The FanLax Computer Rankings only include teams that have played at least one game and, in many cases, have submitted Game Schedules and Scores to us. If you want to add a team to our Rankings, please let us know.

3/3Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)4 Cape Henry Collegiate (VA)18
3/3Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)15 Christchurch School (VA)3
3/3Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)10 Madeira School (DC)15
3/3Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)9 Norfolk Collegiate (VA)15
3/3Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)11 St. Gertrude (VA)9
3/3Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)9 Steward School (VA)8
4/4Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)11 Bishop Sullivan (VA)21
4/4Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)20 St. Gertrude (VA)12
4/4Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)13 Trinity Episcopal, VA (VA)15
3/3Naperville Central (IL)5 Lincoln-Way Co-Op (IL)16
3/3Naperville North (IL)3 Hinsdale Central (IL)18
2/2Naples (FL)19 Cardinal Mooney (FL)3
2/2Naples (FL)12 Gulf Coast (FL)1
2/2Naples (FL)18 Lely (FL)2
3/3Naples (FL)19 Fort Myers (FL)0
3/3Naples (FL)19 Immokalee (FL)0
3/3Naples (FL)19 Lely (FL)2
3/3Naples (FL)17 Out-of-Door Academy (FL)5
3/3Naples (FL)19 Palmetto Ridge (FL)0
3/3Naples (FL)19 Riverdale (FL)0
3/3Naples (FL)15 University HS, NSU (FL)3
4/4Naples (FL)13 Barron G. Collier (FL)2
2/2Nation Ford (SC)13 Woodmont (SC)2
3/3Nation Ford (SC)15 A. C. Flora (SC)2
3/3Nation Ford (SC)12 Ardrey Kell (NC)13
3/3Nation Ford (SC)3 Bishop England (SC)20
3/3Nation Ford (SC)17 Boiling Springs (SC)4
3/3Nation Ford (SC)13 Byrnes (SC)3
3/3Nation Ford (SC)14 Clover (SC)10
3/3Nation Ford (SC)14 Dorman (SC)0
3/3Nation Ford (SC)14 Eastside, SC (SC)9
3/3Nation Ford (SC)7 Fort Mill (SC)16
3/3Nation Ford (SC)19 Spartanburg (SC)2
4/4Nation Ford (SC)22 Blythewood (SC)2
4/4Nation Ford (SC)19 Riverside (SC)13
2/2Nease (FL)6 Creekside (FL)12
2/2Nease (FL)8 St. Augustine (FL)14
3/3Nease (FL)4 Bartram Trail (FL)18
3/3Nease (FL)12 Fletcher (FL)2
3/3Nease (FL)11 Pedro Menendez (FL)3
3/3Nerinx Hall (MO)14 Incarnate Word Academy (MO)7
3/3Nerinx Hall (MO)12 Ursuline Academy (MO)8
4/4Nerinx Hall (MO)1 Cor Jesu Academy (MO)13
4/4Nerinx Hall (MO)13 St. Joseph’s (MO)15
3/3Neshaminy (PA)9 Lower Moreland (PA)7
3/3Neuqua Valley (IL)12 Lyons Township (IL)9
3/3Neuqua Valley (IL)10 Maine South (IL)11
3/3Neuqua Valley (IL)14 Oak Park and River Forest (IL)13
4/4Neuqua Valley (IL)13 Benet Academy (IL)3
4/4Neuqua Valley (IL)8 Lincoln-Way Co-Op (IL)15
4/4Neuqua Valley (IL)12 Montini Catholic (IL)6
2/2New Bern (NC)0 Havelock (NC)1
3/3New Bern (NC)13 D.H. Conley Club (NC)9
3/3New Bern (NC)6 E.A. Laney (NC)10
3/3New Bern (NC)14 Havelock (NC)5
3/3New Bern (NC)10 Jacksonville (NC)4
3/3New Bern (NC)11 Millbrook (NC)8
3/3New Bern (NC)12 Rolesville (NC)8
3/3New Bern (NC)4 Topsail (NC)15
4/4New Bern (NC)15 First Flight (NC)9
4/4New Canaan (CT)18 St. Joseph (CT)6
4/4New Canaan (CT)18 Westhill (CT)0
4/4New Canaan (CT)12 Yorktown (NY)2
3/3New Hanover (NC)2 Ashley (NC)15
3/3New Hanover (NC)12 Cape Fear Academy (NC)7
3/3New Hanover (NC)4 E.A. Laney (NC)16
3/3New Hanover (NC)10 Havelock (NC)7
3/3New Hanover (NC)2 Hoggard (NC)15
3/3New Hanover (NC)14 South Brunswick (NC)9
3/3New Hanover (NC)0 Topsail (NC)17
3/3New Hanover (NC)9 West Brunswick (NC)10
4/4New Hanover (NC)10 Cape Fear Academy (NC)9
4/4New Hanover (NC)1 Hoggard (NC)13
3/3New Hartford (NY)7 Carthage (NY)20
3/3New Hartford (NY)6 Oswego (NY)16
3/3New Hope-Solebury (PA)13 Cardinal O’Hara (PA)11
3/3New Oxford (PA)8 Dover Area, PA (PA)7
4/4New Oxford (PA)13 Red Lion Area, PA (PA)5
3/3Newark Memorial (CA)0 Piedmont (CA)19
2/2Newberry (FL)0 Buchholz (FL)11
2/2Newberry (FL)0 Gainesville (FL)14
2/2Newberry (FL)0 Santa Fe (FL)17
2/2Newberry (FL)1 South Lake (FL)9
3/3Newberry (FL)4 Eastside (FL)12
3/3Newberry (FL)2 Forest (FL)17
3/3Newberry (FL)1 King’s Academy (FL)21
3/3Newberry (FL)0 Santa Fe (FL)15
3/3Newbury Park (CA)4 Glendale (CA)5
3/3Newbury Park (CA)9 Westlake (CA)12
4/4Newbury Park (CA)12 Westlake (CA)18
2/2Newnan (GA)0 Centennial (GA)19
3/3Newnan (GA)7 Columbus (GA)12
3/3Newnan (GA)4 Harrison (GA)26
3/3Newnan (GA)1 Hillgrove (GA)20
3/3Newnan (GA)15 Pebblebrook (GA)8
2/2Newport Harbor (CA)10 Mater Dei (CA)14
3/3Newport Harbor (CA)2 St. Margaret’s (CA)17
2/2Newsome (FL)18 Bloomingdale (FL)0
2/2Newsome (FL)16 George Steinbrenner (FL)1
2/2Newsome (FL)18 Sickles (FL)1
2/2Newsome (FL)20 Tampa Catholic (FL)3
2/2Newsome (FL)19 Wharton (FL)0
3/3Newsome (FL)19 Bloomingdale (FL)2
3/3Newsome (FL)19 Freedom Tampa (FL)0
3/3Newsome (FL)10 H.B. Plant (FL)11
3/3Newsome (FL)9 Jefferson (FL)0
3/3Newsome (FL)17 Robinson (FL)6
3/3Newsome (FL)19 Wharton (FL)0
4/4Newton North (MA)9 Walpole (MA)19
4/4Newton North (MA)22 Watertown (MA)8
4/4Newton South (MA)1 Wayland (MA)15
4/4Noble & Greenough (MA )13 Phillips Acad Andover (MA )5
4/4Noblesville (IN)3 Hinsdale Central (IL)21
2/2Norcross (GA)2 Dunwoody (GA)15
2/2Norcross (GA)17 Luella (GA)6
3/3Norcross (GA)11 Druid Hills (GA)1
3/3Norcross (GA)13 Gainesville (GA)0
3/3Norcross (GA)4 Grady (GA)19
3/3Norcross (GA)18 Lakeside – Dekalb (GA)8
3/3Norcross (GA)19 Meadowcreek (GA)4
3/3Norfolk Academy (VA)15 Collegiate School (VA)17
3/3Norfolk Academy (VA)12 R.J. Reynolds (NC)2
3/3Norfolk Academy (VA)13 Sidwell Friends (DC)11
3/3Norfolk Academy (VA)6 Weddington (NC)16
4/4Norfolk Academy (VA)20 Cape Henry Collegiate (VA)7
4/4Norfolk Academy (VA)22 Norfolk Collegiate (VA)9
3/3Norfolk Collegiate (VA)4 Bishop Sullivan (VA)16
3/3Norfolk Collegiate (VA)7 Highland School (VA)19
3/3Norfolk Collegiate (VA)15 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)9
4/4Norfolk Collegiate (VA)9 Norfolk Academy (VA)22
4/4Norfolk Collegiate (VA)16 Steward School (VA)11
3/3Norristown Area (PA)4 Quakertown (PA)17
3/3North Allegheny (PA)19 Franklin Regional, PA (PA)9
3/3North Allegheny (PA)13 Oakland CS, PA (PA)15
2/2North Atlanta (GA)12 Etowah (GA)4
2/2North Atlanta (GA)22 Lakeside – Dekalb (GA)3
2/2North Atlanta (GA)6 Lovett (GA)16
2/2North Atlanta (GA)16 River Ridge (GA)6
3/3North Atlanta (GA)8 Cambridge (GA)18
3/3North Atlanta (GA)5 Holy Innocents’ (GA)11
3/3North Atlanta (GA)2 Milton (GA)19
3/3North Atlanta (GA)18 Pace Academy (GA)6
3/3North Atlanta (GA)14 Pinecrest Academy (GA)9
3/3North Atlanta (GA)16 Riverwood (GA)3
4/4North Attleborough (MA)12 Canton (MA)13
4/4North Attleborough (MA)2 Foxborough (MA)14
2/2North Broward Prep (FL)4 Calvary Christian Academy (FL)17
2/2North Broward Prep (FL)23 Coral Springs (FL)4
2/2North Broward Prep (FL)6 Stoneman Douglas (FL)18
2/2North Broward Prep (FL)7 Taravella (FL)21
3/3North Broward Prep (FL)18 Coral Springs (FL)6
3/3North Broward Prep (FL)3 Taravella (FL)22
3/3North Broward Prep (FL)16 West Boca Raton (FL)26
4/4North Broward Prep (FL)11 West Boca Raton (FL)15
3/3North Central (IN)3 Zionsville (IN)18
2/2North Cobb (GA)14 Campbell (GA)9
2/2North Cobb (GA)8 East Paulding (GA)21
2/2North Cobb (GA)3 North Paulding (GA)22
2/2North Cobb (GA)4 Sequoyah (GA)15
3/3North Cobb (GA)11 Dalton (GA)7
3/3North Cobb (GA)12 Darlington (GA)11
3/3North Cobb (GA)13 East Coweta (GA)14
3/3North Cobb (GA)7 Etowah (GA)12
4/4North Cross Club (VA)8 Virginia Episcopal (VA)22
3/3North Davidson (NC)20 Atkins (NC)14
3/3North Davidson (NC)8 Davie (NC)15
3/3North Davidson (NC)5 East Forsyth (NC)13
3/3North Davidson (NC)10 Forsyth Country Day (NC)18
3/3North Davidson (NC)2 Mt. Tabor (NC)14
3/3North Davidson (NC)0 Ronald Reagan (NC)21
3/3North Davidson (NC)7 Southeast Guilford (NC)10
3/3North Davidson (NC)7 West Stokes (NC)2
3/3North Davidson (NC)10 Western Guilford (NC)2
4/4North Davidson (NC)20 Atkins (NC)9
2/2North Forsyth (GA)4 Allatoona (GA)13
2/2North Forsyth (GA)14 Chamblee (GA)2
2/2North Forsyth (GA)2 Decatur (GA)14
2/2North Forsyth (GA)11 Etowah (GA)2
2/2North Forsyth (GA)14 Lanier (GA)1
3/3North Forsyth (GA)11 Cherokee (GA)10
3/3North Forsyth (GA)14 Gainesville (GA)1
3/3North Forsyth (GA)11 Sequoyah (GA)16
3/3North Forsyth (GA)4 West Forsyth (GA)22
2/2North Gwinnett (GA)20 Brookwood (GA)7
2/2North Gwinnett (GA)20 Kennesaw Mountain (GA)10
3/3North Gwinnett (GA)5 Blessed Trinity (GA)15
3/3North Gwinnett (GA)10 Cambridge (GA)16
3/3North Gwinnett (GA)23 Duluth (GA)2
3/3North Gwinnett (GA)18 Peachtree Ridge (GA)11
3/3North Gwinnett (GA)19 South Forsyth (GA)7
4/4North Hills (PA)13 Indiana Area (PA)7
4/4North Hunterdon (NJ)2 Bridgewater-Raritan (NJ)18
4/4North Kingstown (RI)5 Moses Brown School (RI)22
3/3North Myrtle Beach (SC)1 Carolina Forest (SC)17
3/3North Myrtle Beach (SC)0 Socastee (SC)16
3/3North Myrtle Beach (SC)3 South Brunswick (NC)14
3/3North Myrtle Beach (SC)0 St. James HS, SC (SC)18
3/3North Myrtle Beach (SC)0 West Brunswick (NC)21
4/4North Myrtle Beach (SC)0 West Brunswick (NC)22
2/2North Oconee (GA)8 Buford (GA)17
2/2North Oconee (GA)14 Duluth (GA)9
2/2North Oconee (GA)14 Holy Innocents’ (GA)11
2/2North Oconee (GA)19 Lanier (GA)3
3/3North Oconee (GA)14 Gainesville (GA)1
3/3North Oconee (GA)10 Greater Atlanta (GA)6
3/3North Oconee (GA)18 Meadowcreek (GA)0
3/3North Oconee (GA)6 Peachtree Ridge (GA)16
2/2North Paulding (GA)9 Harrison (GA)16
2/2North Paulding (GA)22 North Cobb (GA)3
2/2North Paulding (GA)19 River Ridge (GA)3
3/3North Paulding (GA)17 Allatoona (GA)5
3/3North Paulding (GA)15 Brookwood (GA)4
3/3North Paulding (GA)15 Creekview (GA)12
3/3North Paulding (GA)22 Dalton (GA)2
3/3North Paulding (GA)13 Decatur (GA)5
3/3North Paulding (GA)16 East Paulding (GA)6
3/3North Paulding (GA)10 Hillgrove (GA)9
3/3North Paulding (GA)16 Sequoyah (GA)4
3/3North Penn (PA)7 Abington (PA)11
3/3North Penn (PA)11 Strath Haven (PA)18
3/3North Point (MD)4 Huntingtown (MD)16
4/4North Quincy (MA)0 Hingham (MA)19
2/2North Springs (GA)16 Druid Hills (GA)5
2/2North Springs (GA)13 Lakeside – Dekalb (GA)5
2/2North Springs (GA)5 Maynard Jackson (GA)15
3/3North Springs (GA)3 Duluth (GA)18
3/3North Springs (GA)12 Riverwood (GA)17
3/3Northampton, PA (PA)7 Allentown Central Catholic (PA)19
3/3Northampton, PA (PA)0 Saucon Valley (PA)19
4/4Northampton, PA (PA)2 Emmaus (PA)19
4/4Northbridge (MA)9 Hopedale (MA)21
3/3Northeast (MD)9 Annapolis (MD)14
3/3Northeast, PA (PA)19 Archbishop Ryan (PA)5
3/3Northeast, PA (PA)10 Frankford (PA)2
3/3Northeast, PA (PA)16 George Washington, PA (PA)6
3/3Northeast, PA (PA)13 Lower Moreland (PA)6
3/3Northeast, PA (PA)14 Mastery Chtr-Shoemaker (PA)4
2/2Northern Guilford (NC)24 Western Guilford (NC)1
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)19 High Point Central (NC)10
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)3 Northwest Guilford (NC)16
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)4 Northwest Guilford (NC)13
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)11 Page (NC)10
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)11 Ragsdale (NC)6
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)22 Southeast Guilford (NC)7
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)12 Southwest Guilford (NC)2
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)8 West Forsyth (NC)22
3/3Northern Guilford (NC)20 Western Guilford (NC)3
4/4Northern Guilford (NC)20 Grimsley (NC)10
4/4Northern Highlands (NJ)7 Summit (NJ)14
3/3Northern York (PA)8 Penn Manor (PA)11
4/4Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA )10 Taft School (CT)9
4/4Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA )8 Westminster School (CT)9
3/3Northgate (CA)15 Dublin (CA)5
2/2Northgate (GA)15 Columbus (GA)7
2/2Northgate (GA)7 Whitewater (GA)9
3/3Northgate (GA)13 Carrollton (GA)12
3/3Northgate (GA)13 East Coweta (GA)5
3/3Northgate (GA)23 Fayette County (GA)4
3/3Northgate (GA)7 Harrison (GA)23
3/3Northgate (GA)8 Hillgrove (GA)11
3/3Northgate (GA)21 Luella (GA)1
3/3Northgate (GA)15 McEachern (GA)4
3/3Northgate (GA)18 Wheeler (GA)7
3/3Northgate (GA)14 Woodward Academy (GA)8
3/3Northside (NC)15 Cape Fear Academy (NC)9
3/3Northside (NC)14 D.H. Conley Club (NC)4
3/3Northside (NC)11 Havelock (NC)6
3/3Northside (NC)12 Jacksonville (NC)5
3/3Northside (NC)21 White Oak (NC)2
4/4Northside (NC)11 J.H. Rose (NC)10
2/2Northview (GA)7 Roswell (GA)14
3/3Northview (GA)3 Centennial (GA)16
3/3Northview (GA)1 John’s Creek (GA)16
3/3Northville (MI)9 Mercy (MI)11
3/3Northwest – Cedar Hill (MO)0 Rockwood Summit (MO)9
4/4Northwest – Cedar Hill (MO)5 Marquette (MO)17
4/4Northwest – Cedar Hill (MO)1 Pattonville (MO)13
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)8 East Forsyth (NC)5
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)24 High Point Central (NC)3
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)13 Northern Guilford (NC)4
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)16 Northern Guilford (NC)3
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)14 Page (NC)6
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)9 R.J. Reynolds (NC)8
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)9 R.J. Reynolds (NC)6
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)20 Ragsdale (NC)8
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)20 Ragsdale (NC)9
3/3Northwest Guilford (NC)17 Southeast Guilford (NC)7
4/4Northwest Guilford (NC)21 Mt. Tabor (NC)5
4/4Northwest Guilford (NC)19 Page (NC)6
3/3Northwood (NC)4 Carrboro (NC)15
3/3Northwood (NC)3 Chapel Hill (NC)13
3/3Northwood (NC)2 East Chapel Hill (NC)20
3/3Northwood (NC)5 Wake Forest (NC)19
3/3Northwood (NC)4 Wakefield (NC)20
4/4Northwood (NC)10 Carrboro (NC)14
4/4Northwood (NC)2 East Chapel Hill (NC)20
4/4Norton (MA)10 Attleboro (MA)11
4/4Norton (MA)6 Fontbonne Academy (MA)10
4/4Norton (MA)2 Norwood (MA)13
4/4Norwell (MA)17 Medfield (MA)3
4/4Norwell (MA)8 Westwood (MA)7
3/3Norwin (PA)2 Fairview, PA (PA)6
4/4Norwin (PA)3 Canon-McMillan (PA)12
4/4Norwood (MA)4 Medfield (MA)19
4/4Norwood (MA)13 Norton (MA)2
4/4Notre Dame – Hingham (MA)15 Concord Carlisle (MA)6
3/3Notre Dame (MO)6 Francis Howell Central (MO)7
3/3Notre Dame (MO)24 Hazelwood East (MO)0
3/3Notre Dame (MO)4 Parkway Central (MO)10
4/4Notre Dame (MO)19 Lindbergh (MO)1
4/4Notre Dame (MO)15 Whitfield School (MO)5
