College Lacrosse D3 Mens Lacrosse

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Game Schedule Alphabetically By Team

3/2Maine Maritime0 Becker0
3/9Maine Maritime3 Massachusetts Maritime19
3/13Maine Maritime9 Saint Joseph’s (ME)19
3/16Maine Maritime5 SUNY Delhi12
3/23Maine Maritime0 SUNY Canton0
3/27Maine Maritime0 Dean0
3/30Maine Maritime0 Johnson State0
4/6Maine Maritime0 Thomas0
4/10Maine Maritime0 Southern Maine0
4/16Maine Maritime0 Colby0
4/20Maine Maritime0 Lyndon State0
4/23Maine Maritime0 Husson0
5/27Maine Maritime0 TBD0
5/27Maine Maritime0 TBD0
5/27Maine Maritime0 TBD0
2/27Manhattanville13 Farmingdale9
3/2Manhattanville17 Purchase4
3/5Manhattanville8 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)7
3/9Manhattanville0 Bard0
3/13Manhattanville0 US Merchant Marine0
3/20Manhattanville0 Mt St Mary0
3/23Manhattanville0 SUNY Maritime0
3/26Manhattanville0 Western Connecticut0
3/29Manhattanville0 Kean0
4/3Manhattanville0 Eastern0
4/6Manhattanville0 Wilkes0
4/10Manhattanville0 DeSales0
4/13Manhattanville0 Misericordia0
4/17Manhattanville0 Delaware Valley0
4/24Manhattanville0 Fairleigh Dickinson0
4/27Manhattanville0 King’s0
5/27Manhattanville0 TBD0
5/27Manhattanville0 TBD0
5/27Manhattanville0 TBD0
2/23Marian18 Carroll (Wisc.)4
2/27Marian0 Dubuque0
3/2Marian0 Northland0
3/6Marian4 Benedictine15
3/9Marian0 Cornell (Ia.)0
3/16Marian0 Monmouth (Ill.)0
3/20Marian0 Whittier0
3/22Marian0 Johnson and Wales0
3/30Marian0 Concordia-Chicago0
4/6Marian0 Aurora0
4/10Marian0 North Central (Minn.)0
4/13Marian0 Northwestern-St. Paul0
4/17Marian0 Concordia-Wisconsin0
4/20Marian0 Fontbonne0
4/24Marian0 Beloit0
4/27Marian0 MSOE0
5/27Marian0 TBD0
5/27Marian0 TBD0
5/27Marian0 TBD0
2/16Marietta14 La Roche7
3/2Marietta0 Anderson0
3/6Marietta0 Earlham0
3/9Marietta10 Thiel16
3/13Marietta7 Chatham17
3/16Marietta5 Calvin13
3/20Marietta0 Bethany0
3/23Marietta0 Heidelberg0
3/27Marietta0 Franciscan0
3/30Marietta0 Baldwin Wallace0
4/3Marietta0 Capital0
4/6Marietta0 Mount Union0
4/10Marietta0 Otterbein0
4/13Marietta0 Ohio Northern0
4/18Marietta0 John Carroll0
4/24Marietta0 Muskingum0
4/27Marietta0 Wilmington0
5/27Marietta0 TBD0
5/27Marietta0 TBD0
5/27Marietta0 TBD0
2/9Mary Washington7 Hampden-Sydney14
2/16Mary Washington14 Shenandoah8
2/19Mary Washington13 McDaniel12
2/23Mary Washington9 Ursinus10
3/2Mary Washington12 Berry11
3/6Mary Washington0 Washington0
3/6Mary Washington3 Washington and Lee22
3/9Mary Washington12 Catholic11
3/13Mary Washington13 Illinois Wesleyan18
3/15Mary Washington0 Susquehanna0
3/20Mary Washington0 Roanoke0
3/23Mary Washington0 Saint Vincent0
3/30Mary Washington0 Salisbury0
4/6Mary Washington0 Christopher Newport0
4/10Mary Washington0 Southern Virginia0
4/13Mary Washington0 Saint Mary’s (Md)0
4/20Mary Washington0 York0
4/24Mary Washington0 Frostburg0
5/27Mary Washington0 TBD0
5/27Mary Washington0 TBD0
5/27Mary Washington0 TBD0
2/16Marymount8 William Peace12
2/23Marymount9 Shenandoah14
2/27Marymount10 Catholic12
3/2Marymount15 Saint Vincent14
3/9Marymount3 Lebanon Valley14
3/13Marymount12 Delaware Valley13
3/16Marymount5 Berry18
3/20Marymount0 Saint Mary’s (Md)0
3/23Marymount0 Grove City0
3/27Marymount0 DePauw0
3/30Marymount0 Wesley0
4/3Marymount0 Gwynedd-Mercy0
4/6Marymount0 Marywood0
4/10Marymount0 Immaculata0
4/13Marymount0 Neumann0
4/17Marymount0 Cabrini0
5/27Marymount0 TBD0
5/27Marymount0 TBD0
5/27Marymount0 TBD0
2/10Marywood5 Saint Mary’s (Md)17
2/16Marywood9 Scranton18
2/17Marywood9 Arcadia17
2/20Marywood0 Wilkes0
2/27Marywood0 Hood0
3/9Marywood5 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)9
3/13Marywood13 Utica11
3/20Marywood0 King’s0
3/23Marywood0 Mt St Mary0
3/30Marywood0 Immaculata0
4/3Marywood0 Cabrini0
4/6Marywood0 Mary Washington0
4/9Marywood0 Susquehanna0
4/13Marywood0 Wesley0
4/17Marywood0 Gwynedd-Mercy0
4/24Marywood0 Neumann0
5/27Marywood0 TBD0
5/27Marywood0 TBD0
5/27Marywood0 TBD0
3/9Massachusetts Maritime19 Maine Maritime3
3/12Massachusetts Maritime0 Eastern Connecticut0
3/14Massachusetts Maritime10 Norwich12
3/16Massachusetts Maritime0 Gordon0
3/19Massachusetts Maritime0 Salem State0
3/30Massachusetts Maritime0 Babson0
4/3Massachusetts Maritime0 Clark0
4/6Massachusetts Maritime0 MIT0
4/10Massachusetts Maritime0 UMass-Dartmouth0
4/13Massachusetts Maritime0 Springfield0
4/17Massachusetts Maritime0 Albertus Magnus0
4/20Massachusetts Maritime0 Coast Guard0
4/24Massachusetts Maritime0 Wheaton0
4/27Massachusetts Maritime0 Emerson0
5/27Massachusetts Maritime0 TBD0
5/27Massachusetts Maritime0 TBD0
5/27Massachusetts Maritime0 TBD0
2/19McDaniel12 Marymount13
2/23McDaniel8 York14
2/27McDaniel12 Goucher7
3/2McDaniel10 Coast Guard14
3/9McDaniel6 Saint Mary’s (Md)8
3/13McDaniel5 Stockton15
3/16McDaniel19 Chatham11
3/19McDaniel0 Frostburg0
3/23McDaniel0 Haverford0
3/27McDaniel0 Dickinson0
3/30McDaniel0 Washington0
4/6McDaniel0 Ursinus0
4/10McDaniel0 Franklin and Marshall0
4/13McDaniel0 Muhlenberg0
4/20McDaniel0 Swarthmore0
4/24McDaniel0 Gettysburg0
5/27McDaniel0 TBD0
5/27McDaniel0 TBD0
5/27McDaniel0 TBD0
2/23Medaille3 Alfred27
2/27Medaille7 Chatham19
3/3Medaille0 Sage0
3/7Medaille0 Houghton0
3/11Medaille3 Alvernia28
3/13Medaille4 Bridgewater25
3/15Medaille8 Saint Vincent26
3/20Medaille0 Alfred State0
3/22Medaille0 Concordia-Wisconsin0
3/30Medaille0 La Roche0
4/3Medaille0 Keuka0
4/6Medaille0 Cazenovia0
4/10Medaille0 Hilbert0
4/14Medaille0 Morrisville0
4/17Medaille0 Cobleskill0
4/24Medaille0 Wells0
4/27Medaille0 SUNY Poly0
5/27Medaille0 TBD0
5/27Medaille0 TBD0
5/27Medaille0 TBD0
2/16Messiah11 Gettysburg16
2/20Messiah0 Southern Virginia0
2/23Messiah15 Ohio Wesleyan9
3/2Messiah11 Elizabethtown12
3/6Messiah0 Goucher0
3/9Messiah16 Franklin and Marshall21
3/16Messiah16 Grove City12
3/23Messiah0 Eastern0
3/27Messiah0 Lycoming0
3/30Messiah0 Alvernia0
4/3Messiah0 Widener0
4/6Messiah0 Albright0
4/10Messiah0 Arcadia0
4/13Messiah0 Lebanon Valley0
4/16Messiah0 Stockton0
4/17Messiah0 Hood0
4/18Messiah0 Hood0
4/24Messiah0 Stevenson0
5/27Messiah0 TBD0
5/27Messiah0 TBD0
5/27Messiah0 TBD0
2/9Methodist4 Randolph-Macon11
2/16Methodist12 Ferrum8
2/23Methodist8 Virginia Wesleyan9
2/28Methodist9 Guilford12
3/2Methodist11 Randolph7
3/5Methodist12 Saint Vincent7
3/7Methodist14 Oglethorpe6
3/12Methodist15 William Peace12
3/16Methodist7 Brevard17
3/21Methodist0 Hendrix0
3/23Methodist0 Pfeiffer0
3/30Methodist0 Averett0
4/6Methodist0 Greensboro0
4/13Methodist0 Huntingdon0
4/20Methodist0 Piedmont0
5/27Methodist0 TBD0
5/27Methodist0 TBD0
5/27Methodist0 TBD0
3/2Middlebury10 Bates17
3/9Middlebury16 Connecticut College9
3/12Middlebury3 St. Lawrence9
3/15Middlebury6 Wesleyan12
3/16Middlebury16 Dickinson11
3/23Middlebury0 Bowdoin0
3/26Middlebury0 Union0
3/30Middlebury0 Amherst0
4/3Middlebury0 Hamilton0
4/6Middlebury0 Colby0
4/9Middlebury0 Springfield0
4/13Middlebury0 Trinity0
4/17Middlebury0 Plattsburgh0
4/20Middlebury0 Tufts0
4/24Middlebury0 Williams0
5/27Middlebury0 TBD0
5/27Middlebury0 TBD0
5/27Middlebury0 TBD0
2/23Misericordia19 Albright10
3/4Misericordia24 Emmanuel7
3/7Misericordia10 Saint John Fisher16
3/16Misericordia18 Mt St Mary6
3/20Misericordia0 Scranton0
3/23Misericordia0 Stockton0
3/27Misericordia0 Susquehanna0
3/30Misericordia0 Kalamazoo0
4/3Misericordia0 DeSales0
4/6Misericordia0 Eastern0
4/10Misericordia0 Fairleigh Dickinson0
4/13Misericordia0 Manhattanville0
4/17Misericordia0 Wilkes0
4/24Misericordia0 King’s0
4/27Misericordia0 Delaware Valley0
5/27Misericordia0 TBD0
5/27Misericordia0 TBD0
5/27Misericordia0 TBD0
2/27MIT10 Lasell12
3/2MIT6 RPI16
3/7MIT15 Curry10
3/9MIT14 Univ of New England3
3/13MIT10 Wentworth7
3/16MIT13 US Merchant Marine16
3/20MIT0 UMass-Dartmouth0
3/25MIT0 Colorado College0
3/27MIT0 Williams0
3/30MIT0 Wheaton0
4/3MIT0 Johnson and Wales0
4/6MIT0 Massachusetts Maritime0
4/13MIT0 Coast Guard0
4/17MIT0 Emerson0
4/20MIT0 Springfield0
4/24MIT0 Babson0
4/27MIT0 Clark0
5/27MIT0 TBD0
5/27MIT0 TBD0
5/27MIT0 TBD0
2/23Mitchell6 Farmingdale24
2/27Mitchell14 Anna Maria15
3/4Mitchell0 Sage0
3/6Mitchell6 Rivier20
3/13Mitchell8 Regis11
