
1/1Page (NC)START306
2/27Page (NC) High Point Central (NC)26 332
3/8Page (NC) Northwest Guilford (NC)(2)330
3/12Page (NC) Ragsdale (NC)32 361
3/14Page (NC) East Forsyth (NC)(4)358
1/1Palisades Charter (CA)START346
3/2Palisades Charter (CA) Glendale (CA)(2)343
Palisades Charter (CA)CURRENT343
1/1Palm Beach Gardens (FL)START300
2/19Palm Beach Gardens (FL) Benjamin School (FL)(1)299
Palm Beach Gardens (FL)CURRENT299
1/1Palmetto Ridge (FL)START317
2/12Palmetto Ridge (FL) Golden Gate (FL)(2)315
Palmetto Ridge (FL)CURRENT315
1/1Panther Creek (NC)START284
3/12Panther Creek (NC) Athens Drive (NC)27 311
Panther Creek (NC)CURRENT311
1/1Parkview (GA)START265
2/14Parkview (GA) Peachtree Ridge (GA)(2)263
Parkview (GA)CURRENT263
1/1Park Vista (FL)START347
2/21Park Vista (FL) Spanish River (FL)(2)345
Park Vista (FL)CURRENT345
1/1Paul VI (VA)START331
3/8Paul VI (VA) Tampa Catholic (FL)33 364
3/9Paul VI (VA) H.B. Plant (FL)26 389
3/12Paul VI (VA) Holton-Arms School (MD)(0)389
1/1Peachtree Ridge (GA)START324
2/14Peachtree Ridge (GA) Parkview (GA)26 350
3/9Peachtree Ridge (GA) John’s Creek (GA)(2)347
Peachtree Ridge (GA)CURRENT347
1/1Pearland (TX)START268
2/4Pearland (TX) The Woodlands (TX)(1)267
Pearland (TX)CURRENT267
1/1Pedro Menendez (FL)START340
2/21Pedro Menendez (FL) Atlantic Coast (FL)(3)337
2/25Pedro Menendez (FL) Gainesville (FL)34 370
3/1Pedro Menendez (FL) St. Augustine (FL)(4)366
3/8Pedro Menendez (FL) St. Augustine (FL)(4)363
3/11Pedro Menendez (FL) Nease (FL)(3)360
Pedro Menendez (FL)CURRENT360
1/1Pine Crest (FL)START610
2/21Pine Crest (FL) American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)87 697
2/22Pine Crest (FL) King’s Academy (FL)31 728
2/26Pine Crest (FL) Oxbridge Academy (FL)35 762
2/28Pine Crest (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)(5)757
3/4Pine Crest (FL) Calvary Christian Academy (FL)30 787
3/8Pine Crest (FL) Benjamin School (FL)(55)732
3/12Pine Crest (FL) Vero Beach (FL)(22)710
Pine Crest (FL)CURRENT710
1/1Pinecrest (NC)START371
3/12Pinecrest (NC) Green Hope (NC)33 404
Pinecrest (NC)CURRENT404
1/1Ponte Vedra (FL)START576
2/22Ponte Vedra (FL) Milton (GA)(2)574
Ponte Vedra (FL)CURRENT574
1/1Pope (GA)START357
3/8Pope (GA) Bartram Trail (FL)(0)356
1/1Porter-Gaud School (SC)START316
2/21Porter-Gaud School (SC) Academic Magnet (SC)28 344
2/27Porter-Gaud School (SC) James Island (SC)25 369
3/12Porter-Gaud School (SC) Ashley Hall (SC)31 400
3/14Porter-Gaud School (SC) A. C. Flora (SC)33 433
Porter-Gaud School (SC)CURRENT433
1/1Porter Ridge (NC)START268
2/28Porter Ridge (NC) Independence (NC)(3)266
3/13Porter Ridge (NC) Cuthbertson (NC)(2)264
Porter Ridge (NC)CURRENT264
1/1Providence (NC)START299
3/4Providence (NC) Sun Valley (NC)26 324
3/11Providence (NC) Lake Norman Charter (NC)28 353
3/12Providence (NC) South Mecklenburg (NC)29 382
3/14Providence (NC) Myers Park (NC)(3)379
Providence (NC)CURRENT379
1/1Providence Day (NC)START275
3/8Providence Day (NC) David W. Butler (NC)(2)273
3/11Providence Day (NC) Fort Mill (SC)(2)271
3/14Providence Day (NC) Lake Norman Charter (NC)28 299
Providence Day (NC)CURRENT299
1/1R.J. Reynolds (NC)START261