3/3Notre Dame Academy (PA)17 Manheim Township (PA)14
3/3Notre Dame Academy (PA)20 Merion Mercy Academy (PA)5
3/3Notre Dame Academy (PA)19 Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)8
4/4Notre Dame Academy (PA)7 Episcopal Academy (PA)11
4/4Notre Dame Academy (PA)13 Germantown Academy (PA)11
4/4Notre Dame Academy (PA)13 William Penn Charter (PA)6
4/4Notre Dame de Sion (MO)4 Cor Jesu Academy (MO)13
4/4Notre Dame de Sion (MO)2 Lafayette (MO)14
4/4Notre Dame de Sion (MO)6 Parkway West (MO)10
4/4Notre Dame de Sion (MO)5 St. Teresa’s Academy (MO)15
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)10 American Heritage (FL)20
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)18 Gerstell Academy (MD)9
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)5 Glenelg (MD)8
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)13 IMG Academy (FL)4
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)17 Lassiter (GA)5
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)14 Maryvale Prep (MD)6
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)14 Mount de Sales (MD)7
3/3Notre Dame Prep (MD)17 Severn School (MD)7
4/4Notre Dame Prep (MD)15 Archbishop Spalding (MD)11
4/4Notre Dame Prep (MD)11 Bryn Mawr (MD)10
4/4Notre Dame Prep (MD)9 Roland Park Country (MD)7
2/2Novato (CA)11 Carondelet (CA)10
2/2Novato (CA)17 Casa Grande (CA)3
3/3Novato (CA)15 Branson School (CA)5
3/3Novato (CA)11 Granite Bay (CA)14
3/3Novato (CA)11 Miramonte (CA)8
3/3Novato (CA)18 Monte Vista (CA)10
3/3Novato (CA)11 Sacred Heart Prep (CA)10
3/3Novato (CA)16 San Marin (CA)8
3/3Novato (CA)21 Sir Francis Drake (CA)8
3/3Novato (CA)16 St. John’s, TX (TX)5
4/4Novato (CA)18 Marin Catholic (CA)11
4/4Novato (CA)15 Redwood (CA)16
3/3Novi (MI)5 Detroit Country Day (MI)14
3/3Novi (MI)11 Farmington (MI)13
3/3Novi (MI)18 Saline (MI)1
2/2Oak Hall (FL)9 Creekside (FL)8
2/2Oak Hall (FL)15 Episcopal School (FL)17
2/2Oak Hall (FL)11 Forest (FL)1
3/3Oak Hall (FL)6 Bartram Trail (FL)17
3/3Oak Hall (FL)15 Buchholz (FL)11
3/3Oak Hall (FL)22 Eastside (FL)7
3/3Oak Hall (FL)15 Gainesville (FL)6
3/3Oak Hall (FL)7 King’s Academy (FL)4
3/3Oak Hall (FL)15 Olympia (FL)3
3/3Oak Hall (FL)10 Pine Crest (FL)15
3/3Oak Hall (FL)18 Santa Fe (FL)4
3/3Oak Hall (FL)16 South Fork (FL)6
3/3Oak Knoll School (NJ)15 Ramapo (NJ)1
4/4Oak Knoll School (NJ)8 Ridgewood (NJ)14
2/2Oak Mountain (AL)19 Auburn (AL)6
2/2Oak Mountain (AL)3 Baylor School (TN)13
2/2Oak Mountain (AL)16 Hoover (AL)5
2/2Oak Mountain (AL)17 James Clemens (AL)9
2/2Oak Mountain (AL)15 Woodward Academy (GA)5
3/3Oak Mountain (AL)18 Homewood (AL)7
3/3Oak Mountain (AL)14 Houston, TN (TN)6
3/3Oak Mountain (AL)20 Jackson-Olin (AL)2
4/4Oak Park (CA)15 Westlake (CA)18
3/3Oak Park and River Forest (IL)13 Neuqua Valley (IL)14
2/2Oak Ridge (CA)16 Bella Vista (CA)2
3/3Oak Ridge (CA)4 San Ramon Valley (CA)20
3/3Oak Ridge (CA)13 University (CA)7
2/2Oak Ridge (FL)0 Colonial (FL)16
3/3Oak Ridge (FL)0 Boone (FL)20
3/3Oak Ridge (FL)0 Ocoee (FL)17
4/4Oakcrest School, VA (VA)17 Trinity Christian, VA (VA)8
3/3Oakdale (MD)15 Tuscarora (MD)8
4/4Oakdale (MD)16 Boonsboro (MD)5
4/4Oakdale (MD)12 Mt. Hebron (MD)10
3/3Oakland CS, PA (PA)15 North Allegheny (PA)13
3/3Oakland Tech (CA)4 San Ramon Valley (CA)21
4/4Oakmont Regional (MA)2 Bromfield School (MA)19
2/2Oaks Christian (CA)13 Dos Pueblos (CA)2
3/3Oakton (VA)9 Forest Park (VA)7
3/3Oakton (VA)19 George Marshall (VA)4
3/3Oakton (VA)7 Robinson Secondary, VA (VA)10
3/3Oakton (VA)3 W.T. Woodson (VA)16
4/4Oakton (VA)8 Battlefield (VA)7
4/4Oakton (VA)13 Chantilly (VA)7
3/3Ocean City (NJ)11 Moorestown (NJ)19
4/4Ocean City (NJ)17 Cedar Creek (NJ)1
4/4Ocean City (NJ)13 OLMA (NJ)0
4/4Ocean City (NJ)6 Shawnee (NJ)5
2/2Oceanside Collegiate (SC)13 Ashley Hall (SC)4
2/2Oceanside Collegiate (SC)16 Dutch Fork (SC)8
2/2Oceanside Collegiate (SC)11 St. James HS, SC (SC)12
3/3Oceanside Collegiate (SC)17 Academic Magnet (SC)0
3/3Oceanside Collegiate (SC)14 Porter-Gaud School (SC)8
3/3Oceanside Collegiate (SC)19 Savannah Christian (GA)6
3/3Oceanside Collegiate (SC)20 Socastee (SC)3
3/3Oceanside Collegiate (SC)16 Socastee (SC)9
4/4Oceanside Collegiate (SC)22 James Island (SC)2
4/4Oceanside Collegiate (SC)17 St. James HS, SC (SC)7
2/2Ocoee (FL)0 East Ridge (FL)20
2/2Ocoee (FL)0 East River (FL)20
2/2Ocoee (FL)5 Evans (FL)4
2/2Ocoee (FL)5 Wekiva (FL)8
2/2Ocoee (FL)0 West Orange (FL)16
3/3Ocoee (FL)3 Dr. Phillips (FL)18
3/3Ocoee (FL)7 Lake Minneola (FL)14
3/3Ocoee (FL)17 Oak Ridge (FL)0
3/3Ocoee (FL)3 Seminole (FL)22
3/3Ocoee (FL)6 South Lake (FL)12
3/3Ola (GA)16 Stratford Academy (GA)1
4/4Olathe (KS)5 St. James Academy (KS)11
3/3Old Mill (MD)9 Chesapeake – Pasadena (MD)11
4/4Oldham County (KY)0 Eastern (KY)14
4/4OLMA (NJ)0 Ocean City (NJ)13
2/2Olympia (FL)0 Bishop Moore (FL)19
2/2Olympia (FL)12 Freedom Orlando (FL)1
2/2Olympia (FL)16 Jones (IL)0
2/2Olympia (FL)0 Vero Beach (FL)14
2/2Olympia (FL)16 Wekiva (FL)0
3/3Olympia (FL)0 Bartram Trail (FL)17
3/3Olympia (FL)10 Celebration (FL)4
3/3Olympia (FL)1 Centennial (GA)20
3/3Olympia (FL)2 Dr. Phillips (FL)15
3/3Olympia (FL)10 Edgewater (FL)11
3/3Olympia (FL)3 Oak Hall (FL)15
4/4Olympia (FL)10 First Academy (FL)6
2/2Olympic Heights (FL)7 Palm Beach Gardens (FL)15
2/2Olympic Heights (FL)2 Park Vista (FL)14
3/3Olympic Heights (FL)1 Spanish River (FL)19
3/3Olympic Heights (FL)3 St. Andrew’s (FL)21
3/3Orangewood Christian (FL)9 Apopka (FL)16
3/3Orangewood Christian (FL)7 Windermere Prep (FL)18
3/3Orangewood Christian (FL)5 Windermere Prep (FL)20
3/3Oswego (NY)5 General Brown (NY)19
3/3Oswego (NY)16 New Hartford (NY)6
4/4Oswego (NY)10 Cortland (NY)20
2/2Out-of-Door Academy (FL)15 Calvary Christian (FL)9
2/2Out-of-Door Academy (FL)18 Manatee (FL)6
2/2Out-of-Door Academy (FL)20 St. Stephen’s (FL)14
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)14 Canterbury School (FL)1
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)18 Cardinal Mooney (FL)9
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)5 Creekside (FL)16
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)21 Lakewood Ranch (FL)5
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)5 Naples (FL)17
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)9 Riverview (FL)7
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)22 Sarasota Military Academy (FL)4
3/3Out-of-Door Academy (FL)19 Venice (FL)3
2/2Oviedo (FL)6 Lake Brantley (FL)11
2/2Oviedo (FL)20 Timber Creek (FL)2
2/2Oviedo (FL)2 Timber Creek (FL)20
2/2Oviedo (FL)10 Trinity Prep (FL)13
2/2Oviedo (FL)11 Winter Park (FL)10
3/3Oviedo (FL)8 Alpharetta (GA)16
3/3Oviedo (FL)6 Apopka (FL)18
3/3Oviedo (FL)10 East Ridge (FL)11
3/3Oviedo (FL)0 Hagerty (FL)20
3/3Oviedo (FL)10 Lambert (GA)9
3/3Oviedo (FL)12 Lyman (FL)19
3/3Oviedo (FL)18 Seminole (FL)7
4/4Oviedo (FL)4 Bartram Trail (FL)14
3/3Owego Free Academy (NY)3 Corning-Painted Post (NY)16
3/3Owego Free Academy (NY)7 Elmira (NY)8
3/3Owen J. Roberts (PA)6 Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)4
3/3Owen J. Roberts (PA)17 Strath Haven (PA)7
3/3Owen J. Roberts (PA)11 Wilson, West Lawn (PA)7
4/4Owen J. Roberts (PA)11 Boyertown Area (PA)9
2/2Oxbridge Academy (FL)3 Cardinal Newman (FL)21
2/2Oxbridge Academy (FL)23 Palm Beach Central (FL)12
2/2Oxbridge Academy (FL)8 Pine Crest (FL)14
3/3Oxbridge Academy (FL)7 Holy Cross (MD)16
3/3Oxbridge Academy (FL)11 Jensen Beach (FL)21
3/3Oxbridge Academy (FL)21 John I. Leonard (FL)0
3/3Oxbridge Academy (FL)18 Seminole Ridge (FL)5
3/3Oxbridge Academy (FL)15 Spanish River (FL)11
3/3Oxbridge Academy (FL)23 Suncoast Community (FL)15
4/4Oxbridge Academy (FL)10 King’s Academy (FL)11
3/3Oxford Area (PA)1 Downingtown West (PA)15
3/3Oxford Area (PA)1 Twin Valley, PA (PA)15
2/2Pace Academy (GA)8 Dalton (GA)4
2/2Pace Academy (GA)21 Riverwood (GA)4
3/3Pace Academy (GA)6 King’s Ridge Christian (GA)13
3/3Pace Academy (GA)2 Lovett (GA)18
3/3Pace Academy (GA)6 North Atlanta (GA)18
3/3Pace Academy (GA)8 Whitewater (GA)9
2/2Page (NC)22 High Point Central (NC)8
3/3Page (NC)2 East Forsyth (NC)14
3/3Page (NC)19 High Point Central (NC)6
3/3Page (NC)10 Northern Guilford (NC)11
3/3Page (NC)6 Northwest Guilford (NC)14
3/3Page (NC)19 Ragsdale (NC)17
3/3Page (NC)10 Southeast Guilford (NC)11
3/3Page (NC)11 Southeast Guilford (NC)6
3/3Page (NC)8 West Forsyth (NC)12
4/4Page (NC)6 Northwest Guilford (NC)19
4/4Palatine (IL)7 Evanston Township (IL)20
3/3Palisades Charter (CA)5 Glendale (CA)11
2/2Palm Beach Central (FL)16 Coral Springs Charter (FL)1
2/2Palm Beach Central (FL)12 Oxbridge Academy (FL)23
2/2Palm Beach Central (FL)10 South Fork (FL)8
2/2Palm Beach Central (FL)4 W.T. Dwyer (FL)5
2/2Palm Beach Central (FL)11 West Boca Raton (FL)8
3/3Palm Beach Central (FL)5 King’s Academy (FL)17
3/3Palm Beach Central (FL)5 Park Vista (FL)6
3/3Palm Beach Central (FL)10 Suncoast Community (FL)7
3/3Palm Beach Central (FL)4 Wellington (FL)5
3/3Palm Beach Central (FL)8 Wellington (FL)15
4/4Palm Beach Central (FL)11 American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)7
4/4Palm Beach Central (FL)0 Boca Raton (FL)14
2/2Palm Beach Gardens (FL)0 Benjamin School (FL)17
2/2Palm Beach Gardens (FL)15 Olympic Heights (FL)7
2/2Palm Beach Gardens (FL)4 Pine School (FL)18
3/3Palm Beach Gardens (FL)17 John I. Leonard (FL)3
3/3Palm Beach Gardens (FL)4 W.T. Dwyer (FL)17
4/4Palm Beach Gardens (FL)3 Cardinal Newman (FL)24
2/2Palmer Trinity (FL)7 Key West (FL)8
3/3Palmer Trinity (FL)5 Coral Shores (FL)4
3/3Palmer Trinity (FL)8 Gulliver Prep (FL)7
3/3Palmer Trinity (FL)3 Key West (FL)8
3/3Palmer Trinity (FL)13 Miami Country Day (FL)2
2/2Palmetto Ridge (FL)1 Barron G. Collier (FL)18
2/2Palmetto Ridge (FL)7 Bishop Verot (FL)13
2/2Palmetto Ridge (FL)14 Golden Gate (FL)5
2/2Palmetto Ridge (FL)2 Golden Gate (FL)13
3/3Palmetto Ridge (FL)2 Canterbury School (FL)15
3/3Palmetto Ridge (FL)3 Community School (FL)12
3/3Palmetto Ridge (FL)9 Cypress Lake (FL)8
3/3Palmetto Ridge (FL)9 Immokalee (FL)6
3/3Palmetto Ridge (FL)4 Lely (FL)11
3/3Palmetto Ridge (FL)0 Naples (FL)19
3/3Palmyra Area, PA (PA)5 State College Area (PA)21
4/4Palmyra Area, PA (PA)7 Cedar Crest (PA)17
3/3Palos Verdes (CA)16 Glendale (CA)7
3/3Palos Verdes (CA)18 Mira Costa (CA)8
3/3Palos Verdes (CA)10 Redondo Union (CA)8
3/3Panther Creek (NC)11 Athens Drive (NC)10
3/3Panther Creek (NC)6 Broughton (NC)16
3/3Panther Creek (NC)17 Cary (NC)4
3/3Panther Creek (NC)12 Chapel Hill (NC)9
3/3Panther Creek (NC)12 Green Hope (NC)11
3/3Panther Creek (NC)18 Leesville Road (NC)1
3/3Panther Creek (NC)3 Myers Park (NC)17
3/3Panther Creek (NC)5 Pinecrest (NC)12
4/4Panther Creek (NC)9 Green Hope (NC)6
4/4Panther Creek (NC)19 Jack Britt (NC)5
3/3Park City (UT)7 St. Margaret’s (CA)8
4/4Park Club (MO)6 Lee’s Summit West (MO)7
2/2Park Vista (FL)9 Jensen Beach (FL)12
2/2Park Vista (FL)14 Olympic Heights (FL)2
2/2Park Vista (FL)7 Spanish River (FL)15
2/2Park Vista (FL)11 St. Edward’s (FL)18
3/3Park Vista (FL)15 Atlantic (FL)3
3/3Park Vista (FL)3 Boca Raton (FL)14
3/3Park Vista (FL)3 King’s Academy (FL)12
3/3Park Vista (FL)6 Palm Beach Central (FL)5
3/3Park Vista (FL)5 W.T. Dwyer (FL)6
3/3Park Vista (FL)13 West Boca Raton (FL)10
4/4Park Vista (FL)8 Cardinal Newman (FL)19
4/4Park Vista (FL)11 Wellington (FL)9
3/3Parkland (PA)14 Cardinal O’Hara (PA)6
3/3Parkland (PA)7 Springfield (PA)9
4/4Parkland (PA)12 Manheim Township (PA)19
3/3Parkside (MD)9 Easton (MD)8
2/2Parkview (GA)15 Dacula (GA)6
2/2Parkview (GA)3 Peachtree Ridge (GA)19
3/3Parkview (GA)16 Collins Hill (GA)4
3/3Parkview (GA)18 Lanier (GA)5
3/3Parkview (GA)25 Meadowcreek (GA)1
3/3Parkview (GA)7 Mountain View (GA)21
3/3Parkway Central (MO)7 Francis Howell (MO)6
3/3Parkway Central (MO)13 Hazelwood West (MO)4
3/3Parkway Central (MO)13 Incarnate Word Academy (MO)14
3/3Parkway Central (MO)10 Notre Dame (MO)4
3/3Parkway Central (MO)5 Parkway South (MO)4
3/3Parkway North (MO)1 Francis Howell Central (MO)8
3/3Parkway North (MO)3 Francis Howell North (MO)10
3/3Parkway North (MO)7 Hazelwood Central (MO)6
3/3Parkway South (MO)4 Francis Howell (MO)19
3/3Parkway South (MO)4 Parkway Central (MO)5
4/4Parkway South (MO)7 West Belleville (IL)4
3/3Parkway West (MO)8 St. Joseph’s (MO)15
4/4Parkway West (MO)5 Lafayette (MO)13
4/4Parkway West (MO)13 Lee’s Summit West (MO)7
4/4Parkway West (MO)10 Notre Dame de Sion (MO)6
4/4Parkway West (MO)7 Pattonville (MO)6
4/4Parkway West (MO)6 Shawnee Mission (KS)8
4/4Parkway West (MO)12 Villa Duchesne (MO)16
3/3Parkwood (NC)6 David W. Butler (NC)7
3/3Parkwood (NC)5 Independence (NC)12
3/3Parkwood (NC)1 Marvin Ridge (NC)16
3/3Parkwood (NC)15 South Mecklenburg (NC)5
3/3Parkwood (NC)8 South Mecklenburg (NC)12
4/4Parkwood (NC)2 Weddington (NC)19
4/4Patchogue Medford (NY)3 Bay Shore (NY)13
4/4Patchogue Medford (NY)8 Longwood (NY)7
4/4Patchogue Medford (NY)5 William Floyd (NY)4
3/3Pattonville (MO)5 Marquette (MO)17
3/3Pattonville (MO)6 Villa Duchesne (MO)17
4/4Pattonville (MO)13 Northwest – Cedar Hill (MO)1
4/4Pattonville (MO)6 Parkway West (MO)7
3/3Paul VI (VA)9 Episcopal (VA)8
3/3Paul VI (VA)18 H.B. Plant (FL)10
3/3Paul VI (VA)5 Holton-Arms School (MD)18
3/3Paul VI (VA)13 Holy Child (MD)12
3/3Paul VI (VA)14 IMG Academy (FL)15
3/3Paul VI (VA)18 St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)7
3/3Paul VI (VA)19 Tampa Catholic (FL)4
4/4Paul VI (VA)19 Bishop O’Connell (VA)7
4/4Paul VI (VA)15 Good Counsel (MD)16
4/4Paul VI (VA)7 Holy Cross (MD)18
4/4Paul VI (VA)14 St. John’s College (DC)9
3/3Pawling (NY)12 Rye Neck (NY)3
2/2Paxon Institute (FL)2 Stanton College Prep (FL)14
3/3Paxon Institute (FL)0 Episcopal School (FL)20
3/3Paxon Institute (FL)10 Robert E. Lee (FL)0
3/3Paxon Institute (FL)2 Stanton College Prep (FL)16
2/2Peachtree Ridge (GA)18 Dacula (GA)1
2/2Peachtree Ridge (GA)19 Parkview (GA)3
3/3Peachtree Ridge (GA)15 Collins Hill (GA)2
3/3Peachtree Ridge (GA)5 John’s Creek (GA)21
3/3Peachtree Ridge (GA)10 Mountain View (GA)6
3/3Peachtree Ridge (GA)11 North Gwinnett (GA)18
3/3Peachtree Ridge (GA)16 North Oconee (GA)6
2/2Pearland (TX)1 The Woodlands (TX)17
3/3Pebblebrook (GA)1 East Paulding (GA)17
3/3Pebblebrook (GA)8 Newnan (GA)15
3/3Pebblebrook (GA)1 River Ridge (GA)21
2/2Pedro Menendez (FL)4 Atlantic Coast (FL)5