3/16Mitchell9 Lyndon State8
3/20Mitchell0 Purchase0
3/23Mitchell0 Mt St Vincent0
3/27Mitchell0 Albertus Magnus0
3/30Mitchell0 New England College0
4/16Mitchell0 Dean0
4/20Mitchell0 Becker0
5/27Mitchell0 TBD0
5/27Mitchell0 TBD0
5/27Mitchell0 TBD0
3/2Monmouth (Ill.)10 Carroll (Wisc.)3
3/9Monmouth (Ill.)7 Northwestern-St. Paul10
3/12Monmouth (Ill.)0 Fontbonne0
3/16Monmouth (Ill.)0 Marian0
3/20Monmouth (Ill.)0 Beloit0
3/23Monmouth (Ill.)0 MSOE0
3/26Monmouth (Ill.)0 Dubuque0
3/30Monmouth (Ill.)0 Augustana0
4/3Monmouth (Ill.)0 Cornell (Ia.)0
4/6Monmouth (Ill.)0 Concordia-Wisconsin0
4/10Monmouth (Ill.)0 Concordia-Chicago0
4/13Monmouth (Ill.)0 North Central (Minn.)0
4/20Monmouth (Ill.)0 Northland0
4/24Monmouth (Ill.)0 Aurora0
4/27Monmouth (Ill.)0 Benedictine0
5/27Monmouth (Ill.)0 TBD0
5/27Monmouth (Ill.)0 TBD0
5/27Monmouth (Ill.)0 TBD0
2/15Montclair State13 DeSales14
2/23Montclair State10 Dickinson16
2/27Montclair State10 Vassar8
3/2Montclair State18 Scranton9
3/6Montclair State0 Ursinus0
3/9Montclair State9 Drew5
3/17Montclair State1 Salisbury22
3/26Montclair State0 Stevens0
3/30Montclair State0 SUNY Maritime0
4/3Montclair State0 Union0
4/6Montclair State0 Rosemont0
4/10Montclair State0 Stockton0
4/13Montclair State0 Bryn Athyn0
4/15Montclair State0 US Merchant Marine0
4/17Montclair State0 Centenary (NJ)0
4/20Montclair State0 Kean0
4/23Montclair State0 Keystone0
5/27Montclair State0 TBD0
5/27Montclair State0 TBD0
5/27Montclair State0 TBD0
2/20Moravian0 Centenary (NJ)0
2/23Moravian12 Delaware Valley6
3/2Moravian0 Kean0
3/4Moravian13 Saint Joseph’s (ME)4
3/8Moravian9 Wentworth7
3/9Moravian20 Rosemont4
3/13Moravian5 DeSales6
3/16Moravian7 Muhlenberg17
3/23Moravian0 Goucher0
3/30Moravian0 Catholic0
4/6Moravian0 Susquehanna0
4/10Moravian0 Elizabethtown0
4/13Moravian0 Cabrini0
4/20Moravian0 Drew0
4/27Moravian0 Scranton0
5/27Moravian0 TBD0
5/27Moravian0 TBD0
5/27Moravian0 TBD0
2/27Morrisville0 Scranton0
3/6Morrisville0 Geneseo0
3/9Morrisville14 Oswego16
3/12Morrisville9 Cortland25
3/14Morrisville8 Whittier20
3/23Morrisville0 Potsdam0
3/27Morrisville0 Mt St Vincent0
4/3Morrisville0 SUNY Poly0
4/6Morrisville0 Wells0
4/10Morrisville0 Cazenovia0
4/14Morrisville0 Medaille0
4/17Morrisville0 Hilbert0
4/24Morrisville0 Cobleskill0
4/27Morrisville0 Keuka0
5/27Morrisville0 TBD0
5/27Morrisville0 TBD0
5/27Morrisville0 TBD0
2/16Mount Union5 Thiel6
2/20Mount Union0 Grove City0
2/23Mount Union11 Saint Vincent10
3/2Mount Union6 Westminster (Pa.)5
3/9Mount Union7 Washington and Jefferson8
3/16Mount Union6 Oberlin13
3/23Mount Union0 Otterbein0
3/30Mount Union0 Ohio Northern0
4/3Mount Union0 Muskingum0
4/6Mount Union0 Marietta0
4/10Mount Union0 John Carroll0
4/13Mount Union0 Heidelberg0
4/19Mount Union0 Wilmington0
4/24Mount Union0 Baldwin Wallace0
4/27Mount Union0 Capital0
5/27Mount Union0 TBD0
5/27Mount Union0 TBD0
5/27Mount Union0 TBD0
2/23MSOE0 Northland0
2/27MSOE5 Carthage12
3/2MSOE8 North Central (Ill.)10
3/9MSOE7 Concordia-Wisconsin8
3/13MSOE0 Augustana0
3/16MSOE0 Fontbonne0
3/23MSOE0 Monmouth (Ill.)0
3/27MSOE0 Beloit0
3/30MSOE0 Trine0
4/3MSOE0 Northwestern-St. Paul0
4/6MSOE0 North Central (Minn.)0
4/10MSOE0 Benedictine0
4/13MSOE0 Aurora0
4/17MSOE0 Concordia-Chicago0
4/20MSOE0 Cornell (Ia.)0
4/27MSOE0 Marian0
5/27MSOE0 TBD0
5/27MSOE0 TBD0
5/27MSOE0 TBD0
2/16Mt St Joseph’s3 Chatham26
2/20Mt St Joseph’s1 Centre23
2/23Mt St Joseph’s0 Trine0
3/3Mt St Joseph’s3 Oglethorpe7
3/6Mt St Joseph’s7 Hanover12
3/9Mt St Joseph’s4 Heidelberg18
3/11Mt St Joseph’s5 La Roche9
3/16Mt St Joseph’s0 Muskingum0
3/23Mt St Joseph’s0 Adrian0
3/27Mt St Joseph’s0 Transylvania0
3/30Mt St Joseph’s0 Earlham0
4/6Mt St Joseph’s0 Transylvania0
4/13Mt St Joseph’s0 Earlham0
4/17Mt St Joseph’s0 Anderson0
4/20Mt St Joseph’s0 Hanover0
4/27Mt St Joseph’s0 Anderson0
3/18Mt St Joseph’s4 Bethany11
5/27Mt St Joseph’s0 TBD0
5/27Mt St Joseph’s0 TBD0
2/23Mt St Mary14 Bard5
2/26Mt St Mary8 Western Connecticut12
3/2Mt St Mary0 Bryn Athyn0
3/5Mt St Mary4 Vassar24
3/9Mt St Mary9 Albright3
3/12Mt St Mary1 Union20
3/16Mt St Mary6 Misericordia18
3/20Mt St Mary0 Manhattanville0
3/23Mt St Mary0 Marywood0
3/27Mt St Mary0 Arcadia0
3/30Mt St Mary0 Wilkes0
4/6Mt St Mary0 Farmingdale0
4/10Mt St Mary0 Purchase0
4/13Mt St Mary0 Mt St Vincent0
4/18Mt St Mary0 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0
4/24Mt St Mary0 US Merchant Marine0
4/27Mt St Mary0 SUNY Maritime0
5/27Mt St Mary0 TBD0
5/27Mt St Mary0 TBD0
5/27Mt St Mary0 TBD0
2/23Mt St Vincent6 Rosemont16
3/2Mt St Vincent0 Keystone0
3/6Mt St Vincent0 Albertus Magnus0
3/9Mt St Vincent6 Wilkes17
3/13Mt St Vincent9 Centenary (NJ)5
3/16Mt St Vincent5 Neumann22
3/21Mt St Vincent0 Cobleskill0
3/23Mt St Vincent0 Mitchell0
3/27Mt St Vincent0 Morrisville0
4/2Mt St Vincent0 US Merchant Marine0
4/6Mt St Vincent0 SUNY Maritime0
4/10Mt St Vincent0 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0
4/13Mt St Vincent0 Mt St Mary0
4/18Mt St Vincent0 Purchase0
4/24Mt St Vincent0 SUNY Delhi0
4/27Mt St Vincent0 Farmingdale0
5/27Mt St Vincent0 TBD0
5/27Mt St Vincent0 TBD0
5/27Mt St Vincent0 TBD0
2/16Muhlenberg14 Fairleigh Dickinson7
2/23Muhlenberg16 Scranton15
3/2Muhlenberg9 Susquehanna6
3/7Muhlenberg10 Rhodes12
3/9Muhlenberg17 Southern Virginia13
3/13Muhlenberg11 Drew6
3/16Muhlenberg17 Moravian7
3/23Muhlenberg0 Saint Mary’s (Md)0
3/27Muhlenberg0 Haverford0
3/31Muhlenberg0 Gettysburg0
4/5Muhlenberg0 Washington0
4/10Muhlenberg0 Swarthmore0
4/13Muhlenberg0 McDaniel0
4/20Muhlenberg0 Dickinson0
4/24Muhlenberg0 Ursinus0
4/27Muhlenberg0 Franklin and Marshall0
5/27Muhlenberg0 TBD0
5/27Muhlenberg0 TBD0
5/27Muhlenberg0 TBD0
2/23Muskingum17 La Roche6
2/27Muskingum16 Bethany5
3/2Muskingum5 Calvin16
3/9Muskingum7 Hanover12
3/13Muskingum9 Washington and Jefferson13
3/16Muskingum0 Mt St Joseph’s0
3/20Muskingum0 Franciscan0
3/23Muskingum0 John Carroll0
3/27Muskingum0 Earlham0
3/30Muskingum0 Capital0
4/3Muskingum0 Mount Union0
4/6Muskingum0 Ohio Northern0
4/10Muskingum0 Wilmington0
4/13Muskingum0 Baldwin Wallace0
4/19Muskingum0 Otterbein0
4/24Muskingum0 Marietta0
4/27Muskingum0 Heidelberg0
5/27Muskingum0 TBD0
5/27Muskingum0 TBD0
5/27Muskingum0 TBD0
2/23Nazareth7 Springfield19
3/2Nazareth10 St. Lawrence15
3/5Nazareth18 Brockport6
3/9Nazareth7 Cortland13
3/12Nazareth26 UMass-Boston6
3/16Nazareth14 Western New England12
3/20Nazareth0 Hamilton0
3/23Nazareth0 Elmira0
3/27Nazareth0 Saint John Fisher0
3/30Nazareth0 Hartwick0
4/3Nazareth0 Ithaca0
4/6Nazareth0 Utica0
4/13Nazareth0 Stevens0
4/16Nazareth0 RIT0
4/17Nazareth0 Houghton0
4/20Nazareth0 Sage0
4/27Nazareth0 Alfred0
5/27Nazareth0 TBD0
5/27Nazareth0 TBD0
5/27Nazareth0 TBD0
2/16Neumann20 Alvernia9
2/23Neumann14 Pfeiffer6
2/25Neumann11 Greensboro14
3/2Neumann10 Farmingdale15
3/9Neumann8 Westminster (Pa.)10
3/13Neumann8 Goucher13
3/16Neumann22 Mt St Vincent5
3/26Neumann0 Rosemont0
4/3Neumann0 Immaculata0
4/6Neumann0 Cabrini0
4/10Neumann0 Gwynedd-Mercy0
4/13Neumann0 Mary Washington0
4/17Neumann0 Wesley0
4/24Neumann0 Marywood0
5/27Neumann0 TBD0
5/27Neumann0 TBD0
5/27Neumann0 TBD0
2/23New England College6 Gordon10
3/1New England College7 Norwich5
3/5New England College4 Connecticut College16
3/9New England College5 Coast Guard13
3/13New England College9 Curry20
3/20New England College0 Saint Joseph’s (ME)0
3/23New England College0 Univ of New England0
3/26New England College0 Plattsburgh0
3/28New England College0 Emmanuel0
3/30New England College0 Mitchell0
4/2New England College0 Wheaton0
4/6New England College0 Dean0
4/10New England College0 Plymouth State0
4/13New England College0 Becker0
4/16New England College0 UMass-Boston0
5/27New England College0 TBD0
5/27New England College0 TBD0
5/27New England College0 TBD0
2/22Nichols13 Saint Joseph’s (ME)9
2/27Nichols7 Rivier8
3/2Nichols0 Anna Maria0
3/5Nichols0 Salem State0
3/7Nichols0 Becker0
3/12Nichols10 Emerson5
3/17Nichols0 Birmingham-Southern0
3/27Nichols0 Gordon0
3/30Nichols0 Wentworth0
4/4Nichols0 Western New England0
4/6Nichols0 Salve Regina0
4/10Nichols0 Endicott0
4/13Nichols0 Curry0
