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2019 WCLA Team Schedules and Ratings (A-M)

2/15Air Force Academy12 Concordia University6
2/15Air Force Academy8 Utah State University13
2/16Air Force Academy10 Nevada Reno7
2/17Air Force Academy9 Sonoma State1
2/23Air Force Academy12 Univ. of Northern Colorado2
2/23Air Force Academy13 University of Wyoming1
3/2Air Force Academy14 Weber State2
3/3Air Force Academy0 UM – Duluth0
3/16Air Force Academy14 Colorado School of Mines5
4/7Air Force Academy6 University of Denver8
4/13Air Force Academy6 University of Denver16
5/9Air Force Academy4 Loyola University Maryland16
5/10Air Force Academy4 University of New Hampshire17
5/11Air Force Academy8 Grand Valley State University9
1/26Alabama8 Georgia Tech15
1/26Alabama27 Mississippi State University4
2/2Alabama16 Florida State14
2/2Alabama21 University Tennessee Chattanoo5
2/3Alabama17 Tennessee12
2/9Alabama24 Emory5
2/9Alabama22 Ole Miss5
2/16Alabama20 FGCU4
2/16Alabama22 South Florida5
2/17Alabama14 Clemson9
3/23Alabama12 Auburn3
3/23Alabama13 Kennesaw9
3/30Alabama3 Florida15
3/30Alabama15 Miami3
3/30Alabama11 Texas A&M University12
4/13Alabama4 Central Florida20
2/16Appalachian State4 Coastal Carolina University11
2/16Appalachian State2 UNC – Wilmington7
2/24Appalachian State5 University of Lynchburg4
2/24Appalachian State0 Wake Forest University14
3/30Appalachian State0 High Point University0
3/30Appalachian State0 North Carolina State0
3/31Appalachian State0 UNC – Charlotte0
4/7Appalachian State5 Elon University15
4/7Appalachian State0 High Point University0
2/10Arizona6 San Diego State17
2/15Arizona9 Oregon State University12
2/15Arizona3 UC Berkeley19
2/15Arizona7 UC Santa Barbara14
2/16Arizona7 UC Davis8
2/22Arizona1 Saint Mary’s College1
2/22Arizona1 Saint Mary’s College0
3/22Arizona0 U San Diego0
3/23Arizona10 Arizona State11
3/29Arizona22 Grand Canyon11
4/6Arizona18 Grand Canyon13
2/1Arizona State5 UCLA ‘A’21
2/2Arizona State20 USC10
2/3Arizona State0 UC Santa Barbara0
2/8Arizona State8 San Diego State17
2/9Arizona State7 Colorado State University11
2/23Arizona State15 Saint Mary’s College5
3/17Arizona State4 Santa Clara17
3/23Arizona State11 Arizona10
3/24Arizona State16 U San Diego4
4/5Arizona State11 Grand Canyon5
4/13Arizona State7 Santa Clara17
2/2Auburn1 Clemson19
2/2Auburn3 Georgia15
2/9Auburn14 Emory9
2/9Auburn13 Ole Miss5
2/16Auburn14 Georgia Tech24
2/23Auburn1 Central Florida18
2/23Auburn2 Florida State22
3/23Auburn3 Alabama12
3/23Auburn4 Kennesaw15
3/30Auburn7 South Florida16
3/16Ball State University1 Rose-Hulman Institute of Techn1
3/16Ball State University1 Rose-Hulman Institute of Techn0
3/24Ball State University3 Bowling Green University13
3/24Ball State University1 Eastern Michigan University16
3/30Ball State University3 Loyola University of Chicago12
3/31Ball State University2 Illinois State University12
4/3Ball State University3 Taylor University9
4/6Ball State University1 Oakland University15
4/6Ball State University5 University of Toledo8
4/7Ball State University8 Saginaw Valley State Universit5
4/7Ball State University1 Xavier University16
3/29Bates College5 University of Maine10
3/31Bates College0 Merrimack University0
4/6Bates College0 University of Vermont1
4/6Bates College1 University of Vermont1
2/3Baylor University6 University of Texas17
2/16Baylor University10 Texas Christian University14
2/24Baylor University3 Southern Methodist University9
2/24Baylor University1 Tulane University1
2/24Baylor University1 Tulane University0
3/3Baylor University19 Sam Houston State University3
3/3Baylor University0 UTSA0
3/23Baylor University15 Louisiana State University13
3/23Baylor University8 Texas A&M University18
3/30Baylor University0 Hardin-Simmons University0
3/30Baylor University0 Tarleton State0
4/6Baylor University1 Texas State University1
4/6Baylor University1 Texas State University0
3/27Bethel University10 UW – La Crosse18
4/1Bethel University5 University of St. Thomas21
4/5Bethel University2 College of Saint Benedict11
4/14Bethel University0 MSU – Mankato0
4/14Bethel University0 MSU – Moorhead0
4/24Bethel University5 Carleton College6
4/27Bethel University6 St. Olaf College14
4/27Bethel University6 St. Olaf College14
2/24Binghamton University22 University of Albany0
3/8Binghamton University7 SUNY Cortland3
3/10Binghamton University11 Cornell University10
3/29Binghamton University12 SUNY Cortland6
3/30Binghamton University14 Le Moyne College0
4/7Binghamton University8 Ithaca College4
4/7Binghamton University7 Syracuse University6
4/7Binghamton University17 University of Albany2
4/13Binghamton University16 Sacred Heart University4
4/13Binghamton University9 University of New Hampshire10
2/1Biola5 CSU Fullerton15
2/2Biola7 UNLV7
2/16Biola2 Cal Poly ‘B’20
2/16Biola6 Sonoma State11
2/17Biola8 Humboldt State4
2/17Biola4 Pepperdine11
2/23Biola2 CSU Long Beach13
3/16Biola0 Concordia University0
3/29Biola6 CSU San Marcos18
4/6Biola0 Cal State Northridge0
2/15Boise State1 Miami of Ohio16
2/15Boise State10 University of Minnesota13
2/16Boise State10 Chico State7
2/16Boise State3 USC5
3/9Boise State12 University of Wyoming4
3/9Boise State6 Utah Valley University10