2/2Pedro Menendez (FL)7 Gainesville (FL)6
3/3Pedro Menendez (FL)15 Eastside (FL)5
3/3Pedro Menendez (FL)7 Flagler Palm (FL)6
3/3Pedro Menendez (FL)15 Mandarin (FL)1
3/3Pedro Menendez (FL)3 Nease (FL)11
3/3Pedro Menendez (FL)18 Sandalwood (FL)5
3/3Pedro Menendez (FL)2 St. Augustine (FL)16
3/3Pedro Menendez (FL)1 St. Augustine (FL)17
4/4Pedro Menendez (FL)14 St. Joseph Academy (FL)4
4/4Pembroke Hill (MO)3 St. James Academy (KS)9
4/4Penfield (NY)10 South Jefferson (NY)7
2/2Peninsula (CA)19 Beverly Hills (CA)0
2/2Peninsula (CA)18 Westridge School (CA)5
3/3Peninsula (CA)9 Downey (CA)12
3/3Peninsula (CA)10 El Segundo (CA)4
3/3Peninsula (CA)13 El Toro (CA)8
3/3Peninsula (CA)11 Mira Costa (CA)16
3/3Peninsula (CA)5 Redondo Union (CA)20
3/3Peninsula (CA)7 Temecula Valley (CA)13
3/3Penn Manor (PA)0 Hempfield, Landisville (PA)22
3/3Penn Manor (PA)1 Manheim Township (PA)22
3/3Penn Manor (PA)11 Northern York (PA)8
4/4Penn Manor (PA)4 Governor Mifflin (PA)20
4/4Penn Manor (PA)6 Twin Valley, PA (PA)24
4/4Penn Trafford (PA)6 Plum (PA)13
4/4Penn Trafford (PA)0 Upper St. Clair (PA)18
3/3Penncrest (PA)12 Phoenixville (PA)11
3/3Penncrest (PA)12 Ridley (PA)13
3/3Penncrest (PA)15 Upper Moreland (PA)16
3/3Pennridge (PA)12 Lansdale Catholic (PA)4
3/3Pennridge (PA)5 Saucon Valley (PA)14
2/2Pensacola (FL)5 Pensacola Catholic (FL)0
3/3Pensacola (FL)21 Booker T. Washington (FL)0
3/3Pensacola (FL)3 Gulf Breeze (FL)9
3/3Pensacola (FL)10 Pensacola Catholic (FL)5
3/3Pensacola (FL)12 Seacoast Collegiate (FL)0
3/3Pensacola (FL)7 South Walton (FL)5
3/3Pensacola (FL)16 West Florida A.T. (FL)2
2/2Pensacola Catholic (FL)14 Escambia (FL)0
2/2Pensacola Catholic (FL)0 Pensacola (FL)5
2/2Pensacola Catholic (FL)17 West Florida A.T. (FL)5
3/3Pensacola Catholic (FL)13 Booker T. Washington (FL)0
3/3Pensacola Catholic (FL)0 Gulf Breeze (FL)17
3/3Pensacola Catholic (FL)10 Milton (FL)4
3/3Pensacola Catholic (FL)5 Pensacola (FL)10
3/3Pensacola Catholic (FL)3 Seacoast Collegiate (FL)7
3/3Pensacola Catholic (FL)12 South Walton (FL)6
3/3Perkiomen Valley (PA)9 Downingtown West (PA)11
3/3Petaluma (CA)6 Tamalpais (CA)18
3/3Peters Township (PA)2 Pine-Richland (PA)11
4/4Peters Township (PA)10 Upper St. Clair (PA)19
4/4Phillips Acad Andover (MA )8 Middlesex School� (MA )7
4/4Phillips Acad Andover (MA )5 Noble & Greenough (MA )13
3/3Phillips Exeter Acad (NH)16 Winter Park (FL)6
4/4Phillips Exeter Acad (NH)16 Governor’s Academy (MA )8
4/4Phillips Exeter Acad (NH)4 Thayer Academy (MA )12
4/4Phillipsburg (NJ)2 Bernards (NJ)14
3/3Phoenixville (PA)14 Coatesville Area (PA)4
3/3Phoenixville (PA)11 Penncrest (PA)12
3/3Piedmont (CA)17 Acalanes (CA)4
3/3Piedmont (CA)11 Amador Valley (CA)15
3/3Piedmont (CA)20 Berkeley (CA)2
3/3Piedmont (CA)13 Foothill (CA)8
3/3Piedmont (CA)14 Head-Royce School (CA)8
3/3Piedmont (CA)13 Miramonte (CA)8
3/3Piedmont (CA)19 Newark Memorial (CA)0
3/3Piedmont (CA)12 Redwood (CA)11
3/3Piedmont (CA)8 San Ramon Valley (CA)18
4/4Piedmont (CA)11 St. Ignatius Prep (CA)9
2/2Pine Crest (FL)19 American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)2
2/2Pine Crest (FL)17 King’s Academy (FL)10
2/2Pine Crest (FL)14 Oxbridge Academy (FL)8
2/2Pine Crest (FL)9 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)15
3/3Pine Crest (FL)3 American Heritage (FL)16
3/3Pine Crest (FL)10 Benjamin School (FL)16
3/3Pine Crest (FL)11 Bishop Moore (FL)12
3/3Pine Crest (FL)18 Calvary Christian Academy (FL)8
3/3Pine Crest (FL)19 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)5
3/3Pine Crest (FL)15 Oak Hall (FL)10
3/3Pine Crest (FL)14 St. John Paul II (FL)12
3/3Pine Crest (FL)12 Vero Beach (FL)13
2/2Pine School (FL)18 Palm Beach Gardens (FL)4
3/3Pine School (FL)19 John Carroll Catholic (FL)1
3/3Pine School (FL)15 John Carroll Catholic (FL)1
3/3Pine School (FL)9 W.T. Dwyer (FL)12
3/3Pine School (FL)11 W.T. Dwyer (FL)9
3/3Pinecrest (NC)17 Green Hope (NC)4
3/3Pinecrest (NC)13 Jack Britt (NC)5
3/3Pinecrest (NC)19 Jordan (NC)13
3/3Pinecrest (NC)12 Panther Creek (NC)5
4/4Pinecrest (NC)13 East Chapel Hill (NC)21
3/3Pinecrest Academy (GA)3 Lovett (GA)14
3/3Pinecrest Academy (GA)9 North Atlanta (GA)14
3/3Pinecrest Academy (GA)9 Southwest DeKalb (GA)7
3/3Pine-Richland (PA)12 Hampton Township (PA)8
3/3Pine-Richland (PA)11 Peters Township (PA)2
4/4Pingry School (NJ)17 Hunterdon Central (NJ)9
4/4Pingry School (NJ)15 Princeton (NJ)12
4/4Pingry School (NJ)13 Ridge (NJ)6
3/3Pioneer (MI)10 Seaholm (MI)11
3/3Plano (TX)7 Southlake Carroll (TX)15
2/2Plantation (FL)5 Pompano Beach (FL)16
2/2Plantation (FL)1 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)19
3/3Plantation (FL)1 American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)18
3/3Plantation (FL)4 Cypress Bay (FL)18
3/3Plantation (FL)2 Pompano Beach (FL)13
3/3Plantation (FL)1 South Plantation (FL)15
3/3Plantation (FL)2 West Broward (FL)12
3/3Pleasant Valley (PA)15 Freedom, PA (PA)16
3/3Pleasant Valley (PA)13 Liberty, PA (PA)10
3/3Pleasant Valley (PA)16 Quakertown (PA)1
3/3Plum (PA)2 Blackhawk (PA)11
3/3Plum (PA)5 Mars Area (PA)19
4/4Plum (PA)11 Ellis School (PA)15
4/4Plum (PA)13 Penn Trafford (PA)6
3/3Plymouth (MI)6 Skyline (MI)13
3/3Plymouth-Whitemarsh (PA)3 Downingtown East (PA)16
2/2Pompano Beach (FL)17 Coral Springs (FL)4
2/2Pompano Beach (FL)16 Plantation (FL)5
2/2Pompano Beach (FL)3 West Broward (FL)13
3/3Pompano Beach (FL)2 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)18
3/3Pompano Beach (FL)17 Coral Springs (FL)7
3/3Pompano Beach (FL)8 Fort Lauderdale (FL)2
3/3Pompano Beach (FL)9 Fort Lauderdale (FL)4
3/3Pompano Beach (FL)13 Plantation (FL)2
4/4Pompano Beach (FL)6 Taravella (FL)19
2/2Ponte Vedra (FL)9 Milton (GA)23
3/3Ponte Vedra (FL)12 Bartram Trail (FL)9
3/3Ponte Vedra (FL)23 Bolles School (FL)3
3/3Ponte Vedra (FL)10 Creekside (FL)4
3/3Ponte Vedra (FL)21 Lake Mary (FL)8
3/3Ponte Vedra (FL)8 Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)23
2/2Pope (GA)8 West Forsyth (GA)17
3/3Pope (GA)6 Bartram Trail (FL)15
3/3Pope John Paul-Great (VA)8 Bishop O’Connell (VA)14
3/3Pope John Paul-Great (VA)6 Bishop Sullivan (VA)18
3/3Pope John Paul-Great (VA)24 St. Gertrude (VA)13
3/3Pope John Paul-Great (VA)23 Woodbridge, VA (VA)8
4/4Pope John Paul-Great (VA)21 Brentsville District (VA)17
4/4Pope John Paul-Great (VA)12 Foxcroft School (VA)18
4/4Pope John Paul-Great (VA)25 Fredericksburg Acad (VA)4
4/4Pope John Paul-Great (VA)17 Trinity Christian, VA (VA)2
4/4Pope John Paul-Great (VA)14 Trinity Episcopal, VA (VA)16
2/2Port Charlotte (FL)1 Canterbury School (FL)15
2/2Port Charlotte (FL)7 Estero (FL)14
2/2Port Charlotte (FL)5 Fort Myers (FL)13
2/2Port Charlotte (FL)1 Gulf Coast (FL)16
3/3Port Charlotte (FL)3 Bishop Verot (FL)13
3/3Port Charlotte (FL)5 Cape Coral (FL)11
3/3Port Charlotte (FL)7 Cape Coral (FL)11
3/3Port Charlotte (FL)11 Cypress Lake (FL)4
3/3Port Charlotte (FL)0 Estero (FL)14
3/3Port Charlotte (FL)6 Riverdale (FL)10
3/3Port Charlotte (FL)5 Riverdale (FL)12
3/3Portage Northern (MI)11 Catholic Central (MI)17
3/3Portage Northern (MI)13 Hudsonville (MI)3
2/2Porter Ridge (NC)7 Independence (NC)14
3/3Porter Ridge (NC)2 Ardrey Kell (NC)24
3/3Porter Ridge (NC)0 Cuthbertson (NC)20
3/3Porter Ridge (NC)6 Independence (NC)8
3/3Porter Ridge (NC)7 Providence (NC)10
3/3Porter Ridge (NC)11 South Mecklenburg (NC)14
3/3Porter Ridge (NC)7 Sun Valley (NC)11
4/4Porter Ridge (NC)2 Myers Park (NC)20
4/4Porter Ridge (NC)10 Providence (NC)12
2/2Porter-Gaud School (SC)10 Academic Magnet (SC)2
2/2Porter-Gaud School (SC)15 James Island (SC)6
3/3Porter-Gaud School (SC)14 A. C. Flora (SC)12
3/3Porter-Gaud School (SC)19 Ashley Hall (SC)14
3/3Porter-Gaud School (SC)16 James Island (SC)6
3/3Porter-Gaud School (SC)8 Oceanside Collegiate (SC)14
3/3Porter-Gaud School (SC)12 Spring Valley (SC)6
3/3Porter-Gaud School (SC)11 Wando (SC)16
4/4Porter-Gaud School (SC)13 Ashley Hall (SC)3
4/4Porter-Gaud School (SC)17 Spring Valley (SC)10
4/4Portsmouth Abbey (RI)6 Dexter Southfield (MA )15
4/4Portsmouth Abbey (RI)14 Worcester Academy (MA )10
3/3Potomac (MD)10 Alpharetta (GA)9
3/3Potomac (MD)4 Hinsdale Central (IL)11
3/3Potomac (MD)12 Mill Creek (GA)10
3/3Potomac (MD)3 Milton (GA)18
3/3Potomac Falls (VA)3 Riverside, VA (VA)15
3/3Potomac School (VA)10 Alpharetta (GA)9
3/3Potomac School (VA)8 Flint Hill School (VA)9
3/3Potomac School (VA)4 Hinsdale Central (IL)11
3/3Potomac School (VA)12 Mill Creek (GA)10
3/3Potomac School (VA)3 Milton (GA)18
4/4Potomac School (VA)9 Holy Child (MD)7
3/3Pottsgrove (PA)20 Collegium Charter (PA)0
3/3Poway (CA)11 Carlsbad (CA)5
3/3Poway (CA)12 La Costa Canyon (CA)13
3/3Poway (CA)12 Mission Hills (CA)3
3/3Poway (CA)8 Scripps Ranch (CA)16
4/4Poway (CA)13 Cathedral Catholic (CA)4
4/4Poway (CA)11 Mater Dei (CA)10
3/3Powers Catholic (MI)13 Rochester Adams (MI)5
4/4Powers Catholic (MI)4 Cranbrook Kingswood (MI)17
4/4Princeton (NJ)12 Pingry School (NJ)15
4/4Princeton Day School (NJ)6 Lawrenceville School (NJ)18
4/4Princeton Day School (NJ)15 Shipley School (PA)10
4/4Princeton Day School (NJ)16 Stuart CDS (NJ)4
3/3Providence (NC)3 Ardrey Kell (NC)19
3/3Providence (NC)16 Clover (SC)20
3/3Providence (NC)6 David W. Butler (NC)7
3/3Providence (NC)6 Independence (NC)7
3/3Providence (NC)21 Lake Norman Charter (NC)14
3/3Providence (NC)0 Myers Park (NC)18
3/3Providence (NC)10 Porter Ridge (NC)7
3/3Providence (NC)15 South Mecklenburg (NC)9
3/3Providence (NC)10 Sun Valley (NC)8
4/4Providence (NC)4 Cuthbertson (NC)19
4/4Providence (NC)17 David W. Butler (NC)10
4/4Providence (NC)12 Porter Ridge (NC)10
3/3Providence Day (NC)6 Cuthbertson (NC)11
3/3Providence Day (NC)5 David W. Butler (NC)6
3/3Providence Day (NC)0 Fort Mill (SC)19
3/3Providence Day (NC)11 Lake Norman Charter (NC)10
4/4Providence Day (NC)3 Ardrey Kell (NC)18
4/4Providence Day (NC)5 Southlake Christian (NC)9
3/3Quaker Valley (PA)15 Canon-McMillan (PA)5
3/3Quaker Valley (PA)6 Shady Side Academy (PA)13
4/4Quaker Valley (PA)12 Mars Area (PA)9
3/3Quakertown (PA)17 Norristown Area (PA)4
3/3Quakertown (PA)1 Pleasant Valley (PA)16
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)13 Ardrey Kell (NC)12
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)14 Davie (NC)3
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)6 Durham Academy (NC)14
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)14 East Chapel Hill (NC)21
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)14 Hough (NC)11
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)13 Lake Norman (NC)18
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)19 Mt. Tabor (NC)6
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)2 Norfolk Academy (VA)12
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)6 Northwest Guilford (NC)9
3/3R.J. Reynolds (NC)8 Northwest Guilford (NC)9
4/4R.J. Reynolds (NC)11 Ronald Reagan (NC)10
4/4R.J. Reynolds (NC)13 West Forsyth (NC)11
3/3Radnor (PA)8 Conestoga (PA)9
3/3Ragsdale (NC)23 Grimsley (NC)4
3/3Ragsdale (NC)6 Northern Guilford (NC)11
3/3Ragsdale (NC)9 Northwest Guilford (NC)20
3/3Ragsdale (NC)8 Northwest Guilford (NC)20
3/3Ragsdale (NC)17 Page (NC)19
3/3Ragsdale (NC)20 Southeast Guilford (NC)7
3/3Ragsdale (NC)13 Western Guilford (NC)1
4/4Ragsdale (NC)18 Southeast Guilford (NC)5
4/4Ragsdale (NC)17 Southwest Guilford (NC)6
3/3Ramapo (NJ)1 Oak Knoll School (NJ)15
4/4Ramapo (NJ)9 Mahwah (NJ)14
4/4Ramapo (NJ)8 Montclair (NJ)7
2/2Rancho Cotate (CA)5 Tamalpais (CA)20
2/2Ransom Everglades (FL)19 Coral Reef (FL)2
2/2Ransom Everglades (FL)13 Martin County (FL)12
2/2Ransom Everglades (FL)16 Miami Palmetto (FL)5
3/3Ransom Everglades (FL)20 American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)4
3/3Ransom Everglades (FL)16 Coral Shores (FL)1
3/3Ransom Everglades (FL)21 Key West (FL)3
3/3Ransom Everglades (FL)20 Miami Killian (FL)0
3/3Ransom Everglades (FL)19 Miami Palmetto (FL)4
3/3Ransom Everglades (FL)18 St. Andrew’s (FL)8
4/4Ransom Everglades (FL)20 University HS, NSU (FL)1
3/3Ravenscroft School (NC)14 Chapel Hill (NC)2
3/3Ravenscroft School (NC)17 East Chapel Hill (NC)15
3/3Ravenscroft School (NC)15 Greensboro Day School (NC)0
3/3Ravenscroft School (NC)16 St. David’s School (NC)0
3/3Ravenscroft School (NC)16 Virginia Episcopal (VA)5
3/3Red Land (PA)1 Lampeter-Strasburg (PA)18
4/4Red Land (PA)5 Central Dauphin (PA)10
3/3Red Lion Area, PA (PA)5 Carlisle Area (PA)6
3/3Red Lion Area, PA (PA)3 Kennard-Dale (PA)20
3/3Red Lion Area, PA (PA)4 South Western (PA)18
3/3Red Lion Area, PA (PA)8 West York Area (PA)11
4/4Red Lion Area, PA (PA)5 New Oxford (PA)13
3/3Redondo Union (CA)11 Glendale (CA)8
3/3Redondo Union (CA)8 Palos Verdes (CA)10
3/3Redondo Union (CA)20 Peninsula (CA)5
2/2Redwood (CA)10 Las Lomas (CA)7
3/3Redwood (CA)13 Acalanes (CA)7
3/3Redwood (CA)15 Branson School (CA)1
3/3Redwood (CA)11 Head-Royce School (CA)8
3/3Redwood (CA)16 Menlo-Atherton (CA)8
3/3Redwood (CA)11 Piedmont (CA)12
3/3Redwood (CA)9 Sacred Heart Prep (CA)8
3/3Redwood (CA)12 San Marin (CA)8
3/3Redwood (CA)17 St. Ignatius Prep (CA)10
3/3Redwood (CA)13 University (CA)9
4/4Redwood (CA)16 Novato (CA)15
4/4Redwood (CA)17 Sir Francis Drake (CA)10
3/3Regina (MI)15 Rochester (MI)11
3/3Reservoir (MD)1 Marriotts Ridge (MD)21
3/3Richmond Hill (GA)4 Bluffton (SC)11
4/4Ridge (NJ)6 Pingry School (NJ)13
2/2Ridge View (SC)5 Dutch Fork (SC)18
2/2Ridge View (SC)12 River Bluff (SC)9
3/3Ridge View (SC)12 Blythewood (SC)13
3/3Ridge View (SC)8 Dutch Fork (SC)16
3/3Ridge View (SC)13 Evans (GA)17
3/3Ridge View (SC)18 Irmo (SC)14
3/3Ridge View (SC)17 Irmo (SC)6
3/3Ridge View (SC)5 River Bluff (SC)13
3/3Ridge View (SC)4 Spring Valley (SC)17
4/4Ridgefield (CT)5 Greenwich Academy (CT)16
3/3Ridgewood (NJ)10 Georgetown Visitation (DC)9
4/4Ridgewood (NJ)13 Greenwich (CT)4
4/4Ridgewood (NJ)19 Immaculate Heart (NJ)5
4/4Ridgewood (NJ)17 Mahwah (NJ)2
4/4Ridgewood (NJ)14 Oak Knoll School (NJ)8
3/3Ridley (PA)7 Cardinal O’Hara (PA)14
3/3Ridley (PA)13 Penncrest (PA)12
4/4Ridley (PA)7 Harriton (PA)14
2/2River Bluff (SC)4 Lexington, SC (SC)19
2/2River Bluff (SC)9 Ridge View (SC)12
2/2River Bluff (SC)2 Spring Valley (SC)7
2/2River Bluff (SC)4 T. L. Hanna (SC)9
3/3River Bluff (SC)3 Blythewood (SC)9
3/3River Bluff (SC)1 Chapin (SC)26
3/3River Bluff (SC)6 Dutch Fork (SC)14