4/18Nichols0 Dean0
4/20Nichols0 Univ of New England0
4/24Nichols0 Roger Williams0
5/27Nichols0 TBD0
5/27Nichols0 TBD0
5/27Nichols0 TBD0
2/23North Central (Ill.)16 Calvin2
3/2North Central (Ill.)10 MSOE8
3/9North Central (Ill.)0 Alma0
3/9North Central (Ill.)13 Alma8
3/12North Central (Ill.)7 Trine4
3/15North Central (Ill.)18 La Roche1
3/19North Central (Ill.)0 Dallas0
3/21North Central (Ill.)0 Southwestern0
3/24North Central (Ill.)0 Aurora0
3/30North Central (Ill.)0 Hanover0
4/3North Central (Ill.)0 Illinois Wesleyan0
4/5North Central (Ill.)0 Whittier0
4/9North Central (Ill.)0 Carroll (Wisc.)0
4/17North Central (Ill.)0 Augustana0
4/20North Central (Ill.)0 Elmhurst0
4/24North Central (Ill.)0 Dubuque0
4/27North Central (Ill.)0 Carthage0
5/27North Central (Ill.)0 TBD0
5/27North Central (Ill.)0 TBD0
5/27North Central (Ill.)0 TBD0
2/23North Central (Minn.)10 Johnson and Wales13
3/9North Central (Minn.)0 Fontbonne0
3/13North Central (Minn.)0 Northwestern-St. Paul0
3/16North Central (Minn.)0 Aurora0
3/23North Central (Minn.)0 Cornell (Ia.)0
3/30North Central (Minn.)0 Benedictine0
4/6North Central (Minn.)0 MSOE0
4/10North Central (Minn.)0 Marian0
4/13North Central (Minn.)0 Monmouth (Ill.)0
4/17North Central (Minn.)0 Beloit0
4/20North Central (Minn.)0 Concordia-Wisconsin0
4/23North Central (Minn.)0 Northland0
4/27North Central (Minn.)0 Concordia-Chicago0
5/27North Central (Minn.)0 TBD0
5/27North Central (Minn.)0 TBD0
5/27North Central (Minn.)0 TBD0
2/20Northland0 Benedictine0
2/23Northland0 MSOE0
3/2Northland0 Marian0
3/6Northland0 Fontbonne0
3/8Northland13 Carroll (Wisc.)10
3/20Northland0 Northwestern-St. Paul0
3/29Northland0 Hope0
3/30Northland0 Calvin0
4/10Northland0 Northwestern-St. Paul0
4/13Northland0 Cornell (Ia.)0
4/20Northland0 Monmouth (Ill.)0
4/23Northland0 North Central (Minn.)0
4/27Northland0 Dubuque0
5/27Northland0 TBD0
5/27Northland0 TBD0
5/27Northland0 TBD0
2/22Northwestern-St. Paul28 Johnson and Wales2
3/9Northwestern-St. Paul10 Monmouth (Ill.)7
3/13Northwestern-St. Paul0 North Central (Minn.)0
3/16Northwestern-St. Paul14 Benedictine23
3/20Northwestern-St. Paul0 Northland0
3/30Northwestern-St. Paul0 Beloit0
4/3Northwestern-St. Paul0 MSOE0
4/6Northwestern-St. Paul0 Concordia-Chicago0
4/10Northwestern-St. Paul0 Northland0
4/13Northwestern-St. Paul0 Marian0
4/17Northwestern-St. Paul0 Cornell (Ia.)0
4/20Northwestern-St. Paul0 Aurora0
4/24Northwestern-St. Paul0 Concordia-Wisconsin0
4/27Northwestern-St. Paul0 Fontbonne0
5/27Northwestern-St. Paul0 TBD0
5/27Northwestern-St. Paul0 TBD0
5/27Northwestern-St. Paul0 TBD0
2/23Norwich11 Curry10
3/1Norwich5 New England College7
3/2Norwich0 Rivier0
3/5Norwich0 Plymouth State0
3/9Norwich9 Southern Maine10
3/14Norwich12 Massachusetts Maritime10
3/16Norwich15 Johnson and Wales9
3/19Norwich0 Skidmore0
3/30Norwich0 Albertus Magnus0
4/4Norwich0 Anna Maria0
4/6Norwich0 Lasell0
4/13Norwich0 Regis0
4/17Norwich0 Castleton0
4/20Norwich0 Emmanuel0
4/23Norwich0 Saint Joseph’s (ME)0
5/27Norwich0 TBD0
5/27Norwich0 TBD0
5/27Norwich0 TBD0
2/9Oberlin0 Albion0
2/23Oberlin15 Thiel6
3/2Oberlin0 Olivet0
3/6Oberlin0 John Carroll0
3/9Oberlin7 Hope11
3/13Oberlin5 Otterbein14
3/16Oberlin13 Mount Union6
3/23Oberlin0 Wittenberg0
3/26Oberlin0 Elmhurst0
3/28Oberlin0 Whittier0
4/3Oberlin0 Denison0
4/6Oberlin0 DePauw0
4/9Oberlin0 Hiram0
4/12Oberlin0 Ohio Wesleyan0
4/14Oberlin0 Ohio Wesleyan0
4/17Oberlin0 Kenyon0
4/20Oberlin0 Wooster0
4/27Oberlin0 Wabash0
5/27Oberlin0 TBD0
5/27Oberlin0 TBD0
5/27Oberlin0 TBD0
2/13Oglethorpe5 Piedmont18
2/20Oglethorpe0 Huntingdon0
2/23Oglethorpe6 Averett2
3/1Oglethorpe9 Concordia-Chicago8
3/3Oglethorpe7 Mt St Joseph’s3
3/7Oglethorpe6 Methodist14
3/9Oglethorpe19 Earlham4
3/16Oglethorpe0 Greensboro0
3/23Oglethorpe0 Sewanee0
3/29Oglethorpe0 Rhodes0
3/31Oglethorpe0 Hendrix0
4/6Oglethorpe0 Centre0
4/9Oglethorpe0 Berry0
4/12Oglethorpe0 Birmingham-Southern0
5/27Oglethorpe0 TBD0
5/27Oglethorpe0 TBD0
5/27Oglethorpe0 TBD0
2/16Ohio Northern10 Elmhurst12
2/23Ohio Northern15 Washington and Jefferson7
3/3Ohio Northern6 Guilford4
3/6Ohio Northern22 Pfeiffer8
3/9Ohio Northern15 Brevard8
3/16Ohio Northern9 Alfred8
3/19Ohio Northern0 Wittenberg0
3/23Ohio Northern0 Wilmington0
3/30Ohio Northern0 Mount Union0
4/3Ohio Northern0 Heidelberg0
4/6Ohio Northern0 Muskingum0
4/10Ohio Northern0 Baldwin Wallace0
4/13Ohio Northern0 Marietta0
4/19Ohio Northern0 Capital0
4/24Ohio Northern0 Otterbein0
4/27Ohio Northern0 John Carroll0
5/27Ohio Northern0 TBD0
5/27Ohio Northern0 TBD0
5/27Ohio Northern0 TBD0
2/17Ohio Wesleyan9 RIT19
2/20Ohio Wesleyan0 Otterbein0
2/23Ohio Wesleyan9 Messiah15
3/3Ohio Wesleyan9 Salisbury18
3/7Ohio Wesleyan24 Alma7
3/13Ohio Wesleyan6 Cabrini20
3/16Ohio Wesleyan11 RPI16
3/20Ohio Wesleyan0 John Carroll0
3/23Ohio Wesleyan0 Kenyon0
3/30Ohio Wesleyan0 Illinois Wesleyan0
4/5Ohio Wesleyan0 Wooster0
4/9Ohio Wesleyan0 DePauw0
4/12Ohio Wesleyan0 Oberlin0
4/14Ohio Wesleyan0 Oberlin0
4/17Ohio Wesleyan0 Wabash0
4/20Ohio Wesleyan0 Hiram0
4/23Ohio Wesleyan0 Wittenberg0
4/27Ohio Wesleyan0 Denison0
5/27Ohio Wesleyan0 TBD0
5/27Ohio Wesleyan0 TBD0
5/27Ohio Wesleyan0 TBD0
2/16Olivet0 Concordia-Wisconsin0
3/2Olivet0 Oberlin0
3/9Olivet0 Bethany0
3/16Olivet0 Anderson0
3/23Olivet0 Westminster (Pa.)0
4/6Olivet0 Adrian0
4/9Olivet0 Hope0
4/13Olivet0 Kalamazoo0
4/17Olivet0 Albion0
4/20Olivet0 Trine0
4/23Olivet0 Alma0
4/27Olivet0 Calvin0
5/27Olivet0 TBD0
5/27Olivet0 TBD0
5/27Olivet0 TBD0
2/27Oneonta13 Bard3
3/2Oneonta11 Wentworth10
3/5Oneonta13 Skidmore9
3/9Oneonta7 Frostburg16
3/12Oneonta7 Hartwick13
3/14Oneonta10 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)16
3/16Oneonta23 Elmira2
3/20Oneonta0 Ithaca0
3/23Oneonta0 Kean0
3/28Oneonta0 Anna Maria0
3/30Oneonta0 Brockport0
4/6Oneonta0 Geneseo0
4/10Oneonta0 Plattsburgh0
4/13Oneonta0 Cortland0
4/20Oneonta0 Potsdam0
4/27Oneonta0 Oswego0
5/27Oneonta0 TBD0
5/27Oneonta0 TBD0
5/27Oneonta0 TBD0
3/2Oswego6 Hartwick5
3/6Oswego0 Ithaca0
3/9Oswego16 Morrisville14
3/16Oswego7 Saint John Fisher16
3/20Oswego0 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0
3/23Oswego0 Keuka0
3/27Oswego0 Utica0
3/30Oswego0 St. Lawrence0
4/6Oswego0 Brockport0
4/10Oswego0 Potsdam0
4/13Oswego0 Plattsburgh0
4/20Oswego0 Geneseo0
4/24Oswego0 Cortland0
4/27Oswego0 Oneonta0
5/27Oswego0 TBD0
5/27Oswego0 TBD0
5/27Oswego0 TBD0
2/20Otterbein0 Ohio Wesleyan0
2/23Otterbein13 Albion7
3/1Otterbein14 Wooster8
3/7Otterbein17 Emmanuel6
3/9Otterbein7 Eastern9
3/13Otterbein14 Oberlin5
3/16Otterbein12 Wittenberg10
3/20Otterbein0 Kenyon0
3/23Otterbein0 Mount Union0
3/30Otterbein0 John Carroll0
4/3Otterbein0 Wilmington0
4/6Otterbein0 Heidelberg0
4/10Otterbein0 Marietta0
4/13Otterbein0 Capital0
4/19Otterbein0 Muskingum0
4/24Otterbein0 Ohio Northern0
4/27Otterbein0 Baldwin Wallace0
5/27Otterbein0 TBD0
5/27Otterbein0 TBD0
5/27Otterbein0 TBD0
2/9Pfeiffer14 Emmanuel9
2/16Pfeiffer10 Southern Virginia24
2/23Pfeiffer6 Neumann14
3/2Pfeiffer15 Brevard11
3/6Pfeiffer8 Ohio Northern22
3/12Pfeiffer23 Franciscan8
3/15Pfeiffer9 Southwestern21
3/17Pfeiffer21 Averett6
3/20Pfeiffer0 Guilford0
3/23Pfeiffer0 Methodist0
3/27Pfeiffer0 Ferrum0
3/30Pfeiffer0 Piedmont0
4/6Pfeiffer0 Huntingdon0
4/13Pfeiffer0 Greensboro0
4/20Pfeiffer0 William Peace0
5/27Pfeiffer0 TBD0
5/27Pfeiffer0 TBD0
5/27Pfeiffer0 TBD0
2/13Piedmont18 Oglethorpe5
2/16Piedmont4 Guilford9
2/20Piedmont0 Berry0
2/24Piedmont12 Johnson and Wales9
3/2Piedmont12 Virginia Wesleyan16
3/6Piedmont5 Sewanee16
3/9Piedmont0 Greensboro0
3/11Piedmont20 Earlham3
3/13Piedmont10 Birmingham-Southern12
3/16Piedmont3 Huntingdon9
3/20Piedmont0 Centre0
3/23Piedmont0 Averett0
3/30Piedmont0 Pfeiffer0
4/5Piedmont0 Brevard0
4/13Piedmont0 William Peace0
4/20Piedmont0 Methodist0
5/27Piedmont0 TBD0
5/27Piedmont0 TBD0
5/27Piedmont0 TBD0
2/23Plattsburgh0 Castleton0
3/2Plattsburgh10 Skidmore8
3/5Plattsburgh5 Clarkson14
3/13Plattsburgh7 RPI14
3/16Plattsburgh10 Scranton11
3/20Plattsburgh0 Stockton0
3/26Plattsburgh0 New England College0
3/30Plattsburgh0 Geneseo0
4/3Plattsburgh0 St. Lawrence0
4/6Plattsburgh0 Cortland0
