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NJCAA Champions

1970 Nassau (NY)
1971 Nassau (NY)
1972 Nassau (NY)
1973 Nassau (NY)
1974 Nassau (NY)
1975 Nassau (NY)
1976 Nassau (NY)
1977 SUNY Farmingdale (NY)
1978 Nassau (NY)
1979 Suffolk County (NY)
1980 Nassau (NY)
1981 SUNY Farmingdale (NY)
1982 Nassau (NY)
1983 Nassau (NY)
1984 Nassau (NY)
1985 Nassau (NY)
1986 Nassau (NY)
1987 SUNY Farmingdale (NY)
1988 Herkimer (NY)
1989 Herkimer (NY)
1990 Nassau (NY)
1991 Essex (MD)
1992 Herkimer (NY)
1993 Herkimer (NY)
1994 Herkimer (NY)
1995 Herkimer (NY)
1996 Herkimer (NY)
1997 Nassau (NY)
1998 Anne Arundel (MD)
1999 Nassau (NY)
2000 Nassau (NY)
2001 Nassau (NY)
2002 Nassau (NY)
2003 Herkimer (NY)
2004 Essex (MD)
2005 Herkimer (NY)
2006 Onondaga (NY)
2007 Onondaga (NY)
2008 Nassau (NY)
2009 Onondaga (NY)
2010 Onondaga (NY)
2011 Onondaga (NY)
2012 Onondaga (NY)
2013 Onondaga (NY)
2014 Onondaga (NY)
2015 Onondaga (NY)
2016 Genesee (NY)
2017 Onondaga (NY)
2018 Onondaga (NY)

NJCAA Hall of Fame

Class of 2007
Mike Candel (Coach), Nassau (NY)
Fred Acee (Coach), SUNY Farmingdale (NY)

Class of 2008
Bruce S. Arena (Player), Nassau (NY)
Stan Nevins (Coach), SUNY Cobleskill (NY)
Douglas M. Schreiber (Player), Nassau (NY)
Brooks Sweet (Player), SUNY Farmingdale (NY)
Michael Thearle (Player), SUNY Farmingdale (NY)

Class of 2009
Norm Engelke (Player), Nassau (NY)
Tom Malone (Player), Nassau (NY)
Butch Marino (Player), Herkimer (NY)
Frederick Douglas Opie (Player), Herkimer (NY)
Paul Wehrum (Coach), Herkimer (NY)

Class of 2010
John Grant Jr., SUNY Morrisville (NY)
Rich O’Leary, Nassau (NY)
Rory Whipple, SUNY Farmingdale (NY)
Travis Solomon, SUNY Cobleskill (NY)
Steve Caravana, Nassau (NY)

Class of 2011
Bob Buhmann (Player/Coach), Nassau (NY)/SUNY Cortland (NY)
Ricky Sowell (Player), SUNY Cobleskill (NY)
Greg Tarbell (Player), SUNY Cobleskill (NY)
Regy Thorpe (Player), Herkimer (NY)
Eric Ungleich (Player), Herkimer (NY)

Class of 2012
David Devine, Nassau (NY)
Craig Jaeger, Nassau (NY)
Richie Meade, Nassau (NY)
Nick Polanco, Nassau (NY)
Rick Speckman (Coach), Nassau (NY)
John Sullivan, SUNY Farmingdale (NY)

Class of 2013
Charles Hardy, Nassau (NY)
Terry Wallace, Nassau (NY)
Arthur Seekamp, Nassau (NY)
Harold McVey: Nassau (NY)
Dave Klarman, Nassau (NY)
Mickey ‘Fred’ Menna, Nassau (NY)
Kevin Cook, Nassau (NY)
Tom Rotantz, Suffolk County (NY)