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Draft Order
The draft order is set as soon as the previous season ends. The first pick is the team that finished in last place. Second is second to last, etc. For the teams that play in the play-offs and lose in the same round (e.g. The four teams that lose in the Quarterfinals are theoretically tied with each other. The draft order for these play-offs team that are knocked out of the FanLax Play-Offs at the same time is dictated by their regular season standings finish. The teams that finish lower on the ladder picks before the teams at the top of the ladder. The League Champion picks last. We will set-up an auto-draft for you or make some other arrangements. We use a down-the-river, up-the-river format. i.e. Last Place to Champion, Champion to Last Place, etc. If you cannot make the draft, please let me know ASAP.

Draft Timing
The draft starts during the Fall. All teams are expected to submit their pre-Draft rosters before they make their first pick. The Draft occurs within a FanLax thread within the Draft and Roster Sub-Forum. On Day One of the draft, the last place coach will pick. On Day Two of the draft, the second to last place coach picks. etc. There is one pick per day and the timing of a day is based on EST. If a coach doesn’t pick within their day, they can still pick. It’s just that the succeeding coach/coaches can pick as well. The draft should be completed before the start of the NCAA season. If the draft is not completed, there is a live draft on a Sunday night before the season starts. In the live draft, each team has 2 minutes to make their pick.

Roster Drops
All teams need to drop players who no longer have NCAA eligibility, no longer play for a participating FanLax NCAA team, their Team Defense, and any other players that a team chooses to drop. If a player transfers from a participating FanLax NCAA team to another participating FanLax NCAA team, the relevant team can keep the player. If a player red-shirts, takes a sabbatical, or otherwise, the team can choose to keep the player.

Eligible Players
Only players from the participating NCAA D1 Teams are eligible to be drafted. Only players on the roster of the official website of an NCAA D1 Team are eligible to be drafted. You are able to draft:
a. All not-already-claimed players from the participating NCAA D1 Teams.
b. All incoming freshman to the participating NCAA D1 Teams.
c. All not-already-claimed players that are transferring to the participating NCAA D1 Teams.

Team Defenses
All FanLax teams need at least one Team Defense. Each team can have an unlimited number of Team Ds but you can only play one at a time and, during the draft, as soon as there’s the same number of Team Ds as there are teams that need a Team D, teams with a D can no longer draft a D.

Once the draft is completed, a time is set where teams can do add/drops. All adds and drops are first-come, first-served. 24 hours after the start time of Add/Drops, all Fan Lax Rosters are frozen.

Game Rules

Player Positions
The player position of a player is dictated by the player position on the relevant player’s official team website. Once the season starts, our goal is to have all players listed with the actual position that they are playing. Especially when a player is listed as an M, middy, but, in the real world, is playing as an A, attackman. (Attackmen typically score more points than middies.) So, when the season starts, we depend on boxscores, our eyeballs, and any other means to accurately label each player’s position. If you have questions about a player, whether it is your or an opponent’s player, please alert the commissioner and/or the league. As an aside, this is a very common occurrence through out the season. All players are either an M (middy), A (attackman), or an A/M (both an attackman and a middy). If a player is an A/M, you can play them as an A or an M.

Each team, including your Team Defense, can have a maximum of 14 “players”. A starting line-up (which is the only players each week that count towards your weekly points) consists of 3 attackmen, 3 middies, and 1 Team Defense. You can draft any number of middies and attackmen you like. e.g. you can have 10 middies and 3 attackmen. Every team needs at least 1 Team D.

Game Points
Every team roster has 14 players. Each week you’ll start 3 attackmen, 3 middies, and 1 defensive team. Game Points are calculated with 1 point for a goal and 1 point for an assist, as dictated by the game box score or other similar document, for your three starting middies and three starting attackmen. The point total for your starting Team Defense is 10 minus the number of goals scored on them. For example. if your Team D shuts-out their opponent, you get 10 points. If the opponent scores 6, you get 4. If the opponent scores 12, you get -2.

The points of your starting seven players (3 As, 3 Ms, and 1 Team D) are compared to the points of the starting seven players of the team that you are playing head-to-head that week and… someone will get a W and someone will get an L. If there is a tie, we look at the top point getting player on each team’s bench. Which ever is larger, gets the W.  If it’s a tie again, we go to the next bench player and next and next until we have a winner. If it is still a tie after this, the win goes to the team with the highest scoring starting player and then the next highest scoring starting player and next and next until we have a winner. If the game score is literally the exact same for both teams, we flip a coin.

Line-up Timing
Teams need to submit their starting line-up before each player’s relevant game starts.

Each team plays an 8-game regular season. The top 8 teams in the standings go to the play-offs. The play-offs are single elimination.

And, coming full circle, all underclassmen on each team’s squad at the completion of the season you can keep for the upcoming season and until they expend there four years of eligibility. All teams need to drop players who no longer have NCAA eligibility, no longer play for a participating FanLax NCAA team, their Team Defense, and any other players that a team chooses to drop. Drops are due before each team’s first draft pick of the next season.

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