3/3River Bluff (SC)2 Dutch Fork (SC)12
3/3River Bluff (SC)5 May River (SC)11
3/3River Bluff (SC)13 Ridge View (SC)5
3/3River Hill (MD)8 Mt. Hebron (MD)11
2/2River Ridge (GA)8 Allatoona (GA)13
2/2River Ridge (GA)15 Cherokee (GA)12
2/2River Ridge (GA)9 Dalton (GA)5
2/2River Ridge (GA)6 North Atlanta (GA)16
2/2River Ridge (GA)3 North Paulding (GA)19
3/3River Ridge (GA)13 Forsyth Central (GA)12
3/3River Ridge (GA)21 Pebblebrook (GA)1
3/3River Ridge (GA)12 Sequoyah (GA)14
3/3River Ridge (GA)17 Sprayberry (GA)10
3/3River Ridge (GA)11 Woodstock (GA)5
2/2Riverdale (FL)9 Cape Coral (FL)4
3/3Riverdale (FL)5 Bishop Verot (FL)9
3/3Riverdale (FL)5 Canterbury School (FL)12
3/3Riverdale (FL)7 Fort Myers (FL)9
3/3Riverdale (FL)0 Naples (FL)19
3/3Riverdale (FL)12 Port Charlotte (FL)5
3/3Riverdale (FL)10 Port Charlotte (FL)6
4/4Rivers School (MA )15 Milton Academy (MA )8
2/2Riverside (NC)16 Athens Drive (NC)15
3/3Riverside (NC)19 Carrboro (NC)15
3/3Riverside (NC)21 Cary (NC)12
3/3Riverside (NC)12 Cary Academy (NC)19
3/3Riverside (NC)14 Jack Britt (NC)12
3/3Riverside (NC)14 Jordan (NC)17
3/3Riverside (NC)5 Millbrook (NC)16
2/2Riverside (SC)4 Bishop England (SC)19
2/2Riverside (SC)13 Boiling Springs (SC)3
2/2Riverside (SC)5 Chapin (SC)17
2/2Riverside (SC)6 Wando (SC)13
3/3Riverside (SC)19 Byrnes (SC)6
3/3Riverside (SC)16 Eastside, SC (SC)8
3/3Riverside (SC)17 Hillcrest, SC (SC)4
3/3Riverside (SC)5 J.L. Mann Academy (SC)17
3/3Riverside (SC)19 T. L. Hanna (SC)6
4/4Riverside (SC)20 Mauldin (SC)6
4/4Riverside (SC)13 Nation Ford (SC)19
4/4Riverside (SC)16 Woodmont (SC)4
3/3Riverside, VA (VA)15 Potomac Falls (VA)3
4/4Riverside, VA (VA)16 Broad Run (VA)0
4/4Riverside, VA (VA)16 Freedom, South Riding (VA)5
4/4Riverside, VA (VA)17 Wakefield HS, VA (VA)0
2/2Riverview (FL)7 Cardinal Mooney (FL)6
2/2Riverview (FL)17 Lakewood Ranch (FL)7
2/2Riverview (FL)10 Sickles (FL)6
3/3Riverview (FL)11 Calvary Christian (FL)6
3/3Riverview (FL)9 Canterbury School (FL)8
3/3Riverview (FL)13 Cardinal Mooney (FL)12
3/3Riverview (FL)3 Creekside (FL)10
3/3Riverview (FL)6 Gulf Breeze (FL)17
3/3Riverview (FL)18 Manatee (FL)11
3/3Riverview (FL)7 Out-of-Door Academy (FL)9
3/3Riverview (FL)13 St. Stephen’s (FL)11
3/3Riverview (FL)13 Venice (FL)7
2/2Riverwood (GA)10 Chamblee (GA)11
2/2Riverwood (GA)2 Cherokee (GA)19
2/2Riverwood (GA)5 Lovett (GA)14
2/2Riverwood (GA)4 Pace Academy (GA)21
2/2Riverwood (GA)6 Walker School (GA)21
2/2Riverwood (GA)1 Woodstock (GA)15
3/3Riverwood (GA)6 Dunwoody (GA)11
3/3Riverwood (GA)9 Maynard Jackson (GA)7
3/3Riverwood (GA)3 North Atlanta (GA)16
3/3Riverwood (GA)17 North Springs (GA)12
3/3Robert E. Lee (FL)0 Bolles School (FL)19
3/3Robert E. Lee (FL)2 Fletcher (FL)13
3/3Robert E. Lee (FL)0 Paxon Institute (FL)10
2/2Robinson (FL)1 H.B. Plant (FL)15
3/3Robinson (FL)18 Alonso (FL)3
3/3Robinson (FL)5 H.B. Plant (FL)19
3/3Robinson (FL)6 Newsome (FL)17
3/3Robinson Secondary, VA (VA)10 Oakton (VA)7
3/3Rochester (MI)11 Regina (MI)15
3/3Rochester Adams (MI)5 Powers Catholic (MI)13
3/3Rock Ridge (VA)4 Dominion (VA)18
3/3Rockford (MI)20 Birmingham Unified (MI)3
2/2Rockledge (FL)7 Edgewater (FL)14
2/2Rockledge (FL)16 Satellite (FL)5
2/2Rockledge (FL)3 Viera (FL)18
3/3Rockledge (FL)5 Cocoa Beach (FL)6
3/3Rockledge (FL)9 Merritt Island (FL)14
3/3Rockledge (FL)11 Merritt Island (FL)15
3/3Rockledge (FL)15 Satellite (FL)7
3/3Rockledge (FL)4 St. Edward’s (FL)20
3/3Rockledge (FL)9 West Shore (FL)8
4/4Rockledge (FL)6 Melbourne (FL)12
3/3Rockwood Summit (MO)9 Northwest – Cedar Hill (MO)0
3/3Rockwood Summit (MO)15 Ursuline Academy (MO)3
4/4Rockwood Summit (MO)15 Francis Howell North (MO)5
4/4Rocky Hill School (RI)22 Scituate, RI (RI)6
3/3Rocky Mountain (CO)0 Colorado Academy (CO)19
3/3Rocky Point (NY)9 Bayport Blue Point (NY)17
3/3Roland Park Country (MD)11 Agnes Irwin (PA)17
3/3Roland Park Country (MD)13 Archbishop Spalding (MD)11
3/3Roland Park Country (MD)16 Gerstell Academy (MD)8
3/3Roland Park Country (MD)17 Severn School (MD)8
3/3Roland Park Country (MD)11 St. Mary’s (MD)7
3/3Roland Park Country (MD)7 St. Paul’s SG (MD)6
4/4Roland Park Country (MD)6 Glenelg Country School (MD)15
4/4Roland Park Country (MD)12 John Carroll (MD)9
4/4Roland Park Country (MD)7 Notre Dame Prep (MD)9
3/3Rolesville (NC)15 Cary (NC)18
3/3Rolesville (NC)3 East Chapel Hill (NC)19
3/3Rolesville (NC)11 Enloe (NC)6
3/3Rolesville (NC)10 Garner Magnet (NC)2
3/3Rolesville (NC)2 Heritage (NC)12
3/3Rolesville (NC)8 New Bern (NC)12
3/3Rolesville (NC)6 Wakefield (NC)16
3/3Rolesville (NC)1 Wakefield (NC)17
4/4Rolesville (NC)6 Heritage (NC)19
4/4Rome Free Academy (NY)13 Clinton (NY)8
3/3Ronald Reagan (NC)23 Glenn (NC)2
3/3Ronald Reagan (NC)17 Mt. Tabor (NC)12
3/3Ronald Reagan (NC)21 North Davidson (NC)0
3/3Ronald Reagan (NC)20 West Stokes (NC)3
4/4Ronald Reagan (NC)13 East Forsyth (NC)10
4/4Ronald Reagan (NC)10 R.J. Reynolds (NC)11
4/4Roosevelt – Kent (OH)2 Western Reserve Academy (OH)9
2/2Roswell (GA)6 Chattahoochee (GA)18
2/2Roswell (GA)20 Etowah (GA)5
2/2Roswell (GA)14 Harrison (GA)11
2/2Roswell (GA)14 Northview (GA)7
2/2Roswell (GA)8 West Forsyth (GA)12
2/2Roswell (GA)23 Woodstock (GA)7
3/3Roswell (GA)2 Cambridge (GA)9
2/2Royal (CA)1 Westlake (CA)19
3/3Rye Neck (NY)7 Dobbs Ferry (NY)16
3/3Rye Neck (NY)3 Pawling (NY)12
4/4Rye Neck (NY)9 Valhalla (NY)7
4/4Rye Neck (NY)10 Yonkers (NY)2
3/3Sacred Heart Academy (KY)18 Atherton (KY)4
3/3Sacred Heart Academy (KY)6 Harpeth Hall (TN)10
3/3Sacred Heart Academy (KY)14 Jefferson Forest (VA)8
3/3Sacred Heart Academy (KY)16 Manual (KY)2
3/3Sacred Heart Academy (KY)19 MICDS (MO)9
3/3Sacred Heart Academy (KY)10 Western Albemarle (VA)9
4/4Sacred Heart Greenwich (MA )17 Holy Child (NY)3
4/4Sacred Heart Greenwich (MA )16 Kent School (CT)3
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)17 Archbishop Mitty (CA)3
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)13 Burlingame (CA)2
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)9 Colorado Academy (CO)13
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)14 Harker School (CA)3
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)10 Menlo School (CA)5
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)10 Novato (CA)11
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)8 Redwood (CA)9
3/3Sacred Heart Prep (CA)16 St. Francis (CA)1
4/4Sacred Heart Prep (CA)13 Archbishop Mitty (CA)11
3/3Salem (MI)2 Troy (MI)17
2/2Salinas (CA)5 Dos Pueblos (CA)12
3/3Saline (MI)1 Novi (MI)18
3/3San Clemente (CA)10 Mater Dei (CA)13
3/3San Marcos (CA)10 St. Margaret’s (CA)13
3/3San Marin (CA)8 Novato (CA)16
3/3San Marin (CA)8 Redwood (CA)12
3/3San Marin (CA)11 Tamalpais (CA)10
4/4San Marin (CA)17 Tamalpais (CA)6
2/2San Rafael (CA)11 Washington (CA)0
3/3San Rafael (CA)9 Alhambra (CA)8
3/3San Rafael (CA)14 Bay School (CA)4
3/3San Rafael (CA)8 Bay School (CA)4
3/3San Rafael (CA)12 Convent of the Sacred Heart (CA)5
3/3San Rafael (CA)4 Sir Francis Drake (CA)12
3/3San Rafael (CA)5 Tamalpais (CA)18
3/3San Rafael (CA)7 Terra Linda (CA)8
3/3San Rafael (CA)9 Urban School (CA)4
4/4San Rafael (CA)5 Marin Catholic (CA)20
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)20 California HS (CA)5
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)18 Campolindo (CA)8
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)16 Carondelet (CA)8
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)20 Dougherty Valley (CA)5
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)22 Livermore (CA)0
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)20 Oak Ridge (CA)4
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)21 Oakland Tech (CA)4
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)18 Piedmont (CA)8
3/3San Ramon Valley (CA)13 St. John’s, TX (TX)7
2/2Sandalwood (FL)5 Fleming Island (FL)13
3/3Sandalwood (FL)8 Episcopal School (FL)19
3/3Sandalwood (FL)2 Fletcher (FL)16
3/3Sandalwood (FL)11 Mandarin (FL)6
3/3Sandalwood (FL)5 Pedro Menendez (FL)18
2/2Sanderson (NC)9 Wake Forest (NC)18
3/3Sanderson (NC)4 Broughton (NC)23
3/3Sanderson (NC)19 Enloe (NC)6
3/3Sanderson (NC)26 Enloe (NC)9
3/3Sanderson (NC)15 Garner Magnet (NC)1
3/3Sanderson (NC)13 Heritage (NC)12
3/3Sanderson (NC)20 Leesville Road (NC)11
3/3Sanderson (NC)9 Millbrook (NC)16
4/4Sanderson (NC)2 Cardinal Gibbons (NC)18
2/2Santa Fe (FL)6 Gainesville (FL)13
2/2Santa Fe (FL)17 Newberry (FL)0
3/3Santa Fe (FL)3 Buchholz (FL)14
3/3Santa Fe (FL)16 Eastside (FL)5
3/3Santa Fe (FL)10 Forest (FL)16
3/3Santa Fe (FL)10 Forest (FL)18
3/3Santa Fe (FL)3 Gainesville (FL)11
3/3Santa Fe (FL)15 Newberry (FL)0
3/3Santa Fe (FL)4 Oak Hall (FL)18
3/3Santa Margarita Catholic School (CA)14 St. Margaret’s (CA)13
3/3Santa Margarita Catholic School (CA)12 Westlake (CA)11
2/2Sarasota Military Academy (FL)3 Calvary Christian (FL)16
2/2Sarasota Military Academy (FL)5 Lakewood Ranch (FL)24
2/2Sarasota Military Academy (FL)2 Manatee (FL)19
2/2Sarasota Military Academy (FL)2 St. Stephen’s (FL)13
3/3Sarasota Military Academy (FL)3 Calvary Christian (FL)17
3/3Sarasota Military Academy (FL)5 Cardinal Mooney (FL)17
3/3Sarasota Military Academy (FL)13 Immokalee (FL)9
3/3Sarasota Military Academy (FL)4 Lakewood Ranch (FL)17
3/3Sarasota Military Academy (FL)3 Manatee (FL)18
3/3Sarasota Military Academy (FL)4 Out-of-Door Academy (FL)22
3/3Sarasota Military Academy (FL)4 Venice (FL)18
4/4Sarasota Military Academy (FL)5 Cardinal Mooney (FL)19
2/2Satellite (FL)7 Cocoa Beach (FL)5
2/2Satellite (FL)1 Edgewater (FL)13
2/2Satellite (FL)4 Melbourne (FL)11
2/2Satellite (FL)5 Rockledge (FL)16
3/3Satellite (FL)1 Cocoa Beach (FL)8
3/3Satellite (FL)7 Melbourne Central Catholic (FL)11
3/3Satellite (FL)13 Merritt Island (FL)17
3/3Satellite (FL)8 Merritt Island (FL)16
3/3Satellite (FL)7 Rockledge (FL)15
3/3Satellite (FL)8 West Shore (FL)17
4/4Satellite (FL)6 Viera (FL)25
3/3Saucon Valley (PA)19 Northampton, PA (PA)0
3/3Saucon Valley (PA)14 Pennridge (PA)5
2/2Savannah Christian (GA)2 Bluffton (SC)14
3/3Savannah Christian (GA)6 Oceanside Collegiate (SC)19
3/3Schuylkill Valley (PA)11 Conestoga Christian (PA)8
3/3Schuylkill Valley (PA)5 Conrad Weiser (PA)9
3/3Schuylkill Valley (PA)17 Dayspring Christian (PA)4
4/4Scituate, RI (RI)6 Rocky Hill School (RI)22
3/3Scripps Ranch (CA)14 Mater Dei (CA)7
3/3Scripps Ranch (CA)16 Poway (CA)8
2/2Seacoast Collegiate (FL)12 Booker T. Washington (FL)5
2/2Seacoast Collegiate (FL)9 South Walton (FL)5
3/3Seacoast Collegiate (FL)0 Pensacola (FL)12
3/3Seacoast Collegiate (FL)7 Pensacola Catholic (FL)3
3/3Seacoast Collegiate (FL)6 South Walton (FL)5
3/3Seaholm (MI)11 Pioneer (MI)10
3/3Sebastian (FL)8 Viera (FL)20
3/3Seminole (FL)0 Hagerty (FL)20
3/3Seminole (FL)7 Lyman (FL)16
3/3Seminole (FL)22 Ocoee (FL)3
3/3Seminole (FL)7 Oviedo (FL)18
2/2Seminole Ridge (FL)10 Atlantic (FL)5
2/2Seminole Ridge (FL)2 Cardinal Newman (FL)15
2/2Seminole Ridge (FL)18 John I. Leonard (FL)2
2/2Seminole Ridge (FL)5 King’s Academy (FL)22
2/2Seminole Ridge (FL)3 Suncoast Community (FL)18
3/3Seminole Ridge (FL)15 John I. Leonard (FL)2
3/3Seminole Ridge (FL)5 Oxbridge Academy (FL)18
3/3Seminole Ridge (FL)8 Suncoast Community (FL)22
3/3Seminole Ridge (FL)4 Wellington (FL)14
3/3Seneca Valley, PA (PA)5 Blackhawk (PA)4
3/3Seneca Valley, PA (PA)20 Hempfield, Greensburg (PA)1
4/4Seneca Valley, PA (PA)11 Sewickley Academy (PA)16
2/2Sequoyah (GA)15 Campbell (GA)7
2/2Sequoyah (GA)15 North Cobb (GA)4
3/3Sequoyah (GA)4 Creekview (GA)11
3/3Sequoyah (GA)4 East Paulding (GA)11
3/3Sequoyah (GA)16 North Forsyth (GA)11
3/3Sequoyah (GA)4 North Paulding (GA)16
3/3Sequoyah (GA)14 River Ridge (GA)12
3/3Sequoyah (GA)2 West Forsyth (GA)20
3/3Seton-La Salle (PA)15 Bethel Park (PA)13
3/3Seton-La Salle (PA)8 Shaler Area (PA)7
4/4Seton-La Salle (PA)13 Knoch (PA)4
4/4Seton-La Salle (PA)23 South Fayette (PA)12
3/3Severn School (MD)10 Glenelg Country School (MD)14
3/3Severn School (MD)8 Maryvale Prep (MD)13
3/3Severn School (MD)8 Mount de Sales (MD)10
3/3Severn School (MD)7 Notre Dame Prep (MD)17
3/3Severn School (MD)8 Roland Park Country (MD)17
4/4Severn School (MD)5 Archbishop Spalding (MD)16
4/4Severn School (MD)4 Bryn Mawr (MD)18
4/4Severn School (MD)5 McDonogh School (MD)15
3/3Severna Park (MD)9 St. Mary’s (MD)8
4/4Severna Park (MD)19 Annapolis (MD)6
3/3Sewickley Academy (PA)17 Bethel Park (PA)10
4/4Sewickley Academy (PA)16 Seneca Valley, PA (PA)11
4/4Sewickley Academy (PA)5 Upper St. Clair (PA)17
4/4Seymour (TN)7 Madeira School (DC)14
4/4Seymour (TN)4 Sidwell Friends (DC)13
3/3Shady Side Academy (PA)13 Quaker Valley (PA)6
3/3Shaler Area (PA)4 Blackhawk (PA)7
3/3Shaler Area (PA)7 Seton-La Salle (PA)8
3/3Shaler Area (PA)16 South Fayette (PA)5
4/4Shawnee (NJ)5 Ocean City (NJ)6
4/4Shawnee Mission (KS)6 Cor Jesu Academy (MO)13
4/4Shawnee Mission (KS)5 Lafayette (MO)12
4/4Shawnee Mission (KS)8 Parkway West (MO)6
3/3Sherwood (MD)19 Blake (MD)4
3/3Sherwood (MD)18 Magruder (MD)0
4/4Sherwood (MD)18 Montgomery Blair (MD)0
4/4Shipley School (PA)10 Princeton Day School (NJ)15
3/3Shoreham Wading River (NY)7 Mattituck-Southold (NY)8
4/4Shoreham Wading River (NY)5 Eastport South Manor (NY)15
2/2Sickles (FL)0 H.B. Plant (FL)19
2/2Sickles (FL)1 Newsome (FL)18
2/2Sickles (FL)6 Riverview (FL)10
2/2Sickles (FL)23 Wesley Chapel (FL)1
3/3Sickles (FL)16 Alonso (FL)6
3/3Sickles (FL)17 Land O’ Lakes (FL)1
3/3Sickles (FL)7 Mitchell (FL)6
3/3Sickles (FL)9 Wiregrass Ranch (FL)17
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)12 Bishop McNamara (MD)1
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)16 Bishop Sullivan (VA)8
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)17 Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (IN)5
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)13 Cape Henry Collegiate (VA)12
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)16 George Mason (VA)8
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)11 Norfolk Academy (VA)13
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)11 St. Mary’s Ryken (MD)10
3/3Sidwell Friends (DC)11 Yorktown, VA (VA)16
4/4Sidwell Friends (DC)13 Seymour (TN)4
3/3Simi Valley (CA)5 Dos Pueblos (CA)3
2/2Sir Francis Drake (CA)7 University (CA)16
3/3Sir Francis Drake (CA)8 Novato (CA)21
