Club/Rec Lax and COVID

Youth and Club Lacrosse
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Club/Rec Lax and COVID

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I am just curious to hear about personal experiences with club lacrosse since things (at least here in MD) restarted back in June/July. I have two young kids (boy/girl) each on a club team and my older boys coach club teams. We have practiced, participated in tournaments, attended try-outs, etc. To date, at least locally there hasn't seemed to be any issues (none reported at least) regarding "spreading events" from these activities. Different teams/tournaments vary in terms of precautions (from very little to a great deal) for COVID as well.

I did hear that many youth sports in Connecticut were recently suspended due to an increase there - buy here in MD things seem to be stable and for the moment going in the "right" direction despite the club/rec activities.

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Re: Club/Rec Lax and COVID

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Anyone here have any youth lacrosse contacts for the greater Atlanta area, preferably programs inside the perimeter (I285), for a 6yr old girl and 8yr boy? PM or respond here, whatever works. I've done some research and finding some, but mostly pretty far from where I live, so hoping to learn about more options potentially available and any other inside info.

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