3/29Boise State2 Utah State University10
3/30Boise State13 University of Wyoming3
3/30Boise State13 Weber State3
4/12Boise State7 Utah Valley University15
3/16Boston College12 University of Delaware13
3/22Boston College15 Providence College4
3/24Boston College15 Syracuse University5
3/24Boston College20 University of Mass Amherst7
3/29Boston College6 Brigham Young University11
3/29Boston College19 Clemson9
3/30Boston College10 University of Utah5
3/30Boston College6 University of Virginia10
4/6Boston College20 University of Connecticut13
4/6Boston College19 University of Rhode Island7
4/7Boston College15 Northeastern University4
4/13Boston College9 Northeastern University10
5/8Boston College8 San Diego State7
5/9Boston College8 University of Michigan10
3/9Bowling Green University4 Eastern Michigan University16
3/9Bowling Green University3 Oakland University13
3/12Bowling Green University8 University of Toledo4
3/24Bowling Green University13 Ball State University3
3/24Bowling Green University1 Carngnie Mellon1
3/24Bowling Green University1 Carngnie Mellon0
3/29Bowling Green University4 Iowa State University10
3/30Bowling Green University12 Lake Forest College8
3/30Bowling Green University6 Wheaton College7
4/6Bowling Green University7 Central Michigan University12
4/6Bowling Green University16 Saginaw Valley State Universit9
4/6Bowling Green University11 Taylor University10
4/7Bowling Green University10 Western Michigan University7
4/13Bowling Green University4 Central Michigan University14
4/13Bowling Green University1 Grand Valley State University19
2/15Brigham Young University12 University of Texas11
2/15Brigham Young University11 Virginia Tech10
2/16Brigham Young University11 University of Colorado3
3/2Brigham Young University10 University of Utah6
3/9Brigham Young University9 Colorado State University7
3/16Brigham Young University12 Utah Valley University4
3/22Brigham Young University11 Utah State University6
3/29Brigham Young University11 Boston College6
3/29Brigham Young University7 University of Virginia5
3/30Brigham Young University10 Georgia6
3/30Brigham Young University3 University of Michigan5
4/12Brigham Young University13 Colorado State University7
4/13Brigham Young University12 University of Colorado5
5/8Brigham Young University16 University of Texas6
5/9Brigham Young University10 Virginia Tech7
5/10Brigham Young University9 University of Delaware12
2/23Buffalo11 Ohio University8
2/23Buffalo4 University of Pittsburgh19
2/24Buffalo17 Duquesne University7
2/24Buffalo10 West Virginia University9
3/23Buffalo8 Ohio State University11
3/24Buffalo16 Duquesne University8
3/24Buffalo8 University of Kentucky6
3/30Buffalo11 University of Indiana8
3/31Buffalo6 Michigan State University12
3/31Buffalo6 University of Minnesota8
1/26Cal Poly ‘A’4 Santa Clara6
2/2Cal Poly ‘A’14 Grand Canyon9
2/2Cal Poly ‘A’15 UC Berkeley14
2/9Cal Poly ‘A’20 UC Santa Barbara3
2/15Cal Poly ‘A’11 Georgia10
2/16Cal Poly ‘A’10 University of Michigan12
2/17Cal Poly ‘A’11 University of Pittsburgh19
2/24Cal Poly ‘A’19 USC2
3/2Cal Poly ‘A’8 San Diego State16
3/3Cal Poly ‘A’20 Saint Mary’s College4
3/9Cal Poly ‘A’14 UCLA ‘A’9
4/13Cal Poly ‘A’7 San Diego State9
4/22Cal Poly ‘A’5 Santa Clara10
5/8Cal Poly ‘A’12 Northeastern University10
5/9Cal Poly ‘A’5 University of Pittsburgh18
1/26Cal Poly ‘B’13 CSU Fullerton3
2/16Cal Poly ‘B’20 Biola2
2/16Cal Poly ‘B’12 CSU Long Beach1
2/16Cal Poly ‘B’16 UNLV2
2/17Cal Poly ‘B’7 UC San Diego8
3/10Cal Poly ‘B’13 CSU San Marcos9
4/6Cal Poly ‘B’9 Stanford10
4/7Cal Poly ‘B’0 UC Santa Cruz0
4/14Cal Poly ‘B’6 Nevada Reno23
2/2Cal State Northridge0 Loyola Marymount0
2/16Cal State Northridge0 Loyola Marymount0
3/31Cal State Northridge0 Pepperdine0
4/6Cal State Northridge0 Biola0
3/9Carleton College0 Gustavus Adolphus College0
4/2Carleton College4 St. Olaf College18
4/5Carleton College10 MSU – Mankato9
4/6Carleton College0 St. Olaf College16
4/14Carleton College0 MSU – Moorhead0
4/14Carleton College0 University of North Dakota0
4/14Carleton College0 UW – Whitewater0
4/24Carleton College6 Bethel University6
4/27Carleton College7 University of North Dakota13
2/27Carngnie Mellon3 Indiana University at Pennsylv6
3/1Carngnie Mellon11 University of Dayton19
3/20Carngnie Mellon8 Grove City College4
3/24Carngnie Mellon0 Bowling Green University1
3/24Carngnie Mellon1 Bowling Green University1
3/24Carngnie Mellon0 University of Toledo1
3/24Carngnie Mellon1 University of Toledo1
3/28Carngnie Mellon2 Duquesne University9
3/31Carngnie Mellon0 Case Western Reserve Universit0
3/31Carngnie Mellon3 Indiana University at Pennsylv8
4/3Carngnie Mellon1 University of Pittsburgh15
4/6Carngnie Mellon0 Case Western Reserve Universit1
4/6Carngnie Mellon1 Case Western Reserve Universit1
4/6Carngnie Mellon0 Grove City College1
4/6Carngnie Mellon1 Grove City College1
4/6Carngnie Mellon0 Indiana University at Pennsylv1
4/6Carngnie Mellon1 Indiana University at Pennsylv1
3/2Case Western Reserve Universit4 Xavier University12
3/26Case Western Reserve Universit4 Grove City College17
3/31Case Western Reserve Universit0 Carngnie Mellon0
3/31Case Western Reserve Universit5 Indiana University at Pennsylv11
