WCLA Lacrosse > Game Schedules and Results (2005-2018)

Air Force 2005Air Force 2006Air Force 2007Air Force 2008Air Force 2009Air Force 2010Air Force 2011Air Force 2013Air Force 2014Air Force 2015Air Force 2016Air Force 2017Air Force 2018Alabama 2006Alabama 2007Alabama 2008Alabama 2009Alabama 2010Alabama 2011Alabama 2012Alabama 2013Alabama 2014Alabama 2015Alabama 2016Alabama 2017Alabama 2018Albany Club 2014Albertson 2006Albion 2006Albion 2007Albion 2008Albion 2009American Club 2011American Club 2012American Club 2015Appalachian State 2007Appalachian State 2009Appalachian State 2010Appalachian State 2011Appalachian State 2013Appalachian State 2014Appalachian State 2015Appalachian State 2016Appalachian State 2017Appalachian State 2018Aquinas 2010Aquinas 2011Arizona 2005Arizona 2006Arizona 2007Arizona 2008Arizona 2009Arizona 2010Arizona 2011Arizona 2012Arizona 2013Arizona 2014Arizona 2015Arizona 2016Arizona 2017Arizona 2018Arizona State 2005Arizona State 2006Arizona State 2007Arizona State 2008Arizona State 2009Arizona State 2010Arizona State 2011Arizona State 2012Arizona State 2013Arizona State 2014Arizona State 2015Arizona State 2016Arizona State 2018Arizona State Club 2017Arkansas 2007Arkansas 2008Arkansas 2009Arkansas 2010Arkansas 2011Arkansas 2012Arkansas 2013Arkansas 2014Arkansas 2015Arkansas 2016Army 2005Army 2006Army 2007Army 2008Army 2009Army 2010Army 2011Army 2012Army 2013Army 2014Army Club 2015Auburn 2005Auburn 2006Auburn 2007Auburn 2008Auburn 2009Auburn 2010Auburn 2011Auburn 2012Auburn 2013Auburn 2014Auburn 2015Auburn 2016Auburn 2017Auburn 2018Augsburg 2005Augsburg 2012Augsburg 2013Augustana 2005Augustana 2006Augustana 2007Augustana 2008Augustana 2009Augustana 2010Augustana 2018Augustana Club 2011Augustana Club 2012Augustana Club 2013Augustana Club 2014Augustana Club 2015Augustana Club 2016Augustana Club 2017Austin 2006Austin 2007Austin 2008Austin 2009Austin 2010Austin 2011Austin 2012Babson Club 2015Ball St. 2018Ball State 2005Ball State 2006Ball State 2007Ball State 2008Ball State 2009Ball State 2010Ball State 2011Ball State 2012Ball State 2013Ball State 2014Ball State 2015Ball State 2016Ball State 2017Bates 2018Bates Club 2016Baylor 2005Baylor 2006Baylor 2007Baylor 2008Baylor 2009Baylor 2010Baylor 2011Baylor 2012Baylor 2013Baylor 2014Baylor 2015Baylor 2016Baylor 2017Baylor 2018Bethel 2005Bethel 2006Bethel 2007Bethel 2008Bethel 2009Bethel 2010Bethel 2011Bethel 2012Bethel 2013Bethel 2014Bethel 2015Bethel 2016Bethel 2017Bethel IN 2016Bethel IN 2017Binghamton 2018Binghamton Club 2007Binghamton Club 2008Binghamton Club 2009Binghamton Club 2010Binghamton Club 2011Binghamton Club 2012Binghamton Club 2013Binghamton Club 2014Binghamton Club 2015Binghamton Club 2016Binghamton Club 2017Biola 2011Biola 2012Biola 2013Biola 2014Biola 2015Biola 2016Biola 2017Boise State 2005Boise State 2006Boise State 2007Boise State 2008Boise State 2009Boise State 2010Boise State 2011Boise State 2012Boise State 2013Boise State 2014Boise State 2015Boise State 2016Boise State 2017Boise State 2018Boston College 2018Boston College Club 2005Boston College Club 2006Boston College Club 2007Boston College Club 2008Boston College Club 2009Boston College Club 2010Boston College Club 2011Boston College Club 2012Boston College Club 2013Boston College Club 2014Boston College Club 2015Boston College Club 2016Boston College Club 2017Bowdoin Club 2012Bowdoin Club 2014Bowling Green 2005Bowling Green 2006Bowling Green 2007Bowling Green 2008Bowling Green 2009Bowling Green 2014Bowling Green 2015Bowling Green 2016Bowling Green 2017Bowling Green 2018Brandeis 2005Brandeis 2006Brandeis 2007Brandeis 2008Brandeis 2012Brandeis 2013Brigham Young 2005Brigham Young 2006Brigham Young 2007Brigham Young 2008Brigham Young 2009Brigham Young 2010Brigham Young 2011Brigham Young 2012Brigham Young 2013Brigham Young 2014Brigham Young 2015Brigham Young 2016Brigham Young 2017Brigham Young 2018Brown 2018Brown Club 2008Brown Club 2009Brown Club 2010Brown Club 2011Brown Club 2012Brown Club 2013Brown Club 2014Brown Club 2015Brown Club 2016Brown Club 2017Bucknell Club 2005Bucknell Club 2006Bucknell Club 2007Buffalo 2005Buffalo 2006Buffalo 2007Buffalo 2008Buffalo 2009Buffalo 2010Buffalo 2011Buffalo 2012Buffalo 2013Buffalo 2014Buffalo 2015Buffalo 2016Buffalo 2017Buffalo 2018Butler 2007Butler 2008Butler 2009Butler 2010Butler 2011Butler 2012Butler 2013Butler 2014Butler 2015Butler 2018Butler Club 2016Butler Club 2017California Club 2009California Club 2010California Club 2011California Club 2012California Club 2013California Club 2014California Club 2015California Club 2016California Club 2017Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 2005Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 2006Cal Poly SLO 2007Cal Poly SLO 2008Cal Poly SLO 2009Cal Poly SLO 2010Cal Poly SLO 2011Cal Poly SLO 2012Cal Poly SLO 2013Cal Poly SLO 2014Cal Poly SLO 2015Cal Poly SLO 2016Cal Poly SLO 2017Cal Poly SLO 2018Cal Poly SLO B 2007Cal Poly SLO B 2008Cal Poly SLO B 2009Cal Poly SLO B 2010Cal State Fullerton 2008Cal State Fullerton 2009Cal State Fullerton 2010Cal State Fullerton 2011Cal State Fullerton 2012Cal State Fullerton 2013Cal State Fullerton 2014Cal State Fullerton 2015Cal State Fullerton 2016Cal State Fullerton 2017Cal State Long Beach 2009Cal State Long Beach 2010Cal State Long Beach 2011Cal State Long Beach 2012Cal State Long Beach 2013Cal State Long Beach 2014Cal State Long Beach 2015Cal State Long Beach 2016Cal State Long Beach 2017Cal State San Marcos 2011Cal State San Marcos 2013Cal State San Marcos 2014Cal State San Marcos 2015Cal State San Marcos 2016Cal State San Marcos 2017Calvin 2005Calvin 2006Calvin 2007Calvin 2008Calvin 2009Calvin 2010Calvin 2011Calvin 2012Carleton 2005Carleton 2006Carleton 2007Carleton 2008Carleton 2009Carleton 2010Carleton 2011Carleton 2012Carleton 2013Carleton 2014Carleton 2015Carleton 2016Carleton 2017Carleton 2018Carnegie Mellon 2005Carnegie Mellon 2006Carnegie Mellon 2007Carnegie Mellon 2008Carnegie Mellon 2009Carnegie Mellon 2010Carnegie Mellon 2011Carnegie Mellon 2012Carnegie Mellon 2013Carnegie Mellon 2014Carnegie Mellon 2015Carnegie Mellon 2016Carnegie Mellon 2017Carnegie Mellon 2018Case Western 2016Case Western 2017Case Western 2018C.Connecticut State 2018Central CT Club 2016Central CT Club 