4/10Plattsburgh0 Oneonta0
4/13Plattsburgh0 Oswego0
4/17Plattsburgh0 Middlebury0
4/24Plattsburgh0 Potsdam0
4/27Plattsburgh0 Brockport0
5/27Plattsburgh0 TBD0
5/27Plattsburgh0 TBD0
5/27Plattsburgh0 TBD0
3/2Plymouth State0 Univ of New England0
3/5Plymouth State0 Norwich0
3/9Plymouth State6 Lasell13
3/17Plymouth State5 Curry13
3/20Plymouth State0 Wheaton0
3/23Plymouth State0 Eastern Connecticut0
3/27Plymouth State0 Clark0
3/30Plymouth State0 Western Connecticut0
4/3Plymouth State0 Southern Maine0
4/10Plymouth State0 New England College0
4/13Plymouth State0 Salem State0
4/17Plymouth State0 Keene State0
4/20Plymouth State0 UMass-Boston0
4/23Plymouth State0 Castleton0
4/26Plymouth State0 UMass-Dartmouth0
5/27Plymouth State0 TBD0
5/27Plymouth State0 TBD0
5/27Plymouth State0 TBD0
3/1Potsdam8 Saint John Fisher23
3/9Potsdam7 Utica13
3/12Potsdam10 Castleton5
3/16Potsdam8 Hartwick17
3/23Potsdam0 Morrisville0
3/26Potsdam0 Clarkson0
3/30Potsdam0 Cortland0
4/3Potsdam0 SUNY Canton0
4/10Potsdam0 Oswego0
4/13Potsdam0 Brockport0
4/16Potsdam0 St. Lawrence0
4/20Potsdam0 Oneonta0
4/24Potsdam0 Plattsburgh0
4/27Potsdam0 Geneseo0
5/27Potsdam0 TBD0
5/27Potsdam0 TBD0
5/27Potsdam0 TBD0
3/2Purchase4 Manhattanville17
3/6Purchase7 SUNY Delhi13
3/8Purchase19 Albertus Magnus11
3/12Purchase0 Salem State0
3/16Purchase21 Keystone1
3/20Purchase0 Mitchell0
3/30Purchase0 Cobleskill0
4/2Purchase0 SUNY Maritime0
4/10Purchase0 Mt St Mary0
4/13Purchase0 Farmingdale0
4/18Purchase0 Mt St Vincent0
4/23Purchase0 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0
4/27Purchase0 US Merchant Marine0
5/27Purchase0 TBD0
5/27Purchase0 TBD0
5/27Purchase0 TBD0
2/16Randolph7 Brevard21
2/20Randolph0 William Peace0
2/27Randolph9 SUNY Delhi7
3/2Randolph7 Methodist11
3/13Randolph3 Saint Mary’s (Md)17
3/16Randolph3 Hampden-Sydney21
3/20Randolph0 Averett0
3/23Randolph0 Lynchburg0
3/27Randolph0 Greensboro0
3/30Randolph0 Virginia Wesleyan0
4/3Randolph0 Roanoke0
4/6Randolph0 Shenandoah0
4/10Randolph0 Randolph-Macon0
4/17Randolph0 Ferrum0
4/19Randolph0 Bridgewater0
4/24Randolph0 Washington and Lee0
4/27Randolph0 Guilford0
5/27Randolph0 TBD0
5/27Randolph0 TBD0
5/27Randolph0 TBD0
2/9Randolph-Macon11 Methodist4
2/16Randolph-Macon9 Catholic11
2/23Randolph-Macon10 Goucher9
3/2Randolph-Macon14 Haverford8
3/6Randolph-Macon12 Saint Mary’s (Md)9
3/9Randolph-Macon6 Washington and Lee14
3/16Randolph-Macon15 Guilford3
3/23Randolph-Macon0 Ferrum0
3/27Randolph-Macon0 William Peace0
3/30Randolph-Macon0 Bridgewater0
4/2Randolph-Macon0 Frostburg0
4/6Randolph-Macon0 Hampden-Sydney0
4/10Randolph-Macon0 Randolph0
4/13Randolph-Macon0 Shenandoah0
4/17Randolph-Macon0 Lynchburg0
4/20Randolph-Macon0 Roanoke0
4/27Randolph-Macon0 Virginia Wesleyan0
5/27Randolph-Macon0 TBD0
5/27Randolph-Macon0 TBD0
5/27Randolph-Macon0 TBD0
2/27Regis0 Becker0
3/3Regis0 Dean0
3/7Regis0 Salem State0
3/13Regis11 Mitchell8
3/16Regis1 Lasell20
3/19Regis0 Albertus Magnus0
3/26Regis0 Emmanuel0
3/30Regis0 Saint Joseph’s (ME)0
4/3Regis0 Thomas0
4/9Regis0 Anna Maria0
4/13Regis0 Norwich0
4/16Regis0 Johnson and Wales0
4/23Regis0 Rivier0
5/27Regis0 TBD0
5/27Regis0 TBD0
5/27Regis0 TBD0
2/16Rhodes15 DePauw11
2/17Rhodes7 Illinois Wesleyan12
2/23Rhodes15 Transylvania5
2/27Rhodes14 Huntingdon7
3/5Rhodes12 Carthage11
3/7Rhodes12 Muhlenberg10
3/9Rhodes11 Colorado College17
3/13Rhodes13 Kean8
3/16Rhodes0 Hendrix0
3/20Rhodes0 Birmingham-Southern0
3/23Rhodes0 Denison0
3/29Rhodes0 Oglethorpe0
3/31Rhodes0 Berry0
4/6Rhodes0 Southwestern0
4/12Rhodes0 Centre0
4/14Rhodes0 Sewanee0
5/27Rhodes0 TBD0
5/27Rhodes0 TBD0
5/27Rhodes0 TBD0
2/17RIT19 Ohio Wesleyan9
2/23RIT14 Bates12
3/6RIT21 Springfield4
3/9RIT18 Clarkson8
3/15RIT10 York6
3/16RIT16 Amherst17
3/20RIT0 Saint John Fisher0
3/23RIT0 Vassar0
3/27RIT0 Geneseo0
3/30RIT0 Bard0
4/3RIT0 Cortland0
4/6RIT0 RPI0
4/10RIT0 Ithaca0
4/13RIT0 Skidmore0
4/16RIT0 Nazareth0
4/20RIT0 St. Lawrence0
4/24RIT0 Union0
5/27RIT0 TBD0
5/27RIT0 TBD0
5/27RIT0 TBD0
2/27Rivier8 Nichols7
3/2Rivier0 Norwich0
3/6Rivier20 Mitchell6
3/9Rivier14 Salem State3
3/13Rivier17 Lyndon State7
3/20Rivier0 Dean0
3/23Rivier0 Becker0
3/27Rivier0 Saint Joseph’s (ME)0
3/30Rivier0 Lasell0
4/2Rivier0 Anna Maria0
4/6Rivier0 Johnson and Wales0
4/13Rivier0 Albertus Magnus0
4/17Rivier0 Emmanuel0
4/19Rivier0 Johnson State0
4/23Rivier0 Regis0
5/27Rivier0 TBD0
5/27Rivier0 TBD0
5/27Rivier0 TBD0
2/9Roanoke0 Southern Virginia0
2/22Roanoke17 Sewanee7
2/27Roanoke3 Christopher Newport17
3/2Roanoke6 Denison20
3/6Roanoke12 Stevens10
3/10Roanoke10 Dickinson16
3/12Roanoke0 Kenyon0
3/17Roanoke13 Virginia Wesleyan7
3/20Roanoke0 Marymount0
3/23Roanoke0 Guilford0
3/27Roanoke0 Bridgewater0
3/30Roanoke0 Washington and Lee0
4/3Roanoke0 Randolph0
4/5Roanoke0 Lynchburg0
4/10Roanoke0 Ferrum0
4/13Roanoke0 Hampden-Sydney0
4/17Roanoke0 Shenandoah0
4/20Roanoke0 Randolph-Macon0
5/27Roanoke0 TBD0
5/27Roanoke0 TBD0
5/27Roanoke0 TBD0
2/20Roger Williams2 Babson11
2/23Roger Williams16 UMass-Boston4
2/27Roger Williams0 UMass-Dartmouth0
3/6Roger Williams9 Lasell5
3/9Roger Williams13 Johnson and Wales8
3/16Roger Williams8 Widener13
3/18Roger Williams9 Trinity7
3/20Roger Williams0 Eastern Connecticut0
3/23Roger Williams0 Clark0
3/27Roger Williams0 Western New England0
3/30Roger Williams0 Curry0
4/2Roger Williams0 Gordon0
4/6Roger Williams0 Univ of New England0
4/10Roger Williams0 Salve Regina0
4/13Roger Williams0 Wentworth0
4/16Roger Williams0 Endicott0
4/24Roger Williams0 Nichols0
5/27Roger Williams0 TBD0
5/27Roger Williams0 TBD0
5/27Roger Williams0 TBD0
2/20Rosemont9 Wesley12
2/23Rosemont16 Mt St Vincent6
2/27Rosemont6 Fairleigh Dickinson17
3/9Rosemont4 Moravian20
3/13Rosemont12 Hood21
3/16Rosemont0 Immaculata0
3/20Rosemont0 Bard0
3/26Rosemont0 Neumann0
3/30Rosemont0 Keystone0
4/6Rosemont0 Montclair State0
4/13Rosemont0 Stockton0
4/17Rosemont0 Bryn Athyn0
4/23Rosemont0 Kean0
5/27Rosemont0 TBD0
5/27Rosemont0 TBD0
5/27Rosemont0 TBD0
2/23RPI15 Keene State6
2/27RPI12 Coast Guard11
3/2RPI16 MIT6
3/9RPI14 Babson8
3/13RPI14 Plattsburgh7
3/16RPI16 Ohio Wesleyan11
3/20RPI0 Williams0
3/23RPI0 Ithaca0
3/27RPI0 Bard0
3/30RPI0 Skidmore0
4/6RPI0 RIT0
4/10RPI0 Vassar0
4/17RPI0 Union0
4/20RPI0 Clarkson0
4/24RPI0 St. Lawrence0
5/27RPI0 TBD0
5/27RPI0 TBD0
5/27RPI0 TBD0
2/23Sage8 Western Connecticut21
2/27Sage0 Kean0
3/3Sage0 Medaille0
3/4Sage0 Mitchell0
3/7Sage0 Castleton0
3/12Sage3 Farmingdale20
3/16Sage13 Cobleskill4
3/19Sage0 Wells0
3/24Sage0 Alfred0
3/31Sage0 Stevens0
4/3Sage0 Utica0
4/6Sage0 Elmira0
4/10Sage0 Hartwick0
4/13Sage0 Houghton0
4/15Sage0 Lyndon State0
4/20Sage0 Nazareth0
4/27Sage0 Saint John Fisher0
5/27Sage0 TBD0
5/27Sage0 TBD0
5/27Sage0 TBD0
2/23Saint John Fisher20 Wooster3
3/1Saint John Fisher23 Potsdam8
3/7Saint John Fisher16 Misericordia10
3/9Saint John Fisher17 Clark6
3/13Saint John Fisher17 Brockport7
3/16Saint John Fisher16 Oswego7
3/20Saint John Fisher0 RIT0
3/27Saint John Fisher0 Nazareth0
3/30Saint John Fisher0 Elmira0
4/3Saint John Fisher0 Geneseo0
4/6Saint John Fisher0 Houghton0
4/10Saint John Fisher0 Utica0
4/13Saint John Fisher0 Hartwick0
4/20Saint John Fisher0 Stevens0
4/24Saint John Fisher0 Alfred0
4/27Saint John Fisher0 Sage0
5/27Saint John Fisher0 TBD0
5/27Saint John Fisher0 TBD0
5/27Saint John Fisher0 TBD0
2/22Saint Joseph’s (ME)9 Nichols13
2/27Saint Joseph’s (ME)17 Husson3
3/1Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Southern Maine0
3/4Saint Joseph’s (ME)4 Moravian13
3/6Saint Joseph’s (ME)12 Wentworth10
3/13Saint Joseph’s (ME)19 Maine Maritime9
3/16Saint Joseph’s (ME)11 Emerson8
3/20Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 New England College0
3/23Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Johnson and Wales0
3/27Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Rivier0
3/30Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Regis0
4/6Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Anna Maria0
4/13Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Emmanuel0
4/16Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Lasell0