3/3Sir Francis Drake (CA)12 San Rafael (CA)4
4/4Sir Francis Drake (CA)10 Redwood (CA)17
4/4Skaneateles (NY)6 Westhill (NY)5
3/3Skyline (MI)13 Plymouth (MI)6
2/2Socastee (SC)6 Carolina Forest (SC)16
2/2Socastee (SC)18 St. James HS, SC (SC)11
2/2Socastee (SC)1 Wando (SC)16
3/3Socastee (SC)6 Carolina Forest (SC)12
3/3Socastee (SC)19 James Island (SC)5
3/3Socastee (SC)16 North Myrtle Beach (SC)0
3/3Socastee (SC)9 Oceanside Collegiate (SC)16
3/3Socastee (SC)3 Oceanside Collegiate (SC)20
3/3Socastee (SC)3 Wando (SC)17
3/3Souderton Area (PA)13 Boyertown Area (PA)12
3/3Souderton Area (PA)7 Methacton (PA)12
2/2South Brunswick (NC)2 E.A. Laney (NC)18
3/3South Brunswick (NC)1 Ashley (NC)18
3/3South Brunswick (NC)2 E.A. Laney (NC)17
3/3South Brunswick (NC)2 Hoggard (NC)16
3/3South Brunswick (NC)9 New Hanover (NC)14
3/3South Brunswick (NC)14 North Myrtle Beach (SC)3
3/3South Brunswick (NC)5 West Brunswick (NC)20
4/4South Brunswick (NC)3 Ashley (NC)23
3/3South Fayette (PA)18 Greensburg Central CS (PA)5
3/3South Fayette (PA)5 Shaler Area (PA)16
4/4South Fayette (PA)19 Knoch (PA)10
4/4South Fayette (PA)12 Seton-La Salle (PA)23
2/2South Fork (FL)10 Jensen Beach (FL)14
2/2South Fork (FL)5 Martin County (FL)18
2/2South Fork (FL)8 Palm Beach Central (FL)10
2/2South Fork (FL)5 St. John Paul II (FL)18
2/2South Fork (FL)2 Vero Beach (FL)14
3/3South Fork (FL)7 Martin County (FL)17
3/3South Fork (FL)6 Oak Hall (FL)16
3/3South Fork (FL)4 St. Edward’s (FL)20
2/2South Forsyth (GA)3 Harrison (GA)16
2/2South Forsyth (GA)7 St. Pius X (GA)6
3/3South Forsyth (GA)4 Centennial (GA)14
3/3South Forsyth (GA)0 Creekview (GA)21
3/3South Forsyth (GA)7 North Gwinnett (GA)19
3/3South Iredell (NC)11 Davie (NC)20
3/3South Iredell (NC)4 Hickory (NC)18
3/3South Iredell (NC)1 Lake Norman (NC)16
4/4South Iredell (NC)8 Davidson Day School (NC)12
4/4South Jefferson (NY)16 Cicero North Syracuse (NY)12
4/4South Jefferson (NY)22 Indian River (NY)1
4/4South Jefferson (NY)7 Penfield (NY)10
2/2South Lake (FL)6 Apopka (FL)14
2/2South Lake (FL)0 East Ridge (FL)21
2/2South Lake (FL)9 Newberry (FL)1
3/3South Lake (FL)8 Freedom Orlando (FL)18
3/3South Lake (FL)12 Lake Minneola (FL)13
3/3South Lake (FL)12 Ocoee (FL)6
3/3South Lake (FL)5 West Orange (FL)17
3/3South Lakes (VA)9 West Springfield, VA (VA)10
2/2South Mecklenburg (NC)10 David W. Butler (NC)16
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)6 Ardrey Kell (NC)22
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)9 David W. Butler (NC)11
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)0 Fort Mill (SC)18
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)2 Hough (NC)20
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)7 Independence (NC)6
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)12 Parkwood (NC)8
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)5 Parkwood (NC)15
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)14 Porter Ridge (NC)11
3/3South Mecklenburg (NC)9 Providence (NC)15
4/4South Mecklenburg (NC)2 Myers Park (NC)22
3/3South Oldham County (KY)9 Ballard (KY)10
3/3South Oldham County (KY)11 Christian Academy (KY)6
3/3South Oldham County (KY)7 Christian Academy (KY)8
3/3South Oldham County (KY)5 Evansville Castle (IN)5
3/3South Oldham County (KY)10 Fairmont Senior, WV (WV)4
3/3South Oldham County (KY)5 Guerin Catholic (IN)5
3/3South Oldham County (KY)15 Male (KY)3
3/3South Oldham County (KY)18 St. Albans, WV (WV)0
2/2South Plantation (FL)14 Cypress Bay (FL)13
2/2South Plantation (FL)2 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)19
2/2South Plantation (FL)12 West Broward (FL)7
3/3South Plantation (FL)9 American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)10
3/3South Plantation (FL)12 Cooper City (FL)11
3/3South Plantation (FL)15 Fort Lauderdale (FL)5
3/3South Plantation (FL)15 Plantation (FL)1
3/3South River (MD)15 Leonardtown (MD)1
3/3South River (MD)19 Southern (MD)8
4/4South River (MD)13 Cape Henlopen (DE)14
4/4South River (MD)19 Centennial (MD)3
4/4South River (MD)14 Chesapeake – Pasadena (MD)4
2/2South Walton (FL)9 Booker T. Washington (FL)3
2/2South Walton (FL)7 Milton (FL)5
2/2South Walton (FL)5 Seacoast Collegiate (FL)9
3/3South Walton (FL)5 Pensacola (FL)7
3/3South Walton (FL)6 Pensacola Catholic (FL)12
3/3South Walton (FL)5 Seacoast Collegiate (FL)6
3/3South Walton (FL)9 West Florida A.T. (FL)8
3/3South Western (PA)20 Dover Area, PA (PA)3
3/3South Western (PA)18 Red Lion Area, PA (PA)4
3/3South Western (PA)19 York Suburban (PA)8
4/4South Western (PA)14 Dallastown Area (PA)8
4/4South Western (PA)9 Susquehannock (PA)11
4/4South Western (PA)7 York Catholic (PA)19
2/2Southeast Guilford (NC)16 Grimsley (NC)10
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)23 Glenn (NC)2
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)17 Grimsley (NC)3
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)17 High Point Central (NC)12
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)10 North Davidson (NC)7
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)7 Northern Guilford (NC)22
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)7 Northwest Guilford (NC)17
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)6 Page (NC)11
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)11 Page (NC)10
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)7 Ragsdale (NC)20
3/3Southeast Guilford (NC)4 West Forsyth (NC)15
4/4Southeast Guilford (NC)5 Ragsdale (NC)18
3/3Southern (MD)8 South River (MD)19
4/4Southern (MD)6 Glenelg (MD)14
3/3Southern Lehigh (PA)13 Wyoming Seminary, PA (PA)6
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)14 Arlington Club, TN (TN)1
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)9 Bartlett (TN)2
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)8 Briarcrest (TN)4
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)13 Coppell (TX)6
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)11 Frisco (TX)13
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)10 Keller (TX)7
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)12 McKinney (TX)12
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)16 St. Benedict, TN (TN)3
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)9 Westlake, TX (TX)9
2/2Southlake Carroll (TX)11 White Station (TN)2
3/3Southlake Carroll (TX)18 Bishop Lynch (TX)1
3/3Southlake Carroll (TX)18 Grapevine (TX)4
3/3Southlake Carroll (TX)4 Greenhill School (TX)7
3/3Southlake Carroll (TX)15 Plano (TX)7
3/3Southlake Carroll (TX)17 Ursuline Academy, TX (TX)12
4/4Southlake Carroll (TX)8 Flower Mound (TX)9
2/2Southlake Christian (NC)4 Hough (NC)17
3/3Southlake Christian (NC)17 Christ the King (NC)4
3/3Southlake Christian (NC)15 Davidson Day School (NC)6
4/4Southlake Christian (NC)9 Providence Day (NC)5
2/2Southlake Girls (TX)9 Allen (TX)6
2/2Southlake Girls (TX)13 Bridge LC (TX)1
3/3Southlake Girls (TX)5 Episcopal, Dallas (TX)17
3/3Southlake Girls (TX)6 Hockaday SG (TX)10
4/4Southlake Girls (TX)8 Greenhill School (TX)8
4/4Southlake Girls (TX)19 McKinney (TX)10
3/3Southwest DeKalb (GA)7 Pinecrest Academy (GA)9
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)16 Atkins (NC)5
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)19 Glenn (NC)1
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)15 Glenn (NC)2
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)9 High Point Central (NC)8
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)13 High Point Central (NC)8
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)2 Mt. Tabor (NC)14
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)2 Northern Guilford (NC)12
3/3Southwest Guilford (NC)14 Western Guilford (NC)2
4/4Southwest Guilford (NC)6 Ragsdale (NC)17
4/4Southwest Guilford (NC)4 West Stokes (NC)4
2/2Spanish River (FL)8 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)13
2/2Spanish River (FL)15 John I. Leonard (FL)0
2/2Spanish River (FL)15 Park Vista (FL)7
2/2Spanish River (FL)21 West Boca Raton (FL)7
3/3Spanish River (FL)0 American Heritage (FL)21
3/3Spanish River (FL)3 Boca Raton (FL)19
3/3Spanish River (FL)19 Olympic Heights (FL)1
3/3Spanish River (FL)11 Oxbridge Academy (FL)15
3/3Spanish River (FL)6 Stoneman Douglas (FL)17
2/2Spartanburg (SC)8 Boiling Springs (SC)4
2/2Spartanburg (SC)2 Christ Church Episcopal (SC)15
3/3Spartanburg (SC)7 Byrnes (SC)12
3/3Spartanburg (SC)2 Chapin (SC)18
3/3Spartanburg (SC)9 Clover (SC)18
3/3Spartanburg (SC)11 Eastside, SC (SC)5
3/3Spartanburg (SC)2 Fort Mill (SC)17
3/3Spartanburg (SC)13 Hillcrest, SC (SC)4
3/3Spartanburg (SC)6 Mauldin (SC)7
3/3Spartanburg (SC)2 Nation Ford (SC)19
4/4Spencerport (NY)18 Victor (NY)5
4/4Spencerport (NY)16 Webster Schroeder (NY)5
2/2Sprayberry (GA)6 Wheeler (GA)10
2/2Sprayberry (GA)5 Woodstock (GA)15
3/3Sprayberry (GA)6 Campbell (GA)12
3/3Sprayberry (GA)2 East Paulding (GA)17
3/3Sprayberry (GA)0 Lassiter (GA)21
3/3Sprayberry (GA)10 River Ridge (GA)17
3/3Spring Grove Area (PA)6 Central York (PA)16
2/2Spring Valley (SC)0 Chapin (SC)16
2/2Spring Valley (SC)7 River Bluff (SC)2
3/3Spring Valley (SC)8 A. C. Flora (SC)13
3/3Spring Valley (SC)8 Blythewood (SC)6
3/3Spring Valley (SC)3 Dutch Fork (SC)9
3/3Spring Valley (SC)15 Irmo (SC)6
3/3Spring Valley (SC)16 Irmo (SC)5
3/3Spring Valley (SC)3 Lakeside – Evans (GA)13
3/3Spring Valley (SC)6 Lexington, SC (SC)13
3/3Spring Valley (SC)6 Porter-Gaud School (SC)12
3/3Spring Valley (SC)17 Ridge View (SC)4
4/4Spring Valley (SC)10 A. C. Flora (SC)11
4/4Spring Valley (SC)10 Porter-Gaud School (SC)17
3/3Springbrook (MD)2 Walter Johnson (MD)13
3/3Springfield (PA)13 Marple Newtown (PA)3
3/3Springfield (PA)9 Parkland (PA)7
4/4Springfield (PA)7 Garnet Valley (PA)13
3/3Spring-Ford (PA)20 Avon Grove (PA)12
3/3Spring-Ford (PA)7 Conestoga (PA)16
4/4Spring-Ford (PA)12 Methacton (PA)10
4/4Spring-Ford (PA)18 Wilson, West Lawn (PA)15
3/3Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)13 Episcopal, Dallas (TX)18
3/3Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)20 Friends’ Central (PA)7
3/3Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)8 Notre Dame Academy (PA)19
3/3Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)4 Owen J. Roberts (PA)6
4/4Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)4 Agnes Irwin (PA)16
4/4Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)7 William Penn Charter (PA)10
2/2St. Agnes Acad, TN (TN)0 Hutchison School (TN)20
3/3St. Agnes Acad, TN (TN)2 St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)18
2/2St. Agnes Acad, TX (TX)16 Katy (TX)11
2/2St. Agnes Acad, TX (TX)3 St. John’s, TX (TX)16
3/3St. Agnes Acad, TX (TX)11 Episcopal, Houston (TX)9
3/3St. Albans, WV (WV)0 South Oldham County (KY)18
2/2St. Andrew’s (FL)0 American Heritage (FL)21
2/2St. Andrew’s (FL)5 Jensen Beach (FL)12
2/2St. Andrew’s (FL)10 St. John Paul II (FL)20
3/3St. Andrew’s (FL)4 Boca Raton (FL)11
3/3St. Andrew’s (FL)21 Olympic Heights (FL)3
3/3St. Andrew’s (FL)8 Ransom Everglades (FL)18
3/3St. Andrew’s (FL)10 Stoneman Douglas (FL)16
4/4St. Andrew’s ES, TX (TX)3 Episcopal, Dallas (TX)15
4/4St. Andrew’s ES, TX (TX)2 Hockaday SG (TX)19
3/3St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)13 Albemarle (VA)12
3/3St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)15 Bishop O’Connell (VA)16
3/3St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)18 Friends’ School (MD)12
3/3St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)7 Paul VI (VA)18
4/4St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)6 Collegiate School (VA)11
4/4St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)21 Trinity Episcopal, VA (VA)14
2/2St. Augustine (FL)8 Creekside (FL)15
2/2St. Augustine (FL)19 Eastside (FL)2
2/2St. Augustine (FL)16 Lake Brantley (FL)7
2/2St. Augustine (FL)14 Nease (FL)8
3/3St. Augustine (FL)4 Bartram Trail (FL)17
3/3St. Augustine (FL)17 Pedro Menendez (FL)1
3/3St. Augustine (FL)16 Pedro Menendez (FL)2
4/4St. Augustine (FL)16 Fletcher (FL)1
2/2St. Benedict, TN (TN)3 Southlake Carroll (TX)16
3/3St. Catherine’s, VA (VA)13 Garrison Forest (MD)5
3/3St. Catherine’s, VA (VA)6 Holton-Arms School (MD)15
3/3St. Catherine’s, VA (VA)15 W.T. Woodson (VA)13
4/4St. Catherine’s, VA (VA)17 Bishop Sullivan (VA)6
4/4St. Catherine’s, VA (VA)8 Collegiate School (VA)10
3/3St. Charles Co-Op (IL)5 Hinsdale Central (IL)12
3/3St. David’s School (NC)1 Cary Academy (NC)15
3/3St. David’s School (NC)0 Ravenscroft School (NC)16
3/3St. David’s School (NC)2 St. Mary’s (NC)15
3/3St. Dominic (MO)3 Cor Jesu Academy (MO)17
2/2St. Edward’s (FL)2 Benjamin School (FL)16
2/2St. Edward’s (FL)9 Cardinal Newman (FL)15
2/2St. Edward’s (FL)14 John Carroll Catholic (FL)2
2/2St. Edward’s (FL)17 Melbourne (FL)2
2/2St. Edward’s (FL)18 Park Vista (FL)11
3/3St. Edward’s (FL)10 Jensen Beach (FL)14
3/3St. Edward’s (FL)16 Jupiter (FL)9
3/3St. Edward’s (FL)20 Rockledge (FL)4
3/3St. Edward’s (FL)20 South Fork (FL)4
4/4St. Edward’s (FL)13 Martin County (FL)15
3/3St. Francis (CA)1 Sacred Heart Prep (CA)16
4/4St. Francis (CA)7 Granite Bay (CA)17
4/4St. Francis DeSales (OH)9 Mariemont (OH)8
4/4St. George’s School (RI)13 Governor’s Academy (MA )16
3/3St. Gertrude (VA)6 Covenant School (VA)7
3/3St. Gertrude (VA)9 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)11
3/3St. Gertrude (VA)13 Pope John Paul-Great (VA)24
4/4St. Gertrude (VA)4 Collegiate School (VA)14
4/4St. Gertrude (VA)12 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)20
4/4St. Gertrude (VA)15 Virginia Episcopal (VA)22
3/3St. Ignatius Prep (CA)13 Amador Valley (CA)12
3/3St. Ignatius Prep (CA)16 Carondelet (CA)9
3/3St. Ignatius Prep (CA)10 Redwood (CA)17
4/4St. Ignatius Prep (CA)9 Piedmont (CA)11
4/4St. James Academy (KS)11 Olathe (KS)5
4/4St. James Academy (KS)9 Pembroke Hill (MO)3
2/2St. James HS, SC (SC)12 Oceanside Collegiate (SC)11
2/2St. James HS, SC (SC)11 Socastee (SC)18
2/2St. James HS, SC (SC)3 Wando (SC)16
3/3St. James HS, SC (SC)8 Carolina Forest (SC)12
3/3St. James HS, SC (SC)18 North Myrtle Beach (SC)0
3/3St. James HS, SC (SC)6 Wando (SC)21
4/4St. James HS, SC (SC)11 Carolina Forest (SC)18
4/4St. James HS, SC (SC)7 Oceanside Collegiate (SC)17
3/3St. James School (MD)23 Foxcroft School (VA)14