2017Central Florida 2005Central Florida 2006Central Florida 2007Central Florida 2008Central Florida 2009Central Florida 2010Central Florida 2011Central Florida 2012Central Florida 2013Central Florida 2014Central Florida 2015Central Florida 2016Central Florida 2017Central Florida 2018Central Michigan 2005Central Michigan 2006Central Michigan 2007Central Michigan 2008Central Michigan 2009Central Michigan 2010Central Michigan 2011Central Michigan 2012Central Michigan 2013Central Michigan 2014Central Michigan 2018Central Michigan Club 2015Central Michigan Club 2016Central Washington 2012Central Washington 2013Central Washington 2014Central Washington 2017Central Washington 2018Centre 2007Centre 2008Chapman 2008Chapman 2009Chapman 2010Chapman 2011Chapman 2012Chicago 2005Chicago 2006Chicago 2007Chicago 2008Chicago 2009Chicago 2010Chicago 2011Chicago 2012Chicago 2013Chicago 2014Chicago 2015Chicago 2016Chicago 2017C. of New Jersey Club 2005C. of New Jersey Club 2006C. of New Jersey Club 2007C. of New Jersey Club 2008C. of New Jersey Club 2009C. of New Jersey Club 2010Chico State 2005Chico State 2006Chico State 2007Chico State 2008Chico State 2009Chico State 2010Chico State 2011Chico State 2012Chico State 2013Chico State 2014Chico State 2015Chico State 2016Chico State 2017Cincinnati 2005Cincinnati 2006Cincinnati 2007Cincinnati 2018Cincinnati Club 2008Cincinnati Club 2009Cincinnati Club 2010Cincinnati Club 2011Cincinnati Club 2012Cincinnati Club 2013Cincinnati Club 2014Cincinnati Club 2015Cincinnati Club 2017Clark 2010Clark 2011Clark 2012Clark 2013Clark 2014Clemson 2005Clemson 2006Clemson 2007Clemson 2008Clemson 2009Clemson 2010Clemson 2011Clemson 2012Clemson 2013Clemson 2014Clemson 2015Clemson 2016Clemson 2017Clemson 2018Coastal Carolina 2010Coastal Carolina 2011Coastal Carolina 2018Coastal Carolina Club 2015Coast Guard 2005Coast Guard 2006Coast Guard 2007Coast Guard 2008Coast Guard 2009Coast Guard 2010Coast Guard 2011Coast Guard 2012Coast Guard 2013Coast Guard Club 2014College of Charleston 2018College of Idaho 2008College of Idaho 2009College of Idaho 2017Colorado 2005Colorado 2006Colorado 2007Colorado 2008Colorado 2009Colorado 2010Colorado 2011Colorado 2018Colorado Club 2012Colorado Club 2013Colorado Club 2014Colorado Club 2015Colorado Club 2016Colorado Club 2017Colorado JV 2005Colorado School of Mines 2009Colorado School of Mines 2010Colorado School of Mines 2018Colorado State 2005Colorado State 2006Colorado State 2007Colorado State 2008Colorado State 2009Colorado State 2010Colorado State 2011Colorado State 2012Colorado State 2013Colorado State 2014Colorado State 2015Colorado State 2016Colorado State 2017Colorado State 2018Concordia 2010Concordia 2011Concordia 2012Concordia 2013Concordia 2014Concordia 2015Concordia 2016Concordia 2017Concordia 2018Concordia CA 2015Concordia CA 2016Concordia CA 2017Concordia University 2018Connecticut Club 2005Connecticut Club 2006Cornell 2018Cornell Club 2012Cornell Club 2013Cornell Club 2014Cornell Club 2015Cornell Club 2016Cornell Club 2017Cornell College 2013Cortland Club 2009Cortland Club 2010Cortland Club 2011Cortland Club 2012Cortland Club 2013Cortland Club 2014Cortland Club 2015Cortland Club 2016Cortland Club 2017Creighton 2006Creighton 2007Creighton 2008Creighton 2009Creighton 2010Creighton 2011Creighton 2012Creighton 2013Dana 2010Dartmouth 2018Dartmouth Club 2006Dartmouth Club 2007Dartmouth Club 2008Dartmouth Club 2009Dartmouth Club 2010Dartmouth Club 2011Dartmouth Club 2012Dartmouth Club 2013Dartmouth Club 2014Dartmouth Club 2015Dartmouth Club 2016Dartmouth Club 2017Davenport 2008Davenport 2009Davenport 2010Davidson Club 2007Davidson Club 2009Davidson Club 2010Davidson Club 2011Dayton 2005Dayton 2006Dayton 2007Dayton 2008Dayton 2009Dayton 2010Dayton 2011Dayton 2012Dayton 2013Dayton 2014Dayton 2015Dayton 2016Dayton 2017Dayton 2018Delaware 2018Delaware Club 2005Delaware Club 2006Delaware Club 2008Delaware Club 2009Delaware Club 2010Delaware Club 2011Delaware Club 2012Delaware Club 2013Delaware Club 2014Delaware Club 2015Delaware Club 2016Delaware Club 2017Denver 2018Denver Club 2006Denver Club 2007Denver Club 2009Denver Club 2010Denver Club 2011Denver Club 2012Denver Club 2013Denver Club 2014Denver Club 2015Denver Club 2016Denver Club 2017DePaul 2007DePaul 2008DePaul 2009DePaul 2010DePaul 2011DePaul 2012DePaul 2013DePaul 2014DePaul 2015DePaul 2016DePaul 2017DePaul 2018Dickinson Club 2009Dickinson Club 2010Dickinson Club 2012Dickinson Club 2016Drexel Club 2006Drexel Club 2007Drexel Club 2008Drexel Club 2009Drexel Club 2010Drexel Club 2011Drexel Club 2012Drexel Club 2014Drexel Club 2015Drexel Club 2016Drexel Club 2017Dubuque 2008Duke 2018Duke Club 2006Duke Club 2007Duke Club 2008Duke Club 2009Duke Club 2010Duke Club 2011Duke Club 2012Duke Club 2013Duke Club 2014Duke Club 2015Duke Club 2016Duke Club 2017Duquesne 2018Duquesne Club 2016Duquesne Club 2017East Carolina 2007East Carolina 2009East Carolina 2010East Carolina 2011East Carolina 2012East Carolina 2013East Carolina 2014East Carolina 2015East Carolina 2016East Carolina 2018East Carolina Club 2017Eastern Illinois 2010Eastern Illinois 2011Eastern Illinois 2012Eastern Michigan 2010Eastern Michigan 2011Eastern Michigan 2012Eastern Michigan 2013Eastern Michigan 2014Eastern Michigan 2015Eastern Michigan 2016Eastern Michigan 2017Eastern Michigan 2018Eckerd 2010Elon 2006Elon 2007Elon 2010Elon 2011Elon 2012Elon 2018Elon Club 2013Elon Club 2014Elon Club 2015Elon Club 2016Elon Club 2017Emory 2005Emory 2006Emory 2007Emory 2008Emory 2009Emory 2010Emory 2011Emory 2012Emory 2013Emory 2014Emory 2015Emory 2016Emory 2017Emory 2018F&M; Club 2013F&M; Club 2014Fairfield Club 2012Fairfield Club 2013Fairfield Club 2014Ferris State 2005Ferris State 2007Ferris State 2008Ferris State 2012Ferris State 2014Ferris State 2016Ferris State 2017Ferris State 2018Florida 2005Florida 2006Florida 2007Florida 2018Florida Atlantic 2011Florida Atlantic 2012Florida Atlantic 2013Florida Atlantic 2014Florida Atlantic 2015Florida Atlantic 2016Florida Club 2008Florida Club 2009Florida Club 2010Florida Club 2011Florida Club 2012Florida Club 2013Florida Club 2014Florida Club 2015Florida Club 2016Florida Club 2017Florida Gulf Coast 2009Florida Gulf Coast 2010Florida Gulf Coast 2011Florida Gulf Coast 2012Florida Gulf Coast 