3/4R.J. Reynolds (NC) East Chapel Hill (NC)(2)259
3/8R.J. Reynolds (NC) Norfolk Academy (VA)(1)258
3/9R.J. Reynolds (NC) Durham Academy (NC)(1)257
3/12R.J. Reynolds (NC) Mt. Tabor (NC)26 283
3/13R.J. Reynolds (NC) Northwest Guilford (NC)(2)281
R.J. Reynolds (NC)CURRENT281
1/1Ragsdale (NC)START323
3/8Ragsdale (NC) Southeast Guilford (NC)30 353
3/12Ragsdale (NC) Page (NC)(4)349
3/14Ragsdale (NC) Northern Guilford (NC)(2)347
Ragsdale (NC)CURRENT347
1/1Rancho Cotate (CA)START317
2/28Rancho Cotate (CA) Tamalpais (CA)(2)315
Rancho Cotate (CA)CURRENT315
1/1Ransom Everglades (FL)START364
2/21Ransom Everglades (FL) Coral Reef (FL)31 395
2/23Ransom Everglades (FL) Martin County (FL)35 430
2/28Ransom Everglades (FL) Miami Palmetto (FL)30 460
3/12Ransom Everglades (FL) Miami Palmetto (FL)30 490
Ransom Everglades (FL)CURRENT490
1/1Ravenscroft School (NC)START285
3/8Ravenscroft School (NC) St. David’s School (NC)26 311
Ravenscroft School (NC)CURRENT311
1/1Richmond Hill (GA)START260
3/4Richmond Hill (GA) Bluffton (SC)(1)259
Richmond Hill (GA)CURRENT259
1/1Ridge View (SC)START264
2/19Ridge View (SC) Dutch Fork (SC)(2)262
2/28Ridge View (SC) River Bluff (SC)25 288
3/2Ridge View (SC) Spring Valley (SC)(3)285
3/4Ridge View (SC) Dutch Fork (SC)(3)282
3/8Ridge View (SC) Blythewood (SC)(3)279
3/14Ridge View (SC) River Bluff (SC)(3)276
Ridge View (SC)CURRENT276
1/1River Bluff (SC)START262
2/19River Bluff (SC) Spring Valley (SC)(2)260
2/25River Bluff (SC) Lexington, SC (SC)(2)258
2/28River Bluff (SC) Ridge View (SC)(3)256
3/11River Bluff (SC) Blythewood (SC)(3)253
3/14River Bluff (SC) Ridge View (SC)25 278
River Bluff (SC)CURRENT278
1/1River Ridge (GA)START297
2/11River Ridge (GA) Allatoona (GA)(3)294
2/13River Ridge (GA) Dalton (GA)26 320
2/15River Ridge (GA) North Atlanta (GA)(3)317
River Ridge (GA)CURRENT317
1/1Riverside (NC)START279
3/8Riverside (NC) Carrboro (NC)29 307
3/11Riverside (NC) Cary (NC)26 333
3/14Riverside (NC) Cary Academy (NC)(3)330
Riverside (NC)CURRENT330
1/1Riverside (SC)START296
2/19Riverside (SC) Boiling Springs (SC)28 324
2/22Riverside (SC) Wando (SC)(3)321
2/23Riverside (SC) Bishop England (SC)(3)318
2/26Riverside (SC) Chapin (SC)(3)315
Riverside (SC)CURRENT315
1/1Riverwood (GA)START309
2/11Riverwood (GA) Woodstock (GA)(3)306
2/13Riverwood (GA) Walker School (GA)(3)303
Riverwood (GA)CURRENT303
1/1Roland Park Country (MD)START805
3/14Roland Park Country (MD) St. Mary’s (MD)26 831
4/30Roland Park Country (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 831
Roland Park Country (MD)CURRENT831
1/1Rolesville (NC)START260
3/12Rolesville (NC) East Chapel Hill (NC)(3)257
3/13Rolesville (NC) Enloe (NC)27 284
Rolesville (NC)CURRENT284
1/1Ronald Reagan (NC)START260
3/12Ronald Reagan (NC) West Stokes (NC)26 286
Ronald Reagan (NC)CURRENT286
1/1Roswell (GA)START357
2/12Roswell (GA) Harrison (GA)40 397
Roswell (GA)CURRENT397
1/1Sacred Heart Academy (KY)START260
3/8Sacred Heart Academy (KY) Harpeth Hall (TN)(3)257
Sacred Heart Academy (KY)CURRENT257
1/1Sanderson (NC)START281
3/8Sanderson (NC) Leesville Road (NC)28 309
Sanderson (NC)CURRENT309
1/1Savannah Christian (GA)START260