2/2St. John Paul II (FL)11 Boca Raton (FL)6
2/2St. John Paul II (FL)7 Martin County (FL)6
2/2St. John Paul II (FL)18 South Fork (FL)5
2/2St. John Paul II (FL)20 St. Andrew’s (FL)10
2/2St. John Paul II (FL)14 Stoneman Douglas (FL)15
3/3St. John Paul II (FL)3 American Heritage (FL)22
3/3St. John Paul II (FL)12 Cardinal Newman (FL)19
3/3St. John Paul II (FL)12 Pine Crest (FL)14
3/3St. John’s College (DC)7 Holton-Arms School (MD)9
3/3St. John’s College (DC)8 Holy Child (MD)12
3/3St. John’s College (DC)6 Holy Cross (MD)12
3/3St. John’s College (DC)13 St. Mary’s Ryken (MD)12
4/4St. John’s College (DC)14 Bishop O’Connell (VA)8
4/4St. John’s College (DC)9 Paul VI (VA)14
4/4St. John’s College (DC)9 W.T. Woodson (VA)14
2/2St. John’s, TX (TX)16 St. Agnes Acad, TX (TX)3
2/2St. John’s, TX (TX)18 Stratford, TX (TX)9
3/3St. John’s, TX (TX)8 Amador Valley (CA)12
3/3St. John’s, TX (TX)13 Cy-Fair (TX)6
3/3St. John’s, TX (TX)16 Houston Christian (TX)0
3/3St. John’s, TX (TX)20 Kingwood (TX)3
3/3St. John’s, TX (TX)12 Lamar (TX)11
3/3St. John’s, TX (TX)5 Novato (CA)16
3/3St. John’s, TX (TX)7 San Ramon Valley (CA)13
4/4St. John’s, TX (TX)15 The Woodlands (TX)12
4/4St. Joseph (CT)6 New Canaan (CT)18
4/4St. Joseph Academy (FL)4 Pedro Menendez (FL)14
3/3St. Joseph’s (IN)7 Zionsville (IN)18
3/3St. Joseph’s (MO)15 Parkway West (MO)8
4/4St. Joseph’s (MO)11 MICDS (MO)10
4/4St. Joseph’s (MO)15 Nerinx Hall (MO)13
2/2St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)1 T. L. Hanna (SC)15
2/2St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)8 Wade Hampton (SC)9
3/3St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)1 Boiling Springs (SC)13
3/3St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)4 Byrnes (SC)19
3/3St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)2 Greenville, SC (SC)16
3/3St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)0 Mauldin (SC)23
3/3St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)4 T. L. Hanna (SC)14
3/3St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)1 Woodmont (SC)11
3/3St. Margaret’s (CA)15 IMG Academy (FL)10
3/3St. Margaret’s (CA)17 Newport Harbor (CA)2
3/3St. Margaret’s (CA)8 Park City (UT)7
3/3St. Margaret’s (CA)13 San Marcos (CA)10
3/3St. Margaret’s (CA)13 Santa Margarita Catholic School (CA)14
3/3St. Margaret’s (CA)13 Westlake (CA)19
3/3St. Maria Goretti (MD)6 Madeira School (DC)17
4/4St. Maria Goretti (MD)4 FCA (MD)20
4/4St. Mark’s (MA )10 Deerfield Academy (MA )8
3/3St. Mary’s (MD)4 Archbishop Spalding (MD)8
3/3St. Mary’s (MD)10 Bryn Mawr (MD)11
3/3St. Mary’s (MD)16 Garrison Forest (MD)7
3/3St. Mary’s (MD)12 John Carroll (MD)6
3/3St. Mary’s (MD)7 Roland Park Country (MD)11
3/3St. Mary’s (MD)8 Severna Park (MD)9
4/4St. Mary’s (MD)19 Gerstell Academy (MD)13
4/4St. Mary’s (MD)11 McDonogh School (MD)13
4/4St. Mary’s (MD)7 St. Paul’s SG (MD)9
3/3St. Mary’s (NC)11 Cary Academy (NC)14
3/3St. Mary’s (NC)18 Chatham Hall (VA)2
3/3St. Mary’s (NC)5 Durham Academy (NC)14
3/3St. Mary’s (NC)14 Jordan (NC)5
3/3St. Mary’s (NC)15 St. David’s School (NC)2
2/2St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)12 Franklin HS, TN (TN)11
2/2St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)14 Vestavia Hills (AL)15
3/3St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)18 Bartlett (TN)2
3/3St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)16 Houston, TN (TN)8
3/3St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)9 Hutchison School (TN)6
3/3St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)15 Lausanne Collegiate (TN)1
3/3St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)18 St. Agnes Acad, TN (TN)2
3/3St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)17 White Station (TN)4
4/4St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)14 Marquette (MO)8
4/4St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)11 MICDS (MO)7
3/3St. Mary’s Ryken (MD)10 Sidwell Friends (DC)11
3/3St. Mary’s Ryken (MD)12 St. John’s College (DC)13
4/4St. Paul’s School (NH)15 Groton School (MA )5
4/4St. Paul’s School (NH)17 Kimball Union Academy (NH)2
3/3St. Paul’s SG (MD)7 Glenelg Country School (MD)8
3/3St. Paul’s SG (MD)8 John Carroll (MD)6
3/3St. Paul’s SG (MD)11 Lake Highland Prep (FL)9
3/3St. Paul’s SG (MD)16 Maryvale Prep (MD)8
3/3St. Paul’s SG (MD)6 Roland Park Country (MD)7
3/3St. Paul’s SG (MD)14 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)9
3/3St. Paul’s SG (MD)8 Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)13
4/4St. Paul’s SG (MD)17 Bryn Mawr (MD)12
4/4St. Paul’s SG (MD)6 McDonogh School (MD)7
4/4St. Paul’s SG (MD)9 St. Mary’s (MD)7
2/2St. Pius X (GA)18 Dunwoody (GA)6
2/2St. Pius X (GA)5 Fellowship Christian (GA)16
2/2St. Pius X (GA)5 Grady (GA)13
2/2St. Pius X (GA)8 Lovett (GA)13
2/2St. Pius X (GA)17 McIntosh (GA)13
2/2St. Pius X (GA)6 South Forsyth (GA)7
3/3St. Pius X (GA)1 Druid Hills (GA)0
3/3St. Pius X (GA)20 Lakeside – Dekalb (GA)2
3/3St. Pius X (GA)9 Marist (GA)13
3/3St. Pius X, TX (TX)13 Katy (TX)23
2/2St. Stephen’s (FL)17 Lakewood Ranch (FL)6
2/2St. Stephen’s (FL)14 Out-of-Door Academy (FL)20
2/2St. Stephen’s (FL)13 Sarasota Military Academy (FL)2
3/3St. Stephen’s (FL)10 Barron G. Collier (FL)17
3/3St. Stephen’s (FL)11 Buchholz (FL)22
3/3St. Stephen’s (FL)20 Cardinal Mooney (FL)19
3/3St. Stephen’s (FL)9 Creekside (FL)18
3/3St. Stephen’s (FL)11 Gulf Coast (FL)10
3/3St. Stephen’s (FL)14 Manatee (FL)17
3/3St. Stephen’s (FL)11 Riverview (FL)13
4/4St. Stephen’s (FL)12 Calvary Christian (FL)14
3/3St. Stephens (NC)19 Glenn (NC)11
3/3St. Stephens (NC)17 Glenn (NC)0
3/3St. Stephens (NC)6 Hickory (NC)19
3/3St. Stephens (NC)3 Hough (NC)19
3/3St. Stephens (NC)7 Independence (NC)18
3/3St. Stephens (NC)8 Watauga (NC)7
4/4St. Stephens (NC)9 David W. Butler (NC)18
4/4St. Stephen’s ES, TX (TX)1 Kinkaid School (TX)18
4/4St. Teresa’s Academy (MO)15 Lee’s Summit North (MO)5
4/4St. Teresa’s Academy (MO)15 Notre Dame de Sion (MO)5
2/2St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)17 American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)0
2/2St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)13 Hagerty (FL)11
2/2St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)18 Lassiter (GA)11
2/2St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)15 Pine Crest (FL)9
2/2St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)19 Plantation (FL)1
2/2St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)19 South Plantation (FL)2
3/3St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)2 Lake Highland Prep (FL)18
3/3St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)9 St. Paul’s SG (MD)14
3/3St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)13 Stoneman Douglas (FL)9
3/3St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)9 Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)19
4/4St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)2 American Heritage (FL)20
3/3St. Vincent Pallotti (MD)12 FCA (MD)14
2/2Stanton College Prep (FL)14 Bolles School (FL)12
2/2Stanton College Prep (FL)14 Paxon Institute (FL)2
3/3Stanton College Prep (FL)3 Fletcher (FL)12
3/3Stanton College Prep (FL)16 Paxon Institute (FL)2
2/2Starr’s Mill (GA)19 Dutchtown (GA)1
3/3Starr’s Mill (GA)15 Brookwood (GA)4
3/3Starr’s Mill (GA)9 Cambridge (GA)11
3/3Starr’s Mill (GA)20 Hampton (GA)0
3/3Starr’s Mill (GA)18 Henry County (GA)0
3/3Starr’s Mill (GA)20 Luella (GA)0
3/3Starr’s Mill (GA)21 Trinity Christian (GA)0
3/3State College Area (PA)9 Cumberland Valley (PA)15
3/3State College Area (PA)21 Palmyra Area, PA (PA)5
3/3State College Area (PA)22 Trinity, PA (PA)8
4/4State College Area (PA)18 Carlisle Area (PA)3
4/4State College Area (PA)22 Mechanicsburg (PA)14
4/4Stephen Decatur (MD)10 Easton (MD)12
3/3Stevenson (IL)11 Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (IN)17
3/3Stevenson (IL)8 Eastern (KY)15
3/3Steward School (VA)11 Bishop Sullivan (VA)23
3/3Steward School (VA)8 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)9
4/4Steward School (VA)20 Christchurch School (VA)2
4/4Steward School (VA)17 Covenant School (VA)5
4/4Steward School (VA)4 Highland School (VA)16
4/4Steward School (VA)11 Norfolk Collegiate (VA)16
2/2Stockbridge (GA)0 Henry County (GA)19
2/2Stockbridge (GA)0 Union Grove (GA)19
2/2Stockbridge (GA)0 Whitewater (GA)24
3/3Stockbridge (GA)0 Eagle’s Landing (GA)21
3/3Stockbridge (GA)3 Fayette County (GA)16
3/3Stone Bridge (VA)3 Dominion (VA)19
3/3Stone Ridge CDS (MD)8 Archbishop Spalding (MD)11
4/4Stone Ridge CDS (MD)11 Holton-Arms School (MD)14
2/2Stoneman Douglas (FL)17 Calvary Christian Academy (FL)12
2/2Stoneman Douglas (FL)18 North Broward Prep (FL)6
2/2Stoneman Douglas (FL)15 St. John Paul II (FL)14
2/2Stoneman Douglas (FL)17 West Boca Raton (FL)6
3/3Stoneman Douglas (FL)16 Jensen Beach (FL)11
3/3Stoneman Douglas (FL)17 King’s Academy (FL)13
3/3Stoneman Douglas (FL)17 Spanish River (FL)6
3/3Stoneman Douglas (FL)16 St. Andrew’s (FL)10
3/3Stoneman Douglas (FL)9 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)13
3/3Stoneman Douglas (FL)18 West Broward (FL)6
3/3Stoney Creek (MI)10 Athens – Troy (MI)7
3/3Stoney Creek (MI)14 Grand Blanc (MI)1
3/3Stoney Creek (MI)16 Grosse Pointe North (MI)4
3/3Stoney Creek (MI)5 Marian (MI)19
3/3Stratford Academy (GA)2 Columbus (GA)17
3/3Stratford Academy (GA)5 Mount de Sales (GA)10
3/3Stratford Academy (GA)1 Ola (GA)16
2/2Stratford, TX (TX)7 Cy-Fair (TX)16
2/2Stratford, TX (TX)4 Lamar (TX)17
2/2Stratford, TX (TX)9 St. John’s, TX (TX)18
3/3Strath Haven (PA)18 Lower Merion (PA)7
3/3Strath Haven (PA)21 Marple Newtown (PA)6
3/3Strath Haven (PA)18 North Penn (PA)11
3/3Strath Haven (PA)7 Owen J. Roberts (PA)17
3/3Strath Haven (PA)8 West Chester Rustin (PA)14
4/4Strath Haven (PA)18 Upper Darby (PA)1
3/3Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)16 Hagerty (FL)4
3/3Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)8 Lake Highland Prep (FL)18
3/3Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)16 Langley (VA)3
3/3Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)23 Ponte Vedra (FL)8
3/3Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)13 St. Paul’s SG (MD)8
3/3Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)19 St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)9
4/4Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)19 Bullis School (MD)9
4/4Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)18 Good Counsel (MD)4
4/4Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)18 Holton-Arms School (MD)10
4/4Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)19 W.T. Woodson (VA)6
4/4Stuart CDS (NJ)4 Princeton Day School (NJ)16
3/3Summit (NJ)13 Glen Ridge (NJ)12
4/4Summit (NJ)11 Mendham (NJ)9
4/4Summit (NJ)16 Morristown (NJ)3
4/4Summit (NJ)14 Northern Highlands (NJ)7
3/3Sun Valley (NC)1 Charlotte Catholic (NC)17
3/3Sun Valley (NC)2 Cuthbertson (NC)13
3/3Sun Valley (NC)15 David W. Butler (NC)5
3/3Sun Valley (NC)10 Independence (NC)4
3/3Sun Valley (NC)12 Independence (NC)9
3/3Sun Valley (NC)11 Porter Ridge (NC)7
3/3Sun Valley (NC)8 Providence (NC)10
4/4Sun Valley (NC)1 Cuthbertson (NC)14
3/3Sun Valley (PA)10 Avon Grove (PA)15
2/2Suncoast Community (FL)8 Cardinal Newman (FL)20
2/2Suncoast Community (FL)18 Seminole Ridge (FL)3
2/2Suncoast Community (FL)12 Wellington (FL)19
3/3Suncoast Community (FL)19 Atlantic (FL)8
3/3Suncoast Community (FL)17 John I. Leonard (FL)2
3/3Suncoast Community (FL)15 Oxbridge Academy (FL)23
3/3Suncoast Community (FL)7 Palm Beach Central (FL)10
3/3Suncoast Community (FL)22 Seminole Ridge (FL)8
3/3Suncoast Community (FL)8 W.T. Dwyer (FL)19
2/2Sunlake (FL)5 Holy Names Academy (FL)12
3/3Sunlake (FL)5 George Steinbrenner (FL)18
3/3Sunlake (FL)8 Land O’ Lakes (FL)6
3/3Sunlake (FL)4 Mitchell (FL)6
3/3Sunlake (FL)9 Wesley Chapel (FL)3
3/3Sunlake (FL)4 Wiregrass Ranch (FL)12
3/3Susquehannock (PA)2 York Catholic (PA)8
4/4Susquehannock (PA)2 Kennard-Dale (PA)17
4/4Susquehannock (PA)11 South Western (PA)9
2/2T. L. Hanna (SC)7 Boiling Springs (SC)9
2/2T. L. Hanna (SC)0 J.L. Mann Academy (SC)16
2/2T. L. Hanna (SC)9 River Bluff (SC)4
2/2T. L. Hanna (SC)15 St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)1
3/3T. L. Hanna (SC)2 Christ Church Episcopal (SC)22
3/3T. L. Hanna (SC)7 Lexington, SC (SC)12
3/3T. L. Hanna (SC)6 Riverside (SC)19
3/3T. L. Hanna (SC)14 St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)4
3/3T. L. Hanna (SC)11 Wade Hampton (SC)5
3/3T. L. Hanna (SC)6 Woodmont (SC)7
4/4T. L. Hanna (SC)6 Mauldin (SC)13
4/4T. L. Hanna (SC)8 Woodmont (SC)12
4/4Taft School (CT)9 Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA )10
2/2Tamalpais (CA)17 Lick-Wilmerding (CA)6
2/2Tamalpais (CA)20 Rancho Cotate (CA)5
3/3Tamalpais (CA)19 Casa Grande (CA)11
3/3Tamalpais (CA)14 Marin Academy (CA)15
3/3Tamalpais (CA)16 Marin Catholic (CA)15
3/3Tamalpais (CA)14 Menlo-Atherton (CA)11
3/3Tamalpais (CA)18 Petaluma (CA)6
3/3Tamalpais (CA)10 San Marin (CA)11
3/3Tamalpais (CA)18 San Rafael (CA)5
4/4Tamalpais (CA)14 Branson School (CA)4
4/4Tamalpais (CA)6 San Marin (CA)17
2/2Tampa Catholic (FL)14 Bartow (FL)3
2/2Tampa Catholic (FL)3 Newsome (FL)20
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)6 Berkeley Prep (FL)18
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)14 Calvary Christian (FL)10
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)8 George Steinbrenner (FL)7
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)3 Gulf Breeze (FL)18
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)7 H.B. Plant (FL)16
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)18 Holy Names Academy (FL)7
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)17 Jefferson (FL)2
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)13 Lake Howell (FL)10
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)4 Paul VI (VA)19
3/3Tampa Catholic (FL)7 Trinity Prep (FL)17
4/4Tampa Catholic (FL)18 Alonso (FL)4
2/2Taravella (FL)10 Calvary Christian Academy (FL)6
2/2Taravella (FL)13 Coral Springs (FL)0
2/2Taravella (FL)17 Coral Springs Charter (FL)2
2/2Taravella (FL)21 North Broward Prep (FL)7
3/3Taravella (FL)12 Fort Lauderdale (FL)1
