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5 (A) Aquinas (Mich.) def (H) University of North Carolina-Charlotte 13-9
* (H) Ottawa (Kan.) def (A) Clarke (Iowa) 19-3
7 (H) 5 St. Andrews (N.C.) def (A) RV Aquinas (Mich.) 7-3
8 (A) Aquinas (Mich.) def (H) Davidson College 10-9
14 (H) Aquinas (Mich.) def (A) Taylor (Ind.) 22-2
19 (N) Cumberlands (Ky.) def (N) Saint Mary (Kan.) 20-13
* 20 (A) St. Gregory’s University def (H) Ottawa (Kan.) 16-14
25 (H) Missouri Baptist def (A) Tennessee Wesleyan 8-5
^ 26 (H) Kennesaw State University def (A) Reinhardt (Ga.) 9-8
* (A) Aquinas (Mich.) def (H) Michigan-Dearborn 15-14 (2OT)
Played at Detroit Country Day Fieldhouse
* 29 (H) 6 Siena Heights (Mich.) def (A) RV Aquinas (Mich.) 8-5
31 (A) 5 Missouri Baptist def (H) Asbury (Ky.) 14-1
1 (N) 5 Missouri Baptist def (N) 4 St. Andrews (N.C.) 7-3
(N) St. John’s Univeristy def (N) Indiana Tech 12-9
* (H) Siena Heights (Mich.) def (A) Lourdes (Ohio) 9-8 (OT)
(H) University of Pittsburgh def (A) Davenport University 16-15 (OT)
* 2 (A) St. Gregory’s University def (H) Clarke (Iowa) 10-0
* (H) Asbury (Ky.) def (A) 4 St. Andrews (N.C.) 9-8 (OT)
* (H) Cumberlands (Ky.) def (A) Point (Ga.) 10-9 (OT)
(N) North Dakota State University def (N) Indiana Tech 17-6
(H) Montreat (N.C.) def (A) University of North Carolina-Greensboro 18-8
Played at Black Mountain Home for Children
^ (H) Reinhardt (Ga.) def (A) Emory University 12-6
(N) Davenport University def (N) University at Buffalo 24-10
Played at University of Pittsburgh
* (A) RV Lawrence Tech (Mich.)  @ (H) RV Aquinas (Mich.) PPD
(A) St. Ambrose (Iowa) def (H) Saint Mary (Kan.) 12-11
* (A) Missouri Valley def (H) Ottawa (Kan.) 20-4
3 (N) St. Thomas (Fla.) def (N) Indiana Tech 20-12
(N) St. Gregory’s University def (N) St. Ambrose (Iowa) 18-8
4 (H) Point (Ga.) def (A) Morehouse College 30-5
Senior Night
* 6 (H) Reinhardt (Ga.) def (A) Asbury (Ky.) 15-3
* (H) 3 Siena Heights (Mich.) def (A) RV Lawrence Tech (Mich.) 14-7
* (H) Lourdes (Ohio) def (A) Michigan-Dearborn 20-8
(H) Washington University def (A) Missouri Baptist 8-7 (2OT)
8 (A) Davenport University def (H) Clarke (Iowa) 31-1
* (A) Missouri Valley def (H) Saint Mary (Kan.) 18-9
9 (N) Davenport University def (N) University of Minnesota-Duluth 7-4
Played in Madison, Wis.
* (H) Indiana Tech def (A) Lawrence Tech (Mich.) 13-12
* (A) Cumberlands (Ky.) def (H) Asbury (Ky.) 10-6
(H) Rockhurst University def (A) Ottawa (Kan.) 25-5
(A) Marshall University  @ (H) Montreat (N.C.) FORFT
Senior Day
(H) Missouri Baptist def (A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) 8-6
Senior Day
* (H) Reinhardt (Ga.) def (A) Tennessee Wesleyan 16-6
* (H) St. Gregory’s University def (A) Benedictine (Kan.) 13-4
(A) St. Andrews (N.C.) def (H) Coastal Carolina University 15-7
SELC Division game
* (H) Robert Morris (Ill.) def (A) St. Ambrose (Iowa) 14-2
* (A) 5 Lourdes (Ohio) def (H) RV Aquinas (Mich.) 21-10
(A) Siena Heights (Mich.)  @ (H) Ferris State University Cncl
10 (A) St. Andrews (N.C.) def (H) College of Charleston 10-6
SELC Division game
(A) Benedictine (Kan.) def (H) University of Dallas 16-6
(H) University of Dayton def (A) Michigan-Dearborn 14-3
(H) Robert Morris (Ill.) def (A) Clarke (Iowa) 14-3
* (H) 7 Indiana Tech def (A) RV Aquinas (Mich.) 10-6
* 11 (H) RV Tennessee Wesleyan def (A) Montreat (N.C.) 22-5
* 13 (A) Siena Heights (Mich.) def (H) Indiana Tech 19-10
(H) Davenport University def (A) Grand Valley State University 15-11
* (A) RV Lawrence Tech (Mich.) def (H) Michigan-Dearborn 21-11
At DCDS Fieldhouse
(A) Missouri Baptist def (H) St. Louis University 13-1
* (A) Ottawa (Kan.) def (H) Saint Mary (Kan.) 16-12