2/25Savannah Christian (GA) Bluffton (SC)(3)257
3/2Savannah Christian (GA) Oceanside Collegiate (SC)(3)255
Savannah Christian (GA)CURRENT255
1/1Seminole Ridge (FL)START316
2/26Seminole Ridge (FL) Atlantic (FL)27 344
2/27Seminole Ridge (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(3)340
Seminole Ridge (FL)CURRENT340
1/1Severn School (MD)START780
3/13Severn School (MD) Mount de Sales (MD)(8)772
3/15Severn School (MD) Maryvale Prep (MD)(8)764
4/2Severn School (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 764
Severn School (MD)CURRENT764
1/1Sidwell Friends (DC)START366
3/9Sidwell Friends (DC) Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (IN)30 396
3/12Sidwell Friends (DC) Bishop McNamara (MD)32 427
3/14Sidwell Friends (DC) George Mason (VA)36 463
Sidwell Friends (DC)CURRENT463
1/1Socastee (SC)START291
2/20Socastee (SC) Wando (SC)(3)288
2/25Socastee (SC) Carolina Forest (SC)(3)285
2/28Socastee (SC) St. James HS, SC (SC)26 311
3/4Socastee (SC) James Island (SC)25 336
3/9Socastee (SC) Oceanside Collegiate (SC)(3)333
Socastee (SC)CURRENT333
1/1South Brunswick (NC)START260
3/8South Brunswick (NC) West Brunswick (NC)(3)257
3/11South Brunswick (NC) New Hanover (NC)(3)255
3/12South Brunswick (NC) Ashley (NC)(3)252
South Brunswick (NC)CURRENT252
1/1Southeast Guilford (NC)START303
2/27Southeast Guilford (NC) Grimsley (NC)29 332
3/8Southeast Guilford (NC) Ragsdale (NC)(3)329
3/12Southeast Guilford (NC) Northern Guilford (NC)(3)326
3/13Southeast Guilford (NC) North Davidson (NC)26 351
Southeast Guilford (NC)CURRENT351
1/1South Fork (FL)START352
2/26South Fork (FL) Vero Beach (FL)(4)348
2/28South Fork (FL) St. John Paul II (FL)(3)345
South Fork (FL)CURRENT345
1/1South Forsyth (GA)START348
2/13South Forsyth (GA) St. Pius X (GA)26 374
South Forsyth (GA)CURRENT374
1/1South Iredell (NC)START260
3/4South Iredell (NC) Lake Norman (NC)(3)257
3/13South Iredell (NC) Hickory (NC)(3)255
South Iredell (NC)CURRENT255
1/1South Lake (FL)START260
2/21South Lake (FL) East Ridge (FL)(3)257
South Lake (FL)CURRENT257
1/1Southlake Carroll (TX)START348
2/6Southlake Carroll (TX) Coppell (TX)36 384
2/10Southlake Carroll (TX) Westlake, TX (TX)0 384
2/13Southlake Carroll (TX) McKinney (TX)0 384
2/16Southlake Carroll (TX) Bartlett (TN)26 410
2/16Southlake Carroll (TX) St. Benedict, TN (TN)26 436
2/17Southlake Carroll (TX) Arlington Club, TN (TN)26 462
2/17Southlake Carroll (TX) Briarcrest (TN)30 492
2/17Southlake Carroll (TX) White Station (TN)26 518
2/20Southlake Carroll (TX) Keller (TX)36 554
2/28Southlake Carroll (TX) Frisco (TX)(6)548
3/2Southlake Carroll (TX) Bishop Lynch (TX)26 574
Southlake Carroll (TX)CURRENT574
1/1Southlake Christian (NC)START260
2/28Southlake Christian (NC) Hough (NC)(3)257
3/13Southlake Christian (NC) Davidson Day School (NC)26 283
Southlake Christian (NC)CURRENT283
1/1Southlake Girls (TX)START260
2/10Southlake Girls (TX) Bridge LC (TX)26 286
3/1Southlake Girls (TX) Episcopal, Dallas (TX)(3)283
Southlake Girls (TX)CURRENT283
1/1South Lakes (VA)START344
3/12South Lakes (VA) West Springfield, VA (VA)(3)341
South Lakes (VA)CURRENT341
1/1South Mecklenburg (NC)START298
