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2019 2018

Feb 26

1 Benedictine (Kan.)10812
2 Cumberlands (Ky.)10775
3 SCAD Savannah (Ga.)10021
4 Tennessee Wesleyan9982
5 Indiana Tech9850
6 Reinhardt (Ga.)9771
7 Siena Heights (Mich.)9100
8 Marian (Ind.)9081
9 Keiser (Fla.)8862
10 Lawrence Tech (Mich.)8651
11 Aquinas (Mich.)8500
12 Life (Ga.)8241
13 Georgetown (Ky.)7912
14 St. Ambrose (Iowa)7600
15 Missouri Baptist7450
16 Ottawa (Kan.)7351
17 Columbia (S.C.)7202
18 Oklahoma Baptist University7181
19 St. Andrews (N.C.)7024
20 Lourdes (Ohio)7004
21 Clarke (Iowa)7000
22 Missouri Valley6763
23 Midland (Neb.)6700
24 Point (Ga.)6636
25 Asbury (Ky.)6301
26 Hope6181
27 Ave Maria (Fla.)5950
28 Concordia (Mich.)5800
29 Saint Mary (Kan.)5771
30 Cleary (Mich.) (Mich.)5662
31 Lincoln Memorial University5661
32 Rockhurst University5651
33 Converse College5650
34 Madonna (Mich.)5350
35 Notre Dame College5200
36 Alma College5050
37 Augustana College4900
38 Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.)4802
39 Birmingham Southern College4750
40 Heidelberg University4600
41 Kalamazoo College4450
42 Walsh University4401
43 Oglethorpe University4000
44 Ohio Northern University3850
45 Southern Virginia University3700
46 Southern Wesleyan University3311
47 Truett-McConnell (Ga.)3151
48 University of Dubuque3100
49 University of Dallas3021
50 Mount Olive College2841
51 Calvin College2481
52 Hendrix College1961

FanLax Rankings

In the simplest terms, with the FanLax (10% Ante) Ranking System, every team, based on their performance in the previous season, starts the new season with an allocated number of Points. And, throughout the season, when a team wins, they earn 10% of their opponent’s Points. When they lose, they lose 10% of their own Points. There’s also an adjustment of the earned Points based on the disparity between the teams that play each other but these are details. Bottomline, you want to beat teams with lots of Points and, though you don’t want to lose, if you do lose, you don’t want to lose to teams with few Points.

This is an explanation of how to read the Game Scores and FanLax Team Points.

Bottomline, Team A wants to beat teams with (a) a lot of Points and (b) more Points than Team A has.  Conversely, Team A doesn’t want to lose but if Team A does lose, Team A wants to lose to teams with more Points than Team A has.