Why do we even have these two names any more? Why not just “O”? I understand that there are moments when a d-player wins the ball and becomes an O-player and 3 of the formerly O-players (who are now D-players) sprint back onto D and these are typically “middies” while the 3 other formerly O-players stay on O and these are typically “attackmen” and… Is that really why we differentiate between attackmen and middies? Where a player prefers to attack the cage, from in front of or behind the cage? Seems to me that calling Attackmen, attackmen and calling O middies, O middies is just a vestige from years long ago. At best, a reminder of what position the kid played in high school. (When middies are substantially more likely to play both ways. i.e. When middies actually play middy.) Lefty and Righty seems more meaningful than Attackman and Middie. And that’s not very meaningful.

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