2/28South Mecklenburg (NC) David W. Butler (NC)(3)295
3/12South Mecklenburg (NC) Providence (NC)(3)292
3/14South Mecklenburg (NC) Independence (NC)26 318
South Mecklenburg (NC)CURRENT318
1/1South Plantation (FL)START316
2/21South Plantation (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)(3)313
South Plantation (FL)CURRENT313
1/1Southwest Guilford (NC)START272
3/8Southwest Guilford (NC) High Point Central (NC)26 298
3/11Southwest Guilford (NC) Glenn (NC)25 323
Southwest Guilford (NC)CURRENT323
1/1Spanish River (FL)START372
2/19Spanish River (FL) West Boca Raton (FL)33 404
2/21Spanish River (FL) Park Vista (FL)34 439
2/22Spanish River (FL) John I. Leonard (FL)26 465
2/25Spanish River (FL) Cardinal Gibbons (FL)(5)460
3/1Spanish River (FL) Olympic Heights (FL)29 489
3/12Spanish River (FL) Stoneman Douglas (FL)(5)484
Spanish River (FL)CURRENT484
1/1Spartanburg (SC)START293
2/22Spartanburg (SC) Boiling Springs (SC)28 321
2/27Spartanburg (SC) Christ Church Episcopal (SC)(3)318
3/8Spartanburg (SC) Chapin (SC)(3)315
3/12Spartanburg (SC) Clover (SC)(3)311
Spartanburg (SC)CURRENT311
1/1Sprayberry (GA)START363
3/4Sprayberry (GA) Lassiter (GA)(4)359
Sprayberry (GA)CURRENT359
1/1Spring Valley (SC)START288
2/19Spring Valley (SC) River Bluff (SC)25 313
2/27Spring Valley (SC) Chapin (SC)(3)310
3/2Spring Valley (SC) Ridge View (SC)25 335
3/4Spring Valley (SC) Lexington, SC (SC)(3)332
3/11Spring Valley (SC) Irmo (SC)29 361
Spring Valley (SC)CURRENT361
1/1St. Agnes Acad, TN (TN)START260
2/28St. Agnes Acad, TN (TN) Hutchison School (TN)(3)257
St. Agnes Acad, TN (TN)CURRENT257
1/1St. Andrew’s (FL)START260
2/20St. Andrew’s (FL) St. John Paul II (FL)(3)257
2/26St. Andrew’s (FL) Jensen Beach (FL)(3)255
2/28St. Andrew’s (FL) American Heritage (FL)(3)252
3/8St. Andrew’s (FL) Stoneman Douglas (FL)(3)250
3/11St. Andrew’s (FL) Boca Raton (FL)(2)247
St. Andrew’s (FL)CURRENT247
1/1St. Augustine (FL)START260
3/1St. Augustine (FL) Pedro Menendez (FL)33 293
3/8St. Augustine (FL) Pedro Menendez (FL)33 325
St. Augustine (FL)CURRENT325
1/1St. Benedict, TN (TN)START260
2/16St. Benedict, TN (TN) Southlake Carroll (TX)(3)257
St. Benedict, TN (TN)CURRENT257
1/1St. David’s School (NC)START260
3/8St. David’s School (NC) Ravenscroft School (NC)(3)257
St. David’s School (NC)CURRENT257
1/1St. Edward’s (FL)START260
2/22St. Edward’s (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(3)257
2/28St. Edward’s (FL) Benjamin School (FL)(3)255
St. Edward’s (FL)CURRENT255
1/1St. James HS, SC (SC)START261
2/18St. James HS, SC (SC) Wando (SC)(3)258
2/23St. James HS, SC (SC) Oceanside Collegiate (SC)32 290
2/28St. James HS, SC (SC) Socastee (SC)(3)287
3/14St. James HS, SC (SC) North Myrtle Beach (SC)26 313
St. James HS, SC (SC)CURRENT313
1/1St. John Paul II (FL)START353
2/20St. John Paul II (FL) St. Andrew’s (FL)25 378
2/21St. John Paul II (FL) Stoneman Douglas (FL)(4)374
2/25St. John Paul II (FL) Boca Raton (FL)34 409
2/28St. John Paul II (FL) Martin County (FL)35 444
2/28St. John Paul II (FL) South Fork (FL)34 479
3/11St. John Paul II (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(5)474
St. John Paul II (FL)CURRENT474