14 (A) Missouri Valley def (H) St. Ambrose (Iowa) 17-6
15 (H) Reinhardt (Ga.) def (A) Tennessee Wesleyan 16-9
(N) 6 St. Andrews (N.C.) def (N) RV Cumberlands (Ky.) 9-6
AAC Tournament Semifinals (#1 v. #4)
(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) def (H) Regis University 15-7
(A) Missouri Baptist def (H) Robert Morris (Ill.) 7-5
(H) Davenport University def (A) University of Iowa 20-3
16 (N) 6 Reinhardt (Ga.) def (N) 7 St. Andrews (N.C.) 11-4
AAC Tournament Finals
* (H) 5 Lourdes (Ohio) def (A) RV Lawrence Tech (Mich.) 21-14
(N) 4 Missouri Baptist def (N) RV Aquinas (Mich.) 13-6
* (A) Ottawa (Kan.) def (H) Benedictine (Kan.) 20-9
(A) Saint Mary (Kan.) def (H) Johnson & Wales University 19-16
* (H) St. Ambrose (Iowa) def (A) DePaul University 9-8 (OT)
(H) Grand Valley State University def (A) Indiana Tech 19-4
17 (A) RV Aquinas (Mich.) def (H) RV Robert Morris (Ill.) 11-10
* (H) Siena Heights (Mich.) def (A) Michigan-Dearborn 14-7
(H) Furman University def (A) Montreat (N.C.) 10-7
(H) Davenport University def (A) Central Michigan University 32-9
* 19 (H) RV Aquinas (Mich.) def (A) 23 Lawrence Tech (Mich.) 12-11
20 (H) 1 Davenport University def (A) 3 Siena Heights (Mich.) 11-7
WHAC Championship
(H) St. Ambrose (Iowa) def (A) Clarke (Iowa) 13-4
22 (N) RV Ottawa (Kan.) def (N) RV St. Gregory’s University 14-13 (OT)
KCAC Conference Championships – Semifinal #2
(H) 5 Lourdes (Ohio) def (A) Indiana Tech 18-16
CCLA First Round
(A) Missouri Baptist def (H) Missouri State University 8-4
23 (A) Missouri Baptist def (H) Missouri – Science and Technology 14-1
(H) 5 University of Dayton def (A) Aquinas (Mich.) 9-4
(N) Missouri Valley def (N) Ottawa (Kan.) 14-3
KCAC Tournament @ Saint Mary
(H) RV Robert Morris (Ill.) def (A) DePaul University 16-9
(H) Siena Heights (Mich.) def (A) Lawrence Tech (Mich.) 18-15
CCLA Playoffs Round One
29 (N) 4 Lourdes (Ohio) def (N) 3 Siena Heights (Mich.) 19-8
CCLA Semifinal – Pittsburgh, Pa.
(A) Missouri Baptist def (H) Washington University 12-3
GRLC Quarterfinal
(N) Missouri Valley def (N) St. Ambrose (Iowa) 22-2
GRLC Tournament quarterfinals
(N) Robert Morris (Ill.) def (N) Missouri State University 19-7
GRLC Division II Tournament
(N) Davenport University def (N) University of Pittsburgh 18-11
CCLA Semifinals (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
30 (A) Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) def (H) Missouri Baptist 10-9
GRLC Semifinal
(N) University of Dayton def (N) 4 Lourdes (Ohio) 15-10
CCLA Championship
(N) Missouri Valley def (N) Robert Morris (Ill.) 14-6
GRLC Division II Tournament Semi-Finals
(N) Davenport University def (N) Michigan State University 11-6
CCLA Finals (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
5 (N) 3 Siena Heights (Mich.) def (N) 6 Reinhardt (Ga.) 7-6 (OT)
NAIA Invitational — Quarterfinal
(N) 2 Missouri Valley def (N) 7 St. Andrews (N.C.) 8-3
NAIA Invitational Quarterfinals
(N) Davenport University def (N) 8 Lindenwood-Belleville (Ill.) 18-7
NAIA National Invitational – Greenville, S.C.
(H) Lourdes (Ohio) def (A) Missouri Baptist 15-9
NAIA Invitational Quarterfinal
6 (H) Missouri Valley def (A) Siena Heights (Mich.) 8-7 (2OT)
NAIA National Invitational Semifinals
(N) 1 Davenport University def (N) 4 Lourdes (Ohio) 23-11
NAIA National Invitational Semifinal
7 (A) Missouri Valley  @ (H) Davenport University
NAIA National Invitational Championship Game
9 (N) Lourdes (Ohio) def (N) University of Minnesota-Duluth 11-10
MCLA Championship First Round
10 (N) University of St. Thomas def (N) Lourdes (Ohio) 20-14
MCLA Championship Quarterfinals
% Scrimmage Event
^ Exhibition Event