3/3Taravella (FL)19 John Carroll Catholic (FL)1
3/3Taravella (FL)22 North Broward Prep (FL)3
3/3Taravella (FL)14 West Boca Raton (FL)3
4/4Taravella (FL)19 Pompano Beach (FL)6
3/3Temecula Valley (CA)13 Peninsula (CA)7
3/3Terra Linda (CA)8 San Rafael (CA)7
2/2Terry Sanford (NC)19 Garner Magnet (NC)3
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)6 Apex (NC)18
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)10 Apex Friendship (NC)9
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)3 Apex Friendship (NC)15
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)20 Cape Fear (NC)1
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)14 Fuquay-Varina (NC)3
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)19 Garner Magnet (NC)1
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)9 Holly Springs (NC)11
3/3Terry Sanford (NC)3 Middle Creek (NC)20
4/4Terry Sanford (NC)7 Apex (NC)21
4/4Terry Sanford (NC)5 Middle Creek (NC)14
4/4Thayer Academy (MA )17 Dexter Southfield (MA )7
4/4Thayer Academy (MA )12 Phillips Exeter Acad (NH)4
3/3The Chapin School (NY)15 Beaufort (SC)0
2/2The Woodlands (TX)11 Kingwood (TX)12
2/2The Woodlands (TX)14 Memorial, Houston (TX)5
2/2The Woodlands (TX)17 Pearland (TX)1
3/3The Woodlands (TX)2 Archbishop Spalding (MD)18
3/3The Woodlands (TX)19 Cy-Fair (TX)11
3/3The Woodlands (TX)6 Kinkaid School (TX)18
3/3The Woodlands (TX)8 Lamar (TX)20
4/4The Woodlands (TX)12 St. John’s, TX (TX)15
3/3Thousand Oaks (CA)5 Dos Pueblos (CA)7
4/4Thousand Oaks (CA)9 Glendale (CA)17
4/4Thousand Oaks (CA)7 Westlake (CA)19
4/4Tilton School (NH)4 Kimball Union Academy (NH)15
2/2Timber Creek (FL)15 Cypress Creek (FL)9
2/2Timber Creek (FL)16 Freedom Orlando (FL)7
2/2Timber Creek (FL)15 Lake Nona (FL)5
2/2Timber Creek (FL)2 Oviedo (FL)20
2/2Timber Creek (FL)20 Oviedo (FL)2
3/3Timber Creek (FL)11 Boone (FL)7
3/3Timber Creek (FL)25 Colonial (FL)6
3/3Timber Creek (FL)17 East River (FL)8
3/3Timber Creek (FL)16 University HS (FL)0
2/2Topsail (NC)18 Cape Fear Academy (NC)3
3/3Topsail (NC)7 Ashley (NC)12
3/3Topsail (NC)11 E.A. Laney (NC)4
3/3Topsail (NC)9 Hoggard (NC)14
3/3Topsail (NC)15 New Bern (NC)4
3/3Topsail (NC)17 New Hanover (NC)0
3/3Topsail (NC)13 West Brunswick (NC)3
4/4Topsail (NC)21 E.A. Laney (NC)4
3/3Torrey Pines (CA)7 IMG Academy (FL)16
4/4Torrey Pines (CA)10 Mater Dei (CA)11
3/3Towson (MD)10 Good Counsel (MD)11
2/2Trinity Christian (GA)2 Woodward Academy (GA)19
3/3Trinity Christian (GA)19 Hampton (GA)1
3/3Trinity Christian (GA)13 Henry County (GA)15
3/3Trinity Christian (GA)0 Starr’s Mill (GA)21
3/3Trinity Christian (GA)3 Whitewater (GA)15
3/3Trinity Christian, VA (VA)2 Highland School (VA)15
4/4Trinity Christian, VA (VA)8 Oakcrest School, VA (VA)17
4/4Trinity Christian, VA (VA)2 Pope John Paul-Great (VA)17
4/4Trinity Episcopal, VA (VA)19 Middleburg Academy (VA)3
4/4Trinity Episcopal, VA (VA)15 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA)13
4/4Trinity Episcopal, VA (VA)16 Pope John Paul-Great (VA)14
4/4Trinity Episcopal, VA (VA)14 St. Anne’s-Belfield (VA)21
2/2Trinity Prep (FL)17 Lake Mary (FL)7
2/2Trinity Prep (FL)13 Oviedo (FL)10
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)8 Berkeley Prep (FL)9
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)12 Celebration (FL)6
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)12 Celebration (FL)7
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)6 Hagerty (FL)17
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)13 Lake Howell (FL)3
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)17 Tampa Catholic (FL)7
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)12 West Orange (FL)11
3/3Trinity Prep (FL)10 Winter Park (FL)9
3/3Trinity School (NY)7 Viera (FL)11
3/3Trinity, PA (PA)10 Berks Catholic (PA)20
3/3Trinity, PA (PA)5 Hershey (PA)21
3/3Trinity, PA (PA)8 State College Area (PA)22
4/4Trinity, PA (PA)1 Blackhawk (PA)13
3/3Troy (MI)14 Farmington (MI)15
3/3Troy (MI)17 Salem (MI)2
3/3Tuscarora (MD)8 Oakdale (MD)15
3/3Twin Valley, PA (PA)11 Cocalico (PA)13
3/3Twin Valley, PA (PA)11 Lampeter-Strasburg (PA)16
3/3Twin Valley, PA (PA)15 Oxford Area (PA)1
4/4Twin Valley, PA (PA)18 Berks Catholic (PA)9
4/4Twin Valley, PA (PA)24 Penn Manor (PA)6
4/4Union Endicott (NY)6 Elmira (NY)10
2/2Union Grove (GA)3 Creekview (GA)23
2/2Union Grove (GA)13 Grady (GA)11
2/2Union Grove (GA)19 Stockbridge (GA)0
3/3Union Grove (GA)19 Hampton (GA)0
3/3Union Grove (GA)20 Locust Grove (GA)0
3/3Union Grove (GA)20 Mount de Sales (GA)0
3/3Union Grove (GA)17 Woodland (GA)1
3/3Unionville (PA)2 Agnes Irwin (PA)19
2/2University (CA)16 Sir Francis Drake (CA)7
2/2University (CA)13 Washington (CA)3
3/3University (CA)21 Convent of the Sacred Heart (CA)6
3/3University (CA)13 Davis (CA)2
3/3University (CA)10 Head-Royce School (CA)12
3/3University (CA)13 Lick-Wilmerding (CA)4
3/3University (CA)10 Marin Academy (CA)14
3/3University (CA)8 Marin Catholic (CA)9
3/3University (CA)7 Oak Ridge (CA)13
3/3University (CA)9 Redwood (CA)13
3/3University (CA)17 Urban School (CA)2
4/4University (CA)13 Castilleja (CA)9
4/4University (CA)13 Lick-Wilmerding (CA)3
3/3University HS (FL)0 Boone (FL)14
3/3University HS (FL)7 Cardinal Newman (FL)21
3/3University HS (FL)0 Timber Creek (FL)16
4/4University HS (FL)0 Lake Highland Prep (FL)21
2/2University HS, NSU (FL)12 Archbishop McCarthy (FL)6
3/3University HS, NSU (FL)2 American Heritage/Plant’n (FL)11
3/3University HS, NSU (FL)9 Calvary Christian Academy (FL)17
3/3University HS, NSU (FL)4 Flanagan (FL)16
3/3University HS, NSU (FL)3 Naples (FL)15
3/3University HS, NSU (FL)4 Western (FL)11
4/4University HS, NSU (FL)1 Ransom Everglades (FL)20
4/4Upper Darby (PA)1 Strath Haven (PA)18
3/3Upper Dublin (PA)17 Hatboro-Horsham (PA)8
3/3Upper Dublin (PA)11 Wilson, West Lawn (PA)12
3/3Upper Merion Area (PA)12 Coatesville Area (PA)6
3/3Upper Merion Area (PA)14 Council Rock North (PA)4
3/3Upper Merion Area (PA)15 Lower Merion (PA)11
3/3Upper Merion Area (PA)9 West Chester East (PA)7
4/4Upper Merion Area (PA)9 Upper Perkiomen (PA)8
3/3Upper Moreland (PA)6 Central Bucks East (PA)14
3/3Upper Moreland (PA)14 Lower Moreland (PA)3
3/3Upper Moreland (PA)16 Penncrest (PA)15
3/3Upper Perkiomen (PA)3 Central Bucks South (PA)17
3/3Upper Perkiomen (PA)5 Emmaus (PA)14
4/4Upper Perkiomen (PA)8 Upper Merion Area (PA)9
4/4Upper St. Clair (PA)18 Penn Trafford (PA)0
4/4Upper St. Clair (PA)19 Peters Township (PA)10
4/4Upper St. Clair (PA)17 Sewickley Academy (PA)5
3/3Urban School (CA)14 Convent of the Sacred Heart (CA)6
3/3Urban School (CA)4 San Rafael (CA)9
3/3Urban School (CA)2 University (CA)17
3/3Ursuline Academy (MO)8 Nerinx Hall (MO)12
3/3Ursuline Academy (MO)3 Rockwood Summit (MO)15
4/4Ursuline Academy (MO)4 Webster Groves (MO)6
3/3Ursuline Academy (OH)4 Mariemont (OH)13
3/3Ursuline Academy, TX (TX)12 Southlake Carroll (TX)17
3/3Valencia – Placentia (CA)8 Dos Pueblos (CA)15
3/3Valencia-Santa Clarita (CA)8 Dos Pueblos (CA)15
4/4Valhalla (NY)7 Rye Neck (NY)9
2/2Venice (FL)3 Gulf Coast (FL)12
2/2Venice (FL)6 Manatee (FL)15
3/3Venice (FL)3 Lakewood Ranch (FL)12
3/3Venice (FL)3 Out-of-Door Academy (FL)19
3/3Venice (FL)7 Riverview (FL)13
3/3Venice (FL)18 Sarasota Military Academy (FL)4
3/3Vernon Hills (IL)2 Evanston Township (IL)20
4/4Vernon Verona Sherill (NY)4 Whitesboro (NY)18
2/2Vero Beach (FL)14 Olympia (FL)0
2/2Vero Beach (FL)14 South Fork (FL)2
3/3Vero Beach (FL)13 Bartram Trail (FL)8
3/3Vero Beach (FL)10 Benjamin School (FL)9
3/3Vero Beach (FL)10 Cardinal Gibbons (NC)13
3/3Vero Beach (FL)5 Greenwich Academy (CT)16
3/3Vero Beach (FL)12 Jensen Beach (FL)6
3/3Vero Beach (FL)13 Martin County (FL)5
3/3Vero Beach (FL)13 Pine Crest (FL)12
4/4Vero Beach (FL)6 Cardinal Newman (FL)19
2/2Vestavia Hills (AL)17 Briarcrest (TN)9
2/2Vestavia Hills (AL)21 Jackson-Olin (AL)1
2/2Vestavia Hills (AL)15 St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)14
3/3Vestavia Hills (AL)15 Hoover (AL)3
3/3Vestavia Hills (AL)19 Jackson-Olin (AL)0
3/3Vestavia Hills (AL)19 James Clemens (AL)3
4/4Victor (NY)5 Spencerport (NY)18
2/2Viera (FL)21 Eau Gallie (FL)2
2/2Viera (FL)6 Martin County (FL)21
2/2Viera (FL)19 Melbourne Central Catholic (FL)4
2/2Viera (FL)18 Rockledge (FL)3
2/2Viera (FL)22 West Shore (FL)8
3/3Viera (FL)19 Celebration (FL)9
3/3Viera (FL)19 Edgewood (FL)12
3/3Viera (FL)14 Holy Trinity Episcopal (FL)12
3/3Viera (FL)13 Melbourne (FL)5
3/3Viera (FL)20 Merritt Island (FL)10
3/3Viera (FL)20 Sebastian (FL)8
3/3Viera (FL)11 Trinity School (NY)7
4/4Viera (FL)25 Satellite (FL)6
3/3Villa Duchesne (MO)3 Lafayette (MO)13
3/3Villa Duchesne (MO)17 Pattonville (MO)6
4/4Villa Duchesne (MO)16 Parkway West (MO)12
4/4Villa Duchesne (MO)14 Westminster (MO)11
3/3Villa Joseph Marie SG (PA)5 Mt. St. Joseph Academy (PA)19
4/4Villa Joseph Marie SG (PA)3 Villa Maria Academy – Malvern (PA)15
4/4Villa Maria Academy – Malvern (PA)15 Villa Joseph Marie SG (PA)3
3/3Virginia Episcopal (VA)5 Ravenscroft School (NC)16
4/4Virginia Episcopal (VA)19 Fuqua School (VA)5
4/4Virginia Episcopal (VA)22 North Cross Club (VA)8
4/4Virginia Episcopal (VA)22 St. Gertrude (VA)15
3/3Visitation Academy (MO)7 Cor Jesu Academy (MO)18
3/3Visitation Academy (MO)9 Kirkwood (MO)13
4/4Visitation Academy (MO)10 Francis Howell (MO)13
4/4Visitation Academy (MO)17 Incarnate Word Academy (MO)11
4/4Visitation Academy (MO)13 Whitfield School (MO)7
2/2W.T. Dwyer (FL)9 King’s Academy (FL)12
2/2W.T. Dwyer (FL)5 Palm Beach Central (FL)4
3/3W.T. Dwyer (FL)7 Boca Raton (FL)17
3/3W.T. Dwyer (FL)17 Palm Beach Gardens (FL)4
3/3W.T. Dwyer (FL)6 Park Vista (FL)5
3/3W.T. Dwyer (FL)9 Pine School (FL)11
3/3W.T. Dwyer (FL)12 Pine School (FL)9
3/3W.T. Dwyer (FL)19 Suncoast Community (FL)8
4/4W.T. Dwyer (FL)4 Benjamin School (FL)8
3/3W.T. Woodson (VA)10 Holton-Arms School (MD)13
3/3W.T. Woodson (VA)16 Oakton (VA)3
3/3W.T. Woodson (VA)13 St. Catherine’s, VA (VA)15
4/4W.T. Woodson (VA)14 St. John’s College (DC)9
4/4W.T. Woodson (VA)6 Sts. Stephen’s & Agnes (VA)19
4/4W.T. Woodson (VA)18 West Springfield, VA (VA)7
4/4Wachusett (MA)9 Littleton (MA)11
2/2Wade Hampton (SC)3 A. C. Flora (SC)16
2/2Wade Hampton (SC)9 St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)8
3/3Wade Hampton (SC)1 J.L. Mann Academy (SC)19
3/3Wade Hampton (SC)2 Mauldin (SC)18
3/3Wade Hampton (SC)5 T. L. Hanna (SC)11
3/3Wade Hampton (SC)2 Woodmont (SC)13
3/3Wadsworth (OH)4 Jackson (OH)17
2/2Wake Forest (NC)18 Sanderson (NC)9
3/3Wake Forest (NC)15 Athens Drive (NC)6
3/3Wake Forest (NC)12 Chapel Hill (NC)14
3/3Wake Forest (NC)6 East Chapel Hill (NC)17
3/3Wake Forest (NC)17 Fuquay-Varina (NC)7
3/3Wake Forest (NC)12 Heritage (NC)7
3/3Wake Forest (NC)11 Heritage (NC)12
3/3Wake Forest (NC)19 Northwood (NC)5
4/4Wake Forest (NC)17 Enloe (NC)4
2/2Wakefield (NC)6 Millbrook (NC)9
3/3Wakefield (NC)15 Carrboro (NC)8
3/3Wakefield (NC)10 Green Hope (NC)13
3/3Wakefield (NC)20 Northwood (NC)4
3/3Wakefield (NC)17 Rolesville (NC)1
3/3Wakefield (NC)16 Rolesville (NC)6
4/4Wakefield HS, VA (VA)0 Riverside, VA (VA)17
2/2Walker School (GA)21 Riverwood (GA)6
3/3Walker School (GA)16 Campbell (GA)4
3/3Walker School (GA)4 Decatur (GA)14
3/3Walker School (GA)10 East Paulding (GA)9
3/3Walker School (GA)9 Lovett (GA)20
3/3Walled Lake Northern (MI)12 Harrison (MI)11
4/4Walpole (MA)20 Medway (MA)10
4/4Walpole (MA)19 Newton North (MA)9
3/3Walter Johnson (MD)13 Springbrook (MD)2
4/4Waltham (MA)3 Bedford Public (MA)12
4/4Waltham (MA)2 Westford Academy (MA)18
2/2Walton (GA)7 Milton (GA)21
3/3Walton (GA)18 Charlotte Country Day (NC)9
3/3Walton (GA)8 Charlotte Latin (NC)12
4/4Walton (GA)15 Hockaday SG (TX)16
2/2Wando (SC)11 Carolina Forest (SC)10
2/2Wando (SC)19 James Island (SC)0
2/2Wando (SC)13 Riverside (SC)6
2/2Wando (SC)16 Socastee (SC)1
2/2Wando (SC)16 St. James HS, SC (SC)3
3/3Wando (SC)9 Bishop England (SC)18
3/3Wando (SC)19 Carolina Forest (SC)7
3/3Wando (SC)12 Fort Mill (SC)18
3/3Wando (SC)20 Hilton Head (SC)3
3/3Wando (SC)10 J.L. Mann Academy (SC)8
3/3Wando (SC)16 Porter-Gaud School (SC)11
3/3Wando (SC)17 Socastee (SC)3
3/3Wando (SC)21 St. James HS, SC (SC)6
4/4Wando (SC)22 James Island (SC)1
3/3Ward Melville (NY)18 West Islip (NY)12
3/3Warren Central (IN)3 Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (IN)8
3/3Warwick, PA (PA)12 Cedar Crest (PA)11
4/4Warwick, PA (PA)8 Conestoga Valley (PA)11
4/4Warwick, PA (PA)1 Manheim Township (PA)20
2/2Washington (CA)0 San Rafael (CA)11
2/2Washington (CA)3 University (CA)13
4/4Washington (CA)8 Convent of the Sacred Heart (CA)10
3/3Watauga (NC)0 Ardrey Kell (NC)23
3/3Watauga (NC)1 Hickory (NC)20
3/3Watauga (NC)0 Lake Norman (NC)15
3/3Watauga (NC)14 Mooresville (NC)6
3/3Watauga (NC)8 Mooresville (NC)9
3/3Watauga (NC)7 St. Stephens (NC)8
4/4Watauga (NC)4 Lake Norman Charter (NC)16
4/4Watchung Hills (NJ)5 Bridgewater-Raritan (NJ)17
4/4Waterloo (NY)12 Whitesboro (NY)9
4/4Watertown (MA)8 Newton North (MA)22
3/3Waunakee (WI)8 Brookfield, WI (WI)9
4/4Wayland (MA)15 Newton South (MA)1
4/4Wayland (MA)15 Westford Academy (MA)9
4/4Wayland (MA)22 Weston (MA)15
3/3Webster Groves (MO)5 Francis Howell Central (MO)1
3/3Webster Groves (MO)10 Hazelwood Central (MO)2
4/4Webster Groves (MO)6 Ursuline Academy (MO)4
4/4Webster Groves (MO)8 West Belleville (IL)7
4/4Webster Schroeder (NY)5 Spencerport (NY)16
3/3Weddington (NC)18 Ardrey Kell (NC)9
3/3Weddington (NC)10 Cardinal Gibbons (NC)9
3/3Weddington (NC)14 Charlotte Latin (NC)11
3/3Weddington (NC)15 Cuthbertson (NC)3
3/3Weddington (NC)16 Hough (NC)6
3/3Weddington (NC)18 Lake Norman (NC)5
3/3Weddington (NC)14 Myers Park (NC)9
3/3Weddington (NC)16 Norfolk Academy (VA)6
4/4Weddington (NC)10 Charlotte Catholic (NC)8
4/4Weddington (NC)19 Parkwood (NC)2
2/2Wekiva (FL)6 Lake Minneola (FL)7
2/2Wekiva (FL)8 Ocoee (FL)5
2/2Wekiva (FL)0 Olympia (FL)16
3/3Wekiva (FL)7 Apopka (FL)8
3/3Wekiva (FL)1 Dr. Phillips (FL)18
4/4Wellesley (MA)15 Foxborough (MA)12
2/2Wellington (FL)17 Atlantic (FL)4
2/2Wellington (FL)8 Boca Raton (FL)18
2/2Wellington (FL)19 John I. Leonard (FL)0
2/2Wellington (FL)5 Jupiter (FL)7
2/2Wellington (FL)19 Suncoast Community (FL)12
3/3Wellington (FL)8 Cardinal Newman (FL)18
3/3Wellington (FL)6 King’s Academy (FL)17
3/3Wellington (FL)15 Palm Beach Central (FL)8
