According to Today’s (May 20) D1 Men FanLax Computer Rankings:

  1. Saturday’s Penn StateYale game is the Championship Final.  Saturday at 2:30 PM EST, #1 Penn State will be playing #2 Yale.
  2. Yesterday, Penn played Yale in the Final Four.  Yesterday’s Yale-Penn game was a Quarterfinal game played between the #2 and #3 teams in the Nation.  That’s not a Quarterfinal game. That’s a Final Four game. According to the NCAA, Penn and Yale are the #4 and #5 teams in the nation while Duke and Virginia are #2 and #3. The FanLax Computer disagrees and so does the FanLax guy writing this piece.
  3. Duke will be losing to Penn State on Memorial Day …if the FanLax Numbers are correct and past performance is indicative of future results, Duke will play and lose to Penn State on Memorial Day.
  4. Saturday’s Penn State-Yale game will be the Biggest Game, thus far, this season (and, if the winner of this game wins on Memorial Day, will be the Biggest Game all season).  The #2 Biggest Game this season was Penn State vs. Yale (February 23).  #3 was Penn State vs. Penn (March 2).  And yesterday’s Yale vs. Penn game was the #4 Biggest Game of the season. 
  5. 95% of the D1 Men teams’ 2019 Rankings are set.  Between now and Memorial Day, the teams with asterisks (PSU, Yale, Duke, and UVA) will move up and down the FanLax Computer Rankings.  The teams who played the teams with asterisks will also move but substantially less than the asterisked teams. And the rest of the teams will not move at all.  As a consequence, the non-asterisked teams have all but found their 2019 FanLax Computer Ranking.  
  6. The NCAA picked the right At-Large Teams … according to the FanLax Computer Rankings.  Any team, including High Point, Cornell, and otherwise, can say, “But we beat X who is in the tournament”.  But based on each team’s 2019 resume (i.e. their performance during the entirety of the 2019 season), the NCAA got the At-Larges right.  The rankings are a different story. 

So, unless Duke or UVA beat Penn State or Yale on Memorial Day, which is not beyond the realm of reason, enjoy the 2019 Championship Final on Saturday at 2:30 PM EST.