4/23Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 Norwich0
5/27Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 TBD0
5/27Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 TBD0
5/27Saint Joseph’s (ME)0 TBD0
2/10Saint Mary’s (Md)17 Marywood5
2/16Saint Mary’s (Md)10 Dickinson13
2/23Saint Mary’s (Md)5 Elizabethtown9
2/27Saint Mary’s (Md)13 Eastern6
3/2Saint Mary’s (Md)8 Catholic4
3/6Saint Mary’s (Md)9 Randolph-Macon12
3/9Saint Mary’s (Md)8 McDaniel6
3/13Saint Mary’s (Md)17 Randolph3
3/16Saint Mary’s (Md)14 Washington11
3/20Saint Mary’s (Md)0 Mary Washington0
3/23Saint Mary’s (Md)0 Muhlenberg0
3/30Saint Mary’s (Md)0 Southern Virginia0
4/6Saint Mary’s (Md)0 York0
4/13Saint Mary’s (Md)0 Marymount0
4/17Saint Mary’s (Md)0 Christopher Newport0
4/20Saint Mary’s (Md)0 Frostburg0
4/24Saint Mary’s (Md)0 Salisbury0
5/27Saint Mary’s (Md)0 TBD0
5/27Saint Mary’s (Md)0 TBD0
5/27Saint Mary’s (Md)0 TBD0
2/23Saint Vincent10 Mount Union11
2/27Saint Vincent6 Baldwin Wallace21
3/2Saint Vincent14 Mary Washington15
3/5Saint Vincent7 Methodist12
3/9Saint Vincent10 Hood19
3/15Saint Vincent26 Medaille8
3/21Saint Vincent0 La Roche0
3/23Saint Vincent0 Marymount0
3/30Saint Vincent0 Westminster (Pa.)0
4/7Saint Vincent0 Washington and Jefferson0
4/10Saint Vincent0 Bethany0
4/13Saint Vincent0 Grove City0
4/17Saint Vincent0 Franciscan0
4/25Saint Vincent0 Thiel0
4/27Saint Vincent0 Chatham0
5/27Saint Vincent0 TBD0
5/27Saint Vincent0 TBD0
5/27Saint Vincent0 TBD0
2/27Salem State2 Gordon18
3/5Salem State0 Nichols0
3/7Salem State0 Regis0
3/9Salem State3 Rivier14
3/12Salem State0 Purchase0
3/15Salem State0 Wesley0
3/19Salem State0 Massachusetts Maritime0
3/23Salem State0 Western Connecticut0
3/26Salem State0 Becker0
3/30Salem State0 Castleton0
4/3Salem State0 Emerson0
4/6Salem State0 Keene State0
4/10Salem State0 UMass-Boston0
4/13Salem State0 Plymouth State0
4/17Salem State0 Southern Maine0
4/20Salem State0 UMass-Dartmouth0
4/26Salem State0 Eastern Connecticut0
5/27Salem State0 TBD0
5/27Salem State0 TBD0
5/27Salem State0 TBD0
2/3Salisbury9 Berry7
2/9Salisbury11 Lynchburg9
2/16Salisbury16 Widener3
2/23Salisbury17 Gettysburg10
3/3Salisbury18 Ohio Wesleyan9
3/9Salisbury14 Stevenson9
3/15Salisbury22 Illinois Wesleyan6
3/17Salisbury22 Montclair State1
3/23Salisbury0 Geneseo0
3/27Salisbury0 Cabrini0
3/30Salisbury0 Marymount0
4/6Salisbury0 Frostburg0
4/10Salisbury0 Christopher Newport0
4/13Salisbury0 Washington0
4/17Salisbury0 York0
4/20Salisbury0 Southern Virginia0
4/24Salisbury0 Saint Mary’s (Md)0
5/27Salisbury0 TBD0
5/27Salisbury0 TBD0
5/27Salisbury0 TBD0
2/16Salve Regina7 Clark17
2/27Salve Regina0 Wheaton0
3/2Salve Regina0 Endicott0
3/6Salve Regina0 UMass-Dartmouth0
3/13Salve Regina8 Colorado College23
3/20Salve Regina0 Johnson and Wales0
3/23Salve Regina0 Gordon0
3/30Salve Regina0 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0
4/2Salve Regina0 Curry0
4/6Salve Regina0 Nichols0
4/10Salve Regina0 Roger Williams0
4/13Salve Regina0 Univ of New England0
4/16Salve Regina0 Wentworth0
4/25Salve Regina0 Western New England0
5/27Salve Regina0 TBD0
5/27Salve Regina0 TBD0
5/27Salve Regina0 TBD0
2/16Scranton18 Marywood9
2/17Scranton16 King’s6
2/20Scranton8 DeSales11
2/23Scranton15 Muhlenberg16
2/27Scranton0 Morrisville0
3/2Scranton9 Montclair State18
3/6Scranton0 Cortland0
3/10Scranton8 Sewanee9
3/16Scranton11 Plattsburgh10
3/20Scranton0 Misericordia0
3/23Scranton0 Susquehanna0
3/30Scranton0 Stockton0
4/6Scranton0 Goucher0
4/10Scranton0 Drew0
4/13Scranton0 Catholic0
4/18Scranton0 Elizabethtown0
4/27Scranton0 Moravian0
5/27Scranton0 TBD0
5/27Scranton0 TBD0
5/27Scranton0 TBD0
2/22Sewanee7 Roanoke17
2/24Sewanee8 Guilford13
2/27Sewanee16 Augustana5
3/3Sewanee9 Kenyon12
3/6Sewanee16 Piedmont5
3/10Sewanee9 Scranton8
3/16Sewanee11 Centre6
3/19Sewanee0 Colorado College0
3/21Sewanee0 Springfield0
3/23Sewanee0 Oglethorpe0
3/29Sewanee0 Transylvania0
3/31Sewanee0 Birmingham-Southern0
4/6Sewanee0 Berry0
4/12Sewanee0 Hendrix0
4/14Sewanee0 Rhodes0
5/27Sewanee0 TBD0
5/27Sewanee0 TBD0
5/27Sewanee0 TBD0
2/9Shenandoah0 Hood0
2/16Shenandoah8 Marymount14
2/23Shenandoah14 Mary Washington9
2/27Shenandoah12 Albright5
3/2Shenandoah19 Averett1
3/6Shenandoah19 Alvernia7
3/9Shenandoah18 Guilford8
3/13Shenandoah4 Frostburg14
3/16Shenandoah19 Ferrum6
3/23Shenandoah0 Virginia Wesleyan0
3/30Shenandoah0 Lynchburg0
4/3Shenandoah0 Bridgewater0
4/6Shenandoah0 Randolph0
4/10Shenandoah0 Hampden-Sydney0
4/13Shenandoah0 Randolph-Macon0
4/17Shenandoah0 Roanoke0
4/27Shenandoah0 Washington and Lee0
5/27Shenandoah0 TBD0
5/27Shenandoah0 TBD0
5/27Shenandoah0 TBD0
2/23Skidmore9 Babson15
2/27Skidmore0 Clark0
3/2Skidmore8 Plattsburgh10
3/5Skidmore9 Oneonta13
3/9Skidmore4 Endicott11
3/11Skidmore0 Curry0
3/14Skidmore0 Ithaca0
3/19Skidmore0 Norwich0
3/23Skidmore0 Union0
3/26Skidmore0 Keene State0
3/30Skidmore0 RPI0
4/3Skidmore0 Clarkson0
4/6Skidmore0 St. Lawrence0
4/13Skidmore0 RIT0
4/20Skidmore0 Bard0
4/24Skidmore0 Vassar0
5/27Skidmore0 TBD0
5/27Skidmore0 TBD0
5/27Skidmore0 TBD0
3/1Southern Maine0 Saint Joseph’s (ME)0
3/3Southern Maine0 Husson0
3/9Southern Maine10 Norwich9
3/13Southern Maine20 Emmanuel6
3/21Southern Maine0 Johnson State0
3/26Southern Maine0 Lyndon State0
3/30Southern Maine0 Eastern Connecticut0
3/30Southern Maine0 Eastern0
4/3Southern Maine0 Plymouth State0
4/6Southern Maine0 Western Connecticut0
4/10Southern Maine0 Maine Maritime0
4/17Southern Maine0 UMass-Dartmouth0
4/17Southern Maine0 Salem State0
4/20Southern Maine0 Castleton0
4/23Southern Maine0 UMass-Boston0
4/26Southern Maine0 Keene State0
5/27Southern Maine0 TBD0
5/27Southern Maine0 TBD0
5/27Southern Maine0 TBD0
2/9Southern Virginia0 Roanoke0
2/13Southern Virginia20 Catholic14
2/16Southern Virginia24 Pfeiffer10
2/20Southern Virginia0 Messiah0
2/23Southern Virginia11 Birmingham-Southern8
3/2Southern Virginia10 Stockton18
3/6Southern Virginia16 US Merchant Marine24
3/9Southern Virginia13 Muhlenberg17
3/13Southern Virginia17 Connecticut College18
3/16Southern Virginia25 Carthage16
3/19Southern Virginia0 Hendrix0
3/23Southern Virginia0 Christopher Newport0
3/30Southern Virginia0 Saint Mary’s (Md)0
4/6Southern Virginia0 Bowdoin0
4/10Southern Virginia0 Marymount0
4/13Southern Virginia0 York0
4/17Southern Virginia0 Frostburg0
4/20Southern Virginia0 Salisbury0
5/27Southern Virginia0 TBD0
5/27Southern Virginia0 TBD0
5/27Southern Virginia0 TBD0
2/9Southwestern20 Huntingdon11
2/15Southwestern12 Birmingham-Southern13
2/17Southwestern16 Hendrix7
3/2Southwestern9 Trine10
3/6Southwestern20 Chatham12
3/11Southwestern22 Cornell (Ia.)4
3/13Southwestern0 Swarthmore0
3/15Southwestern21 Pfeiffer9
3/17Southwestern26 William Peace11
3/19Southwestern0 Berry0
3/21Southwestern0 North Central (Ill.)0
4/6Southwestern0 Rhodes0
4/6Southwestern0 Berry0
4/12Southwestern0 Hendrix0
4/13Southwestern0 Dallas0
4/19Southwestern0 Centenary (LA)0
5/27Southwestern0 TBD0
5/27Southwestern0 TBD0
5/27Southwestern0 TBD0
2/23Springfield19 Nazareth7
3/2Springfield7 Stevens16
3/6Springfield4 RIT21
3/9Springfield4 Union15
3/16Springfield8 Endicott4
3/21Springfield0 Sewanee0
3/23Springfield0 Colorado College0
3/26Springfield0 Amherst0
3/30Springfield0 Emerson0
4/2Springfield0 Western New England0
4/6Springfield0 Babson0
4/9Springfield0 Middlebury0
4/13Springfield0 Massachusetts Maritime0
4/17Springfield0 Coast Guard0
4/20Springfield0 MIT0
4/24Springfield0 Clark0
4/27Springfield0 Wheaton0
5/27Springfield0 TBD0
5/27Springfield0 TBD0
5/27Springfield0 TBD0
3/2St. Joseph’s (L.I.)9 Western Connecticut8
3/5St. Joseph’s (L.I.)7 Manhattanville8
3/9St. Joseph’s (L.I.)9 Marywood5
3/14St. Joseph’s (L.I.)16 Oneonta10
3/20St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 Oswego0
3/23St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 DeSales0
3/26St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 Kean0
3/30St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 Salve Regina0
4/2St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 Farmingdale0
4/6St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 US Merchant Marine0
