About our Fantasy Lacrosse League • Be a Fantasy Coach • Or Don’t and Still Enjoy our Fantasy League

The FanLax Fantasy Lacrosse League happens to be one of the, if not the, best things about FanLax.  But you don’t need to coach within our Fantasy Lacrosse League or even follow the sport of lacrosse to enjoy this website.  Matter of fact, we created a non-lacrosse forum explicitly for the non-lacrosse fans like you. It just so happens that the forum is bereft of people and the few people who do show up are typically social cripples.  But we do not discriminate against you and people like you.  FanLax strives to cater to the beautiful spectrum of human beings that G-d has put on this earth ranging from rabid lacrosse fans to complete ignoramuses who think we watch football on thanksgiving because that is our most american sport.  So if a discussion about ‘why Syracuse can pull together such a disparate group of people ranging from Long Island Meatheads to Connecticut Preppies to Canadian Natives to West Coast Dudes and make them one finely tuned machine yet they can count on one-hand the number of Baltimoreans who have thrived there’ is not interesting to you and you would prefer to discuss whatever people like you like to discuss, you are still welcome here.  Make no mistake, we don’t like you.  But we recognize that, over time, you will die and, hopefully, your children will be better educated than you are.  So, bide your time here for as long as it takes and… Welcome to FanLax.