Limestone was undefeated, 18-0, ranked #1 in D2 Men Lacrosse, and, though they hadn’t yet played a #12-ranked, 15-5 Tampa in this 2019 season, seemed destined to move onto the Semifinals. Nonetheless, Limestone found themselves faces in OT with Tampa with an 11-11 score… when this happened: Tampa seemingly beat Limestone with this diving finish but… The officials called off the goal due to their being contact with the goalie. Did the goal scorer get pushed into the goalie? Did the goalie step into the dive? You make the call. But before you do, be aware that few, if any, are calling this goal a non-goal.

Apparently there’s more involved with this story which involves a lack of professionalism by one of the referees but there’s no video of this act so we’re going to refrain from speaking to this. We’ll leave it to the D2 Men Forum to speak to the unsubstantiated stuff.