4/10St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 Mt St Vincent0
4/13St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 SUNY Maritime0
4/18St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 Mt St Mary0
4/23St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 Purchase0
5/27St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 TBD0
5/27St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 TBD0
5/27St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0 TBD0
3/2St. Lawrence15 Nazareth10
3/9St. Lawrence9 Geneseo4
3/12St. Lawrence9 Middlebury3
3/16St. Lawrence0 Vassar0
3/19St. Lawrence0 Bowdoin0
3/21St. Lawrence0 Western New England0
3/23St. Lawrence0 Bard0
3/27St. Lawrence0 Ithaca0
3/30St. Lawrence0 Oswego0
4/3St. Lawrence0 Plattsburgh0
4/6St. Lawrence0 Skidmore0
4/10St. Lawrence0 Clarkson0
4/13St. Lawrence0 Union0
4/16St. Lawrence0 Potsdam0
4/20St. Lawrence0 RIT0
4/24St. Lawrence0 RPI0
5/27St. Lawrence0 TBD0
5/27St. Lawrence0 TBD0
5/27St. Lawrence0 TBD0
2/17Stevens13 Colorado College5
2/23Stevens17 Endicott6
3/2Stevens16 Springfield7
3/6Stevens10 Roanoke12
3/9Stevens17 Tufts19
3/13Stevens17 Widener7
3/16Stevens18 Haverford9
3/21Stevens0 Christopher Newport0
3/23Stevens0 Utica0
3/26Stevens0 Montclair State0
3/30Stevens0 Houghton0
3/31Stevens0 Sage0
4/6Stevens0 Alfred0
4/13Stevens0 Nazareth0
4/17Stevens0 Elmira0
4/20Stevens0 Saint John Fisher0
4/27Stevens0 Hartwick0
5/27Stevens0 TBD0
5/27Stevens0 TBD0
5/27Stevens0 TBD0
2/16Stevenson9 Ursinus13
2/23Stevenson13 Denison6
3/2Stevenson9 Gettysburg16
3/9Stevenson9 Salisbury14
3/15Stevenson9 Lynchburg11
3/16Stevenson4 York12
3/19Stevenson0 Tufts0
3/27Stevenson0 Hood0
3/30Stevenson0 Albright0
4/3Stevenson0 Christopher Newport0
4/6Stevenson0 Lycoming0
4/9Stevenson0 Alvernia0
4/12Stevenson0 Widener0
4/16Stevenson0 Lebanon Valley0
4/19Stevenson0 Cabrini0
4/24Stevenson0 Messiah0
4/27Stevenson0 Arcadia0
5/27Stevenson0 TBD0
5/27Stevenson0 TBD0
5/27Stevenson0 TBD0
2/20Stockton0 Delaware Valley0
2/27Stockton16 Haverford6
3/2Stockton18 Southern Virginia10
3/9Stockton16 Washington11
3/13Stockton15 McDaniel5
3/16Stockton10 Elizabethtown11
3/20Stockton0 Plattsburgh0
3/23Stockton0 Misericordia0
3/27Stockton0 DeSales0
3/30Stockton0 Scranton0
4/3Stockton0 Kean0
4/6Stockton0 Keystone0
4/10Stockton0 Montclair State0
4/13Stockton0 Rosemont0
4/16Stockton0 Messiah0
4/20Stockton0 Bryn Athyn0
4/23Stockton0 Centenary (NJ)0
5/27Stockton0 TBD0
5/27Stockton0 TBD0
5/27Stockton0 TBD0
2/27SUNY Canton4 Clarkson22
3/2SUNY Canton8 Bard9
3/9SUNY Canton16 Houghton14
3/14SUNY Canton8 Castleton18
3/16SUNY Canton25 Thomas3
3/20SUNY Canton0 SUNY Poly0
3/23SUNY Canton0 Maine Maritime0
3/27SUNY Canton0 Cazenovia0
3/30SUNY Canton0 Wells0
4/3SUNY Canton0 Potsdam0
4/6SUNY Canton0 Lyndon State0
4/9SUNY Canton0 Johnson State0
4/13SUNY Canton0 Husson0
4/17SUNY Canton0 Alfred State0
4/20SUNY Canton0 SUNY Delhi0
5/27SUNY Canton0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Canton0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Canton0 TBD0
2/27SUNY Delhi7 Randolph9
3/2SUNY Delhi5 Bridgewater16
3/6SUNY Delhi13 Purchase7
3/9SUNY Delhi15 Wells5
3/13SUNY Delhi13 Cazenovia8
3/16SUNY Delhi12 Maine Maritime5
3/19SUNY Delhi0 Cobleskill0
3/23SUNY Delhi0 Husson0
3/27SUNY Delhi0 SUNY Poly0
3/30SUNY Delhi0 Thomas0
4/3SUNY Delhi0 Houghton0
4/6SUNY Delhi0 Johnson State0
4/10SUNY Delhi0 Farmingdale0
4/13SUNY Delhi0 Lyndon State0
4/20SUNY Delhi0 SUNY Canton0
4/24SUNY Delhi0 Mt St Vincent0
5/27SUNY Delhi0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Delhi0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Delhi0 TBD0
2/23SUNY Maritime13 Geneseo14
2/27SUNY Maritime10 Drew5
3/6SUNY Maritime13 Ferrum8
3/13SUNY Maritime8 Vassar5
3/16SUNY Maritime0 Centenary (NJ)0
3/20SUNY Maritime0 Coast Guard0
3/23SUNY Maritime0 Manhattanville0
3/27SUNY Maritime0 Eastern Connecticut0
3/30SUNY Maritime0 Montclair State0
4/2SUNY Maritime0 Purchase0
4/6SUNY Maritime0 Mt St Vincent0
4/10SUNY Maritime0 US Merchant Marine0
4/13SUNY Maritime0 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0
4/23SUNY Maritime0 Farmingdale0
4/27SUNY Maritime0 Mt St Mary0
5/27SUNY Maritime0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Maritime0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Maritime0 TBD0
2/27SUNY Poly6 Houghton13
3/2SUNY Poly12 Utica13
3/7SUNY Poly0 Farmingdale0
3/20SUNY Poly0 SUNY Canton0
3/27SUNY Poly0 SUNY Delhi0
3/30SUNY Poly0 Alfred State0
4/3SUNY Poly0 Morrisville0
4/6SUNY Poly0 Hilbert0
4/10SUNY Poly0 Cobleskill0
4/13SUNY Poly0 Keuka0
4/18SUNY Poly0 Wells0
4/24SUNY Poly0 Cazenovia0
4/27SUNY Poly0 Medaille0
5/27SUNY Poly0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Poly0 TBD0
5/27SUNY Poly0 TBD0
2/16Susquehanna9 Lycoming8
2/23Susquehanna12 King’s6
2/27Susquehanna6 Franklin and Marshall13
3/2Susquehanna6 Muhlenberg9
3/6Susquehanna9 Lebanon Valley7
3/9Susquehanna4 York12
3/13Susquehanna12 Virginia Wesleyan13
3/15Susquehanna10 Marymount15
3/17Susquehanna20 Alvernia10
3/23Susquehanna0 Scranton0
3/27Susquehanna0 Misericordia0
3/30Susquehanna0 Drew0
4/6Susquehanna0 Moravian0
4/9Susquehanna0 Marywood0
4/13Susquehanna0 Goucher0
4/18Susquehanna0 Catholic0
4/27Susquehanna0 Elizabethtown0
5/27Susquehanna0 TBD0
5/27Susquehanna0 TBD0
5/27Susquehanna0 TBD0
2/16Swarthmore13 Albright3
2/23Swarthmore12 Widener6
3/2Swarthmore17 Vassar7
3/6Swarthmore12 Delaware Valley4
3/13Swarthmore0 Southwestern0
3/16Swarthmore11 Drew2
3/20Swarthmore0 Arcadia0
3/23Swarthmore0 Franklin and Marshall0
3/30Swarthmore0 Ursinus0
4/6Swarthmore0 Gettysburg0
4/10Swarthmore0 Muhlenberg0
4/13Swarthmore0 Dickinson0
4/20Swarthmore0 McDaniel0
4/24Swarthmore0 Washington0
4/27Swarthmore0 Haverford0
5/27Swarthmore0 TBD0
5/27Swarthmore0 TBD0
5/27Swarthmore0 TBD0
5/27TBD0 TBD0
2/16Thiel6 Mount Union5
2/23Thiel6 Oberlin15
3/2Thiel0 Hilbert0
3/6Thiel6 Alfred21
3/9Thiel16 Marietta10
3/13Thiel18 Wilmington9
3/16Thiel5 Houghton6
3/30Thiel0 Grove City0
4/3Thiel0 La Roche0
4/6Thiel0 Westminster (Pa.)0
4/10Thiel0 Franciscan0
4/13Thiel0 Bethany0
4/18Thiel0 Chatham0
4/25Thiel0 Saint Vincent0
4/27Thiel0 Washington and Jefferson0
5/27Thiel0 TBD0
5/27Thiel0 TBD0
5/27Thiel0 TBD0
3/4Thomas0 Colby28
3/11Thomas0 Becker0
3/16Thomas3 SUNY Canton25
3/19Thomas0 Lyndon State0
3/23Thomas0 Johnson State0
3/30Thomas0 SUNY Delhi0
4/3Thomas0 Regis0
4/6Thomas0 Maine Maritime0
4/13Thomas0 Anna Maria0
4/20Thomas0 Husson0
5/27Thomas0 TBD0
5/27Thomas0 TBD0
5/27Thomas0 TBD0
2/20Transylvania16 Augustana7
2/23Transylvania5 Rhodes15
3/2Transylvania15 Wittenberg7
3/6Transylvania9 Albion8
3/9Transylvania10 Baldwin Wallace18
3/13Transylvania22 Hanover5
3/16Transylvania9 Capital10
3/20Transylvania0 Earlham0
3/23Transylvania0 Anderson0
3/27Transylvania0 Mt St Joseph’s0
3/29Transylvania0 Sewanee0
4/3Transylvania0 Centre0
4/6Transylvania0 Mt St Joseph’s0
4/10Transylvania0 Earlham0
4/13Transylvania0 Anderson0
4/27Transylvania0 Hanover0
5/27Transylvania0 TBD0
5/27Transylvania0 TBD0
5/27Transylvania0 TBD0
2/23Trine0 Mt St Joseph’s0
3/2Trine10 Southwestern9
3/6Trine24 Dallas7
3/12Trine4 North Central (Ill.)7
3/16Trine0 Heidelberg0
3/23Trine0 Wabash0
3/30Trine0 MSOE0
4/6Trine0 Hope0
4/9Trine0 Albion0
4/13Trine0 Adrian0
4/17Trine0 Kalamazoo0
4/20Trine0 Olivet0
4/23Trine0 Calvin0
4/27Trine0 Alma0
5/27Trine0 TBD0
5/27Trine0 TBD0
5/27Trine0 TBD0
3/5Trinity21 Curry8
3/9Trinity12 Williams18
3/13Trinity22 Wooster6
3/16Trinity19 Bates20
3/18Trinity7 Roger Williams9
3/20Trinity0 UMass-Boston0
3/23Trinity0 Tufts0
3/26Trinity0 Wheaton0
3/30Trinity0 Bowdoin0
4/3Trinity0 Connecticut College0
4/6Trinity0 Hamilton0
4/9Trinity0 Wesleyan0
4/13Trinity0 Middlebury0
4/20Trinity0 Colby0
4/24Trinity0 Amherst0
5/27Trinity0 TBD0
5/27Trinity0 TBD0
5/27Trinity0 TBD0
3/2Tufts20 Hamilton11
3/3Tufts19 Cortland15
3/6Tufts19 Keene State6
3/9Tufts19 Stevens17
3/12Tufts13 Endicott5
3/16Tufts13 Colby11
3/19Tufts0 Stevenson0
3/23Tufts0 Trinity0
3/30Tufts0 Connecticut College0
4/3Tufts0 Williams0
4/6Tufts0 Wesleyan0