4/6Case Western Reserve Universit1 Carngnie Mellon1
4/6Case Western Reserve Universit1 Carngnie Mellon0
4/6Case Western Reserve Universit7 Grove City College12
4/6Case Western Reserve Universit5 Indiana University at Pennsylv7
3/3Central Connecticut State Univ3 University of Rhode Island15
3/9Central Connecticut State Univ4 Tufts University5
3/10Central Connecticut State Univ9 Fordham University7
3/23Central Connecticut State Univ0 WPI0
3/24Central Connecticut State Univ2 Providence College11
3/24Central Connecticut State Univ4 University of Rhode Island15
3/31Central Connecticut State Univ8 Sacred Heart University6
3/31Central Connecticut State Univ0 Stony Brook University0
4/5Central Connecticut State Univ0 UMass – Lowell0
4/7Central Connecticut State Univ7 College of the Holy Cross13
2/2Central Florida17 FGCU3
2/2Central Florida19 Miami5
2/9Central Florida20 Kennesaw2
2/9Central Florida20 South Florida3
2/23Central Florida18 Auburn1
2/23Central Florida9 Florida State5
3/23Central Florida11 Georgia13
3/23Central Florida12 University of North Carolina13
3/30Central Florida11 Florida7
3/30Central Florida18 Texas A&M University8
4/13Central Florida20 Alabama4
4/13Central Florida7 Florida6
4/14Central Florida10 Georgia12
2/21Central Michigan University20 Saginaw Valley State Universit5
3/14Central Michigan University11 Oakland University12
3/24Central Michigan University9 University of Indiana14
3/30Central Michigan University4 Grand Valley State University11
3/30Central Michigan University20 Western Michigan University3
4/6Central Michigan University12 Bowling Green University7
4/6Central Michigan University17 Eastern Michigan University11
4/6Central Michigan University14 Taylor University6
4/7Central Michigan University12 Xavier University6
4/13Central Michigan University14 Bowling Green University4
4/13Central Michigan University12 University of Dayton14
1/26Central Washington University4 Gonzaga University18
1/26Central Washington University9 Montana State University15
1/27Central Washington University13 Seattle University14
2/24Central Washington University7 Portland State University12
3/2Central Washington University5 Gonzaga University8
3/2Central Washington University9 Seattle University5
3/3Central Washington University6 Pacific Lutheran University13
3/9Central Washington University14 Southern Oregon University3
3/30Central Washington University9 Montana State University12
3/30Central Washington University14 University of Idaho3
2/2Chico State5 Stanford13
2/15Chico State11 CSU Long Beach1
2/15Chico State8 UC San Diego10
2/16Chico State7 Boise State10
2/16Chico State0 Concordia University0
2/17Chico State15 Pepperdine2
2/24Chico State6 Nevada Reno7
3/9Chico State12 Northern Arizona5
3/10Chico State14 CSU Fullerton4
3/30Chico State0 UC Santa Cruz0
4/6Chico State0 Humboldt State0
4/7Chico State0 Sonoma State0
2/2Clemson19 Auburn1
2/2Clemson10 Georgia12
2/16Clemson25 FGCU0
2/16Clemson14 South Florida4
2/17Clemson9 Alabama14
2/17Clemson8 Florida State17
2/22Clemson23 Ole Miss3
2/23Clemson16 Tennessee4
3/9Clemson6 Georgia Tech9
3/29Clemson9 Boston College19
3/30Clemson3 Northeastern University12
3/30Clemson10 University of Texas12
4/7Clemson12 Kennesaw9
4/13Clemson10 Georgia19
2/16Coastal Carolina University11 Appalachian State4
2/17Coastal Carolina University10 UNC – Wilmington5
3/30Coastal Carolina University0 UNC – Charlotte0
3/30Coastal Carolina University0 UNC – Wilmington0
3/31Coastal Carolina University0 High Point University0
3/31Coastal Carolina University0 North Carolina State0
2/24College of New Jersey1 Lehigh University1
2/24College of New Jersey1 Lehigh University0
3/3College of New Jersey10 West Chester University15
3/10College of New Jersey7 Rutgers University11
3/13College of New Jersey8 Drexel University6
3/30College of New Jersey6 Temple University11
4/7College of New Jersey0 University of Pennsylvania0
2/23College of Saint Benedict1 UW – La Crosse1
2/23College of Saint Benedict1 UW – La Crosse0
3/16College of Saint Benedict1 MSU – Mankato1
3/16College of Saint Benedict1 MSU – Mankato0
3/16College of Saint Benedict22 UW – Oshkosh0
3/17College of Saint Benedict13 UW – Eau Claire2
3/17College of Saint Benedict15 UW – Milwaukee1
3/23College of Saint Benedict1 Gustavus Adolphus College1
3/23College of Saint Benedict1 Gustavus Adolphus College0
3/23College of Saint Benedict15 University of North Dakota6
3/30College of Saint Benedict12 UM – Duluth7
4/5College of Saint Benedict11 Bethel University2
4/5College of Saint Benedict4 University of St. Thomas15
4/13College of Saint Benedict7 Iowa State University9
4/13College of Saint Benedict19 Winona State University2
3/16College of St. Ben’s1 MSU – Mankato0
3/24College of the Holy Cross0 UMass – Lowell1
3/24College of the Holy Cross1 UMass – Lowell1
3/30College of the Holy Cross20 Merrimack University5
3/31College of the Holy Cross16 Tufts University5
4/3College of the Holy Cross13 WPI7
4/7College of the Holy Cross13 Central Connecticut State Univ7
4/10College of the Holy Cross7 Providence College11
2/24Colorado School of Mines19 Univ. of Northern Colorado7
3/1Colorado School of Mines7 Utah Valley University9
3/1Colorado School of Mines13 Weber State5
