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FanLax Rankings

Top 20: The Top 20 Teams are derived through the 10% Ante Ranking System.  Every team has Points.  The Top Teams have the most Points while the Bottom Teams have the least.  When Team A beats their opponent, this losing opponent loses 10% of their Points while Team A adds that 10% to their Points.  The more points the losing team has, the more Points that Team A earns.  Besides earning 10% of the losing team’s Points, Team A also earns more Points for beating teams with more Points than Team A.  Conversely, Team A earns fewer Points for beating teams with fewer Points than Team A.  i.e. The team ranked #243 earns more Points for beating the team ranked #1 than when the team ranked #2 beats the team ranked #1.  And, conversely, when Team #1 beats Team #243, Team #1 will earn minimal, if any, Points.

Bottomline, Team A wants to beat teams with (a) a lot of Points and (b) more Points than Team A has.  Conversely, Team A doesn’t want to lose but if Team A does lose, Team A wants to lose to teams with more Points than Team A has.

The Rest: For Teams #21 to #245, FanLax uses a Ranking System based on each team’s overall record and their Strength of Schedule.  The teams with the best records and the strongest schedules move to the top while the teams with the worst records and the weakest schedules move to the bottom.

FanLax D3 Men Rankings 2018 – Final

The Top 20 and 21 to 245


Team Pts
1 Wesleyan 1000
2 Salisbury 997
3 RIT 993
4 Gettysburg 990
5 Tufts 987
6 York 984
7 Dickinson 980
8 Ohio Wesleyan 977
9 Cabrini 974
10 Amherst 970
11 Denison 967
12 Stevens 964
13 Washington and Lee 960
14 Christopher Newport 957
15 Ithaca 954
16 Roanoke 951
17 Franklin and Marshall 947
18 Springfield 944
19 Lynchburg 941
20 Cortland 937