2013Florida Gulf Coast 2014Florida Gulf Coast 2015Florida Gulf Coast 2016Florida Gulf Coast 2017Florida Gulf Coast 2018Florida State 2005Florida State 2006Florida State 2007Florida State 2008Florida State 2009Florida State 2010Florida State 2011Florida State 2012Florida State 2013Florida State 2014Florida State 2015Florida State 2016Florida State 2017Florida State 2018Fordham 2007Fordham 2008Fordham 2009Fordham 2010Fordham 2011Fordham 2012Fordham 2013Fordham 2014Fordham 2015Fordham 2016Fordham 2017Fordham 2018Fullerton State 2018Furman 2005Furman 2006Furman 2007Furman 2008Furman 2009Furman 2010Furman 2011Furman 2012Furman Club 2012Furman Club 2013George Mason Club 2005George Mason Club 2006George Mason Club 2007George Mason Club 2011George Mason Club 2012George Mason Club 2013George Mason Club 2014George Mason Club 2015George Mason Club 2016George Mason Club 2017Georgetown Club 2005Georgetown Club 2006Georgetown Club 2007Georgetown Club 2008Georgetown Club 2009Georgetown Club 2010Georgetown Club 2011Georgetown Club 2012Georgetown Club 2013Georgetown Club 2014Georgetown Club 2015Georgetown Club 2016Georgetown Club 2017George Washington Club 2005George Washington Club 2006George Washington Club 2007George Washington Club 2008George Washington Club 2009George Washington Club 2010Georgia 2005Georgia 2006Georgia 2007Georgia 2008Georgia 2009Georgia 2010Georgia 2011Georgia 2012Georgia 2013Georgia 2014Georgia 2015Georgia 2016Georgia 2017Georgia 2018Georgia College 2012Georgia College 2013Georgia Southern 2010Georgia Southern 2011Georgia Southern 2012Georgia Southern 2013Georgia Southern 2014Georgia Southern 2015Georgia State 2014Georgia State 2015Georgia State 2016Georgia Tech 2005Georgia Tech 2006Georgia Tech 2007Georgia Tech 2008Georgia Tech 2009Georgia Tech 2010Georgia Tech 2011Georgia Tech 2012Georgia Tech 2013Georgia Tech 2014Georgia Tech 2015Georgia Tech 2016Georgia Tech 2017Georgia Tech 2018Gettysburg Club 2014Gonzaga 2006Gonzaga 2007Gonzaga 2008Gonzaga 2009Gonzaga 2010Gonzaga 2011Gonzaga 2012Gonzaga 2013Gonzaga 2014Gonzaga 2015Gonzaga 2016Gonzaga 2017Gonzaga 2018Grace 2014Grace 2015Grace 2016Grand Canyon 2015Grand Canyon 2016Grand Canyon 2017Grand Canyon 2018Grand Valley Club 2012Grand Valley Club 2013Grand Valley Club 2014Grand Valley Club 2015Grand Valley Club 2016Grand Valley Club 2017Grand Valley State 2005Grand Valley State 2006Grand Valley State 2007Grand Valley State 2008Grand Valley State 2009Grand Valley State 2010Grand Valley State 2011Grand Valley State 2018Grove City 2005Grove City 2006Grove City 2007Grove City 2008Grove City 2009Grove City 2010Grove City 2011Grove City 2012Grove City 2013Grove City 2014Grove City 2015Grove City 2016Grove City 2017Grove City 2018Gustavus Adolphus 2005Gustavus Adolphus 2006Gustavus Adolphus 2007Gustavus Adolphus 2008Gustavus Adolphus 2009Gustavus Adolphus 2010Gustavus Adolphus 2011Gustavus Adolphus 2012Gustavus Adolphus 2013Gustavus Adolphus 2014Gustavus Adolphus 2015Gustavus Adolphus 2016Gustavus Adolphus 2017Gustavus Adolphus 2018Hamline 2005Hamline 2006Hamline 2007Hamline 2008Hamline 2009Hamline 2010Hamline 2011Hamline 2012Hamline 2013Hamline 2014Hamline 2015HardinSimmons 2017Hardin-Simmons 2017Hardin Simmons 2018Harvard Club 2009Harvard Club 2014High Point 2018High Point Club 2017Hofstra 2018Hofstra Club 2005Hofstra Club 2006Hofstra Club 2007Hofstra Club 2008Hofstra Club 2009Hofstra Club 2010Hofstra Club 2011Hofstra Club 2012Hofstra Club 2013Hofstra Club 2014Hofstra Club 2015Hofstra Club 2016Hofstra Club 2017Holy Cross 2018Holy Cross Club 2005Holy Cross Club 2014Holy Cross Club 2017Hope 2005Hope 2007Hope 2008Hope 2009Hope 2010Hope 2011Hope 2012Houston 2014Houston 2015Houston 2016Houston 2017Houston 2018Humboldt State 2011Humboldt State 2012Humboldt State 2013Humboldt State 2014Humboldt State 2015Humboldt State 2016Humboldt State 2017Humboldt State 2018Humbolt State 2009Humbolt State 2010Idaho 2012Idaho 2014Idaho 2015Idaho 2017Idaho 2018Illinois 2005Illinois 2006Illinois 2007Illinois 2008Illinois 2009Illinois 2010Illinois 2011Illinois 2012Illinois 2013Illinois 2014Illinois 2015Illinois 2016Illinois 2017Illinois 2018Illinois State 2017Illinois State 2018Indiana 2005Indiana 2006Indiana 2007Indiana 2008Indiana 2009Indiana 2010Indiana 2011Indiana 2012Indiana 2013Indiana 2014Indiana 2015Indiana 2016Indiana 2017Indiana 2018Indiana Inst. of Tech. 2010Indiana University of Penn 2018Iowa 2005Iowa 2006Iowa 2007Iowa 2008Iowa 2009Iowa 2010Iowa 2011Iowa 2012Iowa 2013Iowa 2014Iowa 2015Iowa 2016Iowa State 2007Iowa State 2012Iowa State 2013Iowa State 2014Iowa State 2015Iowa State 2016Iowa State 2017Iowa State 2018Ithaca 2018Ithaca Club 2008Ithaca Club 2009Ithaca Club 2010Ithaca Club 2011Ithaca Club 2012Ithaca Club 2013Ithaca Club 2014Ithaca Club 2015Ithaca Club 2016Ithaca Club 2017IUP Club 2014IUP Club 2015IUP Club 2016IUP Club 2017James Madison 2018JMU Club 2005JMU Club 2006JMU Club 2007JMU Club 2008JMU Club 2009JMU Club 2010JMU Club 2011JMU Club 2012JMU Club 2013JMU Club 2014JMU Club 2015JMU Club 2016JMU Club 2017John Carroll 2005John Carroll 2006John Carroll 2007John Carroll 2008John Carroll 2009John Carroll 2010John Carroll 2011John Carroll 2012John Carroll 2013John Carroll Club 2014Johns Hopkins Club 2005Johns Hopkins Club 2006Johns Hopkins Club 2009Johns Hopkins Club 2010Johns Hopkins Club 2011Johns Hopkins Club 2012Johns Hopkins Club 2013Johns Hopkins Club 2014Johns Hopkins Club 2015Johns Hopkins Club 2016Jumbo Lacrosse 2010Kalamazoo 2010Kalamazoo 2011Kalamazoo 2012Kansas 2005Kansas 2006Kansas 2007Kansas 2008Kansas 2009Kansas 2010Kansas 2011Kansas 2012Kansas 2013Kansas State 2013Kansas State 2014Kennesaw 2018Kennesaw State 2008Kennesaw State 2009Kennesaw State 2010Kennesaw State 2011Kennesaw State 2012Kennesaw State Club 2013Kennesaw State Club 2014Kennesaw State Club 2015Kennesaw State Club 2016Kennesaw State Club 2017Kent State 2005Kent State 2006Kent State 2007Kent State 2008Kent State 2009Kent State 2010Kent State 2011Kent State 2012Kent State 2013Kent State 2014Kentucky 2006Kentucky 2007Kentucky 2008Kentucky 2009Kentucky 2010Kentucky 2011Kentucky 2012Kentucky 2013Kentucky 2014Kentucky 2015Kentucky 2016Kentucky 2017Kentucky 2018Knox 2005Knox 2006Knox 2007Knox 2008Knox 2010Knox 2011Knox 2012Knox 2013Kutztown 2005Kutztown 2006Kutztown 