3/3Colorado School of Mines3 UM – Duluth10
3/10Colorado School of Mines5 University of Denver15
3/16Colorado School of Mines5 Air Force Academy14
4/6Colorado School of Mines16 University of Wyoming3
2/9Colorado State University11 Arizona State7
2/9Colorado State University15 Grand Canyon7
2/15Colorado State University9 Duke University12
2/15Colorado State University17 UC Santa Barbara9
2/17Colorado State University4 Virginia Tech11
3/2Colorado State University9 University of Colorado10
3/9Colorado State University7 Brigham Young University9
3/9Colorado State University10 University of Utah12
3/29Colorado State University14 University of Connecticut8
3/29Colorado State University12 University of Virginia17
3/30Colorado State University6 University of Michigan13
3/31Colorado State University11 Georgia14
4/12Colorado State University7 Brigham Young University13
3/30Concordia College9 MSU – Mankato3
3/30Concordia College7 Winona State University12
3/31Concordia College8 MSU – Moorhead1
3/31Concordia College4 University of North Dakota18
4/7Concordia College12 MSU – Moorhead1
4/7Concordia College0 North Dakota State University0
4/7Concordia College7 University of North Dakota6
4/27Concordia College10 MSU – Mankato0
4/27Concordia College4 University of North Dakota14
2/9Concordia University9 UC San Diego19
2/15Concordia University6 Air Force Academy12
2/16Concordia University0 Chico State0
2/16Concordia University7 Stanford22
2/17Concordia University2 Nevada Reno11
2/23Concordia University6 CSU Fullerton3
3/2Concordia University16 Fullerton College3
3/16Concordia University0 Biola0
3/23Concordia University7 CSU San Marcos18
3/31Concordia University10 CSU Long Beach9
4/5Concordia University8 UC Irvine12
3/3Cornell University16 Rutgers University3
3/10Cornell University10 Binghamton University11
3/22Cornell University11 Ithaca College1
3/24Cornell University17 Ithaca College1
3/24Cornell University18 Le Moyne College2
4/7Cornell University17 SUNY Cortland7
1/26CSU Fullerton3 Cal Poly ‘B’13
2/1CSU Fullerton15 Biola5
2/23CSU Fullerton3 Concordia University6
2/24CSU Fullerton6 UC Irvine15
3/3CSU Fullerton9 CSU Long Beach11
3/9CSU Fullerton9 UNLV3
3/10CSU Fullerton4 Chico State14
3/10CSU Fullerton7 Northern Arizona9
3/17CSU Fullerton0 Pepperdine0
3/30CSU Fullerton0 Fullerton College0
2/2CSU Long Beach0 UC Santa Cruz0
2/10CSU Long Beach2 UCLA B7
2/15CSU Long Beach1 Chico State11
2/15CSU Long Beach8 UNLV3
2/16CSU Long Beach1 Cal Poly ‘B’12
2/17CSU Long Beach4 Nevada Reno7
2/23CSU Long Beach13 Biola2
3/3CSU Long Beach11 CSU Fullerton9
3/10CSU Long Beach6 UC San Diego17
3/15CSU Long Beach9 Fullerton College6
3/24CSU Long Beach12 Pepperdine9
3/31CSU Long Beach9 Concordia University10
2/3CSU San Marcos8 UCLA B5
2/9CSU San Marcos8 UC Irvine11
2/16CSU San Marcos19 Humboldt State2
2/16CSU San Marcos12 Sonoma State4
2/17CSU San Marcos11 Northern Arizona6
3/2CSU San Marcos12 UC San Diego8
3/10CSU San Marcos9 Cal Poly ‘B’13
3/16CSU San Marcos14 Pepperdine6
3/23CSU San Marcos18 Concordia University7
3/29CSU San Marcos18 Biola6
4/13CSU San Marcos11 Nevada Reno16
4/14CSU San Marcos12 UC Irvine9
3/30Dartmouth College6 WPI17
3/31Dartmouth College7 Merrimack University11
4/7Dartmouth College6 University of Maine5
4/7Dartmouth College3 University of Vermont11
3/23Depaul University9 Western Michigan University8
3/24Depaul University1 Illinois State University15
3/24Depaul University0 Lake Forest College1
3/24Depaul University1 Lake Forest College1
4/1Depaul University1 Wheaton College12
4/7Depaul University0 Loyola University of Chicago0
2/15Doshisha University17 University of Minnesota10
2/23Drexel University4 Loyola University Maryland19
2/23Drexel University5 University of Pennsylvania7
2/27Drexel University4 Temple University12
3/2Drexel University9 George Washington University6
3/2Drexel University7 High Point University6
3/2Drexel University5 Salisbury University10
3/9Drexel University10 UMBC7
3/13Drexel University6 College of New Jersey8
4/7Drexel University10 West Chester University14
2/15Duke University12 Colorado State University9
2/16Duke University10 University of Texas9
2/16Duke University9 University of Utah11
2/17Duke University11 University of Colorado13
2/23Duke University14 East Carolina University2
2/23Duke University8 Virginia Tech12
2/24Duke University6 James Madison University11
2/24Duke University10 University of Maryland6
4/1Duke University6 University of North Carolina14
4/1Duke University0 University of North Carolina0
4/6Duke University9 University of Virginia15
4/7Duke University12 James Madison University9
4/7Duke University5 Virginia Tech14
2/24Duquesne University7 Buffalo17
2/24Duquesne University14 West Virginia University17
3/22Duquesne University14 Grove City College7
3/24Duquesne University8 Buffalo16
3/24Duquesne University4 Ohio State University18
3/28Duquesne University9 Carngnie Mellon2
3/30Duquesne University0 Marquette University0
3/30Duquesne University0 Purdue University0
3/30Duquesne University0 University of Cincinnati0
3/31Duquesne University0 University of Illinois0
3/31Duquesne University0 Xavier University0
4/5Duquesne University3 University of Pittsburgh21