4/13Tufts0 Amherst0
4/16Tufts0 Bates0
4/20Tufts0 Middlebury0
4/24Tufts0 Bowdoin0
5/27Tufts0 TBD0
5/27Tufts0 TBD0
5/27Tufts0 TBD0
2/23UMass-Boston4 Roger Williams16
3/2UMass-Boston0 Curry0
3/5UMass-Boston18 Husson7
3/12UMass-Boston6 Nazareth26
3/15UMass-Boston9 Lycoming13
3/20UMass-Boston0 Trinity0
3/23UMass-Boston0 Keene State0
3/27UMass-Boston0 Lasell0
3/30UMass-Boston0 US Merchant Marine0
4/3UMass-Boston0 Castleton0
4/6UMass-Boston0 UMass-Dartmouth0
4/10UMass-Boston0 Salem State0
4/13UMass-Boston0 Eastern Connecticut0
4/16UMass-Boston0 New England College0
4/20UMass-Boston0 Plymouth State0
4/23UMass-Boston0 Southern Maine0
4/26UMass-Boston0 Western Connecticut0
5/27UMass-Boston0 TBD0
5/27UMass-Boston0 TBD0
5/27UMass-Boston0 TBD0
2/23UMass-Dartmouth19 Emmanuel8
2/27UMass-Dartmouth0 Roger Williams0
3/6UMass-Dartmouth0 Salve Regina0
3/8UMass-Dartmouth8 Wheaton10
3/11UMass-Dartmouth10 Dean6
3/20UMass-Dartmouth0 MIT0
3/23UMass-Dartmouth0 Castleton0
3/27UMass-Dartmouth0 Emerson0
3/30UMass-Dartmouth0 Keene State0
4/3UMass-Dartmouth0 Coast Guard0
4/6UMass-Dartmouth0 UMass-Boston0
4/10UMass-Dartmouth0 Massachusetts Maritime0
4/17UMass-Dartmouth0 Western Connecticut0
4/17UMass-Dartmouth0 Southern Maine0
4/20UMass-Dartmouth0 Salem State0
4/23UMass-Dartmouth0 Eastern Connecticut0
4/26UMass-Dartmouth0 Plymouth State0
5/27UMass-Dartmouth0 TBD0
5/27UMass-Dartmouth0 TBD0
5/27UMass-Dartmouth0 TBD0
2/27Union15 Endicott7
3/2Union17 Babson5
3/6Union11 Williams12
3/9Union15 Springfield4
3/12Union20 Mt St Mary1
3/23Union0 Skidmore0
3/26Union0 Middlebury0
3/30Union0 Clarkson0
4/3Union0 Montclair State0
4/6Union0 Ithaca0
4/10Union0 Bard0
4/13Union0 St. Lawrence0
4/17Union0 RPI0
4/20Union0 Vassar0
4/24Union0 RIT0
5/27Union0 TBD0
5/27Union0 TBD0
5/27Union0 TBD0
2/23Univ of New England18 Wheaton11
3/2Univ of New England0 Plymouth State0
3/5Univ of New England7 Bowdoin19
3/9Univ of New England3 MIT14
3/13Univ of New England14 Wilkes12
3/16Univ of New England25 Bryn Athyn11
3/20Univ of New England0 Emerson0
3/23Univ of New England0 New England College0
3/26Univ of New England0 Colby0
3/30Univ of New England0 Western New England0
4/2Univ of New England0 Wentworth0
4/6Univ of New England0 Roger Williams0
4/10Univ of New England0 Curry0
4/13Univ of New England0 Salve Regina0
4/16Univ of New England0 Gordon0
4/20Univ of New England0 Nichols0
4/24Univ of New England0 Endicott0
5/27Univ of New England0 TBD0
5/27Univ of New England0 TBD0
5/27Univ of New England0 TBD0
2/16Ursinus13 Stevenson9
2/23Ursinus10 Marymount9
2/27Ursinus15 Cortland9
3/2Ursinus12 Christopher Newport10
3/6Ursinus0 Montclair State0
3/9Ursinus16 Lycoming6
3/13Ursinus16 Eastern7
3/23Ursinus0 Gettysburg0
3/27Ursinus0 Washington0
3/30Ursinus0 Swarthmore0
4/6Ursinus0 McDaniel0
4/13Ursinus0 Franklin and Marshall0
4/20Ursinus0 Haverford0
4/24Ursinus0 Muhlenberg0
4/27Ursinus0 Dickinson0
5/27Ursinus0 TBD0
5/27Ursinus0 TBD0
5/27Ursinus0 TBD0
3/3US Merchant Marine0 William Peace0
3/6US Merchant Marine24 Southern Virginia16
3/9US Merchant Marine14 Western Connecticut12
3/13US Merchant Marine0 Manhattanville0
3/16US Merchant Marine16 MIT13
3/20US Merchant Marine0 Connecticut College0
3/23US Merchant Marine0 Coast Guard0
3/30US Merchant Marine0 UMass-Boston0
4/2US Merchant Marine0 Mt St Vincent0
4/6US Merchant Marine0 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)0
4/10US Merchant Marine0 SUNY Maritime0
4/15US Merchant Marine0 Montclair State0
4/18US Merchant Marine0 Farmingdale0
4/24US Merchant Marine0 Mt St Mary0
4/27US Merchant Marine0 Purchase0
5/27US Merchant Marine0 TBD0
5/27US Merchant Marine0 TBD0
5/27US Merchant Marine0 TBD0
2/27Utica9 Wilkes12
3/2Utica13 SUNY Poly12
3/6Utica5 Hamilton18
3/9Utica13 Potsdam7
3/13Utica11 Marywood13
3/16Utica0 Castleton0
3/20Utica0 Keuka0
3/23Utica0 Stevens0
3/27Utica0 Oswego0
3/30Utica0 Alfred0
4/3Utica0 Sage0
4/6Utica0 Nazareth0
4/10Utica0 Saint John Fisher0
4/10Utica0 Alfred State0
4/17Utica0 Hartwick0
4/20Utica0 Elmira0
4/27Utica0 Houghton0
5/27Utica0 TBD0
5/27Utica0 TBD0
5/27Utica0 TBD0
2/23Vassar10 Drew6
2/27Vassar8 Montclair State10
3/2Vassar7 Swarthmore17
3/5Vassar24 Mt St Mary4
3/13Vassar5 SUNY Maritime8
3/16Vassar0 St. Lawrence0
3/19Vassar0 Babson0
3/23Vassar0 RIT0
3/30Vassar0 Ithaca0
4/3Vassar0 Bard0
4/10Vassar0 RPI0
4/13Vassar0 Clarkson0
4/17Vassar0 Hamilton0
4/20Vassar0 Union0
4/24Vassar0 Skidmore0
5/27Vassar0 TBD0
5/27Vassar0 TBD0
5/27Vassar0 TBD0
2/16Virginia Wesleyan22 Greensboro7
2/23Virginia Wesleyan9 Methodist8
3/2Virginia Wesleyan16 Piedmont12
3/3Virginia Wesleyan7 Berry17
3/9Virginia Wesleyan15 Ferrum5
3/13Virginia Wesleyan13 Susquehanna12
3/17Virginia Wesleyan7 Roanoke13
3/19Virginia Wesleyan0 Christopher Newport0
3/23Virginia Wesleyan0 Shenandoah0
3/27Virginia Wesleyan0 Huntingdon0
3/30Virginia Wesleyan0 Randolph0
4/3Virginia Wesleyan0 Hampden-Sydney0
4/6Virginia Wesleyan0 Bridgewater0
4/13Virginia Wesleyan0 Lynchburg0
4/17Virginia Wesleyan0 Washington and Lee0
4/20Virginia Wesleyan0 Guilford0
4/27Virginia Wesleyan0 Randolph-Macon0
5/27Virginia Wesleyan0 TBD0
5/27Virginia Wesleyan0 TBD0
5/27Virginia Wesleyan0 TBD0
2/16Wabash2 Calvin8
2/23Wabash14 Adrian13
2/27Wabash18 Wilmington7
3/5Wabash6 Huntingdon7
3/7Wabash8 Birmingham-Southern17
3/16Wabash4 Hope15
3/20Wabash0 Anderson0
3/23Wabash0 Trine0
3/30Wabash0 Hiram0
4/3Wabash0 Earlham0
4/6Wabash0 Denison0
4/9Wabash0 Wittenberg0
4/13Wabash0 Wooster0
4/17Wabash0 Ohio Wesleyan0
4/20Wabash0 Kenyon0
4/23Wabash0 DePauw0
4/27Wabash0 Oberlin0
5/27Wabash0 TBD0
5/27Wabash0 TBD0
5/27Wabash0 TBD0
2/16Washington21 Berry12
2/23Washington8 Washington and Lee14
3/2Washington18 Frostburg9
3/6Washington0 Marymount0
3/9Washington11 Stockton16
3/13Washington10 Christopher Newport11
3/16Washington11 Saint Mary’s (Md)14
3/23Washington0 Dickinson0
3/27Washington0 Ursinus0
3/30Washington0 McDaniel0
4/5Washington0 Muhlenberg0
4/7Washington0 Colorado College0
4/10Washington0 Haverford0
4/13Washington0 Salisbury0
4/18Washington0 Bethany0
4/20Washington0 Franklin and Marshall0
4/24Washington0 Swarthmore0
4/27Washington0 Gettysburg0
5/27Washington0 TBD0
5/27Washington0 TBD0
5/27Washington0 TBD0
2/16Washington and Jefferson5 Kenyon21
2/20Washington and Jefferson19 La Roche2
2/23Washington and Jefferson7 Ohio Northern15
3/2Washington and Jefferson5 Alfred18
3/6Washington and Jefferson5 Hood16
3/9Washington and Jefferson8 Mount Union7
3/13Washington and Jefferson13 Muskingum9
3/16Washington and Jefferson22 Wilmington6
3/27Washington and Jefferson0 Kalamazoo0
3/30Washington and Jefferson0 Chatham0
4/7Washington and Jefferson0 Saint Vincent0
4/10Washington and Jefferson0 Westminster (Pa.)0
4/13Washington and Jefferson0 Franciscan0
4/18Washington and Jefferson0 Bethany0
4/24Washington and Jefferson0 Grove City0
4/27Washington and Jefferson0 Thiel0
5/27Washington and Jefferson0 TBD0
5/27Washington and Jefferson0 TBD0
5/27Washington and Jefferson0 TBD0
2/9Washington and Lee6 York7
2/13Washington and Lee14 Christopher Newport7
2/16Washington and Lee13 Denison14
2/23Washington and Lee14 Washington8
3/2Washington and Lee10 Franklin and Marshall13
3/6Washington and Lee22 Marymount3
3/9Washington and Lee14 Randolph-Macon6
3/13Washington and Lee13 Gettysburg14
3/16Washington and Lee0 Bridgewater0
3/23Washington and Lee0 Hampden-Sydney0
3/27Washington and Lee0 Guilford0
3/30Washington and Lee0 Roanoke0
4/13Washington and Lee0 Ferrum0
4/17Washington and Lee0 Virginia Wesleyan0
4/20Washington and Lee0 Lynchburg0
4/24Washington and Lee0 Randolph0
4/27Washington and Lee0 Shenandoah0
5/27Washington and Lee0 TBD0
5/27Washington and Lee0 TBD0
5/27Washington and Lee0 TBD0
2/27Wells4 Alfred State12
3/5Wells13 Keystone9
3/9Wells5 SUNY Delhi15
3/13Wells8 Elmira9
3/19Wells0 Sage0
3/23Wells0 Wilkes0
3/30Wells0 SUNY Canton0
4/3Wells0 Hilbert0
4/6Wells0 Morrisville0
4/10Wells0 Keuka0
4/13Wells0 Cobleskill0
4/18Wells0 SUNY Poly0
4/24Wells0 Medaille0
4/27Wells0 Cazenovia0
5/27Wells0 TBD0
5/27Wells0 TBD0
5/27Wells0 TBD0
2/25Wentworth21 Anna Maria5