2007Kutztown Club 2008Kutztown Club 2009Kutztown Club 2010Kutztown Club 2011Kutztown Club 2012Kutztown Club 2013Kutztown Club 2014Lafayette Club 2007Lafayette Club 2010Lafayette Club 2011Lafayette Club 2013Lafayette Club 2014Lake Forest 2011Lake Forest 2012Lake Forest 2013Lake Forest 2014Lake Forest 2015Lake Forest 2016Lake Forest 2017Lake Forest 2018Lehigh Club 2017Le Moyne 2018Le Moyne Club 2016Le Moyne Club 2017Lewis & Clark 2005Lewis & Clark 2006Lewis & Clark 2007Lewis & Clark 2008Lewis & Clark 2009Lewis & Clark 2010Lewis & Clark 2011Lewis & Clark 2013Lewis & Clark 2014Lewis & Clark 2015Lewis & Clark 2016Lewis & Clark 2017Lewis & Clark 2018Liberty 2006Liberty 2007Liberty 2008Lindenwood 2005Lindenwood 2006Lindenwood 2007Lindenwood 2008Lindenwood 2009Lindenwood 2010Lindenwood 2011Long Beach State 2018Longwood Club 2014Longwood Club 2015Longwood Club 2016Louisiana State 2010Louisiana State 2012Louisiana State 2013Louisiana State 2014Louisiana State 2015Louisiana State 2016Louisiana State 2017Louisiana State 2018Louisville 2005Louisville 2006Louisville 2007Louisville 2018Louisville Club 2016Louisville Club 2017Loyola Club 2005Loyola Club 2006Loyola Club 2007Loyola Club 2008Loyola Club 2009Loyola Club 2010Loyola Club 2011Loyola Club 2012Loyola Club 2013Loyola Club 2014Loyola Club 2015Loyola Club 2016Loyola Club 2017Loyola (IL) 2009Loyola (IL) 2010Loyola IL 2011Loyola (IL) 2012Loyola IL 2012Loyola IL 2013Loyola Maryland 2018Loyola Marymount 2005Loyola Marymount 2006Loyola Marymount 2007Loyola Marymount 2008Loyola Marymount 2013Loyola Marymount 2014Loyola Marymount 2015Loyola Marymount 2016Lynchburg 2018Lynchburg Club 2011Macalester 2011Macalester 2012Macalester 2014Macalester 2015Macalester 2016Macalester 2017Macalester College 2018Maine 2005Maine 2006Maine 2007Maine 2008Maine 2009Maine 2010Maine 2011Maine 2012Maine 2013Maine 2014Maine 2015Maine 2016Maine 2017Maine 2018Marquette 2008Marquette 2009Marquette 2010Marquette 2018Marquette Club 2011Marquette Club 2012Marquette Club 2013Marquette Club 2014Marquette Club 2015Marquette Club 2016Marquette Club 2017Marshall 2013Marshall 2014Marshall 2015Marshall 2016Marshall 2017Maryland Club 2005Maryland Club 2006Maryland Club 2007Maryland Club 2008Maryland Club 2009Maryland Club 2010Maryland Club 2011Maryland Club 2012Maryland Club 2013Maryland Club 2014Maryland Club 2015Maryland Club 2016Marymount College 2010Mary Washington Club 2011Merrimack 2018Metro State 2017Miami 2018Miami (FL) 2005Miami (FL) 2006Miami (FL) 2007Miami (FL) 2008Miami (FL) 2009Miami (FL) 2010Miami (FL) 2011Miami FL 2011Miami (FL) 2012Miami FL 2012Miami (FL) 2013Miami FL 2013Miami (FL) 2014Miami FL 2014Miami (FL) 2015Miami (FL) 2016Miami (FL) 2017Miami (OH) 2005Miami (OH) 2006Miami (OH) 2007Miami (OH) 2008Miami (OH) 2009Miami (OH) 2010Miami (OH) 2011Miami OH 2011Miami (OH) 2012Miami (OH) 2013Miami (OH) 2014Miami OH 2014Miami (OH) 2015Miami (OH) 2016Miami (OH) 2017Miami (OH) 2018Miami OH 2018Miami (OH) B 2009Miami (OH) B 2011Miami OH B 2011Miami (OH) B 2012Miami OH B 2012Miami OH B 2013Michigan 2005Michigan 2006Michigan 2007Michigan 2008Michigan 2009Michigan 2010Michigan 2011Michigan 2018Michigan B 2009Michigan B 2010Michigan B 2011Michigan B 2012Michigan Club 2012Michigan Club 2013Michigan Club 2014Michigan Club 2015Michigan Club 2016Michigan Club 2017MichiganFlint 2013Michigan-Flint 2013MichiganFlint 2014Michigan State 2005Michigan State 2006Michigan State 2007Michigan State 2008Michigan State 2009Michigan State 2010Michigan State 2011Michigan State 2012Michigan State 2013Michigan State 2014Michigan State 2015Michigan State 2016Michigan State 2017Michigan State 2018Michigan Tech 2010Midland 2011Millsaps 2007Millsaps 2008Millsaps 2009Minnesota 2005Minnesota 2006Minnesota 2007Minnesota 2008Minnesota 2009Minnesota 2010Minnesota 2011Minnesota 2012Minnesota 2013Minnesota 2014Minnesota 2015Minnesota 2016Minnesota 2017Minnesota 2018Minnesota-Duluth 2005Minnesota-Duluth 2006Minnesota-Duluth 2007Minnesota-Duluth 2008Minnesota-Duluth 2009Minnesota-Duluth 2010MinnesotaDuluth 2011Minnesota-Duluth 2011MinnesotaDuluth 2012Minnesota-Duluth 2012MinnesotaDuluth 2014Minnesota-Duluth 2014MinnesotaDuluth 2015MinnesotaDuluth 2016MinnesotaDuluth 2017Minnesota Duluth 2018Minnesota-Mankato 2009MinnesotaMankato 2011MinnesotaMankato 2012MinnesotaMankato 2013MinnesotaMankato 2014MinnesotaMankato 2015MinnesotaMankato 2016MinnesotaMankato 2017Minnesota-Moorhead 2005Minnesota-Moorhead 2006Minnesota-Moorhead 2007Minnesota-Moorhead 2008Minnesota-Moorhead 2009Minnesota-Moorhead 2010MinnesotaMoorhead 2011MinnesotaMoorhead 2012MinnesotaMoorhead 2013MinnesotaMoorhead 2014MinnesotaMoorhead 2015MinnesotaMoorhead 2016MinnesotaMoorhead 2017Minnesota St. Mankato 2018Minnesota St. Moorhead 2018Mississippi 2011Mississippi 2012Mississippi 2013Mississippi 2014Mississippi 2015Mississippi 2016Mississippi 2017Mississippi 2018Mississippi State 2014Missouri 2005Missouri 2006Missouri 2007Missouri 2008Missouri 2009Missouri 2010Missouri 2011Missouri 2012Missouri 2013Missouri 2014Missouri Baptist 2008Missouri Baptist 2009Missouri Baptist 2010Missouri State 2012Missouri State 2013Monmouth Club 2015Montana 2012Montana 2013Montana 2014Montana 2015Montana 2016Montana 2017Montana 2018Montana State 2015Montana State 2016Montana State 2017Montana State 2018Moravian 2011Moravian 2013Navy 2005Navy 2006Navy Club 2007Nebraska 2005Nebraska 2006Nebraska 2007Nebraska 2008Nebraska 2009Nebraska 2010Nebraska 2011Nevada-Reno 2009Nevada-Reno 2010NevadaReno 2011NevadaReno 2012Nevada-Reno 2012NevadaReno 2013NevadaReno 2014NevadaReno 2015NevadaReno 2016NevadaReno 2017Nevada-Reno 2017Nevada, Reno 2018New Hampshire 2018New Hampshire Club 2010New Hampshire Club 2015New Hampshire Club 2016New Hampshire Club 2017New York U. 2005New York U. 2006New York U. 2007New York U. 2008New York U. 2009New York U. 2010New York U. 2011New York U. 2012New York U. 2013New York U. 2014New York U. 2015New York U. 2016New York U. 2017North Carolina 2018North Carolina Charlotte 2018North Carolina State 2006North Carolina State 2007North Carolina State 2009North Carolina State 2010North Carolina State 2011North Carolina State 2012North Carolina State 2013North Carolina State 2014North Carolina State 2015North Carolina State 2016North Carolina State 