1/1St. John’s, TX (TX)START260
3/11St. John’s, TX (TX) Novato (CA)(3)257
St. John’s, TX (TX)CURRENT257
1/1St. John’s College (DC)START260
3/14St. John’s College (DC) Holton-Arms School (MD)(3)257
St. John’s College (DC)CURRENT257
1/1St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)START260
2/25St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC) Wade Hampton (SC)(3)257
3/8St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC) Byrnes (SC)(3)255
3/13St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC) Boiling Springs (SC)(3)252
3/14St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC) Greenville, SC (SC)(3)250
St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)CURRENT250
1/1St. Maria Goretti (MD)START260
3/12St. Maria Goretti (MD) Madeira School (DC)(3)257
St. Maria Goretti (MD)CURRENT257
1/1St. Mary’s (MD)START260
3/14St. Mary’s (MD) Roland Park Country (MD)(3)257
4/9St. Mary’s (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 257
St. Mary’s (MD)CURRENT257
1/1St. Paul’s SG (MD)START260
4/4St. Paul’s SG (MD) McDonogh School (MD)0 260
St. Paul’s SG (MD)CURRENT260
1/1St. Pius X (GA)START260
2/13St. Pius X (GA) South Forsyth (GA)(1)259
2/14St. Pius X (GA) Grady (GA)(1)258
St. Pius X (GA)CURRENT258
1/1St. Stephens (NC)START260
3/8St. Stephens (NC) Glenn (NC)25 285
3/14St. Stephens (NC) Glenn (NC)25 311
St. Stephens (NC)CURRENT311
1/1St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)START800
2/19St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)87 886
2/21St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) South Plantation (FL)31 917
2/23St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) Hagerty (FL)35 953
2/23St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) Lassiter (GA)36 989
2/28St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) Pine Crest (FL)53 1,042
3/2St. Thomas Aquinas (FL) Lake Highland Prep (FL)(73)969
St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)CURRENT969
1/1Stockbridge (GA)START260
2/11Stockbridge (GA) Union Grove (GA)(2)258
2/13Stockbridge (GA) Whitewater (GA)(2)256
2/15Stockbridge (GA) Henry County (GA)(2)255
Stockbridge (GA)CURRENT255
1/1Stoneman Douglas (FL)START373
2/21Stoneman Douglas (FL) St. John Paul II (FL)34 407
2/22Stoneman Douglas (FL) West Boca Raton (FL)33 440
2/25Stoneman Douglas (FL) Calvary Christian Academy (FL)30 470
2/28Stoneman Douglas (FL) North Broward Prep (FL)30 500
3/8Stoneman Douglas (FL) St. Andrew’s (FL)25 525
3/11Stoneman Douglas (FL) West Broward (FL)34 558
3/12Stoneman Douglas (FL) Spanish River (FL)36 594
Stoneman Douglas (FL)CURRENT594
1/1Stratford, TX (TX)START293
2/6Stratford, TX (TX) Lamar (TX)(2)291
Stratford, TX (TX)CURRENT291
1/1Suncoast Community (FL)START328
2/25Suncoast Community (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(1)327
Suncoast Community (FL)CURRENT327
1/1Sun Valley (NC)START260
3/4Sun Valley (NC) Providence (NC)(2)258
3/11Sun Valley (NC) Independence (NC)26 284
3/12Sun Valley (NC) Cuthbertson (NC)(2)282
Sun Valley (NC)CURRENT282
1/1T. L. Hanna (SC)START260
2/20T. L. Hanna (SC) Boiling Springs (SC)(2)258