2/27Wentworth16 Emerson4
3/2Wentworth10 Oneonta11
3/6Wentworth10 Saint Joseph’s (ME)12
3/8Wentworth7 Moravian9
3/13Wentworth7 MIT10
3/16Wentworth9 Wheaton13
3/19Wentworth0 Lasell0
3/21Wentworth0 Emmanuel0
3/24Wentworth0 Western New England0
3/27Wentworth0 Curry0
3/30Wentworth0 Nichols0
4/2Wentworth0 Univ of New England0
4/6Wentworth0 Endicott0
4/13Wentworth0 Roger Williams0
4/16Wentworth0 Salve Regina0
4/24Wentworth0 Gordon0
5/27Wentworth0 TBD0
5/27Wentworth0 TBD0
5/27Wentworth0 TBD0
2/20Wesley12 Rosemont9
2/23Wesley7 Wilkes19
3/6Wesley2 William Peace14
3/13Wesley7 Western Connecticut18
3/15Wesley0 Salem State0
3/20Wesley0 Hood0
3/27Wesley0 Delaware Valley0
3/30Wesley0 Mary Washington0
4/6Wesley0 Immaculata0
4/10Wesley0 Cabrini0
4/13Wesley0 Marywood0
4/17Wesley0 Neumann0
4/20Wesley0 La Roche0
4/24Wesley0 Gwynedd-Mercy0
5/27Wesley0 TBD0
5/27Wesley0 TBD0
5/27Wesley0 TBD0
3/2Wesleyan14 Williams12
3/6Wesleyan17 Coast Guard6
3/9Wesleyan12 Bates15
3/13Wesleyan13 Clark6
3/15Wesleyan12 Middlebury6
3/16Wesleyan9 Lynchburg8
3/22Wesleyan0 Cortland0
3/30Wesleyan0 Colby0
4/3Wesleyan0 Amherst0
4/6Wesleyan0 Tufts0
4/9Wesleyan0 Trinity0
4/13Wesleyan0 Bowdoin0
4/20Wesleyan0 Hamilton0
4/24Wesleyan0 Connecticut College0
5/27Wesleyan0 TBD0
5/27Wesleyan0 TBD0
5/27Wesleyan0 TBD0
2/23Western Connecticut21 Sage8
2/26Western Connecticut12 Mt St Mary8
3/2Western Connecticut8 St. Joseph’s (L.I.)9
3/6Western Connecticut14 King’s9
3/9Western Connecticut12 US Merchant Marine14
3/13Western Connecticut18 Wesley7
3/16Western Connecticut9 Wooster13
3/20Western Connecticut0 Cazenovia0
3/23Western Connecticut0 Salem State0
3/26Western Connecticut0 Manhattanville0
3/30Western Connecticut0 Plymouth State0
4/6Western Connecticut0 Southern Maine0
4/9Western Connecticut0 Eastern Connecticut0
4/17Western Connecticut0 Castleton0
4/17Western Connecticut0 UMass-Dartmouth0
4/20Western Connecticut0 Keene State0
4/26Western Connecticut0 UMass-Boston0
5/27Western Connecticut0 TBD0
5/27Western Connecticut0 TBD0
5/27Western Connecticut0 TBD0
2/23Western New England17 Clark10
2/27Western New England17 Keene State9
3/5Western New England11 Amherst16
3/13Western New England8 Bates20
3/16Western New England12 Nazareth14
3/21Western New England0 St. Lawrence0
3/24Western New England0 Wentworth0
3/27Western New England0 Roger Williams0
3/30Western New England0 Univ of New England0
4/2Western New England0 Springfield0
4/4Western New England0 Nichols0
4/10Western New England0 Gordon0
4/13Western New England0 Endicott0
4/16Western New England0 Curry0
4/17Western New England0 Williams0
4/19Western New England0 Colorado College0
4/25Western New England0 Salve Regina0
5/27Western New England0 TBD0
5/27Western New England0 TBD0
5/27Western New England0 TBD0
2/16Westminster (Pa.)13 Heidelberg8
3/2Westminster (Pa.)5 Mount Union6
3/9Westminster (Pa.)10 Neumann8
3/11Westminster (Pa.)12 Greensboro11
3/13Westminster (Pa.)12 Guilford14
3/23Westminster (Pa.)0 Olivet0
3/30Westminster (Pa.)0 Saint Vincent0
4/6Westminster (Pa.)0 Thiel0
4/10Westminster (Pa.)0 Washington and Jefferson0
4/13Westminster (Pa.)0 Chatham0
4/17Westminster (Pa.)0 Grove City0
4/24Westminster (Pa.)0 Franciscan0
4/27Westminster (Pa.)0 Bethany0
5/27Westminster (Pa.)0 TBD0
5/27Westminster (Pa.)0 TBD0
5/27Westminster (Pa.)0 TBD0
2/20Wheaton23 Anna Maria8
2/23Wheaton11 Univ of New England18
2/27Wheaton0 Salve Regina0
3/2Wheaton0 Johnson and Wales0
3/8Wheaton10 UMass-Dartmouth8
3/16Wheaton13 Wentworth9
3/20Wheaton0 Plymouth State0
3/26Wheaton0 Trinity0
3/30Wheaton0 MIT0
4/2Wheaton0 New England College0
4/6Wheaton0 Coast Guard0
4/13Wheaton0 Clark0
4/17Wheaton0 Babson0
4/20Wheaton0 Emerson0
4/24Wheaton0 Massachusetts Maritime0
4/27Wheaton0 Springfield0
5/27Wheaton0 TBD0
5/27Wheaton0 TBD0
5/27Wheaton0 TBD0
3/4Whittier17 Emerson6
3/5Whittier11 Gwynedd-Mercy10
3/9Whittier13 Wittenberg12
3/14Whittier20 Morrisville8
3/16Whittier6 Cabrini14
3/18Whittier14 Lebanon Valley9
3/20Whittier0 Marian0
3/23Whittier0 Johnson and Wales0
3/23Whittier0 Elmhurst0
3/28Whittier0 Oberlin0
4/5Whittier0 North Central (Ill.)0
4/6Whittier0 Dubuque0
4/11Whittier0 Wooster0
4/13Whittier0 Denison0
5/27Whittier0 TBD0
5/27Whittier0 TBD0
5/27Whittier0 TBD0
2/16Widener3 Salisbury16
2/23Widener6 Swarthmore12
3/4Widener8 Colorado College21
3/9Widener9 Gettysburg18
3/13Widener7 Stevens17
3/16Widener13 Roger Williams8
3/20Widener0 Eastern0
3/23Widener0 Frostburg0
3/27Widener0 Albright0
3/30Widener0 Lycoming0
4/3Widener0 Messiah0
4/6Widener0 Hood0
4/12Widener0 Stevenson0
4/17Widener0 Arcadia0
4/24Widener0 Lebanon Valley0
4/26Widener0 Alvernia0
5/27Widener0 TBD0
5/27Widener0 TBD0
5/27Widener0 TBD0
2/20Wilkes0 Marywood0
2/23Wilkes19 Wesley7
2/27Wilkes12 Utica9
3/2Wilkes0 Alvernia0
3/5Wilkes8 Bridgewater12
3/9Wilkes17 Mt St Vincent6
3/13Wilkes12 Univ of New England14
3/23Wilkes0 Wells0
3/30Wilkes0 Mt St Mary0
4/3Wilkes0 King’s0
4/6Wilkes0 Manhattanville0
4/10Wilkes0 Eastern0
4/13Wilkes0 Delaware Valley0
4/17Wilkes0 Misericordia0
4/24Wilkes0 DeSales0
4/27Wilkes0 Fairleigh Dickinson0
5/27Wilkes0 TBD0
5/27Wilkes0 TBD0
5/27Wilkes0 TBD0
2/16William Peace12 Mary Washington8
2/20William Peace0 Randolph0
2/23William Peace13 Ferrum8
3/3William Peace0 US Merchant Marine0
3/6William Peace14 Wesley2
3/9William Peace9 Hampden-Sydney25
3/12William Peace12 Methodist15
3/17William Peace11 Southwestern26
3/21William Peace0 Bridgewater0
3/23William Peace0 Brevard0
3/27William Peace0 Randolph-Macon0
3/30William Peace0 Huntingdon0
4/7William Peace0 Averett0
4/13William Peace0 Piedmont0
4/17William Peace0 Greensboro0
4/20William Peace0 Pfeiffer0
5/27William Peace0 TBD0
5/27William Peace0 TBD0
5/27William Peace0 TBD0
3/2Williams12 Wesleyan14
3/6Williams12 Union11
3/9Williams18 Trinity12
3/17Williams11 Connecticut College5
3/20Williams0 RPI0
3/23Williams0 Bates0
3/27Williams0 MIT0
3/29Williams0 Colorado College0
4/3Williams0 Tufts0
4/6Williams0 Amherst0
4/9Williams0 Hamilton0
4/13Williams0 Colby0
4/17Williams0 Western New England0
4/20Williams0 Bowdoin0
4/24Williams0 Middlebury0
5/27Williams0 TBD0
5/27Williams0 TBD0
5/27Williams0 TBD0
2/24Wilmington11 Bethany13
2/27Wilmington7 Wabash18
3/2Wilmington14 Earlham8
3/13Wilmington9 Thiel18
3/16Wilmington6 Washington and Jefferson22
3/17Wilmington0 Bethany0
3/23Wilmington0 Ohio Northern0
3/27Wilmington0 Anderson0
3/30Wilmington0 Heidelberg0
4/3Wilmington0 Otterbein0
4/6Wilmington0 Baldwin Wallace0
4/10Wilmington0 Muskingum0
4/13Wilmington0 John Carroll0
4/19Wilmington0 Mount Union0
4/24Wilmington0 Capital0
4/27Wilmington0 Marietta0
5/27Wilmington0 TBD0
5/27Wilmington0 TBD0
5/27Wilmington0 TBD0
2/2Wittenberg0 Albion0
2/17Wittenberg12 Centre10
2/24Wittenberg13 Illinois Wesleyan20
3/2Wittenberg7 Transylvania15
3/9Wittenberg12 Whittier13
3/13Wittenberg13 Capital14
3/16Wittenberg10 Otterbein12
3/19Wittenberg0 Ohio Northern0
3/23Wittenberg0 Oberlin0
3/30Wittenberg0 Kenyon0
4/9Wittenberg0 Wabash0
4/13Wittenberg0 Hiram0
4/17Wittenberg0 DePauw0
4/20Wittenberg0 Denison0
4/23Wittenberg0 Ohio Wesleyan0
4/27Wittenberg0 Wooster0
5/27Wittenberg0 TBD0
5/27Wittenberg0 TBD0
5/27Wittenberg0 TBD0
2/23Wooster3 Saint John Fisher20
3/1Wooster8 Otterbein14
3/3Wooster9 John Carroll17
3/6Wooster0 Capital0
3/9Wooster9 Albion13
3/13Wooster6 Trinity22
3/16Wooster13 Western Connecticut9
3/23Wooster0 Hiram0
3/27Wooster0 Baldwin Wallace0
3/30Wooster0 DePauw0
4/5Wooster0 Ohio Wesleyan0
4/11Wooster0 Whittier0
4/13Wooster0 Wabash0
4/17Wooster0 Denison0
4/20Wooster0 Oberlin0
4/23Wooster0 Kenyon0
4/27Wooster0 Wittenberg0
5/27Wooster0 TBD0
5/27Wooster0 TBD0
5/27Wooster0 TBD0
2/9York7 Washington and Lee6
2/16York18 Eastern8
2/23York14 McDaniel8
3/2York12 Lynchburg11
3/6York14 Gettysburg6
3/9York12 Susquehanna4
3/15York6 RIT10
3/16York12 Stevenson4
3/22York0 Cabrini0
3/23York0 Bryn Athyn0
3/30York0 Christopher Newport0
4/6York0 Saint Mary’s (Md)0
4/10York0 Frostburg0
4/13York0 Southern Virginia0
4/17York0 Salisbury0
4/20York0 Marymount0
4/23York0 Elizabethtown0
5/27York0 TBD0
5/27York0 TBD0
5/27York0 TBD0