2017North Carolina State 2018North Carolina Wilmington 2018North Dakota 2016North Dakota 2017North Dakota State 2010North Dakota State 2011North Dakota State 2012North Dakota State 2013North Dakota State 2014North Dakota State 2015North Dakota State 2016North Dakota State 2017North Dakota State 2018Northeastern 2005Northeastern 2006Northeastern 2007Northeastern 2008Northeastern 2009Northeastern 2010Northeastern 2011Northeastern 2012Northeastern 2013Northeastern 2014Northeastern 2015Northeastern 2016Northeastern 2017Northeastern 2018Northern Arizona 2011Northern Arizona 2014Northern Arizona 2015Northern Arizona 2016Northern Arizona 2017Northern Colorado 2005Northern Colorado 2006Northern Colorado 2007Northern Colorado 2008Northern Colorado 2009Northern Colorado 2010Northern Colorado 2011Northern Colorado 2012Northern Colorado 2013Northern Colorado 2014Northern Colorado 2015Northern Colorado 2016Northern Colorado 2017Northern Colorado 2018Northern Michigan 2014Northern Michigan 2015Northern Michigan 2016North Florida 2007North Texas 2006North Texas 2007North Texas 2008North Texas 2009North Texas 2010North Texas 2011North Texas 2012North Texas 2013North Texas 2014North Texas 2015North Texas 2016North Texas 2017North Texas 2018Northwestern 2018Northwestern Club 2005Northwestern Club 2007Northwestern Club 2008Northwestern Club 2009Northwestern Club 2010Northwestern Club 2011Northwestern Club 2012Northwestern Club 2013Northwestern Club 2014Northwestern Club 2015Northwestern Club 2016Northwestern Club 2017Northwest Nazarene 2014Notre Dame 2018Notre Dame Club 2014Notre Dame Club 2015Notre Dame Club 2016Notre Dame Club 2017NYU 2018Oakland 2005Oakland 2006Oakland 2007Oakland 2008Oakland 2009Oakland 2010Oakland 2011Oakland 2012Oakland 2013Oakland 2014Oakland 2015Oakland 2016Oakland 2017Oakland 2018Occidental 2007Occidental 2008Occidental Club 2009ODU Club 2011ODU Club 2012ODU Club 2013ODU Club 2014ODU Club 2015ODU Club 2016ODU Club 2017Ohio 2018Ohio Club 2005Ohio Club 2006Ohio Club 2007Ohio Club 2008Ohio Club 2009Ohio Club 2010Ohio Club 2011Ohio Club 2012Ohio Club 2013Ohio Club 2014Ohio Club 2015Ohio Club 2016Ohio Club 2017Ohio State 2018Ohio State Club 2005Ohio State Club 2006Ohio State Club 2007Ohio State Club 2008Ohio State Club 2009Ohio State Club 2010Ohio State Club 2011Ohio State Club 2012Ohio State Club 2013Ohio State Club 2014Ohio State Club 2015Ohio State Club 2016Ohio State Club 2017Oklahoma 2009Oklahoma 2010Oklahoma 2011Oklahoma 2012Oklahoma State 2005Oklahoma State 2006Oklahoma State 2007Oklahoma State 2008Oklahoma State 2009Oklahoma State 2010Oklahoma State 2011Oklahoma State 2012Old Dominion University 2018Olivet 2010Oregon Club 2005Oregon Club 2006Oregon Club 2007Oregon Club 2008Oregon Club 2009Oregon Club 2010Oregon Club 2011Oregon Club 2012Oregon Club 2013Oregon Club 2014Oregon Club 2015Oregon Club 2016Oregon Club 2017Oregon State 2005Oregon State 2006Oregon State 2007Oregon State 2008Oregon State 2009Oregon State 2010Oregon State 2011Oregon State 2012Oregon State 2013Oregon State 2014Oregon State 2015Oregon State 2016Oregon State 2017Oregon State 2018Pacific 2005Pacific Lutheran 2005Pacific Lutheran 2006Pacific Lutheran 2007Pacific Lutheran 2008Pacific Lutheran 2009Pacific Lutheran 2010Pacific Lutheran 2011Pacific Lutheran 2012Pacific Lutheran 2014Pacific Lutheran 2015Pacific Lutheran 2016Pacific Lutheran 2017Pacific Lutheran 2018Palm Beach Atlantic 2010Palm Beach Atlantic 2011Palm Beach Atlantic 2012Palm Beach Atlantic 2014Palm Beach Atlantic 2015Penn Club 2015Penn Club 2016Penn Club 2017Penn State 2018Penn State-Behrend 2006Penn State-Behrend 2007Penn State-Behrend 2008Penn State-Behrend 2009Penn State-Behrend 2010Penn StateBehrend 2011Penn State-Behrend 2011Penn StateBehrend 2012Penn State-Behrend 2012Penn StateBehrend 2013Penn State-Behrend 2013Penn State Club 2005Penn State Club 2006Penn State Club 2008Penn State Club 2009Penn State Club 2010Penn State Club 2011Penn State Club 2012Penn State Club 2013Penn State Club 2014Penn State Club 2015Penn State Club 2016Pepperdine 2005Pepperdine 2006Pepperdine 2007Pepperdine 2008Pepperdine 2009Pepperdine 2010Pepperdine 2011Pepperdine 2017Pepperdine B 2007Pepperdine B 2008Pittsburgh 2005Pittsburgh 2006Pittsburgh 2007Pittsburgh 2008Pittsburgh 2009Pittsburgh 2010Pittsburgh 2011Pittsburgh 2012Pittsburgh 2013Pittsburgh 2014Pittsburgh 2015Pittsburgh 2016Pittsburgh 2017Pittsburgh 2018Pomona-Pitzer 2005Pomona-Pitzer 2006Portland 2006Portland 2012Portland 2013Portland 2014Portland 2015Portland 2016Portland 2017Portland State 2016Portland State 2017Portland State 2018Princeton Club 2005Princeton Club 2006Princeton Club 2007Princeton Club 2008Princeton Club 2009Princeton Club 2010Princeton Club 2011Princeton Club 2012Principia 2007Principia 2008Principia 2009Principia 2010Principia 2012Principia 2013Providence 2015Providence 2016Providence 2017Providence College 2018Purdue 2005Purdue 2006Purdue 2007Purdue 2008Purdue 2009Purdue 2010Purdue 2011Purdue 2012Purdue 2013Purdue 2014Purdue 2015Purdue 2016Purdue 2017Purdue 2018Purdue B 2011Purdue B 2012Purdue B 2013Quinnipiac 2018Quinnipiac Club 2016Quinnipiac Club 2017Radford 2011Radford 2012Radford 2013Radford 2014Radford Club 2015Rhode Island 2005Rhode Island 2006Rhode Island 2007Rhode Island 2008Rhode Island 2009Rhode Island 2010Rhode Island 2011Rhode Island 2012Rhode Island 2013Rhode Island 2014Rhode Island 2015Rhode Island 2016Rhode Island 2017Rhode Island 2018Rice 2006Rice 2007Rice 2008Rice 2009Rice 2012Rice 2013Rice 2014Richmond Club 2006Richmond Club 2007Richmond Club 2010Richmond Club 2011Richmond Club 2012Richmond Club 2013Richmond Club 2016Rider 2012Ripon 2011Ripon 2014Robert Morris (IL) 2009Robert Morris (IL) 2010Rochester 2018Rose-Hulman 2006Rose-Hulman 2007Rose-Hulman 2008Rose-Hulman 2009Rose-Hulman 2010RoseHulman 2011Rose-Hulman 2011RoseHulman 2012Rose-Hulman 2012RoseHulman 2013Rose-Hulman 2013RoseHulman 2014RoseHulman 2015Rose-Hulman 2015RoseHulman 2017Rose-Hulman 2017RoseHulman 2018Rowan Club 2009Rowan Club 2010Rowan Club 2011Rowan Club 2012Rowan Club 2013Rowan Club 2014Rowan Club 2015Rowan Club 2016Rowan Club 2017Rutgers Club 2007Rutgers Club 2008Rutgers Club 2009Rutgers Club 2010Rutgers Club 2011Rutgers Club 2012Rutgers Club 2013Rutgers Club 2014Rutgers Club 