2/28T. L. Hanna (SC) J.L. Mann Academy (SC)(2)256
3/8T. L. Hanna (SC) Lexington, SC (SC)(2)255
T. L. Hanna (SC)CURRENT255
1/1Tamalpais (CA)START318
2/26Tamalpais (CA) Lick-Wilmerding (CA)26 344
2/28Tamalpais (CA) Rancho Cotate (CA)31 376
3/2Tamalpais (CA) Casa Grande (CA)29 405
Tamalpais (CA)CURRENT405
1/1Tampa Catholic (FL)START330
3/8Tampa Catholic (FL) Paul VI (VA)(2)327
Tampa Catholic (FL)CURRENT327
1/1Terry Sanford (NC)START260
3/11Terry Sanford (NC) Middle Creek (NC)(1)259
3/14Terry Sanford (NC) Cape Fear (NC)28 287
Terry Sanford (NC)CURRENT287
1/1The Woodlands (TX)START363
2/4The Woodlands (TX) Pearland (TX)27 390
2/12The Woodlands (TX) Memorial, Houston (TX)29 419
3/12The Woodlands (TX) Archbishop Spalding (MD)(0)419
The Woodlands (TX)CURRENT419
1/1Topsail (NC)START284
3/8Topsail (NC) New Bern (NC)34 317
3/12Topsail (NC) E.A. Laney (NC)31 348
Topsail (NC)CURRENT348
1/1Trinity Christian (GA)START260
2/14Trinity Christian (GA) Woodward Academy (GA)(2)258
Trinity Christian (GA)CURRENT258
1/1Trinity Christian, VA (VA)START291
3/15Trinity Christian, VA (VA) Highland School (VA)(1)289
Trinity Christian, VA (VA)CURRENT289
1/1Union Grove (GA)START312
2/11Union Grove (GA) Stockbridge (GA)25 338
2/15Union Grove (GA) Creekview (GA)(2)336
Union Grove (GA)CURRENT336
1/1University HS (FL)START260
3/8University HS (FL) Cardinal Newman (FL)(1)259
University HS (FL)CURRENT259
1/1Vero Beach (FL)START612
2/21Vero Beach (FL) Olympia (FL)50 662
2/26Vero Beach (FL) South Fork (FL)34 696
3/9Vero Beach (FL) Bartram Trail (FL)57 753
3/12Vero Beach (FL) Pine Crest (FL)53 806
3/15Vero Beach (FL) Cardinal Gibbons (NC)(40)765
Vero Beach (FL)CURRENT765
1/1W.T. Woodson (VA)START260
3/12W.T. Woodson (VA) Oakton (VA)35 295
W.T. Woodson (VA)CURRENT295
1/1Wade Hampton (SC)START261
2/25Wade Hampton (SC) St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)25 286
2/26Wade Hampton (SC) A. C. Flora (SC)(2)284
3/12Wade Hampton (SC) Mauldin (SC)(2)282
Wade Hampton (SC)CURRENT282
1/1Wakefield (NC)START260
3/12Wakefield (NC) Carrboro (NC)29 289
Wakefield (NC)CURRENT289
1/1Wake Forest (NC)START266
3/12Wake Forest (NC) Heritage (NC)28 294
3/13Wake Forest (NC) Athens Drive (NC)27 322
Wake Forest (NC)CURRENT322
1/1Walker School (GA)START284
2/13Walker School (GA) Riverwood (GA)30 314
Walker School (GA)CURRENT314
1/1Walton (GA)START654
2/14Walton (GA) Milton (GA)(3)651
3/8Walton (GA) Charlotte Country Day (NC)41 692
3/9Walton (GA) Charlotte Latin (NC)(21)672
Walton (GA)CURRENT672
1/1Wando (SC)START326
2/18Wando (SC) St. James HS, SC (SC)26 352
2/20Wando (SC) Socastee (SC)28 380
2/22Wando (SC) Riverside (SC)29 409
2/25Wando (SC) James Island (SC)25 434
2/27Wando (SC) Carolina Forest (SC)30 464
3/2Wando (SC) J.L. Mann Academy (SC)32 496
3/11Wando (SC) Hilton Head (SC)29 525
Wando (SC)CURRENT525
1/1Watauga (NC)START265
3/8Watauga (NC) Mooresville (NC)(3)263
Watauga (NC)CURRENT263
1/1Weddington (NC)START414
3/8Weddington (NC) Cardinal Gibbons (NC)54 468
3/9Weddington (NC) Norfolk Academy (VA)39 506
3/12Weddington (NC) Charlotte Latin (NC)54 560
3/14Weddington (NC) Ardrey Kell (NC)39 599
Weddington (NC)CURRENT599