4/6Duquesne University8 Ohio University11
4/6Duquesne University4 University of Kentucky15
4/7Duquesne University0 University of Cincinnati0
2/17East Carolina University7 Elon University10
2/17East Carolina University12 University of Lynchburg1
2/17East Carolina University12 University of Lynchburg0
2/23East Carolina University2 Duke University14
2/23East Carolina University4 University of North Carolina14
2/24East Carolina University0 Penn State University8
2/24East Carolina University1 Penn State University8
2/24East Carolina University2 University of Maryland7
3/30East Carolina University0 High Point University0
3/30East Carolina University0 North Carolina State0
3/31East Carolina University0 UNC – Wilmington0
4/6East Carolina University5 James Madison University19
4/6East Carolina University3 US Naval Academy19
4/7East Carolina University0 Towson University0
3/9Eastern Michigan University16 Bowling Green University4
3/9Eastern Michigan University2 Oakland University16
3/24Eastern Michigan University16 Ball State University1
3/24Eastern Michigan University18 University of Toledo3
4/6Eastern Michigan University11 Central Michigan University17
4/6Eastern Michigan University2 Grand Valley State University15
4/7Eastern Michigan University8 Taylor University9
4/7Eastern Michigan University15 Western Michigan University8
4/13Eastern Michigan University4 Oakland University11
4/13Eastern Michigan University10 Xavier University11
2/17Elon University10 East Carolina University7
2/17Elon University11 University of Lynchburg1
3/3Elon University12 North Carolina State13
3/3Elon University4 UNC – Wilmington7
3/3Elon University4 Wake Forest University10
4/7Elon University15 Appalachian State5
4/7Elon University15 High Point University5
2/3Emory2 Georgia Tech19
2/3Emory13 South Florida16
2/9Emory5 Alabama24
2/9Emory9 Auburn14
2/9Emory12 Ole Miss11
2/23Emory4 Tennessee13
3/23Emory10 FGCU8
3/24Emory13 Kennesaw20
2/2FGCU3 Central Florida17
2/2FGCU7 Miami12
2/16FGCU4 Alabama20
2/16FGCU0 Clemson25
2/16FGCU3 Florida State20
2/24FGCU3 Florida25
2/24FGCU10 South Florida24
3/2FGCU8 Miami13
3/23FGCU8 Emory10
2/9Florida13 Florida State14
2/9Florida18 Miami5
2/16Florida10 Lady Boh’s1
2/16Florida17 Tulane University1
2/16Florida6 University of Virginia8
2/16Florida16 University of Wisconsin2
2/24Florida25 FGCU3
2/24Florida22 South Florida7
3/30Florida15 Alabama3
3/30Florida7 Central Florida11
3/30Florida15 Miami4
3/31Florida12 Texas A&M University10
4/13Florida6 Central Florida7
2/2Florida State14 Alabama16
2/3Florida State21 Tennessee2
2/9Florida State14 Florida13
2/9Florida State14 Miami1
2/16Florida State20 FGCU3
2/16Florida State21 South Florida3
2/17Florida State17 Clemson8
2/23Florida State22 Auburn2
2/23Florida State5 Central Florida9
2/24Fordham University7 Quinnipiac University4
2/24Fordham University13 Stony Brook University14
3/2Fordham University0 University of Rhode Island0
3/3Fordham University0 Marist College0
3/10Fordham University7 Central Connecticut State Univ9
3/30Fordham University14 Hofstra University9
3/30Fordham University0 Hofstra University0
4/6Fordham University0 Sacred Heart University1
4/6Fordham University1 Sacred Heart University1
3/2Fullerton College3 Concordia University16
3/15Fullerton College6 CSU Long Beach9
3/23Fullerton College1 Loyola Marymount1
3/23Fullerton College1 Loyola Marymount0
3/30Fullerton College0 CSU Fullerton0
3/3George Mason University1 UMBC1
3/3George Mason University1 UMBC0
3/3George Mason University0 US Naval Academy16
3/31George Mason University3 University of Lynchburg5
3/31George Mason University7 University of Lynchburg6
4/6George Mason University5 George Washington University8
4/6George Mason University3 Georgetown University7
2/24George Washington University2 Georgetown University11
3/2George Washington University6 Drexel University9
3/2George Washington University0 High Point University0
3/2George Washington University2 Salisbury University13
4/6George Washington University8 George Mason University5
4/6George Washington University5 University of Lynchburg3
4/7George Washington University0 UMBC0
2/16Georgetown University1 University of Maryland11
2/17Georgetown University4 Salisbury University6
2/24Georgetown University11 George Washington University2
3/30Georgetown University0 Penn State University0
3/30Georgetown University3 University of Maryland16
3/31Georgetown University0 Towson University0
4/6Georgetown University7 George Mason University3
4/6Georgetown University12 University of Lynchburg1
4/6Georgetown University12 University of Lynchburg0
2/2Georgia15 Auburn3
2/2Georgia12 Clemson10
2/9Georgia14 Georgia Tech7
2/9Georgia17 Tennessee8
2/15Georgia10 Cal Poly ‘A’11
2/16Georgia10 Santa Clara11
2/16Georgia6 University of Pittsburgh14
2/17Georgia8 UCLA ‘A’18
3/2Georgia21 Kennesaw4
3/23Georgia13 Central Florida11
3/23Georgia16 University of North Carolina10
3/29Georgia5 University of Michigan8
3/30Georgia6 Brigham Young University10
3/30Georgia10 University of Colorado9
3/31Georgia14 Colorado State University11
4/13Georgia19 Clemson10
4/13Georgia12 Georgia Tech7
4/14Georgia12 Central Florida10
5/8Georgia9 University of Delaware10
5/9Georgia13 University of Colorado8