2015Rutgers Club 2016Rutgers Club 2017Sacramento State 2007Sacramento State 2008Sacred Heart 2018Sacred Heart Club 2009Sacred Heart Club 2011Sacred Heart Club 2012Sacred Heart Club 2013Sacred Heart Club 2015Sacred Heart Club 2016Sacred Heart Club 2017Saginaw Valley 2006Saginaw Valley 2007Saginaw Valley 2008Saginaw Valley 2009Saginaw Valley 2010Saginaw Valley 2011Saginaw Valley 2012Saginaw Valley 2013Saginaw Valley 2014Saginaw Valley 2016Saginaw Valley 2017Saginaw Valley 2018Saint Anselm Club 2012Saint Anselm Club 2013Saint Anselm Club 2014Saint Anselm Club 2015Saint Anselm Club 2016Saint Anselm Club 2017Saint Benedict’s 2018Saint Louis 2007Saint Louis 2008Saint Louis 2009Saint Louis 2010Saint Louis 2011Saint Louis 2012Saint Louis 2013Saint Louis 2014Saint Louis 2015Saint Louis 2016Saint Mary 2018Salem State 2010Salem State 2011Salisbury 2018Salisbury Club 2006Salisbury Club 2007Salisbury Club 2008Salisbury Club 2009Salisbury Club 2010Salisbury Club 2011Salisbury Club 2012Salisbury Club 2013Salisbury Club 2014Salisbury Club 2015Salisbury Club 2016Salisbury Club 2017Samford 2010Samford 2012Samford 2013Samford 2014Sam Houston 2005Sam Houston 2006Sam Houston 2007Sam Houston 2008Sam Houston 2009Sam Houston 2010Sam Houston 2012Sam Houston 2013Sam Houston 2014Sam Houston 2015Sam Houston 2016Sam Houston 2017Sam Houston State 2018San Diego 2005San Diego 2006San Diego 2007San Diego 2008San Diego 2009San Diego 2010San Diego 2011San Diego 2012San Diego 2013San Diego 2014San Diego 2015San Diego 2016San Diego 2017San Diego 2018San Diego State 2005San Diego State 2006San Diego State 2007San Diego State 2008San Diego State 2009San Diego State 2010San Diego State 2018San Diego State B 2008San Diego State Club 2011San Diego State Club 2012San Diego State Club 2013San Diego State Club 2014San Diego State Club 2015San Diego State Club 2016San Diego State Club 2017San Jose State 2008San Jose State 2009San Jose State 2010San Jose State 2011San Jose State 2012San Jose State 2013San Jose State 2014San Jose State 2015San Jose State 2016San Jose State 2017San Jose State 2018San Marcos 2018Santa Barbara City C. 2008Santa Barbara City C. 2010Santa Barbara City C. 2011Santa Barbara City C. 2012Santa Barbara City C. 2013Santa Barbara City C. 2014Santa Barbara City C. 2015Santa Clara 2005Santa Clara 2006Santa Clara 2007Santa Clara 2008Santa Clara 2009Santa Clara 2010Santa Clara 2011Santa Clara 2012Santa Clara 2013Santa Clara 2014Santa Clara 2015Santa Clara 2016Santa Clara 2017Santa Clara 2018SCAD 2006SCAD 2007SCAD 2008SCAD 2009Seattle 2007Seattle 2008Seattle 2009Seattle 2010Seattle 2011Seattle 2013Seattle 2014Seattle 2015Seattle 2016Seattle 2017Sierra Nevada 2015Sierra Nevada 2016Slippery Rock 2005Slippery Rock 2006Slippery Rock Club 2007Slippery Rock Club 2008Slippery Rock Club 2009Slippery Rock Club 2010Slippery Rock Club 2011Slippery Rock Club 2012Slippery Rock Club 2013Slippery Rock Club 2014Slippery Rock Club 2015Slippery Rock Club 2016Slippery Rock Club 2017Sonoma State 2007Sonoma State 2008Sonoma State 2009Sonoma State 2010Sonoma State 2011Sonoma State 2012Sonoma State 2013Sonoma State 2014Sonoma State 2015Sonoma State 2016Sonoma State 2017Sonoma State 2018South Carolina 2005South Carolina 2006South Carolina 2007South Carolina 2018South Carolina Club 2008South Carolina Club 2009South Carolina Club 2010South Carolina Club 2011South Carolina Club 2012South Carolina Club 2013South Carolina Club 2014South Carolina Club 2015South Carolina Club 2016South Carolina Club 2017Southern California 2005Southern California 2006Southern California 2007Southern California 2008Southern California 2009Southern California 2010Southern California 2018Southern California B 2009Southern California B 2010Southern Florida 2006Southern Methodist 2007Southern Methodist 2008Southern Methodist 2009Southern Methodist 2010Southern Methodist 2011Southern Methodist 2012Southern Methodist 2013Southern Methodist 2014Southern Methodist 2015Southern Methodist 2016Southern Methodist 2017Southern Methodist 2018Southern Mississippi 2014Southern Mississippi 2015Southern Mississippi 2016Southern Oregon 2017South Florida 2007South Florida 2008South Florida 2009South Florida 2010South Florida 2011South Florida 2012South Florida 2013South Florida 2014South Florida 2015South Florida 2016South Florida 2017South Florida 2018Southwestern 2006Southwestern 2007Southwestern 2008Southwestern 2009Southwestern 2010Southwestern 2011Southwestern 2012Southwestern Club 2013Stanford Club 2009Stanford Club 2010Stanford Club 2011Stanford Club 2012Stanford Club 2013Stanford Club 2014Stanford Club 2015Stanford Club 2016Stanford Club 2017Stanford University 2018St. Anselm 2018St. Benedict 2005St. Benedict 2006St. Benedict 2007St. Benedict 2008St. Benedict 2009St. Benedict 2010St. Benedict 2011St. Benedict 2012St. Benedict 2013St. Benedict 2014St. Benedict 2015St. Benedict 2016St. Benedict 2017St. Bonaventure Club 2014St. Cloud State 2010St. Cloud State 2011St. Cloud State 2012St. Cloud State 2013St. Cloud State 2014St. Cloud State 2015St. Cloud State 2016St. Cloud State 2017St. Cloud State 2018St. Edward’s 2008St. Edward’s 2009St. Edward’s 2010St. Edward’s 2011St. Edward’s 2012St. Edward’s 2013St. Edward’s 2017St. Edwards 2018Stetson 2011Stetson Club 2012St. Joseph’s Club 2011St. Louis 2005St. Mary’s (IN) 2005St. Mary’s (IN) 2006St. Mary’s (IN) 2007St. Mary’s (IN) 2008St. Mary’s (IN) 2009St. Mary’s (IN) 2010St. Mary’s (IN) 2011St. Mary’s IN 2011St. Mary’s (IN) 2012St. Mary’s IN 2012St. Mary’s IN 2013St. Mary’s (MD) Club 2011St. Mary’s MD Club 2011St. Mary’s MD Club 2012St. Mary’s (MN) 2009St. Mary’s (MN) 2010St. Mary’s MN 2011St. Mary’s MN 2012St. Mary’s MN 2014St. Mary’s MN 2015St. Mary’s MN 2016St. Olaf 2005St. Olaf 2006St. Olaf 2007St. Olaf 2008St. Olaf 2009St. Olaf 2010St. Olaf 2011St. Olaf 2012St. Olaf 2013St. Olaf 2014St. Olaf 2015St. Olaf 2016St. Olaf 2017St. Olaf 2018Stony Brook 2018Stony Brook Club 2007Stony Brook Club 2008Stony Brook Club 2009Stony Brook Club 2010Stony Brook Club 2011Stony Brook Club 2012Stony Brook Club 2013Stony Brook Club 2014Stony Brook Club 2015Stony Brook Club 2016Stony Brook Club 2017St. Thomas 2005St. Thomas 2006St. Thomas 2007St. Thomas 2008St. Thomas 2009St. Thomas 2010St. Thomas 2011St. Thomas 2012St. Thomas 2013St. Thomas 