1/1Wellington (FL)START260
2/19Wellington (FL) Boca Raton (FL)(2)258
2/28Wellington (FL) Atlantic (FL)27 285
Wellington (FL)CURRENT285
1/1Wesleyan School (GA)START366
2/12Wesleyan School (GA) Blessed Trinity (GA)(0)365
Wesleyan School (GA)CURRENT365
1/1West Boca Raton (FL)START330
2/19West Boca Raton (FL) Spanish River (FL)(2)328
2/22West Boca Raton (FL) Stoneman Douglas (FL)(1)326
West Boca Raton (FL)CURRENT326
1/1West Broward (FL)START336
3/11West Broward (FL) Stoneman Douglas (FL)(1)335
West Broward (FL)CURRENT335
1/1West Brunswick (NC)START267
3/8West Brunswick (NC) South Brunswick (NC)25 292
3/11West Brunswick (NC) North Myrtle Beach (SC)26 318
3/12West Brunswick (NC) Hoggard (NC)(2)316
West Brunswick (NC)CURRENT316
1/1Western (FL)START260
2/22Western (FL) Cardinal Gibbons (FL)(2)258
3/8Western (FL) Jupiter (FL)(1)257
Western (FL)CURRENT257
1/1Western Guilford (NC)START267
2/28Western Guilford (NC) Northern Guilford (NC)(1)266
3/11Western Guilford (NC) Northern Guilford (NC)(1)265
3/13Western Guilford (NC) West Forsyth (NC)(2)263
Western Guilford (NC)CURRENT263
1/1West Forsyth (GA)START260
3/8West Forsyth (GA) Blessed Trinity (GA)0 260
3/12West Forsyth (GA) Cambridge (GA)36 296
West Forsyth (GA)CURRENT296
1/1West Forsyth (NC)START260
2/27West Forsyth (NC) Mt. Tabor (NC)26 286
3/13West Forsyth (NC) Western Guilford (NC)26 312
West Forsyth (NC)CURRENT312
1/1Westlake, TX (TX)START274
2/10Westlake, TX (TX) Southlake Carroll (TX)0 274
Westlake, TX (TX)CURRENT274
1/1Westminster School (GA)START260
3/2Westminster School (GA) Charlotte Country Day (NC)41 301
Westminster School (GA)CURRENT301
1/1West Springfield, VA (VA)START327
3/12West Springfield, VA (VA) South Lakes (VA)34 361
West Springfield, VA (VA)CURRENT361
1/1West Stokes (NC)START260
3/12West Stokes (NC) Ronald Reagan (NC)(2)258
West Stokes (NC)CURRENT258
1/1White Oak (NC)START260
2/27White Oak (NC) D.H. Conley Club (NC)(3)257
3/8White Oak (NC) Northside (NC)(2)256
White Oak (NC)CURRENT256
1/1White Station (TN)START261
2/17White Station (TN) Southlake Carroll (TX)(1)260
White Station (TN)CURRENT260
1/1Whitewater (GA)START301
2/13Whitewater (GA) Stockbridge (GA)25 326
2/14Whitewater (GA) Greater Atlanta (GA)(2)324
Whitewater (GA)CURRENT324
1/1Windermere HS (FL)START260
2/28Windermere HS (FL) East Ridge (FL)(1)259
Windermere HS (FL)CURRENT259
1/1Winter Park (FL)START368
2/20Winter Park (FL) Boone (FL)33 401
2/22Winter Park (FL) Oviedo (FL)(4)397
2/27Winter Park (FL) Lake Howell (FL)31 428
3/4Winter Park (FL) Lake Brantley (FL)36 464
Winter Park (FL)CURRENT464
1/1Woodbridge (CA)START260
3/9Woodbridge (CA) Glendale (CA)(1)259
Woodbridge (CA)CURRENT259
1/1Woodmont (SC)START296
2/26Woodmont (SC) Nation Ford (SC)(2)294
2/28Woodmont (SC) Boiling Springs (SC)28 322
3/12Woodmont (SC) Greenville, SC (SC)(2)320
Woodmont (SC)CURRENT320
1/1Woodstock (GA)START260
2/11Woodstock (GA) Riverwood (GA)30 290
Woodstock (GA)CURRENT290
1/1Woodward Academy (GA)START260
2/14Woodward Academy (GA) Trinity Christian (GA)26 286
Woodward Academy (GA)CURRENT286
1/1Yorba Linda (CA)START341
3/2Yorba Linda (CA) Glendale (CA)(2)338
Yorba Linda (CA)CURRENT338