1/26Georgia Tech15 Alabama8
1/26Georgia Tech21 Mississippi State0
2/3Georgia Tech19 Emory2
2/3Georgia Tech23 South Florida6
2/9Georgia Tech7 Georgia14
2/9Georgia Tech19 Tennessee4
2/16Georgia Tech24 Auburn14
2/23Georgia Tech22 Kennesaw7
2/23Georgia Tech18 Ole Miss2
3/9Georgia Tech9 Clemson6
4/13Georgia Tech7 Georgia12
1/26Gonzaga University18 Central Washington University4
1/26Gonzaga University11 Montana State University5
3/2Gonzaga University8 Central Washington University5
3/2Gonzaga University15 Seattle University3
3/3Gonzaga University10 Pacific Lutheran University1
3/3Gonzaga University18 Seattle University3
3/23Gonzaga University19 University of Idaho3
3/31Gonzaga University9 Portland State University7
3/31Gonzaga University1 University of Idaho1
3/31Gonzaga University1 University of Idaho0
4/6Gonzaga University10 University of Portland1
4/7Gonzaga University10 Portland State University9
2/2Grand Canyon9 Cal Poly ‘A’14
2/2Grand Canyon0 UC Santa Barbara0
2/3Grand Canyon10 USC11
2/9Grand Canyon7 Colorado State University15
2/9Grand Canyon3 San Diego State14
2/16Grand Canyon0 UC Berkeley0
2/16Grand Canyon7 University of Utah13
2/17Grand Canyon5 UC Berkeley19
2/17Grand Canyon12 UC Davis7
2/24Grand Canyon11 Saint Mary’s College9
3/23Grand Canyon13 U San Diego12
3/29Grand Canyon11 Arizona22
4/5Grand Canyon5 Arizona State11
4/6Grand Canyon13 Arizona18
2/16Grand Valley State University9 Illinois State University8
2/16Grand Valley State University12 Marquette University8
2/22Grand Valley State University7 Michigan State University8
2/22Grand Valley State University19 Western Michigan University4
3/30Grand Valley State University11 Central Michigan University4
3/30Grand Valley State University9 Oakland University5
3/30Grand Valley State University20 Saginaw Valley State Universit1
4/6Grand Valley State University15 Eastern Michigan University2
4/6Grand Valley State University11 Xavier University6
4/7Grand Valley State University10 University of Dayton1
4/7Grand Valley State University9 University of St. Thomas13
4/13Grand Valley State University19 Bowling Green University1
4/13Grand Valley State University16 University of Dayton1
4/14Grand Valley State University15 Oakland University7
5/9Grand Valley State University9 University of Denver13
5/10Grand Valley State University16 University of St. Thomas21
5/11Grand Valley State University9 Air Force Academy8
2/23Grove City College17 Taylor University11
3/20Grove City College4 Carngnie Mellon8
3/22Grove City College7 Duquesne University14
3/26Grove City College17 Case Western Reserve Universit4
4/6Grove City College1 Carngnie Mellon1
4/6Grove City College1 Carngnie Mellon0
4/6Grove City College12 Case Western Reserve Universit7
4/6Grove City College7 Indiana University at Pennsylv10
3/9Gustavus Adolphus College0 Carleton College0
3/13Gustavus Adolphus College0 University of St. Thomas22
3/19Gustavus Adolphus College1 MSU – Mankato1
3/19Gustavus Adolphus College1 MSU – Mankato0
3/20Gustavus Adolphus College5 St. Olaf College13
3/23Gustavus Adolphus College0 College of Saint Benedict1
3/23Gustavus Adolphus College1 College of Saint Benedict1
3/23Gustavus Adolphus College0 University of North Dakota1
3/23Gustavus Adolphus College1 University of North Dakota1
3/24Gustavus Adolphus College0 Winona State University1
3/24Gustavus Adolphus College1 Winona State University1
2/2Hardin-Simmons University5 University of Houston11
2/9Hardin-Simmons University0 Texas Christian University19
2/23Hardin-Simmons University10 Tarleton State13
2/23Hardin-Simmons University8 UTSA5
3/2Hardin-Simmons University3 St. Edward’s14
3/2Hardin-Simmons University4 University of North Texas14
3/30Hardin-Simmons University0 Baylor University0
3/30Hardin-Simmons University8 Sam Houston State University6
2/17High Point University0 Wake Forest University0
3/2High Point University6 Drexel University7
3/2High Point University0 George Washington University0
3/2High Point University1 Salisbury University10
3/30High Point University0 Appalachian State0
3/30High Point University0 East Carolina University0
3/31High Point University0 Coastal Carolina University0
3/31High Point University0 North Carolina State0
4/7High Point University0 Appalachian State0
4/7High Point University5 Elon University15
2/23Hofstra University6 Quinnipiac University10
2/24Hofstra University7 Sacred Heart University10
3/10Hofstra University6 Marist College8
3/10Hofstra University4 Stony Brook University14
3/30Hofstra University9 Fordham University14
3/30Hofstra University0 Fordham University0
4/7Hofstra University0 New York University0
4/7Hofstra University0 Quinnipiac University0
2/16Humboldt State2 CSU San Marcos19
2/16Humboldt State1 University of Denver17
2/17Humboldt State4 Biola8
2/17Humboldt State3 UC Irvine16
3/2Humboldt State0 UC Santa Cruz0
3/9Humboldt State0 Stanford0
3/30Humboldt State4 Nevada Reno19
3/30Humboldt State0 Sonoma State0
4/6Humboldt State0 Chico State0
2/16Illinois State University8 Grand Valley State University9
2/16Illinois State University5 Northwestern University15
3/23Illinois State University9 Lake Forest College7
3/23Illinois State University8 Wheaton College7