3/3Wellington (FL)5 Palm Beach Central (FL)4
3/3Wellington (FL)14 Seminole Ridge (FL)4
4/4Wellington (FL)9 Park Vista (FL)11
4/4Wellington School (OH)3 Bishop Watterson (OH)17
2/2Wesley Chapel (FL)1 Sickles (FL)23
3/3Wesley Chapel (FL)2 Lakeland (FL)21
3/3Wesley Chapel (FL)1 Land O’ Lakes (FL)15
3/3Wesley Chapel (FL)1 Mitchell (FL)15
3/3Wesley Chapel (FL)3 Sunlake (FL)9
3/3Wesley Chapel (FL)1 Wiregrass Ranch (FL)18
2/2Wesleyan School (GA)11 Blessed Trinity (GA)19
2/2Wesleyan School (GA)8 Chattahoochee (GA)22
2/2Wesleyan School (GA)7 John’s Creek (GA)23
3/3West Belleville (IL)10 Hazelwood Central (MO)4
3/3West Belleville (IL)10 Hazelwood West (MO)4
3/3West Belleville (IL)6 Incarnate Word Academy (MO)9
4/4West Belleville (IL)9 Holt – Wentzville (MO)10
4/4West Belleville (IL)4 Parkway South (MO)7
4/4West Belleville (IL)7 Webster Groves (MO)8
2/2West Boca Raton (FL)8 Palm Beach Central (FL)11
2/2West Boca Raton (FL)7 Spanish River (FL)21
2/2West Boca Raton (FL)6 Stoneman Douglas (FL)17
3/3West Boca Raton (FL)17 Coral Springs (FL)2
3/3West Boca Raton (FL)26 North Broward Prep (FL)16
3/3West Boca Raton (FL)10 Park Vista (FL)13
3/3West Boca Raton (FL)3 Taravella (FL)14
4/4West Boca Raton (FL)4 Boca Raton (FL)20
4/4West Boca Raton (FL)15 North Broward Prep (FL)11
2/2West Broward (FL)12 Archbishop McCarthy (FL)4
2/2West Broward (FL)13 Pompano Beach (FL)3
2/2West Broward (FL)7 South Plantation (FL)12
2/2West Broward (FL)8 Western (FL)13
3/3West Broward (FL)6 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)12
3/3West Broward (FL)8 Cooper City (FL)7
3/3West Broward (FL)9 Cypress Bay (FL)14
3/3West Broward (FL)6 Flanagan (FL)9
3/3West Broward (FL)12 Plantation (FL)2
3/3West Broward (FL)6 Stoneman Douglas (FL)18
2/2West Brunswick (NC)4 Ashley (NC)11
3/3West Brunswick (NC)4 Hoggard (NC)17
3/3West Brunswick (NC)10 New Hanover (NC)9
3/3West Brunswick (NC)21 North Myrtle Beach (SC)0
3/3West Brunswick (NC)20 South Brunswick (NC)5
3/3West Brunswick (NC)3 Topsail (NC)13
4/4West Brunswick (NC)5 E.A. Laney (NC)6
4/4West Brunswick (NC)3 Hoggard (NC)14
4/4West Brunswick (NC)22 North Myrtle Beach (SC)0
3/3West Chester East (PA)7 Upper Merion Area (PA)9
3/3West Chester Rustin (PA)14 Strath Haven (PA)8
2/2West Florida A.T. (FL)7 Milton (FL)10
2/2West Florida A.T. (FL)5 Pensacola Catholic (FL)17
3/3West Florida A.T. (FL)12 Booker T. Washington (FL)4
3/3West Florida A.T. (FL)20 Booker T. Washington (FL)10
3/3West Florida A.T. (FL)2 Gulf Breeze (FL)17
3/3West Florida A.T. (FL)8 Milton (FL)7
3/3West Florida A.T. (FL)2 Pensacola (FL)16
3/3West Florida A.T. (FL)8 South Walton (FL)9
2/2West Forsyth (GA)17 Pope (GA)8
2/2West Forsyth (GA)12 Roswell (GA)8
3/3West Forsyth (GA)10 Blessed Trinity (GA)10
3/3West Forsyth (GA)17 Cambridge (GA)10
3/3West Forsyth (GA)22 North Forsyth (GA)4
3/3West Forsyth (GA)20 Sequoyah (GA)2
2/2West Forsyth (NC)13 Mt. Tabor (NC)10
3/3West Forsyth (NC)9 East Forsyth (NC)7
3/3West Forsyth (NC)18 Lake Norman Charter (NC)7
3/3West Forsyth (NC)22 Northern Guilford (NC)8
3/3West Forsyth (NC)12 Page (NC)8
3/3West Forsyth (NC)15 Southeast Guilford (NC)4
3/3West Forsyth (NC)17 Western Guilford (NC)1
4/4West Forsyth (NC)16 Davie (NC)5
4/4West Forsyth (NC)11 R.J. Reynolds (NC)13
3/3West Genesee (NY)7 Westhill (NY)8
4/4West Genesee (NY)9 Christian Brothers (NY)7
3/3West Islip (NY)14 Deer Park (NY)3
3/3West Islip (NY)11 East Islip (NY)10
3/3West Islip (NY)3 Eastport South Manor (NY)13
3/3West Islip (NY)8 Massapequa (NY)7
3/3West Islip (NY)12 Ward Melville (NY)18
4/4West Islip (NY)11 Babylon (NY)7
4/4West Islip (NY)17 Bellport (NY)4
4/4West Islip (NY)9 Mattituck-Southold (NY)10
2/2West Orange (FL)15 Edgewater (FL)5
2/2West Orange (FL)16 Ocoee (FL)0
3/3West Orange (FL)16 Apopka (FL)1
3/3West Orange (FL)7 Dr. Phillips (FL)14
3/3West Orange (FL)11 East River (FL)3
3/3West Orange (FL)23 Evans (FL)3
3/3West Orange (FL)17 Lake Minneola (FL)2
3/3West Orange (FL)16 Lyman (FL)9
3/3West Orange (FL)17 South Lake (FL)5
3/3West Orange (FL)11 Trinity Prep (FL)12
3/3West Ottawa (MI)3 Catholic Central (MI)16
3/3West Ranch (CA)7 Westlake (CA)19
2/2West Shore (FL)16 Eau Gallie (FL)5
2/2West Shore (FL)15 Holy Trinity Episcopal (FL)12
2/2West Shore (FL)8 Viera (FL)22
3/3West Shore (FL)19 Melbourne Central Catholic (FL)8
3/3West Shore (FL)8 Rockledge (FL)9
3/3West Shore (FL)17 Satellite (FL)8
4/4West Shore (FL)18 Merritt Island (FL)10
3/3West Springfield, VA (VA)10 South Lakes (VA)9
4/4West Springfield, VA (VA)7 W.T. Woodson (VA)18
3/3West Stokes (NC)10 Atkins (NC)14
3/3West Stokes (NC)1 East Forsyth (NC)19
3/3West Stokes (NC)15 Glenn (NC)1
3/3West Stokes (NC)17 Glenn (NC)3
3/3West Stokes (NC)4 Mt. Tabor (NC)15
3/3West Stokes (NC)2 North Davidson (NC)7
3/3West Stokes (NC)3 Ronald Reagan (NC)20
4/4West Stokes (NC)4 Southwest Guilford (NC)4
4/4West Stokes (NC)15 Western Guilford (NC)5
4/4West Windsor-PB North (NJ)15 Monroe Township (NJ)13
3/3West York Area (PA)11 Red Lion Area, PA (PA)8
3/3West York Area (PA)3 York Catholic (PA)23
4/4West York Area (PA)2 Kennard-Dale (PA)24
2/2Western (FL)8 Cardinal Gibbons (FL)13
2/2Western (FL)14 Fort Lauderdale (FL)2
2/2Western (FL)8 Miami Country Day (FL)1
2/2Western (FL)13 West Broward (FL)8
3/3Western (FL)11 Archbishop McCarthy (FL)4
3/3Western (FL)12 Calvary Christian Academy (FL)6
3/3Western (FL)11 Cooper City (FL)12
3/3Western (FL)8 Cypress Bay (FL)13
3/3Western (FL)8 Flanagan (FL)9
3/3Western (FL)6 Jupiter (FL)13
3/3Western (FL)11 University HS, NSU (FL)4
3/3Western Albemarle (VA)9 Sacred Heart Academy (KY)10
2/2Western Guilford (NC)1 Northern Guilford (NC)24
3/3Western Guilford (NC)8 Atkins (NC)22
3/3Western Guilford (NC)2 East Forsyth (NC)23
3/3Western Guilford (NC)2 Mt. Tabor (NC)18
3/3Western Guilford (NC)2 North Davidson (NC)10
3/3Western Guilford (NC)3 Northern Guilford (NC)20
3/3Western Guilford (NC)1 Ragsdale (NC)13
3/3Western Guilford (NC)2 Southwest Guilford (NC)14
3/3Western Guilford (NC)1 West Forsyth (NC)17
4/4Western Guilford (NC)5 West Stokes (NC)15
4/4Western Reserve Academy (OH)8 Archbishop Hoban (OH)6
4/4Western Reserve Academy (OH)9 Roosevelt – Kent (OH)2
3/3Westerville Central (OH)14 Bishop Watterson (OH)19
3/3Westerville North (OH)11 Bishop Watterson (OH)17
4/4Westford Academy (MA)10 Groton-Dunstable (MA)11
4/4Westford Academy (MA)18 Waltham (MA)2
4/4Westford Academy (MA)9 Wayland (MA)15
4/4Westhill (CT)0 New Canaan (CT)18
3/3Westhill (NY)16 LaFayette (NY)10
3/3Westhill (NY)8 West Genesee (NY)7
4/4Westhill (NY)5 Skaneateles (NY)6
2/2Westlake (CA)16 Cate School (CA)9
2/2Westlake (CA)19 Royal (CA)1
3/3Westlake (CA)15 Agoura (CA)9
3/3Westlake (CA)16 Crescenta Valley (CA)15
3/3Westlake (CA)15 Marlborough (CA)12
3/3Westlake (CA)12 Newbury Park (CA)9
3/3Westlake (CA)11 Santa Margarita Catholic School (CA)12
3/3Westlake (CA)19 St. Margaret’s (CA)13
3/3Westlake (CA)19 West Ranch (CA)7
4/4Westlake (CA)18 Newbury Park (CA)12
4/4Westlake (CA)18 Oak Park (CA)15
4/4Westlake (CA)19 Thousand Oaks (CA)7
2/2Westlake, TX (TX)9 Southlake Carroll (TX)9
3/3Westminster (MD)8 Marriotts Ridge (MD)15
3/3Westminster (MO)11 Incarnate Word Academy (MO)1
4/4Westminster (MO)4 Cor Jesu Academy (MO)16
4/4Westminster (MO)10 John Burroughs (MO)16
4/4Westminster (MO)11 Villa Duchesne (MO)14
4/4Westminster School (CT)9 Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA )8
3/3Westminster School (GA)12 Charlotte Country Day (NC)10
4/4Weston (MA)18 Cambridge R-L (MA)9
4/4Weston (MA)8 Concord Carlisle (MA)23
4/4Weston (MA)15 Wayland (MA)22
2/2Westridge School (CA)5 Peninsula (CA)18
4/4Westridge School (CA)2 Glendale (CA)17
4/4Westwood (MA)14 Franklin (MA)10
4/4Westwood (MA)7 Norwell (MA)8
4/4Weymouth (MA)14 Boston Latin School (MA)19
2/2Wharton (FL)7 Land O’ Lakes (FL)1
2/2Wharton (FL)0 Newsome (FL)19
3/3Wharton (FL)14 Alonso (FL)10
3/3Wharton (FL)0 H.B. Plant (FL)18
3/3Wharton (FL)0 Newsome (FL)19
2/2Wheeler (GA)19 Lanier (GA)6
2/2Wheeler (GA)10 Sprayberry (GA)6
3/3Wheeler (GA)11 Campbell (GA)17
3/3Wheeler (GA)10 Forsyth Central (GA)15
3/3Wheeler (GA)1 Kennesaw Mountain (GA)13
3/3Wheeler (GA)15 McEachern (GA)11
3/3Wheeler (GA)7 Northgate (GA)18
3/3Wheeler (GA)5 Woodstock (GA)15
4/4Wheeler School, RI (RI)10 East Greenwich (RI)11
4/4Wheeler School, RI (RI)18 Mt. Hope (RI)8
2/2White Oak (NC)10 D.H. Conley Club (NC)17
3/3White Oak (NC)5 Cape Fear Academy (NC)15
3/3White Oak (NC)3 First Flight (NC)20
3/3White Oak (NC)3 Havelock (NC)17
3/3White Oak (NC)2 Northside (NC)21
4/4White Oak (NC)8 D.H. Conley Club (NC)12
2/2White Station (TN)2 Southlake Carroll (TX)11
3/3White Station (TN)4 St. Mary’s ES, TN (TN)17
3/3Whitesboro (NY)16 Carthage (NY)13
4/4Whitesboro (NY)18 Vernon Verona Sherill (NY)4
4/4Whitesboro (NY)9 Waterloo (NY)12
2/2Whitewater (GA)9 Carrollton (GA)8
2/2Whitewater (GA)8 Greater Atlanta (GA)12
2/2Whitewater (GA)9 Northgate (GA)7
2/2Whitewater (GA)24 Stockbridge (GA)0
2/2Whitewater (GA)6 Woodward Academy (GA)5
3/3Whitewater (GA)13 Eagle’s Landing (GA)5
3/3Whitewater (GA)9 Pace Academy (GA)8
3/3Whitewater (GA)15 Trinity Christian (GA)3
3/3Whitewater (GA)14 Woodland (GA)1
4/4Whitfield School (MO)5 Notre Dame (MO)15
4/4Whitfield School (MO)7 Visitation Academy (MO)13
4/4Whitman-Hanson Regional (MA)3 Hingham (MA)20
3/3William Floyd (NY)7 Elwood John Glenn (NY)1
4/4William Floyd (NY)4 Patchogue Medford (NY)5
3/3William Penn Charter (PA)8 Abington (PA)7
3/3William Penn Charter (PA)9 Agnes Irwin (PA)19
3/3William Penn Charter (PA)12 Good Counsel (MD)13
3/3William Penn Charter (PA)17 Little Flower Catholic (PA)2
3/3William Penn Charter (PA)15 Mt. St. Joseph Academy (PA)5
4/4William Penn Charter (PA)5 Haddonfield (NJ)8
4/4William Penn Charter (PA)6 Notre Dame Academy (PA)13
4/4William Penn Charter (PA)10 Springside Chesnut Hill (PA)7
3/3Wilson, West Lawn (PA)21 Emmaus (PA)4
3/3Wilson, West Lawn (PA)14 Hempfield, Landisville (PA)15
3/3Wilson, West Lawn (PA)7 Owen J. Roberts (PA)11
3/3Wilson, West Lawn (PA)12 Upper Dublin (PA)11
4/4Wilson, West Lawn (PA)18 Daniel Boone (PA)4
4/4Wilson, West Lawn (PA)6 Exeter Township, PA (PA)12
4/4Wilson, West Lawn (PA)15 Spring-Ford (PA)18
4/4Wilton (CT)9 Greenwich Academy (CT)17
2/2Windermere HS (FL)8 East Ridge (FL)14
2/2Windermere Prep (FL)10 First Academy (FL)7
2/2Windermere Prep (FL)9 Lake Wales (FL)4
3/3Windermere Prep (FL)20 All Saints Academy (FL)11
3/3Windermere Prep (FL)14 First Academy (FL)4
3/3Windermere Prep (FL)20 Orangewood Christian (FL)5
3/3Windermere Prep (FL)18 Orangewood Christian (FL)7
2/2Winter Haven (FL)3 Lake Nona (FL)9
3/3Winter Haven (FL)6 All Saints Academy (FL)8
3/3Winter Haven (FL)2 Bartow (FL)12
3/3Winter Haven (FL)7 Bartow (FL)9
3/3Winter Haven (FL)3 Celebration (FL)16
3/3Winter Haven (FL)18 Lake Gibson (FL)4
3/3Winter Haven (FL)10 Lake Gibson (FL)2
3/3Winter Haven (FL)7 Lake Wales (FL)4
3/3Winter Haven (FL)9 Lakeland (FL)6
3/3Winter Haven (FL)4 Lakeland (FL)14
2/2Winter Park (FL)17 Boone (FL)0
2/2Winter Park (FL)20 Lake Howell (FL)6
2/2Winter Park (FL)10 Oviedo (FL)11
3/3Winter Park (FL)22 Colonial (FL)2
3/3Winter Park (FL)10 Lake Brantley (FL)8
3/3Winter Park (FL)19 Lake Nona (FL)4
3/3Winter Park (FL)6 Phillips Exeter Acad (NH)16
3/3Winter Park (FL)9 Trinity Prep (FL)10
4/4Winter Park (FL)7 Hagerty (FL)8
2/2Winter Springs (FL)0 Hagerty (FL)19
2/2Winter Springs (FL)9 Lake Nona (FL)5
3/3Winter Springs (FL)13 Apopka (FL)7
3/3Winter Springs (FL)5 Lake Brantley (FL)15
3/3Winter Springs (FL)3 Lake Mary (FL)15
3/3Winter Springs (FL)10 Lyman (FL)14
2/2Wiregrass Ranch (FL)15 Bloomingdale (FL)7
2/2Wiregrass Ranch (FL)19 Land O’ Lakes (FL)2
3/3Wiregrass Ranch (FL)14 George Steinbrenner (FL)9
3/3Wiregrass Ranch (FL)21 Lake Gibson (FL)0
3/3Wiregrass Ranch (FL)13 Lake Wales (FL)2
3/3Wiregrass Ranch (FL)17 Sickles (FL)9
3/3Wiregrass Ranch (FL)12 Sunlake (FL)4
3/3Wiregrass Ranch (FL)18 Wesley Chapel (FL)1
3/3Wissahickon (PA)16 Great Valley (PA)10
4/4Wissahickon (PA)12 Central Bucks South (PA)11
3/3Woodbridge (CA)10 Glendale (CA)18
3/3Woodbridge, VA (VA)8 Pope John Paul-Great (VA)23
3/3Woodland (GA)10 Hampton (GA)0
3/3Woodland (GA)1 Union Grove (GA)17
3/3Woodland (GA)1 Whitewater (GA)14
2/2Woodmont (SC)3 Boiling Springs (SC)2
2/2Woodmont (SC)2 Nation Ford (SC)13
3/3Woodmont (SC)3 Christ Church Episcopal (SC)15
3/3Woodmont (SC)5 Dorman (SC)10
3/3Woodmont (SC)6 Greenville, SC (SC)17
3/3Woodmont (SC)2 J.L. Mann Academy (SC)20
3/3Woodmont (SC)11 St. Joseph’s Catholic (SC)1
3/3Woodmont (SC)7 T. L. Hanna (SC)6
3/3Woodmont (SC)13 Wade Hampton (SC)2
4/4Woodmont (SC)4 Riverside (SC)16
4/4Woodmont (SC)12 T. L. Hanna (SC)8
2/2Woodstock (GA)8 Cherokee (GA)7
2/2Woodstock (GA)15 Riverwood (GA)1
2/2Woodstock (GA)7 Roswell (GA)23
2/2Woodstock (GA)15 Sprayberry (GA)5
3/3Woodstock (GA)4 Allatoona (GA)13
3/3Woodstock (GA)16 McEachern (GA)1
3/3Woodstock (GA)5 River Ridge (GA)11
3/3Woodstock (GA)15 Wheeler (GA)5
2/2Woodward Academy (GA)18 Luella (GA)1
2/2Woodward Academy (GA)5 Oak Mountain (AL)15
2/2Woodward Academy (GA)19 Trinity Christian (GA)2
2/2Woodward Academy (GA)5 Whitewater (GA)6
3/3Woodward Academy (GA)18 Dutchtown (GA)4
3/3Woodward Academy (GA)5 McIntosh (GA)15
3/3Woodward Academy (GA)8 Northgate (GA)14
4/4Worcester Academy (MA )10 Portsmouth Abbey (RI)14
3/3Wyoming Seminary, PA (PA)11 Emmaus (PA)14
3/3Wyoming Seminary, PA (PA)6 Southern Lehigh (PA)13
3/3Wyomissing Area (PA)18 Ephrata (PA)4
3/3Wyomissing Area (PA)18 Lancaster Country Day/Catholic (PA)14
4/4Wyomissing Area (PA)5 Kennard-Dale (PA)16
3/3Ygnacio Valley (CA)2 Dublin (CA)18
4/4Yonkers (NY)2 Rye Neck (NY)10
3/3Yorba Linda (CA)4 Glendale (CA)7
3/3York (IL)8 Hinsdale Central (IL)13
4/4York (IL)18 John Burroughs (MO)4
4/4York (IL)19 MICDS (MO)10
3/3York Catholic (PA)10 Kennard-Dale (PA)9
3/3York Catholic (PA)8 Susquehannock (PA)2
3/3York Catholic (PA)23 West York Area (PA)3
4/4York Catholic (PA)19 South Western (PA)7
3/3York Suburban (PA)8 South Western (PA)19
4/4Yorktown (NY)2 New Canaan (CT)12
3/3Yorktown, VA (VA)16 Sidwell Friends (DC)11
3/3Yough (PA)12 Knoch (PA)21
3/3Zionsville (IN)16 Brownsburg (IN)6
3/3Zionsville (IN)10 Carmel (IN)12
3/3Zionsville (IN)18 North Central (IN)3
3/3Zionsville (IN)18 St. Joseph’s (IN)7