2014St. Thomas 2015St. Thomas 2016St. Thomas 2017St. Thomas 2018SUNY Cortland 2018Syracuse 2018Syracuse Club 2005Syracuse Club 2006Syracuse Club 2007Syracuse Club 2008Syracuse Club 2009Syracuse Club 2010Syracuse Club 2011Syracuse Club 2012Syracuse Club 2013Syracuse Club 2014Syracuse Club 2015Syracuse Club 2016Syracuse Club 2017Tarleton State 2016Tarleton State 2017Tarleton State 2018Taylor 2005Taylor 2006Taylor 2007Taylor 2008Taylor 2009Taylor 2010Taylor 2011Taylor 2012Taylor 2014Taylor 2015Taylor 2016Taylor 2017Taylor University 2018Temple Club 2009Temple Club 2010Temple Club 2011Temple Club 2012Temple Club 2014Temple Club 2015Temple Club 2016Temple Club 2017Tennessee 2005Tennessee 2006Tennessee 2007Tennessee 2008Tennessee 2009Tennessee 2010Tennessee 2011Tennessee 2012Tennessee 2013Tennessee 2014Tennessee 2015Tennessee 2016Tennessee 2017Tennessee 2018Tenn. Wesleyan 2010Texas 2005Texas 2006Texas 2007Texas 2008Texas 2009Texas 2010Texas 2011Texas 2012Texas 2013Texas 2014Texas 2015Texas 2016Texas 2017Texas 2018Texas A&M; 2005Texas A&M; 2006Texas A&M; 2007Texas A&M; 2008Texas A&M; 2009Texas A&M; 2010Texas A&M; 2011Texas A&M; 2012Texas A&M; 2013Texas A&M; 2014Texas A&M; 2015Texas A&M; 2016Texas A&M; 2017Texas A&M 2018Texas Christian 2005Texas Christian 2006Texas Christian 2007Texas Christian 2008Texas Christian 2011Texas Christian 2012Texas Christian 2014Texas Christian 2015Texas Christian 2016Texas Christian 2017Texas Christian 2018TexasSan Antonio 2016TexasSan Antonio 2017Texas-San Antonio 2017Texas State 2006Texas State 2007Texas State 2008Texas State 2009Texas State 2010Texas State 2011Texas State 2012Texas State 2013Texas State 2014Texas State 2015Texas State 2016Texas State 2017Texas State 2018Texas Tech 2005Texas Tech 2006Texas Tech 2007Texas Tech 2008Texas Tech 2009Texas Tech 2010Texas Tech 2011Texas Tech 2012Texas Tech 2013Texas Tech 2015Texas Tech 2016Texas Tech 2017Texas Tech 2018Toledo 2005Toledo 2006Toledo 2007Toledo 2008Toledo 2009Toledo 2010Toledo 2011Toledo 2012Toledo 2013Toledo 2014Toledo 2015Toledo 2016Toledo 2017Toledo 2018Toronto 2009Towson Club 2005Towson Club 2006Towson Club 2007Towson Club 2008Towson Club 2009Towson Club 2010Towson Club 2011Towson Club 2012Towson Club 2013Towson Club 2014Towson Club 2015Towson Club 2016Towson Club 2017Trinity (TX) 2006Trinity (TX) 2007Trinity (TX) 2008Trinity (TX) 2009Trinity (TX) 2010Trinity (TX) 2011Trinity TX 2011Trinity (TX) 2012Trinity TX 2012Trinity (TX) 2013Trinity TX 2013Trinity (TX) 2014Trinity TX 2014Trinity TX 2015Truman State 2005Truman State 2006Truman State 2007Truman State 2008Truman State 2009Truman State 2011Truman State 2012Truman State 2013Tufts 2018Tufts Club 2011Tufts Club 2012Tufts Club 2013Tufts Club 2014Tufts Club 2015Tufts Club 2016Tufts Club 2017Tulane 2007Tulane 2008Tulane 2011Tulane 2012Tulane 2013Tulane 2014Tulane 2016Tulane 2017Tulane 2018UC Berkley 2018UC Davis 2018UC Davis B 2009UC Davis B 2010UC Davis Club 2005UC Davis Club 2006UC Davis Club 2007UC Davis Club 2008UC Davis Club 2009UC Davis Club 2010UC Davis Club 2011UC Davis Club 2012UC Davis Club 2013UC Davis Club 2014UC Davis Club 2015UC Davis Club 2016UC Davis Club 2017UC Irvine 2006UC Irvine 2007UC Irvine 2008UC Irvine 2009UC Irvine 2012UC Irvine 2013UC Irvine 2014UC Irvine 2015UC Irvine 2016UC Irvine 2017UC Irvine 2018UCLA 2005UCLA 2006UCLA 2007UCLA 2008UCLA 2009UCLA 2010UCLA 2011UCLA 2012UCLA 2013UCLA 2014UCLA 2015UCLA 2016UCLA 2017UCLA B 2007UCLA B 2008UCLA B 2009UCLA B 2010UC Los Angeles 2018UConn 2018UConn Club 2007UConn Club 2008UConn Club 2009UConn Club 2010UConn Club 2011UConn Club 2012UConn Club 2013UConn Club 2014UConn Club 2015UConn Club 2016UConn Club 2017UC San Diego 2005UC San Diego 2006UC San Diego 2007UC San Diego 2008UC San Diego 2009UC San Diego 2010UC San Diego 2011UC San Diego 2012UC San Diego 2013UC San Diego 2014UC San Diego 2015UC San Diego 2016UC San Diego 2017UC San Diego 2018UC San Diego B 2009UC San Diego B 2010UC Santa Barbara 2005UC Santa Barbara 2006UC Santa Barbara 2007UC Santa Barbara 2008UC Santa Barbara 2009UC Santa Barbara 2010UC Santa Barbara 2011UC Santa Barbara 2012UC Santa Barbara 2013UC Santa Barbara 2014UC Santa Barbara 2015UC Santa Barbara 2016UC Santa Barbara 2017UC Santa Barbara 2018UC Santa Barbara B 2007UC Santa Barbara B 2008UC Santa Barbara B 2009UC Santa Barbara B 2010UC Santa Cruz 2005UC Santa Cruz 2006UC Santa Cruz 2007UC Santa Cruz 2010UC Santa Cruz 2011UC Santa Cruz 2012UC Santa Cruz 2013UC Santa Cruz 2014UC Santa Cruz 2015UC Santa Cruz 2016UC Santa Cruz 2017UC Santa Cruz 2018UMASS Amherst 2018UMASS – Amherst 2018UMass Club 2008UMass Club 2009UMass Club 2010UMass Club 2011UMass Club 2012UMass Club 2013UMass Club 2014UMass Club 2015UMass Club 2016UMass Club 2017UMassLowell 2013UMassLowell 2014UMassLowell 2015UMass-Lowell 2015UMassLowell 2016UMass-Lowell 2016UMassLowell 2017UMassLowell 2018UMBC Club 2005UMBC Club 2006UMBC Club 2007UMBC Club 2008UMBC Club 2009UMBC Club 2011UMBC Club 2012UMBC Club 2013UMBC Club 2014UMBC Club 2015UMBC Club 2016UNC-Charlotte 2009UNC-Charlotte 2010UNCCharlotte 2011UNCCharlotte 2016UNCCharlotte 2017UNC Club 2006UNC Club 2007UNC Club 2008UNC Club 2009UNC Club 2010UNC Club 2011UNC Club 2012UNC Club 2013UNC Club 2014UNC Club 2015UNC Club 2016UNC Club 2017UNC-Wilmington 2006UNC-Wilmington 2009UNCWilmington 2012UNCWilmington 2013UNC-Wilmington 2013UNCWilmington 2014UNC-Wilmington 2014UNCWilmington 2015UNCWilmington 2016UNCWilmington 2017UND 2018University of Oregon 2018UNLV 2010UNLV 2011UNLV 2012UNLV 2013UNLV 2014UNLV 2015UNLV 2016UNLV 2017UNLV 2018USC Club 2011USC Club 2012USC Club 2013USC Club 2014USC Club 2015USC Club 2016USC Club 2017Utah 2005Utah 2006Utah 2007Utah 2008Utah 2011Utah 2012Utah 2013Utah 2014Utah 2015Utah 2016Utah 2017Utah 2018Utah State 2007Utah State 2008Utah State 2012Utah State 2013Utah State 2014Utah State 2015Utah State 2016Utah State 2017Utah State 2018Utah Valley 2012Utah Valley 2013Utah Valley 2014Utah Valley 2015Utah Valley 2016Utah Valley 2017Utah Valley 2018UTSA 2018Valdosta State 2011Valdosta State 2013Valdosta State 2014Vanderbilt Club 2007Vanderbilt Club 2008Vanderbilt Club 2009Vanderbilt Club 2010Vanderbilt Club 2011Vanderbilt Club 2012Vanderbilt Club 2013Vanderbilt Club 2014Vermont 2018Vermont Club 2005Vermont Club 