3/24Illinois State University15 Depaul University1
3/30Illinois State University13 Loyola University of Chicago6
3/30Illinois State University1 Rose-Hulman Institute of Techn1
3/30Illinois State University1 Rose-Hulman Institute of Techn0
3/31Illinois State University12 Ball State University2
3/31Illinois State University15 Northern Kentucky University5
4/13Illinois State University2 Oakland University11
4/13Illinois State University10 Xavier University9
4/7Indiana University0 West Virginia University0
2/23Indiana University at Pennsylv9 Taylor University5
2/27Indiana University at Pennsylv6 Carngnie Mellon3
3/31Indiana University at Pennsylv8 Carngnie Mellon3
3/31Indiana University at Pennsylv11 Case Western Reserve Universit5
4/6Indiana University at Pennsylv1 Carngnie Mellon1
4/6Indiana University at Pennsylv1 Carngnie Mellon0
4/6Indiana University at Pennsylv7 Case Western Reserve Universit5
4/6Indiana University at Pennsylv10 Grove City College7
2/9Iowa State University13 UW – Milwaukee2
2/9Iowa State University12 Winona State University9
2/17Iowa State University7 University of St. Thomas8
3/29Iowa State University10 Bowling Green University4
3/30Iowa State University18 University of Toledo0
3/30Iowa State University12 Wheaton College4
4/6Iowa State University7 UM – Duluth5
4/6Iowa State University6 University of North Dakota5
4/6Iowa State University5 UW – La Crosse6
4/7Iowa State University11 University of Iowa6
4/13Iowa State University9 College of Saint Benedict7
4/13Iowa State University17 UW – Eau Claire5
4/14Iowa State University6 University of St. Thomas16
2/24Ithaca College3 SUNY Cortland10
3/3Ithaca College6 Le Moyne College8
3/22Ithaca College1 Cornell University11
3/24Ithaca College1 Cornell University17
4/6Ithaca College5 SUNY Cortland14
4/7Ithaca College4 Binghamton University8
4/7Ithaca College11 University of Albany6
2/23James Madison University8 Penn State University7
2/23James Madison University6 University of Maryland7
2/24James Madison University11 Duke University6
2/24James Madison University4 University of North Carolina14
3/21James Madison University7 University of Virginia10
3/23James Madison University4 Virginia Tech12
4/6James Madison University19 East Carolina University5
4/6James Madison University7 University of North Carolina14
4/7James Madison University9 Duke University12
4/7James Madison University7 Towson University9
2/2Kennesaw12 Tennessee11
2/2Kennesaw17 UTC4
2/9Kennesaw2 Central Florida20
2/9Kennesaw16 South Florida18
2/23Kennesaw7 Georgia Tech22
2/23Kennesaw16 Ole Miss6
3/2Kennesaw4 Georgia21
3/23Kennesaw9 Alabama13
3/23Kennesaw15 Auburn4
3/24Kennesaw20 Emory13
4/7Kennesaw9 Clemson12
2/16Lady Boh’s1 Florida10
3/22Lake Forest College11 Wheaton College10
3/23Lake Forest College7 Illinois State University9
3/24Lake Forest College1 Depaul University1
3/24Lake Forest College1 Depaul University0
3/24Lake Forest College15 Western Michigan University9
3/30Lake Forest College8 Bowling Green University12
3/30Lake Forest College14 University of Toledo9
4/7Lake Forest College11 Loyola University of Chicago10
3/3Le Moyne College8 Ithaca College6
3/24Le Moyne College2 Cornell University18
3/30Le Moyne College0 Binghamton University14
3/30Le Moyne College13 University of Albany6
3/31Le Moyne College0 SUNY Cortland0
4/7Le Moyne College4 Syracuse University8
4/7Le Moyne College6 University of Albany4
2/23Lehigh University5 Rutgers University8
2/24Lehigh University0 College of New Jersey1
2/24Lehigh University1 College of New Jersey1
3/2Lehigh University0 West Chester University0
2/9Louisiana State University3 Southern Methodist University14
2/9Louisiana State University4 University of Texas19
2/16Louisiana State University11 Texas State University5
2/16Louisiana State University0 University of Houston0
3/23Louisiana State University13 Baylor University15
3/23Louisiana State University3 Texas A&M University24
3/31Louisiana State University17 University of North Texas8
4/6Louisiana State University11 Sam Houston State University5
2/2Loyola Marymount0 Cal State Northridge0
2/16Loyola Marymount0 Cal State Northridge0
3/23Loyola Marymount0 Fullerton College1
3/23Loyola Marymount1 Fullerton College1
2/23Loyola University Maryland19 Drexel University4
2/23Loyola University Maryland17 University of Pennsylvania3
2/24Loyola University Maryland5 Temple University3
3/23Loyola University Maryland11 Temple University7
3/23Loyola University Maryland7 US Naval Academy12
3/30Loyola University Maryland13 Rutgers University5
3/30Loyola University Maryland8 Salisbury University5
4/7Loyola University Maryland14 UMBC1
4/13Loyola University Maryland13 Salisbury University8
4/13Loyola University Maryland9 Temple University3
4/14Loyola University Maryland10 US Naval Academy9
5/9Loyola University Maryland16 Air Force Academy4
5/9Loyola University Maryland18 Oakland University8
5/10Loyola University Maryland16 Utah State University10
5/11Loyola University Maryland13 US Naval Academy6
3/23Loyola University of Chicago14 Western Michigan University5
3/23Loyola University of Chicago8 Wheaton College6
3/30Loyola University of Chicago12 Ball State University3
3/30Loyola University of Chicago6 Illinois State University13