2006Vermont Club 2007Vermont Club 2008Vermont Club 2009Vermont Club 2010Vermont Club 2011Vermont Club 2012Vermont Club 2013Vermont Club 2014Vermont Club 2015Vermont Club 2016Vermont Club 2017Villanova Club 2005Villanova Club 2006Villanova Club 2007Villanova Club 2008Villanova Club 2009Villanova Club 2010Villanova Club 2011Villanova Club 2012Villanova Club 2013Villanova Club 2015Villanova Club 2016Villanova Club 2017Virginia 2018Virginia Club 2005Virginia Club 2006Virginia Club 2007Virginia Club 2008Virginia Club 2009Virginia Club 2010Virginia Club 2011Virginia Club 2012Virginia Club 2013Virginia Club 2014Virginia Club 2015Virginia Club 2016Virginia Club 2017Virginia Tech 2018Virginia Tech Club 2005Virginia Tech Club 2006Virginia Tech Club 2007Virginia Tech Club 2008Virginia Tech Club 2009Virginia Tech Club 2010Virginia Tech Club 2011Virginia Tech Club 2012Virginia Tech Club 2013Virginia Tech Club 2014Virginia Tech Club 2015Virginia Tech Club 2016Virginia Tech Club 2017Wake Forest 2006Wake Forest 2007Wake Forest 2008Wake Forest 2009Wake Forest 2010Wake Forest 2011Wake Forest 2015Wake Forest 2016Wake Forest 2017Wake Forest 2018Wash. Coll. Club 2011Wash. Coll. Club 2012Wash. Coll. Club 2013Wash. Coll. Club 2014Wash. Coll. Club 2015Wash. Coll. Club 2016Wash. Coll. Club 2017Washington 2018Washington Club 2005Washington Club 2006Washington Club 2007Washington Club 2008Washington Club 2009Washington Club 2010Washington Club 2011Washington Club 2012Washington Club 2013Washington Club 2014Washington Club 2015Washington Club 2016Washington Club 2017Washington St. 2018Washington State 2012Washington State 2013Washington State 2014Washington State 2015Washington State 2016Washington State 2017Washington (St. L.) 2005Washington (St. L.) 2006Washington (St. L.) 2007Washington (St. L.) 2008Washington (St. L.) 2009Washington (St. L.) 2010Washington (St. L.) 2011Washington St. L. 2011Washington (St. L.) 2012Washington St. L. 2012Washington St. L. 2014Wayne State 2011Wayne State 2012Wayne State 2013Wayne State 2014Weber State 2006Weber State 2012West Chester 2018West Chester Club 2009West Chester Club 2010West Chester Club 2011West Chester Club 2012West Chester Club 2013West Chester Club 2014West Chester Club 2015West Chester Club 2016West Chester Club 2017Western Kentucky 2007Western Kentucky 2008Western Kentucky 2009Western Kentucky 2010Western Kentucky 2012Western Michigan 2005Western Michigan 2006Western Michigan 2007Western Michigan 2008Western Michigan 2009Western Michigan 2010Western Michigan 2011Western Michigan 2012Western Michigan 2013Western Michigan 2014Western Michigan 2015Western Michigan 2016Western Michigan 2017Western Michigan 2018Western Washington 2005Western Washington 2006Western Washington 2007Western Washington 2008Western Washington 2009Western Washington 2010Western Washington 2011Western Washington 2012Western Washington 2013Western Washington 2014Western Washington 2015Western Washington 2016Western Washington 2017Western Washington 2018Westfield State 2006Westminster 2009Westminster 2010Westminster 2011Westminster 2012Westminster 2013Westminster 2014West Virginia 2007West Virginia 2008West Virginia 2009West Virginia 2010West Virginia 2011West Virginia 2012West Virginia 2013West Virginia 2014West Virginia 2015West Virginia 2016West Virginia 2017West Virginia 2018West Virginia Wesleyan 2005West Virginia Wesleyan 2006West Virginia Wesleyan 2007West Virginia Wesleyan 2008Wheaton 2018Wheaton (IL) 2005Wheaton (IL) 2006Wheaton (IL) 2007Wheaton (IL) 2008Wheaton (IL) 2009Wheaton (IL) 2010Wheaton (IL) 2011Wheaton IL 2011Wheaton (IL) 2012Wheaton IL 2012Wheaton (IL) 2013Wheaton IL 2013Wheaton (IL) 2014Wheaton IL 2014Wheaton (IL) 2015Wheaton IL 2015Wheaton IL 2016Wheaton IL 2017Whitman 2005Whitman 2006Whitman 2007Whitman 2008Whitman 2009Whitman 2010Whitman 2011Whitman 2012Whitman 2013Whitman 2014Willamette 2005Willamette 2006Willamette 2007William & Mary Club 2005William & Mary Club 2006William & Mary Club 2007William & Mary Club 2008William & Mary Club 2009William & Mary Club 2010William & Mary Club 2011William & Mary Club 2012William & Mary Club 2013William & Mary Club 2014William & Mary Club 2015William & Mary Club 2016William Smith Club 2008William Smith Club 2009William Smith Club 2010William Smith Club 2011William Smith Club 2014William Smith Club 2015William Smith Club 2016Winona St. 2018Winona State 2010Winona State 2011Winona State 2012Winona State 2013Winona State 2014Winona State 2015Winona State 2016Winona State 2017Wisconsin 2005Wisconsin 2006Wisconsin 2007Wisconsin 2008Wisconsin 2009Wisconsin 2010Wisconsin 2011Wisconsin 2012Wisconsin 2013Wisconsin 2014Wisconsin 2015Wisconsin 2016Wisconsin 2017Wisconsin 2018Wisconsin-Eau Claire 2005Wisconsin-Eau Claire 2006Wisconsin-Eau Claire 2007Wisconsin-Eau Claire 2008Wisconsin-Eau Claire 2009Wisconsin-Eau Claire 2010WisconsinEau Claire 2011WisconsinEau Claire 2012WisconsinEau Claire 2013WisconsinEau Claire 2014WisconsinEau Claire 2015WisconsinEau Claire 2016WisconsinEau Claire 2017WisconsinEau Claire 2018Wisconsin-La Crosse 2007Wisconsin-La Crosse 2008Wisconsin-La Crosse 2009Wisconsin-La Crosse 2010WisconsinLa Crosse 2011WisconsinLa Crosse 2012WisconsinLa Crosse 2013WisconsinLa Crosse 2014WisconsinLa Crosse 2015WisconsinLa Crosse 2016WisconsinLa Crosse 2017Wisconsin La Crosse 2018Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2014WisconsinMilwaukee 2016WisconsinMilwaukee 2017WisconsinMilwaukee 2018Wisconsin-River Falls 2005Wisconsin-River Falls 2006Wisconsin-River Falls 2007Wisconsin-River Falls 2008Wisconsin-River Falls 2009Wisconsin-River Falls 2010Wisconsin River Falls 2018Wisconsin-Stout 2007Wisconsin-Stout 2008Wisconsin-Stout 2009Wisconsin-Stout 2010WisconsinStout 2011WisconsinStout 2012Wisconsin-Stout 2012WisconsinStout 2013WisconsinWhitewater 2018Worcester Tech 2009Worcester Tech 2010Worcester Tech 2011Worcester Tech 2012Worcester Tech 2013WPI 2014WPI 2015WPI 2016WPI 2017WPI 2018Wyoming 2008Wyoming 2009Wyoming 2010Wyoming 2011Wyoming 2012Wyoming 2013Wyoming 2014Wyoming 2015Wyoming 2016Wyoming 2017Wyoming 2018Xavier 2008Xavier 2009Xavier 2010Xavier 2011Xavier 2012Xavier 2014Xavier 2015Xavier 2016Xavier 2017Xavier 2018Yale Club 2005Yale Club 2006Yale Club 2007Yale Club 2012Yale Club 2014Youngstown State 2011