3/30Loyola University of Chicago13 Northern Kentucky University11
3/30Loyola University of Chicago1 Rose-Hulman Institute of Techn1
3/30Loyola University of Chicago1 Rose-Hulman Institute of Techn0
4/7Loyola University of Chicago0 Depaul University0
4/7Loyola University of Chicago10 Lake Forest College11
2/23Marist College6 WPI9
3/3Marist College0 Fordham University0
3/3Marist College0 New York University0
3/10Marist College8 Hofstra University6
3/10Marist College8 Stony Brook University7
3/30Marist College10 Quinnipiac University4
3/30Marist College7 Sacred Heart University9
2/16Marquette University8 Grand Valley State University12
2/16Marquette University16 Northwestern University11
3/2Marquette University17 University of Minnesota16
3/23Marquette University7 Michigan State University14
3/23Marquette University9 Ohio University6
3/24Marquette University11 Purdue University7
3/30Marquette University0 Duquesne University0
3/30Marquette University0 University of Cincinnati0
3/30Marquette University0 University of Illinois0
3/31Marquette University0 University of Kentucky0
3/31Marquette University0 Xavier University0
4/7Marquette University0 University of Michigan1
4/7Marquette University1 University of Michigan1
4/7Marquette University1 University of Wisconsin1
4/7Marquette University1 University of Wisconsin0
4/13Marquette University4 University of Michigan21
2/24Merrimack University3 Northeastern University15
2/24Merrimack University2 University of Mass Amherst18
3/2Merrimack University0 University of Vermont0
3/24Merrimack University11 Saint Anselm College7
3/24Merrimack University2 University of New Hampshire18
3/30Merrimack University5 College of the Holy Cross20
3/31Merrimack University0 Bates College0
3/31Merrimack University11 Dartmouth College7
4/6Merrimack University9 University of Maine6
4/7Merrimack University7 UMass – Lowell6
2/2Miami5 Central Florida19
2/2Miami12 FGCU7
2/9Miami5 Florida18
2/9Miami1 Florida State14
3/2Miami13 FGCU8
3/2Miami9 South Florida19
3/30Miami3 Alabama15
3/30Miami4 Florida15
3/30Miami4 Texas A&M University18
2/15Miami of Ohio16 Boise State1
2/23Miami of Ohio9 University of Kentucky8
2/24Miami of Ohio15 Ohio State University13
3/3Miami of Ohio15 Ohio University4
3/3Miami of Ohio12 Purdue University2
3/3Miami of Ohio19 West Virginia University3
3/9Miami of Ohio10 University of Cincinnati3
3/9Miami of Ohio15 University of Wisconsin2
4/6Miami of Ohio12 Michigan State University4
4/6Miami of Ohio12 University of Indiana11
4/13Miami of Ohio17 Michigan State University11
4/14Miami of Ohio5 University of Michigan16
2/8Michigan State University1 University of Michigan20
2/22Michigan State University8 Grand Valley State University7
2/24Michigan State University6 Ohio State University13
2/24Michigan State University8 University of Kentucky10
3/23Michigan State University14 Marquette University7
3/23Michigan State University15 Purdue University5
3/24Michigan State University13 Ohio University7
3/28Michigan State University10 University Notre Dame12
3/30Michigan State University17 University of Minnesota14
3/30Michigan State University17 University of Wisconsin2
3/31Michigan State University12 Buffalo6
3/31Michigan State University11 University of Indiana4
4/6Michigan State University4 Miami of Ohio12
4/6Michigan State University12 West Virginia University6
4/7Michigan State University13 Northwestern University4
4/7Michigan State University17 University of Illinois3
4/13Michigan State University11 Miami of Ohio17
4/13Michigan State University20 University of Minnesota14
1/26Mississippi State0 Georgia Tech21
1/26Mississippi State University4 Alabama27
1/26Montana State University15 Central Washington University9
1/26Montana State University5 Gonzaga University11
1/27Montana State University16 Seattle University3
3/30Montana State University12 Central Washington University9
3/31Montana State University2 Portland State University9
3/31Montana State University11 University of Idaho2
3/16MSU – Mankato0 College of Saint Benedict1
3/16MSU – Mankato1 College of Saint Benedict1
3/16MSU – Mankato0 College of St. Ben’s1
3/16MSU – Mankato0 St. Cloud State University0
3/16MSU – Mankato1 UW – Eau Claire19
3/16MSU – Mankato6 UW – Whitewater5
3/17MSU – Mankato6 UW – Oshkosh12
3/19MSU – Mankato0 Gustavus Adolphus College1
3/19MSU – Mankato1 Gustavus Adolphus College1
3/30MSU – Mankato3 Concordia College9
3/30MSU – Mankato1 University of North Dakota10
3/31MSU – Mankato13 MSU – Moorhead3
4/5MSU – Mankato9 Carleton College10
4/14MSU – Mankato0 Bethel University0
4/14MSU – Mankato0 MSU – Moorhead0
4/14MSU – Mankato0 University of North Dakota0
4/27MSU – Mankato0 Concordia College10
3/30MSU – Moorhead1 University of North Dakota10
3/30MSU – Moorhead1 Winona State University16
3/31MSU – Moorhead1 Concordia College8
3/31MSU – Moorhead3 MSU – Mankato13
4/7MSU – Moorhead1 Concordia College12
4/7MSU – Moorhead0 North Dakota State University0
4/7MSU – Moorhead1 University of North Dakota10
4/14MSU – Moorhead0 Bethel University0
4/14MSU – Moorhead0 Carleton College0
4/14MSU – Moorhead0 MSU – Mankato0
4/14MSU – Moorhead0 UW – Oshkosh0
4/14MSU – Moorhead0 UW – Whitewater0